Summing Things Up.

Not precisely how I predicted, but bottom line is similar. The US has lost the war and Europe has no more fear of being invaded as was predicted by Biden and the clown in Cargo pants.
All the deaths on all sides totally unnecessary.

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"It ain't over till the fat lady sings"

No-one can predict what will or could possibly happen Luke, and no country is safe in this crazy mad World of dictatorship and control.

Starvation across the World has increased due to the war and prices have shot up creating more poverty.

Wars resolve nothing but pain and anguish and not just for the countries involved . Sadly we are all walking on thin ice in an extremely unstable World.

It's a de population agenda.

And as 4,606 scribes have noted before me
UN / WHO - World Bank is the driving
Communist engine.

Change. ) Dismemberment plan
Sick em ) 7 year bytch
Government plates ) death grip.
Wish I could speak your language.hug
It's not my language. It's called pop music.

Serf. ) Donnie Trumpet & social experiment
Machine gun etiquette. ) The Damned
Social Q . ) Cage the Elephant.

And it's loaded with a programming maga spell.
Ah then that's the issue as I like the old school music such as Sinatra,Ella,Nat king Cole and also modern jazz.
To obtain just the First level of comprehension of the pop scene
..the essential reading is at CENTER FOR AN INFORMED AMERICA
.. featuring the investigative writing of the Late Dave McGowan.
.such as ..the Strange but mostly True story of Laurel Canyon &
.the birth of the Hippie Generation.
We learn that 98 % of the famous musicians of the era
Had fathers employed in military Intelligence...
Viz.... Morrison..Zappa...Crosby...Stills..Parsons..
. Others such as Jimi Hendrix
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Hey Luke.bouquet
Unfortunately (for USA, NATO block and gold milliard) this is just the beginning. Those guys will not stop. They do not have a choice.
or they fight or they fall from piedestal. And everything will go back to 1939.
And yet when in Ukraine there will be no one left to fight. There are always Poland, Romania, Baltic States. Basically, next, it will be Europe to fight with Russia. Not the first time. So Russians are ready.
Hi gs,
Awww, the fat lady you say, meaning the Democrat's, Soros, Bezos?

I'm a born optimist and assure you this war is winding down fast.

I know you dont believe in watching YT videos but try not joining the fear mongering club.

The narrative laid out by the West that Putin wants to revive the old Soviet states is pure rubbish, promoted only by those who have a personal vestige in it. 

Dont you think that once the United nations and all their conglomerates have been disbanded or run by some decent honest organization there will be enough healthy food for the whole world population.

Wars resolve nothing but pain and anguish and not just for the countries involved . Sadly we are all walking on thin ice in an extremely unstable World.
Totally agree with you on this and when Trump becomes POTUS this year stability might return to a very troubled world.

Thanks for the comment.
Agreed, the globalist do have that high on their agenda.
Hi fanny,
I don't necessarily agree with you. Too much has been lost and even a fool knows when enough is enough.wink
I take no sides in this idiotic proxy war but I don't think nato stands a chance if they flex their muscles. Time for peace now.thumbs up
Just my luck load shedding has just began.crying
laugh 9
everything will start to be fixed ( which going to take a long time) when NATO Block will move back all 5 expansion waves back. But I do not see it happening.
Well, I suppose many a top dog surrounding the hub of rule over there
is pretty happy one of the main goals is achieved: Europe to buy LNG and LPG
from the US mainly now, not from the arch enemy over on the east side.
So that is a win.
What else, much old military equipment been sold
and even if half of it end up in Yemen
loads of taxpayers money pour into deep private pockets too.
So that is a second win for the elite.
The 'politicians' can expect some bonus later this year I presume.
Can we find a thrid one as well as 3 is always a cooler number than 2 when listing up...
hmmm.. yea... the world been shown what kind of crazy wild mf this leader of russie
really is so more wind in those propaganda sails should make it easier to one day convince the world that it's time to bring democracy also to that half a continent too. Do a "Kiev" on Moscow one day, warming them up for that.

Yeap, many a goal has been reached here for the US team "Swampy Rich Guys"
and who will mind a few hundered thousand dead soldiers on ground then ha'
for such marvellous accomplishments.

I hear what you're saying but after all the losses of the past 2 years I'm pretty sure some or other compromise will be reached.

Putin, now knowing that certain people cannot be trusted at all, will most probably only settle for something more viable than a replica of the Minsk agreements which only served as time smaller while Ukraine revamped and restocked according to Angela Merkel.
A fully fledged war between two countries is always the worst thing in the world, and it's always the politicians that win, they never
Hitler didn't .Words have it he killed himself.
Yea, just look at the Hamas 'leaders'... damn
Luke ... It is not two countries. As far I remember NATO includes 52 countries. And all of them supply weapons, training, the bunch of bored wild geese goes to fight Russians and in the end, or run away or coming back as 200.
What politicians win. Who of them won anything for now.
I am wondering why Americans not allow Ukrainian nazis to use Abrams. I do know there are at least 30 of them in Ukraine. hmmm
Grand,what happened to Eurofighter programm.(question mark) Just wondering
About the Eurofighter there is less than 600 built in total.
And now Germany seems to be going over to a new plane called NGF
"Germany is to replace the Eurofighter with
the New Generation Fighter (NGF), co-developed with France and Spain."

Now, F16 is what will be given to the Ukrainians but-
I predict they will not have much more impact
against the Russians than the tanks did.
Couldnt say this better.

Read the subs. MSM don't like this talk from Putin .laugh

Wow, here's the link rather. Sad that they constrict these truths.
All he says is that Russia has absolutely no interest in confronting NATO or EU.

