Xi a ‘Dictator’

After what seemed a productive meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco on Wednesday, an offhand remark by Biden could set back the relationship that the two leaders were working to mend.

“After today, would you still refer to President Xi as a dictator?” a CNN reporter asked Biden at the end of a post-summit briefing, referring to the President’s previous labeling of the Chinese leader that has incensed Beijing before.

“Well, look, he is. I mean he’s a dictator in the sense that here’s a guy who runs a country that is a communist country based on a form of government totally different than ours,” Biden responded.rolling on the floor laughing
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Fortunately its just a matter of time before Trump returns as POTUS to try and fix all the mess Biden has created.

Wont be easy though...laugh laugh laugh
Brandon sure stepped in it again,and it wasn't water!rolling on the floor laughing
Luke, he's factually wrong in both cases. China is a Socialist Republic and Xi is a Socialist. The CCP is Communist in name only and would adhere to Socialism with emphasis on Marxism in relation to the Economy.
China's economic situation is one of the best in the world, the key indicators are all good.
Every country has some issues which need to be dealt with and China is making great progress in dealing with theirs. I hope this is an unbiased explanation of the situation in reality.
rolling on the floor laughing It's only the depth that varies.rolling on the floor laughing
Agreed. I doubt if he could've pulled off the interview even if he had his handlers whispering the dialog into his earpiece.laugh beer wave
What beats me is how all the homeless people and their shelters disappeared overnight.laugh
The cheek of Biden to disrespect his boss like that
According to what I know the only 'boss' is the voice in his earpiece.
Cheeky you say.
That guy, the leader of the Democrats, is responsible for thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths both in Ukraine and the ME.
It's his incompetence that fueled and is still fuelling the war in Ukraine.
Even if Trump was guilty to all of the 'witch hunt' crimes he was accused of, he would still be a much much much better leader than the war monger presently taking earpiece instructions from the puppet masters pulling the strings.
Cheeky? No just typically arrogant and suspicious of anyone who MIGHT be a threat in any possible way.
Hell I really don't know the roads and suburbs names nor the zip code of homeless, but this blog is about the meeting of Xi and Joe in San Francisco, so I'd assume that's 'Where'.
Homeless in China abound - as they do anywhere I suspect, including Sydney. In China those wintering in the underpasses I saw were particularly destitute, having at most a cardboard box shell to sleep on. Here they might also have a shopping trolley full of bits and pieces, and there would be Vinnies or Homelessness services providing evening meals, and no ice to chill the marrow. The China homeless were somewhat hidden, probably harassed by the local police.

As to Potus45 and Potus46, both show significant cognitive decline, Trump no less than Biden, and Trump started from a lower point. China is a meritocracy, and at least you can be sure that the leader/dictator has cognitive power too. There is something to be said for selection based on merit, and not subject to the changing whim of the deplorables!
yeah yeah, just feel good that I'm not deleting your comment....
..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
President Biden says he spoke with Xi Jinping regarding the fentanyl crisis in the US.

“I know two people near where I live… their kids, literally, they woke up dead.”

rolling on the floor laughing Hilarious rolling on the floor laughing
He really put the Cherry on the Cake with that post!rolling on the floor laughing
you need to ask Gruesome Newsom about that!laugh
Why would I care? I don't. You can celebrate the ODI result... Pathetic Aussies peed on the party.
So happy that you think Trumo will be back - in South Africa. He does not stand a chance to win anything except a 10x10 cell in a dark corner of Leavenworth. So nice of you to think you could provide a respite and chance at redemption. Maybe he will return Apartheid to its exalted status once again. Let's see:
Make SoAf Great Again. I like the ring!
Haha Comeonn Jimbob, some or other time you will just have to shed that coat of hate you're wearing. It's killing you. Typical democrat insults won't change a thing.
Anyway, you forgot that Trump considers SA as a 'Shithole' country? laugh
His mission in life is to MAGA and unfortunately there is no democrat on this planet that will be able to stop him. Sooo you can cry, stomp your little feet, insult and have fits of rage as much as you please, it just won't help, Trump is going to be the POTUS in 2024. laugh
Take my word for it.
Accept it and weep sir.
what a sad little full of hate "man" you are!barf
What you Dimmocrats have in store for the USof A makes anything that has happened in South Africa like a Sunday Picnic in the Park!comfort
You're a typical Child of Alinsky,accuse the Opposition of what you are guilty of!
"You're a typical Child of Alinsky,accuse the Opposition of what you are guilty of!"

That could be applied to all repugnant people in anyone's eyes, meaningless, unless backed up with actual evidence.
laugh you need to read some of 2525's Garbage!
Just observing in general here.
When one is a libreral hater, there is no need to read or listen, if a fellow liberal sez shit is dessert then it's gospel, no questions asked, just dig in. laugh
The club they all seem to belong to is far reaching or it's a matter of in-breeding where everyone (liberals) are related to one anotherdunno This is what I heard via the grapevine so wouldn't know if it's true or not but many responses on the blogs encourage one to think it's very true. confused
Another thing, have you noticed that most liberals are in possession of a phd? Just wondering if the major in most cases would have been KKK or full blown Nazism? rolling on the floor laughing
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