RE: The right to arm bears...

If you are seriously interested in policy..
Let me tell you about my dead Friend & x- Californian, Dave McGowan...who, in a serious investigation spanning at least 20 years
Produced several volumes of data & Evidence
Programmed to Kill
Strange scenes in the Canyon
Understanding the F word.. [ fascism
...these 3 + his web page [ C I A * the modus operandi of the Fed. Govt.
In mk Ultra & it's 58 sum odd sub projects.
.. highly doubtful you CStepford Experts are getting the real scoop on " active shooters" from your pablum TV set.
What all CStepford executives want now is a
Pie chart from New Jersey showing the REAL
Numbers prove Amerika is peachy keen.

This is...CNN

Also a year ago, Casey @ Enterthestars
Revealed the Scienter behind the warp speed
Home page & Logo.
24,900 mph / 7 yr bytch { .warp speed
No hope / the Vaccines
Government plates / death grip.
..also ran.) Damn these vampires / Mtn. Goats critics think NOT
.. concerning the brute physics of a magic $pell.
..( but packaged as " musick". )


Brilliant comeback ! ( Pay attn. Malta penguin

That makes you number 4 ...among all inter-faith,
Trans national, black hat thespians
To come on over for the big win. Don't worry,
Our side will never resemble a large crowd.
Deja Vu / C $ N Y soon is now ? / Smith's
03.] ..y h w Cetera....angel

..also ran. ) Play at your own risk / planet patrol.

RE: The right to arm bears...

The 2nd amendment was not written because the bears were coming.
Another thing I've noticed among the policy Experts here; absent TV, they are unable to frame an argument & carry it forward.
One expert said it( serial killing, school shooting s
Is a red state, NRA - fruit of poison tree thing. Congrats on being so stupid & blaming Willy of CS
Instead of the transgender idiot dope behind the trigger.
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R a n g e ....[ 10

Note. The critic said my Evidence


Apparently he has never been to a um, Concert.

Black hole sun / sound Garden
The sky moves sideways / porcupine Tree
No more Color / Coroner.. then, physically that is disconcerting

R a n g e ....[ 10

eYe know...would love to have a private conversation with Paul....I didn't even like the Beatles until..
Hey Jude [ 1968.

Speaking of owning a station...check out
The Episode ; the Galaxy being / outer Limits.

( It made me laugh-- because I'm an odd duck.)

This is...CNN

Frankly, my dear..
The headlines are stunning where eYe shop..
They all are AFFIRMING what Bohemond the
Marine, was reporting before eviction from CStepford.
Mental health & general health are in steep decline since FED GoV got into the Medicine business.

RE: The right to arm bears...

Let me tell you all about a failed state. I write with 50 plus years of painful the bear flag Republic aka California.
Our District Attorneys are installed by George Soros.
Shoplifting here is technically legal-- if you can manage to lift under $1,000 in your tour.
We lead the nation & world in Serial killers. For every one you may have heard of [ the Zodiac killer
There are another 100 you have not heard of. I got that information from a 26 year vet. Police officer.
This is a dark blue Crat state with ZER0 Republican fingerprints.
The police will be here tomorrow- as my landlord turns 87. They are coming to remove stuff / property- they don't like... because one of the other tenants is a Sanford style junk man. Said individual recently shop lifted $200 worth of groceries. He had an EBT card- but he didn't like the wait he just walked out with the goods. Merchants are losing $1 million daily here from said activity. Your Reporter has also shoplifted-- if you saw the pricing structure of what I took, you might understand. 3" chlorine tabs.
Our street corners & downtown plazas are infested with Howlers -- grown men ..sum women, who rant at bullhorn volume about the deep mysteries of California. This traces back to 1966 when Uncle Samhain decided to distribute LSD- 25 through its clandestine spook corps.
None of you would ever want to live here...if you thoughtfully took the time to understand what it means when a state goes full Court Crat.
We have 33 prisons, last I counted, and all of them are incubators for more Crime & NO corrections.
.. standby..

RE: 19 students killed, 2 teachers dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

If it makes any of you Libtards feel better..
...on the occasion of my FIRST walk home
From Kindergarten @ S. River New Jersey
Sept. Insane Lady tried to kill me
..It hit me in the Left arm, drew blood & I
Ran to safety as fast as possible. One of my great memories of NJ & the 60's.

This is...CNN

Meanwhile, in a story of NO concern to CNN { yet.
Op Warp Speed minted a new billionaire every 30 hours since the dawn of the Covert Infectious hospital Plandemic..- Oxfam & Citizen free press

Dr. My eYes / Browne
Best of / Dr. Hook & Medicine $how
20 / 20 .) The graveyard
...also ran. ) Chinatown / destroyer

RE: 19 students killed, 2 teachers dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

Also ..take a Scientiferous wild guess what
Non-blogging, no Nonsense parents are doing nation wide since 3/11/20...?

A..) Removing their children from public Schools
Because the Administration thereof

RE: 19 students killed, 2 teachers dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

See what eYe mean...
It's OUR fault that Government let's into the
Country the 3rd world crime wave..
Mental Funeral / Autopsy
Cause of Death / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed
..also ran.) Killer Joe / Rocky Fellers.


