The Potato Advisory.

Now then, guess what super simple breakfast dish goes Gooder with cowboy coffee?

A. } McBob's custom Cinnamon Marble rye toast.
Or Sun- maid raisin toast.
....olive oil & butter*
Cinnamon...+ drizzle of honey & dash of phs.) Pink Himalayan salt.
.*sold together in the big F.

RE: EVENT 201 and Captain Kirk's "Coming Catastrophic Event."

"it's 4th & 15...and you're looking at a full court press."- Lt. Frank Drebin.

...standby for hot potato Pi...

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Not following any of this psychodrama on TV..
..was therefore not the least $urprised to be informed by Buck & Hannity of how the M$M went after this guy....
Just like they did to Goldwater in '64
And McCarthy even earlier.

I am on Record here : the 2 institutions wrecking the most havoc- most of the Time- since Uncle Abe
Are Yale & Harvard Law. Dishonorable mention to Columbia & Georgetown.

RE: Biden Admin Looking to Dump Kamala Harris?

Syntax review | re; Uncle Joe
I am the Democratic Caucus.
I am the husband of Joe Biden
....this just in...
I am the U S Olympic Delegation....

... McBob. } . May have missed a few..
But you can't make this up, cuz porn Cop
Is also POTUS / 46. & A knight of Malta.

RE: ‘People Would Go Crazy’: Meadows Says Trump Should Be Next House Speaker

Thinking outside the box
...the Triangle & the Pentagon.

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Woo hoo. ! .....angel

RE: President Kamala Harris

You & your buddy Banger the Arthritic
..have medical issues... beginning with Myopia.

RE: Are Democrats really Zombies ?

Good find.

Let's see if any Dems. Here can name one - just one Republican- who began political life as a Goldwater Republican...then transited to a CFR / Democrat.

Mchint.} I've given you 2 time sensitive clues.

RE: 10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked

It also means 3 score & six...but only within a certain Fraternity.

RE: Seems like there are more women participating in the Blogs than in the International forum.

Hmmm. Captain's log | supplemental

First line of Star Trek, pilot episode..
" Check the Circuit." - Spock / Nimoy

McBob. } Check this. ) Considered by the Few
To be Roddenberry's [ better ] work..
The Lieutenant. One episode in particular is shamefully stupid : instant Marriage.

RE: luckily for CS, or not

The great missed opportunity in Blazing Saddles ?

McBob.} 2 or more talking [ snarky ] horses.

The Potato Advisory.

You liked it-- did you !?...hold my potato..
...( By the Numbers. )
And you know .| 1695..) Jewish gematria
I have told you before..) 1695.
Its a love story.. ).." "
The policy : WORK. } ..
Numbered Word of Torah*
Seven Leaves Heal... | 60/p...80/ r... 50./o.... 600/j...5/e....w./900. = 1695
. Original search Term..) . POTATO ADVISORY / 1695.
4872. Moshe. ) from water
3091..yod- hay- wa- sh- ayin. ) Just sayin.
7963. P & Q. } .peace and Quiet.

RE: Teach Kids how to think in School, not what to think. Three Dog Night said it right.

This was a very popular band back in the day...eYe now refer to them as 3 dog Noir.'s out it checks out in number & "pet Rock Theory."...
Opening move / Gryphon
Better think 2x/ Poco
Eli's Coming / 3 dog noir
4 horsemen / Metallica
5th Dimension } byrds sky mining / take 06...) .. Standby..

The Potato Advisory.

Yes, Group Captain, there are pairings out there that other Dee Jays are slow to observe.
... potato. } 0600 variation.
.. cinnamon + olive oil + cayanne & wedge of lemon on the side.
Drink pairing.} French Roast Covfefe, obviously.

Mediterranean Tutorial. } This very popular cuisine can be reduced to this statement : the meal is a conduit for olive oil.
... Standby..) ..

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

350 E Q.s...a new record.
..the E Q swarm began on 9/11/21...

RE: 10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked

The best thing that Amerika could do, other than send a C-17 loaded with Democrats into the for all white people & brown people & purple people..

Coffee & TV / blur
Stop making sense / Talking heads
Govt. Plates / death Grip.

RE: (2) US Constitutions Act of 1871

Agent Confidential. | We have the Talent*
Here @ CStepford to write the best spy / action movie of our Time. Of course, I would lobby for hand puppetry & hard rock anthem segues-- ala Team Amerika: world Police..wink
* But not the money / Gold.
.. moving On..} the Central Bank $cam is really a hidden $yn Tax. The Govt. Sells bonds to the bank to pay for things it does not have the political will to raise a tax to pay for, but the bonds are purchased w/ money the central Bank created out of McSquat. More of this money makes your money have less Energy.( McEntropy 101 )
Aka...I N F L A T I O N.

.. homework... Can you post an image , side One & Two of the Woodrow Wilson Note ? .it's a 100,000 dollar bill...I'm curious to study side 2.
Your reporter is on a mobile phone & can't link.

