RE: Bio-weapon

And speaking of ...nap Time & sleep.
..( .see Serta sleep Ads. Featuring Trumpenstein.)

If eYe say Femur is a real Exercise- it is not reportable.
But if the president of a United Amerika
IT merits your IMAGE .I. NATION.& consideration.
24,900 mph ) .7 year bytch
..snake Farm. ) . Committee for Left & right.
Die by the drop. ) .the dead weather.

Hint.) ..they call it magic musick.

RE: Bio-weapon

I did a movie [ $...
..on this topic before you had .[ ..COVID
On the brain....
Andromeda strain..} ..Omega man
..i am legend [ ..the book ..& . movie
Xenocide . } video & book
Madam X...) ..concert Tell Aviv & video..2019.
World war Z....
.....the question, how could "Wuhan 400 " * .have been accidental if there R 101 prequels & magic $pells
Before the event ?
* .eYes of darkness. ) .the book.
... killing me softly w/ his song..{ .book
And Nothing hurt } spiritualized
NY is killing me ) .Adams
Infectious hospital waste ) demolition hammer.
What did you expect from the Vaccines ? / Vaccines
24,900 mph. | 7 year bytch ..[ .warp speed
Thump the Clouds ) Legg
Attack on memory ) cloud Nothings
Cloud song ) United States of America
Stormbringer ) .deep purple
FEMA is fully engaged .) .Trump, Dee J.
Post Op. ) .4 out of 5 doctors
.. synthesis .) Full Communism ) downtown boys.

RE: Biden before and now.....

If Bob was President donkeys would be confined to domestic Farms. And Republicans would have to grow a spine.

RE: The Legacy of Trump - A SCOTUS loaded with malevolent conservatives

Weak legal reasoning is the Corner stone of Amerika the bytch & the bedrock bedroom bedlam of Hollywood California.

If only you out of Town Piper's knew when to go for a pint at yonder general house.

Epstein himself ..kill did not.- Yoda
McCarthy himself.. procedure lost in Army.- ripper

Meaning, Joe was given the Case by FBI & Dept. Of Army. Thus the opposition had to out procedure Joe via TV majek.

RE: Biden before and now.....

Word. * O N I..| .Navy in Hebrew
.. office of Naval Intelligence in Amerika.

RE: Biden before and now.....

Pop eYe Confidential. | .O N I.*

The best argument against Joe Biden & the stubborn donkey is beyond the rainbow & over the heads of the FOX go team...viz.
Get ready ) .new order
.the leanover. .) Life w/0 buildings
. full communism ) . downtown boys

RE: There are one hundred and forty four contradictions in the bible, What do YOU think of that?

Might as well toss this one in as yet another freebie for mankind
. standing on the shoulders of giants ) Oasis
The statue got me high.) .they might be giants
C... SUPER POSITION .| .young the Giant
2. Psalm 2 .) .blur...| ..2nd law ) .muse.
1. G I G A N T I C. ) .the ( TV).. pixels...
..note. ) ..see Isa. 13... Septuagint vers.

Hint.) ..there are several scriptures predicting giants. There are Zero scriptures predicting a Greek "new Testament" & a Jesus Christ.

RE: There are one hundred and forty four contradictions in the bible, What do YOU think of that?

Putting that aside.. note this ..and serious ly...
Write this one physically into your binder.
Cause it's only the BIGGEST contradiction you
Will ever see...
..( ..and with the syntax my 3 groupies will marvel @ how Logic worx within a real Exercise..)..
1 Cor.15: 4. } ...he was buried , & that he rose again the 3rd day according to the scriptures .{ .Torah,Psalms, prophets ) ...

McBob. ) ..a all expense paid trip to Fresno, and gold bregeut watch to the person or thing or warewolf
Who can name those scripture [ s.
Hint..) ..add Enoch & it is still a null set.

The note. ) .not just a contradiction, but the gold plate corner Stone of presentation, paradox, problem..
( .modern Rabbinical thought.)..
Resurrection is a B F D. ) .big family deal.
.. therefore if there are NO scribe pictures to support Paul's greco- Roman boast @ 1 Cor. 15:4..
What other things did Paul imagine..such as blood atonement & human sacrafice.?!? contradiction to Daniel & Amos & Asaph ?

