RE: ROSWELL. 75th anniversary.

Mirror mirror on the apple phone..
..who is killer, who is thriller..
Blue 09 ...or Hal9000 ...?

Blog amended. ) ..with spice from Cestus 3

Recently Ripper the Empath downloaded all random & secret memory of our friend Dave & Hal9000.
.. blog adjustments will follow like maggots & flies on a dead donkey..) .. standby.

RE: ROSWELL. 75th anniversary.

Forget New Mexico*..
..forget Roswell, but remember Los Alamos...

Cause New Jersey is installing
Radiation Emergency instructions at most of it's shopping mall compliment the doomsday clock & the NYC PSA for Atomic bombings n such.

* Not Mexico, not new.


Would the Nixon Bush Trumpenstein creature be allowed to create a naval blockade in CA
.. systematic invasion by terrorists..
.. destruction of crops & productions..
.. destruction of oil productions..

crying ...and no indignation from Time/Warner
CBS... Disney/abc. ? ?..) . asking for foghorn leghorn & Philo Farnsworth..


Can you explain 81 billion dollars ( only an est.
Of surrender hardware to our Enemies
Over 100 legal statutes broken..
..but thank the good Lord they nabbed the
Old Lady @ the harbor Watergate Republican
Inquisition Clusterfuch insurrection thing.


Why does the Trumpenstein monster merit $0 much attention... seeing as how blessed Uncle Joe
.. delivered the exact product.(..trump was accused of..
Sean Penn, Clooney clown, CNN, Vindman & association.....paws 4 . effect...
moping ....stay with me here TV viewer....
Standby..) .. Pfizer is your friend..

Can you explain that one, Mr. TV head ?


$ail with me Columbus, ships are laden with silver
.bound for India, eYe shall find coke Amerika.
.... not much can be done at this level
..per the Election...but considering the real history
Every big donkey goes into an Election with
CA, NY, Mass. IL, & W d.c...already wrapped up & delivered..) ..they call it " A Machine."
.... staring at the sun ) U 2
Staring at the sun ) .TV on the radio
Corona ) .. minutemen

" .we R in a battle 4 the soul of Amerika..- uncle Joe & his teleprompts...
(..they obviously won the battle- cause the dead are casting votes in CA , NV & AZ...)..

RE: 69 year old cancer patient granny begins 2 month jail sentence

The amazing thing about this adjudicator his Empathic knowledge of Amerika
Without knowing the ley lines n such..

RE: 69 year old cancer patient granny begins 2 month jail sentence

Heart warming that we have an expert adjudicator in our midst...who also informs us which news sites are good and which are not good for anything.

RE: The Chowchilla Kidnapping.....

That's from the department of way back...
...that hi jacked bus ended up in a Quarry near Livermore where I would go fishing... 17...(..1974.

And Chowchilla is right up the road from Fresno
..and home to the Largest women's prison in the world..

RE: Jan 6 investigation is a laughable matter

W W 3 a . Exercise...
...but do go on with your buffalo man
Select Committee for the Eternal Impeachment
Of the Trumpenstein creature.

Just know, I have picture perfect recall of the
Media hoopla & hype of the holy & perfect
Don Trump & Oprah Winfrey ticket..) .a made for TV image that was never delivered. You , on the other hand, have no real feet on the ground Intel for Amerika...and we both know it. Also, I've been quite kindly to you & others. But the fact is, ya'll are romper room keyboard commandos... fooling no one but yourselves..

RE: Jan 6 investigation is a laughable matter

Again, what you are willfully missing
Is that in this Country, U S of A
..the media is controlled by six players.
..eYe am not even curious as to whether Fox said right or ABC said left...I loathe them all. I consider them to be liars or useful teleprompted idiots.
Since you don't live here-- take this on pure Darwin Scientiferous California ( my home for 52 years. ) ..there is no such thing as a right wing. But if there was...I would have reported a shiny, visible, example of the rightness...long time ago..

RE: In A Stunning Policy Reversal - 'Crats Want To DEPORT Migrant DREAMERs!!

Taco Jill meme trending on meta, failbook.

RE: Touched a nerve...

I'm at rest...under a shade tree and reading
BIDEN Time: in his own words..2015.
..."North Amerika will account, meaning Mexico, China & Canada, for two thirds of the growth of global energy..over the next 20 years...10/03/2014 @ Harvard.

RE: Touched a nerve...

Touched my soul *...
.." LOOK what I learned is I'm not changing my brand.
There's nothing I've said that I haven't said that was
Truthful. And so sum times- you know, everybody says they're looking for authenticity." Joe, on CNN,
.. Nov. 3 2014.
..* remember, according to the president himself,
( .. above quote explain$ a lot. )
.."..make sure of 2 things. Be careful- microphones R ALWAYS HOT..and understand that in Washington, DC, a gaffe is when you tell the truth..." 6/20/2012.
.. advice given during speech @ Natl. Assoc.of Black Journalists

RE: The biggest scam of all

Should the Stones fall*
Now showing @ Enterthestars

* Written instructions left behind by R C Christian
In the event of stone { masonry } failure...
..much BIGGER falsehoods coming from
Rotunda Joe & the bander$natch beehive for build back better Bolsheviks.

RE: Touched a nerve...

The quiet fact is you know eYe dig contemporary music...& You know I have reserves from the burn ward.
...I do know it bothers you that I do not stutter..
..the Timing .} .jets overhead
.. future blues } . canned Heat
..get ready. } .new order..
D...killer Joe ) .rocky fellers.
...son of Biden refers to the husband of Joe Biden as
" Pedo- Peter."...and he does it on the interstate internet for reasons yet unknown...

RE: Touched a nerve...