This is all propaganda by the West for 'own personal gain'
I agree, McGregor is a realistic observer.
The only solutions of ending the war, will be total Capitulation of Ukranian Regime, full denazification and demilitarization. Russia do not trust anymore Western diplomats, UN,
and Western Presidents.
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It is not a democratic way to constrict any information. ( as long as it is a truthful one)
Well, I would say any country is a fool that believes just about anything that derives from the west. They have proven themselves to be the worst of the worst when it comes to open card dealing. Sad but true.
But at one point in history, Putin’s Russia wanted to join NATO.

Looking back in time had they joined, could this conflict have been avoided.

I can only speculate.

Unfortunately Russia joining NATO wont exactly benefit the long term goals set by the West for the West.

Clearly if you research the USA's strategy of causing wars to benefit the USA economy and dominance then obviously it would not work for the USA.
All this I have discussed in previous blogs but I could've deleted some by now.

The USA will forever choose to feel threatened by some or other nation, be it Russia, NK or China and the simple truth is that this is the tools that allow them to be able to keep printing dollars and funding proxy wars that should never have been started in the first place.

Thats why the MSM is totally owned and controlled with its main function to feed myths and propaganda to the gullible population that keep these tyrants (yes in my eyes they are) in power.
When the US$ loses it's dominance in the world only then will the true state of global affairs be made public.
Do you think that its fitting for only certain countries to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction or absolutely not a single country, no one, with working out differences and disputes without violence?

Why MUST there be a 'Big Brother' that will destroy you if you chose oppose them?
This above is all speculation as the human is violent and greedy by nature and has decided a long time ago that the sun is not allowed to shine on certain people and countries.
Maybe NATO should have disbanded when the Warsaw Pact ended, as that was the reason for its existence in the first place. If it had maybe the this conflict could have been avoided but I'm not so sure. Russia went from being non aggressive to the rogue state it is now. Much of eastern Europe is pretty glad of western support now that Putin is in their area and a danger to them, we are back in the cold war.
The sensible strategic play would have been to have good relations with Russia as a bulwark against a rising China. But as Lukeon rightly points out, there are interests in the U.S. (commonly referred to as the Military Industrial Complex) that cares nothing for good relations or even just common sense. This M.I.C. has held sway over U.S. foreign policy for decades - Trump was the exception and just look how they've gone after him. Their main motive is to profit off of war and maintain hegemony via control over natural resources and use of military force and financial sanctions as the threat. A peaceful, prosperous and independent Europe is seen as a threat by them. Hence the years-long demonization effort of Russia (the elaborate Russiagate hoax did enormous damage to diplomatic relations and the prospects for peace).

There are many older types within this M.I.C. that never let go of the Cold War mentality. War was almost certain IMO after Biden was installed as president. The Biden admin started increasing arms and funding to Ukraine and Ukraine was essentially preparing for a military offensive to take Crimea. Promises were being made to Ukraine of NATO membership too. Russia was aware of this and took counter measures. This was completely to be expected. Still, the war could have been averted. But the Biden admin refused to take part in talks. Regardless, a tentative agreement was made for a peace deal not long after hostilities started, only for Zelenskyy to drop out of negotiations after a visit from Boris Johnson. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost later, and where are we?

The M.I.C. I think arrogantly assumed that the sweeping sanctions on Russia (which were long-planned I think) would bring Russia to heel and achieve the goals of the M.I.C. Instead, it just brought Russia and other countries closer together - the BRICS alliance has never been closer or wielded more influence. It turns out most countries don't like being held blackmail by the threat of these kind of sanctions, so instead they're working with one another on their own deals and systems of trade and cooperation.

Europe is a major loser in all this. The destruction of Nordstream 2 - the biggest act of ecological terrorism in modern history - has seriously hurt European economies, Germany in particular. Large increases in energy costs, as well as the cost of having to accommodate war refugees, is taking its toll.

Not that the U.S. is immune in all of this. The U.S. is barreling towards default with out-of-control spending and a spiraling national debt, not to mention a border crisis with an estimated 10 million illegals allowed entry in just 3 years. Add to this the Democrats' weaponization of government and the legal system against Trump and their opponents at large - and it's a very fragile situation overall. One has to wonder what the bigger play is by these people who still clearly maintain a lot of power but who are very afraid of losing it wave
In a nutshell it's hard to believe that just 70 odd years ago the 3 great powers formed an alliance that was the key to victory in World War 2.

The U.K
The U.S.A,

Politics and their leaders sure have got a lot to answer for.sigh
Pop Quiz

Do you think deer wear kevlar vests ? - Joe 81 million.
He is also implying he will have to beef up miltary presence (read that how you want)
in Leningrad, but that this in reality is unwanted bullshit- (but they just made Finalnd a nato member).
Obviously this guy want no escalation. Even seem to miss the days of peace and free trade that was developing nicely. So who sabotaged this hmm?
(Finland, spelling)

Western propaganda only is making Putin into a villain.
When we in the west provoked this whole situation!
We did.
Worse than Cuba in 62 cos we are not even backing down.
Agree with you.
Propaganda is a terrible weapon when people are gullible enough believe all that they told and what they read. blues
About 10 or so minutes ago I just read a tweet that Elon Musk posted on X, it read :

In the USA, you don’t need government issued ID to vote and you can mail in your ballot. This is insane.

Can anyone residing in the US, please tell me if this is true or just a hoax?
Your state's laws determine whether you will need to show an ID and if so, what kind. Your state may require you to show a photo ID like a driver's license, state ID, or passport. Or they may ask to see another form of identification like your voter registration card, birth certificate, or Social Security card.

I have never voted by mail and never will. If I can't get my butt to the voting machines then I don't deserve to vote which is insane considering what Susan B. Anthony went through to get the Right for women to vote.

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