R a n g e ....[ 10

Vowel = the ] vow of El. [ Almighty

I'm chill all the time
...eYe Co Engineered ball point radio..
...( And airport Confidential )
Jet .} Wings
. airplanes } bob.
Fax of Life ) black box recorder.
..also ran. ) .NO Nations } jets Overhead

R a n g e ....[ 10

Got them feelerins hurt ?
....it's just that I surf around and such
And your syntax is basically television regurgitation
In black & white.
The savvy thing for any foreigner to Amerika
Don't go on about our "presidents" our Trump's
Or Biden's...for the same reason eYe don't go off
On Australia...not my field of experience, Nor am eYe
Privvy to the 9 layers of banking & bullshit that are
Above the prime Minister... standby..

R a n g e ....[ 10

The abbreviated yhwh is the right choice for largely Gentile audience.
My time is value able.
How many reasons do you need.?
..eYe read & understand essential Hebrew
Through the pages of Strong's Concordance 1890.
..time keeper / Laws
Chronology vol.2 / 3rd day.
..yhwh ./ U 2....) ... getting quicker to the point..& easier to type.

R a n g e ....[ 10

You role play Libtard par excellence...
..if we remind you of sum one else
Or if you got bored .
The retro Active apology is in my deceptive mind series...in which time - keeping is explored as a
Function of govt. Propaganda..
Viz....sun- day, Monday...Tues.
...and B C...BCE...& Anno Dominion.

R a n g e ....[ 10

..eYe suppose you don't yet Understand time as a physical property.
..the Dee jay is not particularly moooved by your
Repeating my physics & music
Back at me. It should be obvious who typed it..and who is bringing it..
Until the End of the World / U 2
Super Massive black hole / muse.
...pop quiz. ) ..who will stop that ?

R a n g e ....[ 10

..eYe know...
....you need 7,700,007
More samples... before it sinks in...
10,000 reasons / red man.
Waterfall / Atlantic Ocean
...who was, & is & is to Come

Temple of the King / rainbow
Listen, Learn, read ON..\ deep Purple
...( ....)....the time for strategic thought..- ripper

R a n g e ....[ 10

Color Co Ordinates ..) now I'm into overdrive..
.. future blues ) canned Heat
Sword of Elohim / red Crayola
.y h w h ./ .you too....

The number of sub Ordinates
INCREASE at a fixed rate regardless
Of the work in question...- Dr. Parkinson , again.
....super Position / young the Giant.
Psalm 2 / blur..
..( 3 )...... perfect logic [email protected] speed.

R a n g e ....[ 10

No problem O...as we say in Fresno.

But 1$T.. another question ) r you hip to Logic ? Is there further Evidence for "looking @ yourself ?
...we Are the dee jay of the x- Ray..
...so watch 3 Equivalent statements
As eYe put plastic handcuffs On,
Horse blinders- as it were..
In showing you raw physics @ speed
But using only recorded pop music..
...... prologue | now ) maxell
Past...present.... Future. / brain ticket
Making Time .} .the Creation
Yhwh / U 2
....also ran | Everywhere at Once / plimsouls.
..the work Expands in order to fill up the time available for it's completion. - park paradox..

One is good not to be intimidated by casual logic.
...hallowed be thy Name ) blk sabbath*
Cosmos Factory ) C © ®
....( 3 ) ...pop quiz. ) .who'll stop the reign ?
..could be wong on that...typing from memory alone.*

Note ..we do not stutter..
...to comprehend the properties of the fundamental
Constituents of Nature & their mutual interaction s
In a single master plan..- the Aim of physics.
...beyond Nature \ keaggy
Master plan / master plan.
.....3.) in solving for C
..the item most logical ..is that which is timeless..
Id est. ) And / or ..the Antecedent of Time. Thus, yhwh-- not only timely...but trumping the arrow of Time. ) Entropy, the bane of Particle physics

RE: How Trump Saved America

Power of Tell a Vision on display
Everyday @ CStepford Institute for policy & such.

All that is needed for pure hatred of Uncle Joe
By UN named Libs. Here...
Is for Joe to announce he is NOW A
... Curious side note .) If Ted Kennedy was a R.
How long his $enate career after July 1969 ?

RE: I Love Paul McCartney

Not just Talent...
Not only hip..
...the Man has R a n g e.