Rest is my super Position.. are the one in denial...
Reminder. Magic Joe won. Delta has controlled NY, IL, & CA...for ever..
REPUBLICANS died in the harbor Watergate TV simulation. If not a simulation ? did magic they
Predict it..) ..and not just on tv...
Social Q ) .Cage the Elephant
.45. ) . gaslight anthem
Infectious hospital waste ) Dem Hammer.
Will do. ) .TV on the radio
...$ynthesis ) .Corona ) minutemen
. also ran. ) No hope ) the Vaccines

..please Standby | ..the Outer Limit....} ..

RE: The unelected are behind world events

...from the pent A gone..
( the Top ... everyone is on the same side..)..
Jerry Brown
George Bush. } .h..kissing her.
Joe Biden .( .Roman Catholic
Barry Soetoro
Mike Pence
Orange Man.....) . ) ..all Educated by Prof. Jesuits
...and / or by one Dr. Carroll Quigley / george town

RE: The unelected are behind world events

.bingo. - Lt. Frank Drebin
...the Catholic Church & the see eYe A
..are the same thing....Frank Zappa
.... standby...
..five fingers. One fist. { .the observation
Holy $€€ .
..opus Dei
C..$0ciety of Jesus
.2. knights of malta
. $ W I S S . Land.} . knights Templar
...the OF.) .other Finger. me the money ? } . Cruise.

RE: Touched a nerve...

And the bankruptcy of Trumpenstein is a termite.. the GODZILLA GODFATHER OF AMERIKAN
[email protected] 30% HERE IN CHINAFORNIA...
( . another non televised news event for your encouragement.)...

RE: Touched a nerve...

What a fantastic thing TV proved to be for the propagation, installation & discombobulation of the Trumpenstein creature.
Meanwhile, WW3 rages on...40 billion dollars of Amerikan hardware went up in smoke just the other day in a Ukrainian warehouse the 80 billion dollars of weapons left behind in Gafmanistan are being sold on the black market
And the systematic invasion in the south west approaches critical mass
500+ police officers walked off the job in NY...
.. along with 230 in San Diego...
And Chicago, L A, Baltimore, Cetera are all infested with unprecedented Democrat incompetence segueing into predictable rising Criminal activity. CStepford Zombies are in for a big shock...
The elimination of your TV & water & food stuff s.

RE: The treatment has begun.

Update..( no one told you to ingest anything.

Now, go enjoy a coke Zero & Hostess Ho ho.

If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

As for CStepford Institute of policy...aka the blog feature page of Connecting Singles

The image intended to convey by moi..
And directed at those who R too quick to regurgitate & reproduce Television gibberings
Is a dead donkey with a load of coke Zero...) ..that proved to be his undoing....blues

If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

.also ran. ) .when we fall asleep, where do we go ? ) Eilish.

Liner note. ) for me, eYe go to the CStepford Country club for 9 holes of danger Golf.

If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

The answer is ..NO.
CStepford is an image created by each individual & his ) her ) them ) Ware wolf. ) ..
Based Entirely on their perception of ancient Amerikan TV.
.. meanwhile, the Super Position hertz...
Babel.) *. Mumford & sons.
. random access memories ) .d. Punk.
C. .yhwh. ) .U 2
..2..Norman F. Rockwell } .L D Rey.
1..rock of Ages ) ..A M . Toplady.
*.. original definition; .gate of El.[ . almighty.

RE: Day 4 of the Jan 6th hearings

Your knowledge of Amerika is a quark
..on a post stamp from Jonestown.

RE: Ancient hairdresser theory

Attn. All thespians...(.and note takers.
Going into CONSPIRACY THEORY, step 1.* begins at the question ?...where did Evil & thus Entropy come from ?

* Disclosure disclaimer. } ..and we are NO expert in any of these " steps."..
..from random memory in yesterday school
There is a written account (.and in the pseudoapocrypha.)...evil sprang ALIVE from jealousy.
Jealousy happened at the first appearance of prototype man..( an image of Yah..)..held in the hands of one Angel [ Gabriel ?
Presented to another Angel [ .not Satan yet, but hey'lel.)...for inspection & comment.
...Hey'lel at speed, recognized the face & likeness of Yhwh...for the FIRST TIME..(..Yah dwells in non Approachable light | flame.) ..
..when informed that man was soon to be created in this image...Hey'lel went dark in his decision tree.
Subsequently he fell....
No other explain of Evil ..has such grip & Terra Firma in the motion picture world of imagery & sound..
Hey'lel..) ..full definition, HIGH DEF.
..he brings ) ..LIGHT .. LOUDLY.


Moving magic has blowback, has blowback, ...
..( ..A I ..super Position. )..
A brief inquiry into online relationship } the 1975.
...fool proof & incapable of Error..| hal 9000
C..| .. welcome to the Machine. | .p. Floyd
2..eYe have a stimulating relationship with
...Dr. Pool & Dr. Bowman..). hal 9000
1..O K. Computer. } . Radiohead

..also ran. ) Mezmerize .} .$ystem of a down.

Liner note. | .hal is the perfect man.- Lakeswirl...via the Intercontinental Google payload.

Warning [ .!

5 most dangerous toxins to the brain..
..heavy metals
Artificial sweeteners
Network TV.

Source ) . natural news & Ripper the Empath.
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Whenever you feel the need for actual wisdom
.. check out Enterthestars, another brick in the wall [ . pink Floyd re Considered

And heads up for 7/14...what to do if the Stones should fall ) .. Re, GA guidelines for the guidestones
On the same channel.

. standby. ) ..NY city has issued official brain dead PSA regarding imminent nuclear attack. It is not a drill..( .. message also embedded in the $100 bill.

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