Risky business this being a climate activist these days.

These days rather think twice before accepting an invite to join a protest.

An environmental activist died after raising hands and being shot from head to toe by police nearly two months ago near Atlanta, the person's family and attorneys said Monday.

The activist known as “Tortuguita,” whose full name is Manuel Esteban Páez Terán, suffered 14 gunshot wounds on Jan. 18, family attorneys said.
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Two activists shot by an American professor in Panama.
The guy is a lawyer as well.
Imagine how much irritation these people cause. The officials said over thousand medical appointments have been missed because activists protesting against coper mine reopening.
It's time this shite stops.
And everyone who terrorises the society be help responsible for people's loses, personal and professional.
Totally agreed. The people who call for these protests should be held accountable.
Wish most people thought logically like you do instead of trying to act smart with all the 'right' answers that were laid out beforehand by the main stream media.
Enjoy your
Shooting is definitely taking it a bit far. Just knock them over, as in this clip.

Back in 1955 women wearing black sashes started standing quietly in public spots near South African government buildings, heads down, in silent protest against proposed legislation eroding the rights of particular members of the civilian population. They were arrested, or moved on, but quietly, slowly, and stubbornly, they changed mindsets. The laws still got passed but the ongoing silent protests started people talking, and thinking, (and yes, arguing) instead of merely accepting divisive unfair laws as "someone else's problem".

Current protests are huge, violent, destructive, or at the very least incredibly irritating, and as often as not an outlet for the attention-seeking, and the reactions provoked can be oh so OTT.

Thing is, the laws still get passed and the ongoing protests make people angry and usually anti, instead of standing together against unfair laws which are NOT always "someone else's problem". Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Go find out.

We're not always aware of things are governments are quietly doing against our liberties or rights. Me, I'd be far, far, more likely to look into why the sashes were out than if someone grinning like a hyena and high on adrenalin threw yellow powder over me, or trashed a business near me, or defaced public property. But that's obviously just me because protests are very, very fashionable.

frustrated very mad
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