RE: BLM from Baltimore Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6

I may have also mentioned that Q involved
And cue | Q a govt. Psy Op..
..I know you don't want to $€€ .this...
..but it is all $cripted...the Q uestion is..
How long has this been going on ? ..
And...what to do about it ?...
Mental Funeral ) Autopsy
Cause of Death ) Obituary
Left hand path ) Entombed.
..also ran. ) .did you hear me ? ) Red light district.


Isis & Osiris ) ayreon
Space Oddity ) ..bowie
..the statue got me high ) .they might be giants.

Liner note. ) .. unbeknownst to the casual reader..
..that 3 star cluster is densely packed with
Bible Scientiferous other words
A Baal & Ashtaroth Ritual festival of magic
In which the thespians & musicians are
Quick to RE Verse the Torah
In a vain & Entropic delusion of DOMINION.
..Part 2..) ..the also ran would in this case, bee
A synthesis of the 3 ..) .. Lyrics & Logic point straight away to .) $tar gazer ) Rainbow...[ .1976.
..quite simply a tribute to OSIRIS- NIMROD.


Los Osos..part 2...
... subject..teddybear
. number. ) . Unknown x Unlimited
Quest..) ..only eYe can multitask bears ?

Rebuttal.) .. Parkinson x bear shit means
..rangers will go missing.) ..2 many bears x too many donkeys = ..dead people everywhere.

Ergo, teddybear .[ .10 .) .to the tenth power is non Logic..- .hal 9000

RE: ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORIES not yet delete the bears...
Los Osos = da Bears.


* black Moses ) Isaac Hayes be Continued. ) Ibid.
3... achtung ! Yhwh } u 2.

* Meaning, from BLACK WATER.

..AND / dna.) ..this is the finger nail clipings
..of the $0 called space program..

" Chill Dave, eYe can see you R confounded by changing of mission parameters. Take a stress pill and think it through. I'm here to help you and I believe in the mission.." .. Hal 9000..} .stardate, 68.


When you people R ready..
The class began ages ago..
@ x ray, beehive, nasa, lit Logic Lotto..
..( gambling with your life..).. deceptive mind.. will also find that nasa ..( 5375 in strong s..
Has terrible & Tre(3....signs x nifigance
.. flying out of Egypt @ Passover 1
..but retained in the mind & tongue of Moshe* al..( ..see tribe s..of Israel.
...why R you TV heads so upset by Dictionary Truuf ?
..did eYe mention it means to GO UP TO THE SKY ( by )..many applications ?
It also- in Egypt- was an Acronym
N..ephtys )..sis. of Isis
A.usir.) form of Osiris
S et..) of Osiris
A.set..(.. cognitive to Isis.
...then came ramification.[ .$
& The next word..5376..) .nsa. ) .from 5375..
Meaning... deception x insurrection. program .) . tribe...} .Q uest. me the money ? .. cruise Reacher
C loud $0ng ) .. United States of America.
No. ..SHOW ME THE MONEY ! .) - Good x ing.
1..$uper position ) .young the Giant.
..also ran ) $ynday morning coming down | Cash.

RE: BLM from Baltimore Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6

And one Ripper the Empath told you it was BLM / Antifa it was happening.
Machine gun blues / $0cial distortion
.45 .) .the Gaslight Anthem
$0cial Q } . Cage the Elephant
..also ran ) eYe predict a Riot ) Kaiser Chiefs

RE: Nessie- the monster of Loch Ness

Never mind the Scienter has been settled.

In this Epic Nessie blog of yours you took the
CStepford tards to the woodshed & brought the
Whole building down upon them....wink

RE: Trumps accomplisments ...............Many, yes many things he did most of us were not aware of

With a name like marmalade
You won't get the essential B vitamins group
Needed for critical kitchen debate.

RE: Nessie- the monster of Loch Ness

Would have visited sooner, but eYe thought this was a Loch Ness Mcblogment. of the memes did not fully load..
The reason they don't spray DDT...?..

Get back to me...) ..eYe am under the impression that my Erudite International Internet performance is
In part, due to Flintstone vitamins & DDT..
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RE: Trumps accomplisments ...............Many, yes many things he did most of us were not aware of

All that was needed for Orange man to become the most wonderful, kind, brilliant, et Cetera
President in the $toried history of Time..
1$ for him to have a block D beside his
Trump name.

And that's the Truuf.

RE: Making plans for the USA!

WENDY'S ? .5 GUYS ?!?!

RE: UCLA and USC to leave Pac-12 and join The BIG 10 in 2024

Exactamundo Orioles Fan.

Once upon a Time in 2005
Tiny Fresno State went to USC and played
The Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush Trojans at
The L A Coliseum...the game was in November.
Anyhoo, FSU almost pulled off a miracle upset...
It was $0 funny how the Dogs just torched their Defense.
..not sure why eYe brought this up p...
I'm a wee bit of a geezer.

