Advice for Trump

Forget about the 2024 Presidential elections, forget about making America great.

Even you can't fix what Biden has done to the US.

US government federal debt has breached an unflattering milestone, topping $34 trillion for the first time in history and amounting to more than double the total of the world’s next-biggest borrower, China.

The total US federal debt is roughly equivalent to the economies of China, Germany, Japan, India and the UK combined, as pointed out by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, a nonpartisan fiscal policy group in New York.

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You reckon the world banksters will let the US hit the Reset button Luke ?
Hi B,
I think that the next 5 years will determine this planets future.

Yes the fuse to WW3 has been ignited and with mad Men at the helm doesn't look good.

Have a good one Butch.cheers
Some of the good things the useless President Biden has done:-
Lowering Costs of Families’ Everyday Expenses

More People Are Working Than At Any Point in American History

Making More in America

Rescued the Economy and Changed the Course of the Pandemic

Rebuilding the Infrastructure

Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans

The First Meaningful Gun Violence Reduction Legislation in 30 Years

Protected Marriage for LGBTQI+ and Interracial Couples

Historic Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Federal Judges of Diverse Backgrounds

Rallied the World to Support Ukraine in Response to Putin’s Aggression

Strengthened Alliances and Partnerships to Deliver for the American People

Successful Counterterrorism Missions Against the Leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS

Executive Orders Protecting Reproductive Rights

Historic Student Debt Relief for Middle- and Working-Class Families

Ending the Failed Approach to Marijuana

Advancing Equity and Racial Justice, Including Historic Criminal Justice Reform

Delivering on the Most Aggressive Climate and Environmental Justice Agenda in American History

More People with Health Insurance Than Ever Before

Maybe Biden is actually doing his job, unlike other ex-presidents.
Luke............ chill.
FFS. Biden was Democratically elected.
Get the f' over it.
Trump lost.
End. Full stop.
Don't like it? What do you want? No Choice ever at all; Just being told what to do and when to do it?
With no chance of any social change?
Life is filled with lots of little disappointments culminating in one big one. Learn to move on... contemporize Man. W.
That nonpartisan foundation maybe didn't also point out that the debt has risen steadily, under both democrats and republicans, for 30 years and the rate of increase didn't change much during the Obama, then Trump, then Biden years, although granted it was steepest in 2020.

Also maybe they didn't say that the GDP is still behind Japan and Singapore. Highest per capita is Singapore, Japan, then US, on the sources I checked.

As with all debt, it isn't how much you borrow as how easily you can repay. Brunei has the best GDP, go poach their economists? US is 123.28%, the UK 104.14% Singapore 167.89%, Brunei an impressive 2.33% (South Africa, for perspective, 73.67%)

Or get the DR Congo guys in to save America, with their stated lowest per capita laugh $88. (Brunei $819 South Africa $4804 UK $45308 USA $88697 and poor old Singapore, $119214 wow)

I'm not defending democrat spending, in every major economy the left spends more and the right drops taxes for the rich, it translates into more debt, all the time sigh

Ek sê niks oor Trump en Biden ... except I don't think either should run, new blood is needed at the top, the division is destroying the country. May already be too late.

Hell this is a boring comment, but I like numbers blushing
To the above as I forgot to enter my comment doh

I said the same thing on another blog. America needs to change direction and get some new blood .They are fast becoming a laughing stock.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing FFS where were you since Biden took over?
got the Eiffel Tower and Brooklyn Bridge I can sell to you cheap-like!laugh
Rather than failing as a smart arse, why not rebut any of the points posted?
Oh wait, you can't lol.
Blog Topic???
Biden's pathetic weak leadership and lack of foreign policy strategy have crippled the United States' power and influence on the whole world .
Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, China has ramped up its aggression against Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Uyghurs, and now, Russia has invaded Ukraine. And the war in Gaza.
Biden's poor foreign policy decisions have fueled the rise of the Taliban and Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
WW3 has never been so tangible.
I wont even mention more detail on Afghanistan.
Always tried to figure why someone would want to spend their days on the islands, and of course its the 'King of the castle' thing. There, most everyone believes the tripe you spew and the young girls think you're a hero?
Back to the blog:
This blog is definitely not about Biden's talents. (he has NONE)
Its about a pure, honest and decent man trying his utmost to save whats left of a country that has been abused and plundered by father and son, and I think it would take at least 2 Trump life-times to fix the mess your hero created.
Get it???
I doubt it.
Not sure if I get you, are you saying that I need YOUR permission if I want to write about someone or something?
You got 2 hopes bud, and some advice, YOU get the f' over it and just pass a blog that's boring or distasteful in YOUR minds eye. No one asked you to stop by and lay an egg.
Who TF cares if Trump won or lost.
If you cant stick to the blog subject rather pass on.
End. Full Stop.
I hear you and dont want to argue over semantics.
Trump, bless his soul,innocent is trying his utmost to get the US on the right road again after the current POTUS and family totally made the once great country a laughing stock. The Majority of 'men in the street' are believing in the honest and devout man that they think can bring some rationale to a country thats falling apart. Its not only me saying this, do some research.professor
Anyway as I mentioned above, most of the American public is convinced that this absolute great leader, Trump, will be able to winch them up and pull them out of the pits of hell. that are forgetting is that he is only HUMAN.sigh
The task that lies ahead is tailored for a 'super-human' and not for someone that has been abused in more ways than one. Remember, Trump is a good vulnerable gent.

