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Well this could be true in most cases, but maybe that's why so many men rather run than be laid.

They (educated women?) say that men in general are like floor tiles.

If you lay them right you can spend the rest of your life walking over them.
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Hi Luke wave

Anyone male or female in a relationship who feels the need to walk all over their partner or even control them should stay single or get a boa constrictor if they fancy a squeeze.grin
Hey Ms. Spitz,
Totally agree with your wise words but,,,,,
I guess I'm fortunate of not getting 'laid' properly yet.grin
Who knows it might still happen.laugh

Thanks for your comment.
I believe men would rather pass than get laid because of the dire perspective of being "caught" by the wrong one.
Women might have battled their position in to the s*xual equality nonsense, but let's face it, it is called "sleeping around".
And it isn't very attractive to most men.
BTW A self respecting woman will never be with a man she can "floor" and walk over.
Same applies for men.
you mean, like hanging up side down on chandalier wow

Oh, Luke it is not even a spring yet.
Lukeon someone needs to take you in hand laugh
Hi Ten,
Wish I could argue but you have all the right sounds of reason.
However,,,, some of these 'self respecting' women you mention are pretty good at what they do too.. Maybe I was just lucky?. Of course, not saying that I was 'floored' and 'tiled' by them....blushing
Thanks Ten.
Hi fanaziya,
I'm an all-seasons man... laugh
You have really tickled my Non-binary part here. Can I choose to be a 'upside down' chandalier for the xmas party?

Wait..... I wanna rather identify as an 'upside down chandelier pig'.... Always wanted to be a pig, nows my chance....
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks for the fun comment fantabouquet
Aawww Emmy,
Thats the first time someone has ever offered that to me, I am feeling sooo honored blushing ... it's so sweet of you, and don't think for one moment i wouldn't appreciate that but I was thinking something just a lil bit more long termish??
Thanks Emmy for the fun comment, loved it.

I guess that's only for the manipulative, controlling type, but this is assuming all women are the same....doh
Ahhh, didn't want to make it sound so serious, Luke.
But what it is?
The end of another year approaching, yet the good, old world and its humans is still the same.
Don't worry, get laid, just be mindful and choose tiles with underfloor heating .
professor laugh
Hi Calli,
Hope all is well with your horse.
Absolutely my thoughts too about the manipulative controlling type. I mean I've seen some real crazy ladies and when they hold a weapon of sorts (even a broom or a mop) in their hands it's terrifying. uh oh
Men have no chance, it's like roll over and be a laid floor

Thanks for the comment calli.laugh
Not serious at all. I enjoyed your comment which held humor and fact.
Yes it's the 'same old same old' merry go round...
About the tile. I'm very 'mindful' and hate taking chances with cold stone flooring. It's just not worth it. bouquet
Luke, it is the ones in high heels who want on to walk on my back that terrify me.
And Luke... may the force be with you. W.
I saw this once before as carpets, not tiles, but from a colder country rolling on the floor laughing

I suspect my problem is that I prefer rugs to fitted carpets dunno uh oh and will therefore be single forever. Oh well, there are worse fates.

May I say in passing that while I don't agree with the topic of your "runaway" blog roll eyes I 100% support your right to your opinion and bloody hate that it has been the norm for comments to attack, then get all hurt when attacked back. Sheesh.

I put a strong comment about how I feel on Chat's attempt to teach us all how to blog his way, pointing out that it is a bloody horrible way and that writing a zillion blogs which don't encourage comments (and mostly ignoring any comments which are generated) is not proof that being prolific is better. Never ever.

Just wanted to say that I didn't comment directly on what you put on that blog because he doesn't really ever want comments, so why add more. And I'd already commented on your runaway blog in the spirit of happier days, not agreeing, but suggesting another point of view.

suzie, I'm sorry you feel that way about me, when all I stated was how some political and religious blogs invite differences of opinion that often start arguments. It was an assessment/observation... actually humorous with no intent to change or repress anyone of their actions. You perceived it was my attempt of teaching members how to blog, then I disagree.
Also, nowhere in any of my blogs did I suggest comment aren't welcome.
You have however said quite often that blogs are not for comments and anyone wanting comments should be posting in the forums. professor Your latest blog underlines how you believe blogs should be posted. professor And you don't block comments on your blogs but they are usually ignored - you certainly don't encourage interaction. Maybe try it, some time, allow a runaway blog, they can be hugely good fun? dunno

I give offence more often when I am not trying to than when I intend it frustrated I'm not trying to be offensive, just factual. It is what it is.

I do hate that the blogs have switched from where many bloggers expressed opinions or told jokes or sparked reaction a few times a week with the intention of starting free-flowing interactive chat, opinions, conversations. It was great.

Somehow it has become a site where a few self-centred bloggers post all the time about their lives neither knowing nor caring whether anyone will read or comment. A few do post with their fists already up and the chip on their shoulder vibrating with tension, and most naturally sidestep those. Those were once debates. There are no debates, now, just shouting insults. Sheesh.

Commenting generally has been discouraged. I am one, perhaps not the only one, who regrets that. Now it is a minefield. Offensive angry comments are so much the norm that saying anything at all will as often as not bring down a furious reaction, if not from the blogger, from some other person who has decided to attack.

As Grand said of my comment, you are probably right about the way blogs are now. I did want to ask him, if he sees this comment, how that trip to SA worked out laugh

Eish, Luke - sorry, mate. hijack
I don't recall ever having said that.
My 'runaway' only stated an observation.
You going to be more sorry once you receive my anti-hijacking bill...rolling on the floor laughing
I get you totally and agree in many parts especially that one can't ALWAYS follow rules.
As you know I did confront chat about his comment and decided just to go along with his numbered explanation.laugh
I doubt if the blogs will ever really return to those good old days again. Everyone is trying to be too politically correct in my opinion.

I'll just carry on as usual and obey ALL the rules as I have been doing all these years. liar
For you Ms Suzie.
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