Paperback Writer
Eleanor Rigby

RE: Stay away, far away from any 5G towers.....

This is the Captain speaking..angel

You will meet your NIGHT MARE...

wink ... standby. ) .

RE: Collusion illusion delusion - What it means that Hillary Clinton did it

Ah yes, Comrade Barry $oetoro* of Kenya
Amerika's sweetheart Constitutional Prez.

* This reduces to
..the BULL 1$ well fed....) For you note Takers &
Literacy police.

R a n g e ....[ 10

S a T .S..

Simple & technical..) Simultaneously..

Cold Fact / Rodriguez
H to He who am the Only One./ van see Graf Generator
Yhwh / U 2....( Easily their most UN appreciated studio effort.)
... epilogue of the Edge...
Joshua tree
Y H W H.
...also ran. ) Until the End of the World.

RE: WSJ Editors Eviscerate Hillary, Lapdog Media in Blistering Op-Ed About Russia Collusion Lies

$0, this makes H R Clinton the unique policy pro that is a lone $he wolf. In this 60 year span I'm referring to, HRC is the lone Nut who went from plan R
To magic D...to NWO, Kissinger acolyte.

RE: WSJ Editors Eviscerate Hillary, Lapdog Media in Blistering Op-Ed About Russia Collusion Lies

Loonies make such a big deal over Alex Jones..
..but that magic D has performed major miracles for the likes of Clinton & Ted Kennedy et Cetera.

RE: WSJ Editors Eviscerate Hillary, Lapdog Media in Blistering Op-Ed About Russia Collusion Lies

Not much commentary from the CStepford experts..
...but McBob will provide sum pattern review..
The mercy of HRC was on display @ Waco..
$he was removed from Watergate duty for being a Liar- like um, Nixon.
..and before meeting Bill & the majek D...
She was a flaming right wing Goldwater girl in 1964.
And we don't mean she just voted for him-- Goldwater girl was an actual job / position at the Time.

RE: I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

Point of Order .| Democracy is the politics of bedlam. - Fisher Ames, 1789

Democracy is what allows the mob to flourish.
Democracy from Greece & France is why the Continental Congress lobbied for & provided a Republic { a govt. Of laws- not mobs.
Democracy is how Nancy Pelosi, Maxie Waters, Hillary Rodham& Uncle Joe got super Rich
Magic D is how Ted Kennedy avoided incarceration following Chappaquiddick manslaughter.
.."the world must be made $afe for DEMOCRACY."- Wilson
.."long live national $ocialist democracy." -Lenin
McBob.} Can 2 walk together unless they be in agreement ? -- [ from the Scripture
.. parting shot...} Democrats are Zombies.- Bob Hope

RE: Collusion illusion delusion - What it means that Hillary Clinton did it

The face you make...
..and / or Facebook that says:
Webster Hubbell was here.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

rolling on the floor laughing ..so he doesn't read { nor grip
What eYe write...
..yet presumes the high moral cloud with his TV
Headed gibberings.

Stop making $ense / talking heads
Schools out...) Forever.../ Cooper
Coffee & TV / blur

RE: I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

Pleeez.... Amerika has a 3rd, 4th, 5th party...

What Evidence do you Foreigners have that
The U $ of A will go alternative 3.. ?
When the Prez is a Marxist & still has 99% approval in San Francisco
And 109% in Arizona...it's time for TAPs....
... waiting for the sun / the doors
..clouds ..) .. Mitchell
Cloud song / United States of America*

You will find much $cienter at the *digital dream door.
..where the cloud song & others are listed in
Underrated Rock, Alternative Rock, & progressive rock.

RE: I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

At Fargo....
....you do not comprehend anything about 2020
Or history here in Amerika. Stick to your TV program.
Here's to shutting Up / superchunk
..no hope / the Vaccines
Left hand path / Entombed.

RE: I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

What gave you any Notion that eYe presume
To speak for my "Leader".$.

Ya'll have yet to figure out my original style-- even though it's thermo dynamic all the Time [ !
.. regarding democracy.
..read Chapter 2 of the Com. Manifesto and look for this keynote..
" The first step toward communism is to win the battle for D E M O C R A CY.."..) ..That admission segues into the 10 planks...which begins with abolition of private property & closes with free public Education { read indoctrination.
..in Amerika, free public Education has brought us to vampire weekend & 57 genders & national suicide.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

Luck not needed...just tune in to radio McBob
..when he is in sabado-Domingo mode...