Load shedding just started...mumbling


. Change. ) Dismemberment Plan
I R S tapes. ) Nelson
Invaders. ) Iron maiden.
They are too ridiculous to even needing a rebuttal!laugh
Luke, my mate.
Remember I said something simlar a few months ago and you said something to the effect of "stay strong, don't let the nay-sayers get to you. Trump might very well win".
And thank you for that. If we both lived over there naturally we'd fight on, shoulder to shoulder to get this great man in! No doubt!

But the way things stand:
a nation gets the leaders they deserve. Many mentioned this before that the landslide this time needs to be so huge that they can not 'fix' it. Problem is half the land is braindead and vote the ultra corrupt Biden.
So when it again gets about 52% Trump and 48% Biden in the 5/6 swingstates I'm certain that some late counting will happen again and also plenty mail-in ballots to tamper with, and you know... the graf will make a mysterious jump at 3am again, and the next morning the senile one will still be president. That is what I expect.
So we might as well already now foresee the worst.

Here is my theory why a solid voting system is still not up an running now
3years after the last scandalous theft: the Republicans don't actually want the system fixed that badly (many of them) as they're rhinos who just as well take Biden. That gives more power to Washington and less so to the voters around the country, hence..
it's good for continued benefits in the D.C to have the corrupt Biden you see.

Trump and his descendants should now rule America for the next 50 Years!
That would be good.
Barron 2028 and beyond.

It is so rare for me to even partially agree with this OP, but yes Trump should forget about becoming President in 2024. However, we disagree as to the reason.
As the US is still the world's strongest economy, those who look at the big picture don't share the doom and gloom perspective of those who look at only one country. Yes, the US has debt. So what? It also makes money and will probably continue to do so.
Rather instead Trump should forget about being President again because it would be really hard to run a country from inside a maximum security prison. Yes, the guards will all be given a piece of paper declaring themselves to be temporary Special Agents of the Secret Service, while on duty just like the White House does for the (lower salaried) chauffers who drive Presidential vehicles. But there are many events a President is required to attend, and frankly the odds of a convicted President being allowed out of jail to roam freely and attend those events is pretty slim. At the same time there are a lot of foreign leaders who have scant interest in visiting a place like SuperMax to meet with a resident President. In short Trump would be incapable of performing the full range of duties and should therefore forget that goal and perhaps brush up on his skill set at basket weaving or sketching with charcoal..
The US people need to take control of government and start from there GS, even the US weapons manufactures can't keep up with pace of war at the moment;; weapons are the bread and butter of the US economy which is laughable...
Silly man. In this country the people ARE the government. A functional Republic we are. Yes, there was a serious mistake made after the collapse of the USSR. Many weapons factories were shut down with a view the Russian threat was ended. I visited a weapons production facility that had greatly downsized after that a week or so ago and discussed with a manager there possible future expansions (including hopefully) a second facility not too far from my home. We have many underemployed persons who would be over joyed to get good salaries making things to slaughter Russian Orcs with.
Hi Conrad, I get the feeling that when you read certain comments you can't help laughing. I feel exactly the same way, it's hilarious.  laugh
Hi Grand,
I want you to to observe that this blog is merely (wishful thinking) advice from me to Trump (not sure if it'll ever get to him grin ), but I can nearly assure you that he won't heed my advice and step down from the race. Trump most probably will run this year and Trump will most surely become POTUS again
Do not by any means think this is a negative blog.thumbs up
Console yourself and arrange a party between all you Trump Haters so that you guys can wallow in misery together when Trump 'dons' the presidential cap this year. Pun intended.
Hi B
Don't believe all you read, especially from bloggers as that will most certainly affect your way of thinking negatively. One can clearly see how main stream media has control over the publics minds in certain countries.
LoL to the thought the ignorant neo-Nazis currently dominating the Republican party can garner enough popular support amongst the blacks and latiinos and asians in the US to place Trump in office over them.
Couple of hours ago.

A 17-year-old student at Perry High School in Iowa shot six people at the school before turning the gun on himself, police told reporters on Thursday. One victim, a sixth-grader, died at the scene, while four other students and an administrator were hospitalized.laugh
I could debunk your whole list one by one but decided I can't do that to a miserable confused person.
rolling on the floor laughing
Only neo nazis are the ones u support in Ukraine, Ken.
Time will tell.
You only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear, you have an inability to see the whole picture.