Do you at least now real eYes how deficient "Bible scholars R ? you further comprehend this does not give you a Trump card, o vain man.?
Indeed. The law multiplies & cuts asunder all your non sensical googleplex TV wasteland gibberish.
...the Torah is Forever..) .but Christianity & it's 608 sub divisions, were born on ides
of March, 322 after dark @ council of Nicea...( may be off, reporter is strictly in memory mode ).

RE: There are one hundred and forty four contradictions in the bible, What do YOU think of that?

First the disclaimer. ) .eYe do not post such things on my page because this is the CStepford Institute of Television.

The big contradictory story are contained within the so called Synoptic Gospels. Anyone with 10 minutes of time can spot them-- accounts of the death & resurrection are NOT congruent or synoptic. Standby emergency calls me away..

If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

Clearly then, God would not be popular at
CStepford Institute for Geezers.

RE: So what's next... banning same-sex marriages?

Part 2. . although eYe suspect an electromagnetic variation in the atmosphere, Ripper cannot speak with authority in that department. I do know, that this momma duck & her duckettes R a good 85 daze out of alignment with previous duck birthings in the same background 6 years in a row.

RE: So what's next... banning same-sex marriages?

Ripper is completely aware of Climate change.
Never in all my daze have I seen a duck in a pool with widdle ducks @ 101 degrees in summer.

RE: There are one hundred and forty four contradictions in the bible, What do YOU think of that?

As this is CStepford Institute..
Just name 2...with deep Emphasis on the contra.

RE: The Problem With Guns…

.eYe cannot take 1/2 breath nor enjoy one
Femtosecond without a Crat ruining that event.

RE: The Legacy of Trump - A SCOTUS loaded with malevolent conservatives

And what would you know about Amerika the bytch, seeing as you are a TV land foreigner ?
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RE: Can I tell you a secret?

The secret is...the good question is about 55% of the answer..
A saucerful of secrets ) .pink Floyd
.b.). This time Long ago.) .guess who ?
C. Yhwh.) ..u2 .) . Antecedent of Time.
2..out of Limits .) . marketts
1.. please standby. ) .the outer Limits.

Anybody here see the fuzzy wuzzy loving [ cult
Explosion..? ..eYe think you missed it..-guess who.

RE: The Problem With Guns…

Wing Command..} .. dateline, the Pentagon is written..) .sum where in the D ring..
..when the battle begins, there be no such thing
.as too much artillery.

( .but there is a thing called, too many donkeys.)

...r . a. n g e ( .13..

Trust me, I'm from the department of radioh.

Radio One . ) .A I R
.. heavens on fire .) .radio department
C...there is a Light that never goes out.) .smiths.
.2..turn on the bright Light .) .. Interpol.
1..I am. ) eYe said..) . diamond & my eYe.
...also ran.) .the Teacher. ) Tull, Jethro.

McNote.) ..there R yet 10,000 more extrapolate Co Ordinate..logical .. Eternal... positions... standby.

...r . a. n g e ( .13..

The new favorite...& Spectiferous Edition.
Dawn + 11 other great songs | .4 . seasons
.b.).Piper @ gates of dawn.) .pink Floyd
C. .temple of the King.| . rainbow*..
2. Out of Limits .} . marketts
1...please stand by. } . ) .outer .Limits.

..also ran. } ..neon Bible .) .arcade Fire.

* And just in TIME for pride physics...wink

RE: Puppet Trump scheme uncovered

At one point I thought there was hope for you...but your zip code is infested with Crats.
Of the developed countries that prize automobiles & trains, only Germany is reporting the real Inflation @ near 34% CA, it's at least 24% up from this time last year... meanwhile, as you enjoy the TV delusion
Crime of all strata & stripe is UP... suicide & homicide way up- esp. in military communities
Foreclosure & biz failure UP... quality of life, down the upscale escalator.
And the wise guys are saying...wait; .it's going to wax worse ala 1861....and for this ..all one has to do is count coups in the big cities...where we find Crats & commies Control the show....thus you soft headed stubborn donkeys need even more TV...for entertainment & sleepy delusion..
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RE: People Are Dumber Today Compared to Medieval Times

A far better example is the actual COVID numbers on a city by city example, per the which a friend of mine ..chose L A time Corona
2020...10 million plus people...& 10 reported hospital stays.
The TV is full of bullshit bravado + fear mongering.
Those who believe in the medium, need a surgical Enema & .. summer camp in Cuba.

