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Anyone that enjoys UFC will be in for a treat when Sean Strickland defends his UFC middleweight title for the first time on January 20, as he travels to Toronto's Scotiabank Arena to battle South African slugger Dricus Du Plessis in the main event of UFC 297.

Strickland's upset of Israel Adesanya came as no surprise to those in the new champ's gym, and now he'll look to cement his place atop the 185-pound weight class by defeating Du Plessis, who is perfect in six UFC fights.

Plus, a new champion will be crowned in the women's bantamweight division, as Raquel Pennington squares off with Mayra Bueno Silva in a co-main event that promises fireworks.

This promises to be a cracker event.
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Happy for you friende with your passion there.
Me I lost interets in all sports excpet chess and that is hardly a sport... haha.

This is free fighting right, peple in a cage like peremiter.
Blue eyes, high knees and occational blood if I'm not mistaken.
Sure, it's a straight up combat thing and only though people dear step in that ring.
Incredilbly well trained partisipants.

Hi grand,
Mainly clean fighting with no after grudges held. Sean is the world champion in his division. I'm sure you will enjoy it if you decide too watch. Google it.cheers
At a press conference.

“Were you a Covid bank account stealer?” He asks after the journalist identifies himself as being from the Canadian press.

Strickland is referencing when the Trudeau government invoked the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protests that many in the Canadian media championed.rolling on the floor laughing
Hej Luke!

I just knew a little of WWE. Wrestling drama that is.

And boxing of course, which several filipinos are known for.
I tend to look at wrestling as theater. No doubt the athleticism is good but its all choreographed like in a theater. Box and other combat sports are real.

Ever watch slap fighting? Its crazy rolling on the floor laughing
Ever watch slap fighting? Its crazyI am not sure I have heard of such.
Hey there,
I tend to agree with track. Professional wrestling is a bit of an exhibition show and that's one of the reasons it's not a Olympic sport. Amateur wrestling is included in the Olympic lineup though.

Have a look at women UFC on YT, it's quite interesting too.laugh
Good to see you around again Shay.
Hi Luke,

I don't like this kind of sports, I find them brutal.
Two years ago, my son joined Muay Thai, few months later, he joined a tournament here despite my opposition. I never went to watch, he brought home a bronze medal and some bruises. I made him stopped.
Few months ago he went back to the gym, he said just "to stay fit". I found out a days ago, he joined MMA and preparing for a tournament end of this monthdoh He's turning 19 on March and it's kinda difficult to tell him to change his hobbies and interestssigh
Thank you Luke.
Hi Crazy,
Many don't like this sport. I think it's mainly the thought of blood and pain that puts them off, but at least it's very well paid and regulated with qualified doctors and medical teams on hand.
I dont suppose you want to give me the name of the opponent, date and venue of your son's fight and I'll watch? I usually put some $ on the guy I reckon might win. With the Strickland fight it was difficult as they both were matched the exact same, and even the odds were the same. I found a loophole though and got Du Plessis at 6 to 1 and scored.
Hope it's going well with your parrotwine
Most welcome Shay.

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