Zero hour / king
Nothing else matters / Metallica
Headquarters / the Monkees
Endtroducing ) D J .. shadow.
...a r. ) Dig your own hole / chemical Bros.

This one typed from memory without respect to
Reason or logic-- like most TV & internet chatter.

RE: I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

We would like to know how you out of focus, out of Country, out of logic zombie folk
Think you know $0 much about Amerika the bytch.

Amerika is a place where Animators created a mythical "white" cartoon Dad-- who by the 3rd.
Episode made Homer Simpson seem Churchill Ian.
.. Amerika is a place where rivers are poisoned
$0 authorities can count dead fish.
This R & D divide is a psyOp. If you have not figured this out yet..) ..see the Natl. Debt Clock Feature of the Google payload..and / or just watch more TV.
Today's wrek-amend; Soylent Green, filmed in the 70's, but set in 2022.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

P $.....
...simple & Technical Simultaneously..sum get it
Instantly ( light speed.
And some will deny. Hence we R providing
Musical service...
.. Airport confidential..( being ON time.

Airplanes } bob
The timing } jets Overhead
Stressed out } 21 pilots
...syn. | Jet Lag ..} ..simple plan
.also ran. Jet propelled photograph / soft machine.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

In order for you to grip my field strength bona fides
.eYe must hit the hot law over & over & over..
..( in the world of Astro logic & power.. it is
Known as Ritual Number One.* )
..the Romans / botch
Circus Maximus / glory of Empire
Critical mass ) T H R E S H O L D
...total. | $unday bloody Sunday / U 2
..also ran.) Sunday morning coming down / CASH.

The * starry note. ) Free trip via jet fighter..to Fresno
..for the person or warewolf who can name
Any other ritual ( of power ) older & more frequent than the Babel On | Roma Cat. Mass..[ ..
..you have greatly Underestimated the power of
Magic- programming in their FALSE solar calendar

$0L Invictus / pope bob.
Up on the sun / meat puppets
Blinded by the Light ) ..man & the Earth band

RE: How an atheist cured himself

Ding ..ding...we have a player !

The cypher | see hot laws..esp. Entropy
See music charts...
Visually grip the light...
...super massive black hole ( .s..garden.
The sky moves sideways .) Porcupine Tree
No more color / coroner
..also ran.} He ] blinded me w/ $cience / Dolby.

Hint: reading & writing from the charts
Makes me the Dee jay of the x Ray...

RE: How an atheist cured himself

And even if the dee jay dials the thing back
...just as a favor- mind you...
Sum of you will still pretend there is no such
Thing as $cienter & FREQUENCY modulation
.... 1958....in Amerika
.98...story of my life / robbins
4.... witch doctor / Seville..[ .the Billboard. 100.
94..buzz,buzz,buzz. } hollywood flames.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

.... maybe not...maybe never...
You'll get the picture..
Ride with the Sun } . fairyland
Red. } $ W I F T
.....gold } interference
Rhymes with Orange
Yellow .} .cold play.
Out of blue | system F.
Purple pill.
....anti Thesis | no more color \ Coroner
.. will DO..} TV on the Radio.
McBob.} After 408 samples, the jaded should get sum grip-strength memory..
Corona ) minutemen
Pandemic ) Comethazine
Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer
$0©ial Cue..| Cage the Elephant
.45 } . gaslight anthem
Food & Liquor / F I A $ C O
Die by the drop / the dead weather
Dead fish prophecy / dead Fish.
..$¥Nthesis. | FULL COMMUNISM / downtown boys

Comment from Wing Command....they've got you in
.a majek $pell....given you a number
Taken away your brain, your name & your fortunate game.

RE: How an atheist cured himself

How an Atheist graduated from Cal- Tech
..with an F minus...

Or...deluxe Atheist Astro physics...wink

.not your ] stepping stone / the Monkees
Nothing else matters .) Metallica
Lightbulb sun .} Porcupine Tree.
House of the rising sun ) animals ; frijid pink.
Past, present, future. | Brain Ticket.
..$¥Nthesis..| DARWIN ./ banc of Soccoroso
..also ran.} attack on memory./ Cloud Nothings.


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