RE: the vaxed vs the unvaxed

Bump because it
... rhymes w/ Trump.

David had his ID stolen
...he goes by Dav now....uh oh

The Potato Advisory.

And the Joy of Discovery in that LP... that you will forever be undecided as to
Which is the best song in that

RE: (2) US Constitutions Act of 1871

Show me ? - Cruise, Tom [ Scientologist
No. Show me the MONEY ! - Gooding, Cuba.

Silver gold 101* ...all the money is borrowed into circulation, and therefore carries with it a Public Liability. This is a negative (-) charge. When you carry this negative around , YOU MUST BE CAREFUL.
Because you could cause a $hort to occur. All that credit is ELECTRICAL ENERGY. This is why it's called CURRENCY..why it's called Currency...Y it's called Currency...our Life's Energy was pledged to the Public Side of the Govt. Corporation when our Birth Certificates were REGISTERED. The Courts were set up to Regulate this flow of Energy [ mostly from your pocket to theirs.] You may observe they are called
CIRCUIT COURTS... CIRCUIT COURTS... CIRCUIT COURTS...thus the flow in Circulation is Regulated.

* From my pee Chee of 2008...not known if the site is still up. Sum info repeated in case Democrats are viewing.

RE: Can the vaccine change your DNA? None of the vaccines that have been approved can change or edit DNA

For what it's worth...
..I made my own Vackseen & I'm not interested
In pushing it on anyone who is set against homeopathic measure s.

FYI. ..part 2. .. apologies to any here that I may have abused in the past on this & other topics. I'm about done on this covert infection thingy. Sars cov2 just died again in my temple after 48 hours of Tequila & Elderberry w/zinc.
...and for you Accusers...yes, this time I quarantine d
And did not spread. The first time, I mysdiagnosed.

RE: the vaxed vs the unvaxed

eYes only | wing Command....angel

Just wrapping up what possibly could have been my 2nd encounter in 15 months w/ sars-cov2-- or variant thereof. This time Elderberry on hand [ !
..the 1st time, I mys- Diagnosed the situation as acute food poison ing.
...I got it Saturday evening, came on like a head cold..then sudden bursts of nausea. Now just coughing up the phlegm. A 48 hour ordeal...last time, 5 + 110 F° heat.
...once again, this is the McBob Vackseen
Elderberry gummies w/ zinc & C.
Honey & Cinnamon
Tequila....+ Aloe vera....) ... Standby.

RE: Oh Hark, Hear the Trolls a-Whinging*

More Free stuff... available for read searchers

Wall Street & the rise of Hitler / A. Sutton

McBob.} Very well written & sourced to the 9th degree.
You cannot wage blitzkrieg in 1939 sans Standard Oil, rubber & hi Octane Aviation fuel-- among others.
And w/0 an International bank of Settlement
Ripper the Reminder.} That treasure trove of war material left behind in GAFMANISTAN was not by accident or negligence.

RE: What is the next Trump blog going to involve.


Ripper the Empath.} Plan R is so stopped only a gale force Enema could clear it.

RE: Can the vaccine change your DNA? None of the vaccines that have been approved can change or edit DNA

My field of experience & expertise is
$yntax & Etymology...thus all you TV headed
And / or piled higher + deeper should appreciate the following...) SHIFT LOCK

*printed on many-- but not all- 1st generation masks as the $pamdemic rolled out circa 03/2020 in California.
... McBob, BCA.} To see if your current mask is effective, go to local fish market. If you smell the be McFuched.

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

Just the other day...
BcB. ) Bushcraft Bear.." the Volcano is quiet."
NY prep..( that same day..

McBob.} Volcano duty is tricky, perplexing, dead serious business.sigh

One thing is certain. ) The people of La Palma were given 331 reminders yesterday-- ENTROPY IS A REAL HOT BYTCH.

RE: The intolerant anti-left - the thoughtless use of labels

You have to appreciate then
The unique services of CStepford Institute.
.. bringing us together for Scientiferous well as free style poems of whimzee.

RE: (2) US Constitutions Act of 1871

Man oh man...) As O J $impson once said..

I've been hearing about rainbow money since 1979.
( Got my policy Edumacation that summer in between semesters at Bible College. In many respects, the most Education rich time for young McBob...age 22.6.)

RE: Researcher: Covid Vaccines Can Damage DNA - WE DON'T KNOW (YET)

If the vaxx was Uniform across all platforms
My 86 year old Roomie would be dead
Chairman Newsom would be dead
Et Cetera.
He ] blinded me w/ science / Dolby
Fevers & Mirrors / bright eYes
Black market music / the Placebo.

RE: Researcher: Covid Vaccines Can Damage DNA - WE DON'T KNOW (YET)

It's not a Vaccine- it's an obedience platform featuring select batches of safe, semi-safe, & kill strength doseage per discretion of the Unlawful Authority. - Dr. McBob. B C A.
( bored certified Astrophysicist.)

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