RE: Unconfirmed but totally anticipated

I've seen the headline @ Patriot base...
But don't shop there because I am McBob.
SC0TU$...has all the initiative & legal prowess of a cardboard box from General Mills.


This will take your intelligence into overdrive
..( .an international Internet Freebie ,)
The Giza discovery by Peter Good game

Osiris Horus Nimrod Apollo Mithra Gilgamesh
Baal...) .and more
One & the Same { .E pluribus Unum

Another freebyrd...
Wagging the moondoggie by Dave McGowan, late
No one, repeat NO One has ever written better copy
About all things NASA | Apollo.

RE: I haven't been feeling good..

If you are anyone else want it straight
..come on over for the big win..
Kill TV... immediately family N O W.
Food grade hydro peroxide + alkaline water
Elderberry formula { trade name, Sambucol .
( ..kills flu, COVID, omicrok ..etc. )
Aloe vera juice ) .may be hard to find in your area.
Lemon zest & peel.
Cinnamon + local honey { that & Lemon was thought to be the cure for anything in the Roman empire.

Enough for now..) .. standby

RE: WTF, PELOSI's charge was dropped?

There is sum thing MUCH WORSE than a prejudiced is the invoice
FBI ) and "finders"
Natl. Debt Clock
Uncle Joe Rotunda
Uncle Joe's teleprompt writer
Uncle Joe's press secretary
UN / WHO ) .& World bank
FEMA [ !
JAN6NN ) formerly CNN.
..please stand by...
Truth / Washington
Infectious hospital waste / Demolition hammer
Government plates / Death Grip

Modern Astro Not Lore

Not tonight...just finished getting tutored on all the trumped up Trumpenstein nonsense of the Jan6 , broken glass, dead Republican Committee.
..eYe take the high road on these things..
Meaning I will not waste my personal blog page
On broken glass and the buffalo man circus.
Looks like the Atomic Scientiferous Scientist may be moving the doom clock again...

RE: Roe vs wade reversed

Fresno CA just weighed in with a billboard near a high traffic intersection... reminding TV heads that
Abortion remains legal here...followed by 2 exclamation points...) .. because murder is exciting.

Modern Astro Not Lore

Indeed. Always a good idea to put a $20 on the long shot.

RE: Sonny Barger...

Irony of ironies....a hells angel ( crime wave...
..but let's focus our attention on that other criminal
The actor Trumpenstein.

Modern Astro Not Lore

The very best tip -- as always



Does not have a point of view
..does not have a face
Knows not where he is going to...
The significance or lack of is not for CStepford to judge.
The end of the line ( NSA, Virginia
Is where wheat is separate from not wheat
5375. NASA (2...up to the sky ; to deceive
5376. Nsa, from 5375, to make insurrection*

As found in strong Concordance 1890.
* See Jan6NN... formerly CNN...for thrilling updates


Addenda..) ..the Paramount 100 year anniversary video & trade mark...are a reference to
Mt. Hermon , fallen angels ( Astro nots.
And the book of Enoch.
The Leslie Nielsen film Canon..also
Herman's Head
Due south
Naked gun insult

Don't have time to explain the significance of all that
..but I did cover it in a distant blog..) .. film Canon.

RE: Touched a nerve...

Not a TV watcher...but the RNC emails to elite Republicans ( read, wealthy
And other anomalies consistent with a crisis Acted
Scripted event were covered to the Nth degree
@ Enterthestars.
And obviously that kind of information is not
Going to be touched by buck Sexton
Or the FOX go team..( Hannity, Levin, O really.

Modern Astro Not Lore

Yup. The Bobster loves a good horse race.

RE: July 4, 1776 and 2022: The Declaration Still Empowers Good to Triumph

And in a side note..
Many years later a Cyril Parkinson noted that as the Home Office expanded ( in Great Britain
The Empire shrank ( .with dizzy amounts of shame.


If it is interesting ( and I'm not denying the premise.
It is mainly because of a certain bored Certified
Astro physicist & his homeopathic shadow
Ripper the Empath.

Modern Astro Not Lore

Each new fall semester 64 to I lived in Dallas & Houston, a great mercantile buzz began around Sept. 28.... Housewives began putting out pumpkin s & black cats & such...the stores began the trick or treat season and elementary school was actually fun.
The world series was on daytime TV and at least one room at school would have it on...
Our super markets were stuffed with freebies..handed out by friendly staff...
Behind the scenes though, LBJ et al. We're Engineering a massive change whereby families began to feel a need for a 2nd paycheck.... inflation caused by non stop heinous govt. Spending & Legislation.

Modern Astro Not Lore

Your Reporter remembers walking to the general store with .35...and feeling blessed fat rich...
Cause that translates to 3 packs of baseball cards, a Batman comic + soda and McChange coming back.
That was Amerika 65- 68..

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