RE: Why the Jan. 6 hearing is a sham

Fully 98% of Washington DC & 101% of the Pentagon, are at any time 6 daze a week...
Subject to citizens arrest for Treason & RICO crimes.
But there is no Torah and no light in that zip code..
And there are zero non wimpy R's.

RE: Why the Jan. 6 hearing is a sham

Gentle reminder from Wing Command...
..from the ripping of the Terrific speech, to
Prez. Elect porn warp speed medical malpractice, the Name brand Republicans have distinguished themselves as the wimpiest creatures under the Sun.
The beast has gone from inside your TV living room..and with malice aforethought-- into the body & soul of your DNA, and into 1st grade, yeah, pre school, with gender policy pronouns & UN restricted warfare upon you...and you take it all in stride & rather non Chalantly..per the TV program.
At sum point, the raw physics of my reports will overtake you... standby. )..
Better Oblivion community center / ~
Let's eat Grandma ) I'm all ears
Social Q. ) .Cage the Elephant

RE: Well? What do YOU think?

And in regards to this time thing
..( think thru the Superposition )
.for the First time .) .the Script
B.. policy of Time .} . minutemen
C..who was & is & is to come | yhwh.) U 2
2. 2nd law .} Muse
1. Hallelujah ! ) Buckley
..also ran. ) Past, present, future | brain ticket shall be hard pressed to improve said position.

Fortunately for CStepford & N. Amerika, there is a Dee jay who will not stutter.
..let me show you how the Libs. & Queers cannot let the Bible study go quietly into night..
superCalifragile } game theory
Superunknown.) .sound Garden
..C..super Position. ) .young the Giant
2. G I G A N T I C. ) .the pixies
1..the statue got me high .) They might be giants.
..note. ) .this sums Enoch book one & Gen.6

RE: Well? What do YOU think?

Wing Command | Airport confidential } Maxwell
The . T iming.} .jets Overhead
Airplanes .{ .} .} . B.o b.
Ticket to ride .} . Beatles
Jeff. Airplane takes off .} .~ .} .
Stressed out .} .21 pilots*
.. synthesis. } .jet lag. } . simple plan.
..also ran. . singing in the wreckage } blk box recorder
19 with boxcutters, 2 with chrome. 2..
The leanover } .life w/0 buildings
Isolation drills. } . guided by Voices
At dawn they threw us in a trench &
$tuck a monument on top .} LIARS.
.. synthesis. } Get ready. } New Order
..mask off. } The future.

Standby. Live Exercise.

RE: Guns in schools...

Speaking of logic...
.. would you or another stubborn donkey like to see what real reporting reads like ?? While simultaneously realizing the absolute depravity of network TV !?
.a.) Logic before Authority @ YouTube
..not for everyone on account of his unique but very Educated style..
B. ) Yoichi Shimatsu..).. recently blew the Uvalde TV story to the 6th floor of hell where it belongs.

RE: Uvalde hires private law firm to block footage and audio from school shooting

Plot twist again... courtesy of my Hong Kong connection ( now US citizen & Action reporter
Yoichi Shimatsu.)
..the stand down order came from
..the story gets worse from there...just like Waco & rules of Engagement.

RE: Why the Jan. 6 hearing is a sham

The fact is Jan.6 .was positively the LEAST violent protest of all the BLM / Antifa riots leading up to the new pearl harbor & worse than H20gate insurrection.
Sum of you are so ready & willing to believe everything you see on TV. All the people suffering or killed from Jan.6 ..were Republican. Prove me wrong... should be easy...since I don't have TV.
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RE: Touched a nerve...

And what exactly is this Trump blog doing... except taking your mind, body & soul away from the current Russian- Chinatown puppet Uncle Aquaman ?
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RE: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Ripper the lieu of Turing..., white & blue ) Natl. Standard of Amerika
TV drama + TV news constitutes a direct threat
On history, memory & Cognition ..upon anyone foolish enough to tune - in the program
$wift also a Swiss agency over seeing world wide electronic $ transfer

Red + blue beams comprise the attack of mindless TV entertainment

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