Biden became President not because people thought he would be a good President but because they didn't want Trump, it is as simple as that.

You really think a criminal, self-serving, failed businessman who uses women like a slab of meat would make a decent, respected President?

Well, most people don't see Trump as a decent honourable man, whereas many see Biden as a respectable politician with some good leadership qualities.

If Trump becomes President, all he will do for 4 years is run a vendetta against all those who opposed his pocket-lining actions and criminality.

He will do nothing, feck all, zero for the average American, he will allow Russia to bulldoze Ukraine and turn a blind eye when Putin carries out "police action" in the Baltic region. He will be too busy ling and screwing those who saw him for what he is, a miserable con artist.

Living in a country beset with horrific violence and censured news limits your source of viable and credible news.

But then again, I guess anyone proud of attacking a law enforcement officer would welcome violence and hero worship a disgusting, woman-abusing, pathological liar like Trump.

A UK poll named Trump as the most disrespected President in American history.
"You only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear, you have an inability to see the whole picture."

Don't agree. The whole picture for you and your kind is a planet going up in smoke, a lawless place where everyone 'thinks' they are free but are far from it.
The mere fact of voting in someone like Biden just to suppress Trump already proves how totally insane the Democrat's mindset is.

Your statements:

"If Trump becomes President, all he will do for 4 years is run a vendetta against all those who opposed his pocket-lining actions and criminality"
"He will do nothing, feck all, zero for the average American, he will allow Russia to bulldoze Ukraine and turn a blind eye when Putin carries out "police action" in the Baltic region. He will be too busy ling and screwing those who saw him for what he is, a miserable con artist."

Proves to me just what kind of people the democrats are.
Only one person in a Democrat's life that matter, and that's 'ME'.

Well you and your type should be worried and many sane folk that have seen how badly the Democrat's have treated Trump will be encouraging him all the way if he chose to follow up on all the unnecessary lies and damage your type have caused him.

As for your insults, they don't bother me in the least.:laugh
Point taken Ken, the African American's, Latino American's and the Native American's need individual representatives of their own not Republican or Democratic party representing them in US govt..
Surely these 3 groups of American citizens far out number the American Jews in the US ? yet i guess there must be a more Jewish reps in both Dem/Rep political parties the way the US govt crawls for Israel..
Not so long ago he stated that he (Ken) was also a republican now it's the 'ignorant' Republicanslaugh
laugh comfort

Embedded image from another site

Poor Butch,wonder if he's ever met a "Joo"?laugh
As for the rest of his Post!
Hellbent to Balkanize the USofA even more?uh oh
Hi Lukewave

You might just find my comment hilarious but I'll post it anyway and it's not based on M.S.N it's my own personal take on the debacle now taking place in the U.S.A.

As an 84 year old I am stunned that a country of over 300 million can only come up with an 81 year old in the White House and a 77 year old hoping to make it back. I know how I feel as I cope with every day living never mind taking control of a country.

This country is now so divided it will take a miracle to get it back to the "good old days"

The hero worship of Trump amazes me when you look at the controversy he has caused and I'm not biased believe me ,just looking at the whole picture. His rhetoric of late is frankly worrying to say the least.I see a man who wants to make Donald Trump "great again" not America.

Two old age pensioners fighting to govern America is beyond belief ,and as I stated before frankly laughable.sigh
Lowered the cost of living for families of Amerika. [ !

What kind of TV pattern is putting this out ? ..and how far away
From real ville must you live to suck it in ? ?

Changing gears...warp drive | ..a major motion picture. The Visitors
This will alter FOR EVER ones view [ discretion
Of any & all Amerikan election cycles - especially any involving
Real Estate tycoons & SAG thespians..*

* One of 70 films thus de Crypted by Casey... featuring Scienter about
The $uper safe Smackscenes.
Hi GS,
I find that your comment makes much more sense than most of the comments above.

Maybe if they lowered the criteria for becoming a POTUS things would be much more rosy in the States.
The hero worship amazes you?
It shouldn't, who else do these people have to idolize?

Was listening to an interview with Kennedy the other day and he sounds like a Trump blueprint.

Two old age pensioners fighting to govern America is beyond belief ,and as I stated before frankly laughable.

And yet there is no one to fill the vacancy? laugh

Polling!! ..soon to be a radio active tour de force. [>... And usually A $cam presented by teleprompted thespians.
The only solution to your riddle is that some folk are too good and don't mingle or mix with locals, its beyond them....

Or maybe the standard of living has improved for the democrat?rolling on the floor laughing
Speaking of order for someone
To look or sound like a trump...

Said individual would also have to have made
About 100 films/ commercial $ [ serta
And be proud.. BOASTING... about being the
Serf. ) Donnie Trumpet & social expo
Sick em. ) 7 year bytch
What did you expect from the Vaccines? ) Vaccines

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