See also..
Programmed to kill by the late D. McGowan

McBob. } Literally 10 minutes into the breaking
News, eYe noted the weird similarities to the
Original [ 8/01/66 ] tower sniper
..the number of dead
Beginning with his grandma...crying


We can see that you are BAD.

Putting it in writing is bad x stupid.

RE: 19 students killed, 2 teachers dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

How the Libtard mind gropes for meaning;

Trumpenstein was born circa May, 1948
He is the cause of all bad shootings including
Any by Alec Baldwin...from May '48...till now.
Trumpenstein also brought bad karma to the Universe with 4 magic words..
FEMA 1$ Fully Engaged...[ 3/11/2020.
...not being a tard myself, it's difficult to explain
How that Libtard philosophy operates day to day.

RE: Music For Healing Purposes

Ted has a bad habit of bringing Active Diarrhea
.to the adult swim..

You want healing... ?
Post this song.. / Ronnie Laws.

( The better your sound system
....the more will be the joy.)
Mchint. ) Wood winds like nothing you've heard before....the rest of the LP [ Flame also user friendly.

How it looks in calculus
Hallelujah ! / Buckley
Joy / Laws
.yhwh / U 2...


Speaking of Alexa...

Here is the input*..
When will the simulation End ?

* McBob officially dates you to ask IT
..That exact question.

And then report back to H Q.


Super Cool Coeds love agent bob.

Secret agent man / Rivers
Airplanes / bob
Ticket to ride / Beatles
..also ran.) Leaving on a jet plane } mom & Pop.

RE: Overall mental health of the blogging community

And yet you thought psychotic meds
Was " comedy gold." ...moping

Using the Leftover tactic on you
And you can't see it ..( high comedy
...put this in your comedy search..
Anne Heche; wag the Dog, crash landing
( Now pay attention to her train of thought..)

We dare you NOT to laugh.

RE: Overall mental health of the blogging community

Now then...see how eYe advance your whimsical notion.
Without reference to your wife beater problem & drug addiction...crying

RE: Overall mental health of the blogging community

Mental Funeral / Autopsy
Cause of Death / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed.. see, that is a magic spell inducing stupor.
McBob remembers when music didn't suck...
Peace train ) cat Stevens
Train of thought ) dream Theater
Locomotive breath / Tull.

R a n g e ....[ 10

I'll be Bach..) ....and never boring.
.. expecting to Fly } buff. Springfield
8 miles high .} Byrds..
Jeff Airplane takes off .} Jeff. Airplane.

And by the way...comedy gold is not medical
It's Seinfeld ; Ukraine Episode. Loaded with
Physics too....such as, "Lights Out." - new man.

R a n g e ....[ 10

A bored Certified Astro physics sage.

And there be NONe who can refute my logic..
.... behold, Amerika the bytch
1740. .washing.
5892. Town...( ..strong radio net.
7632. (2..... tongue of fire | flaming ruin*

* And coming to a theater near you.

RE: Overall mental health of the blogging community

So is this the page where your mental health
Will shine for everyone to see ?

R a n g e ....[ 10

And asking me..
"What is it you want to know ?"

Is like asking Rockefeller if he knows about
Abiotic oil.

R a n g e ....[ 10

Don't try and weasel the fox.

I'm going on about the physics of Time.
Shouldn't be but a small thing ...for you to
DESCRIBE...the many or SINGULAR way
In which I am mistaken on my time stamps.
But you can't...why ?
UV sun + physics + number = a Scribe picture
...and bobby No stutter...
Pure Energy / information Society
This was ./ Jethro Tull
....pop quiz....who is the Antecedent of Time ?

R a n g e ....[ 10

It's my blog page dunce Cap. Capiche ?

Notice how I don't clog up another's blog page
With diversions to their drug habits ..

R a n g e ....[ 10

Gee...too bad...
eYe mean, just one example
Right here...right now...
Would demonstrate you have
..( at the least )
..sum kind of RANGE ..[ ..your self.

.. follow up to an earlier question
Past ...present... future later...
... seriously !? don't see equivalency there ?

Clearly you TV heads do not even grip Fundy truufs.

R a n g e ....[ 10

Shouldn't be too hard for you
Accidental Accountant$..

Just one Scientiferous example of where & why
The Logic is flawed or false...
And whereas, I'm cuffed & horse blinded
You may feel free to channel any & all
Counter argument..from your Darpanet Google web machine.
Only the beginning / Chicago
Best of / Earth , Wind & Fire.
..yhwh./ U 2.

R a n g e ....[ 10

Except it wasn't a comeback
..and it was shop lifted...

Are you off the meds ? a straw man argument
...are you still beating your wife ?

Nevertheless I'll show you physics..
.. again....( From the KEXP 500 circa 2014
...home of chowder heads & chronic zombies..
49. Dear science / TV on the radio
03. Doolittle* / pixies
52. Lost in the dream / war on Drugs.

* Doing right next to NO thinking the cult of the TV headed jargon monoxide groupie-- ergo, laugh it up, sucker.

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