I have come to the conclusion

That Russia bears no 'Ill Will or Hostility' toward the USA. These are all 'made up' accusations to increase tension between East and West. Thus most Americans are worried about the future while the Russians are laughing their AO.

Proof of this is purely in the fact that they don't endorse and condone all Biden's and his side-kick Harris' actions. laugh

Just think clearly for a moment here. If any country wanted the USA to carry on its suicidal path of self destruction then they would endorse and compliment each ridiculous action that is made daily by a man that is way past his prime and should've been sitting under a tree dreaming dreams of his past conquests. He deserves THAT, at least. I think Americans themselves should re-evaluate the current situation and find out who is and who isn't their enemy.

rolling on the floor laughing

Start Here....laugh

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O nnnnnnnnooooooooo! Not Kamala Harris.
The most stupidest politician I have ever seen.

Well maybe after Viky Nuland. But no surprise , because russian sailors taught her to swear in Russian on a sailor boat. I think that's why she hate everything Russian rolling on the floor laughing
God save America with politicians like those two.
Adding this because I wish, oh I wish, I could watch the expressions shooting across the faces of anyone who does watch it. Wish I'd recorded my own reaction rolling on the floor laughing A video that attacks the left and the right at the same time? Could only go on a comedy blog.

He's a leftie but furious with the left and his language is extreme. Trump had just won. He is enraged because Clinton was such a ·$%& candidate and the left is so ·$%& stupid. He does swear a LOT and he is VERY angry. Adding it also because - nothing has changed. You'll see.

If you're left, don't watch. He's left, but insists not everyone who votes for Trump is sexist, or racist, or all the other left-loved accusations. You won't like that, or how rude he is about you.

If you're right, don't watch. You'll cheer his attacks on the left, and agree with them, (I know, agree with a leftie? but you will) but be offended at what he says about Trump.

If you're intelligent, open to different points of view, but easily offended by swearies, don't watch. I really $%& mean that.

Agree, no Ill will or hostility from the east.

Putin knows the games in the west well.
Thankfully, or we could had been in trouble some time ago.
And they say the Brits have no sense of humour. This guy cracks me up.

As John McEnroe would say "You cannot be serious"laugh
laugh I forced to agree with you, but on the other hand all the tactics being used by the Democrats to combat the Republicans might show that she is doing one heck of a act so that in the end no one can point a finger at her for not doing anything spectacular.
They have ADMITTED putting Biden in the hot seat just to stop Trump from winning so its fair to say it wouldn't make the POTUS look good if the VP turned out to be a genius.laugh
Nice comment Fan.wine
rolling on the floor laughing
Trust YOU to find this gem. Best vid I've watched in a long time. This guy hits the nail right on the head... (all headslaugh )

Love it, Thanks Suzie.laugh \
Just wanted to add that actually I have no preference (I know zilch really) between parties but the Dems really get so SOUR uptight when anyone contradicts any one of their amazing plans to get Trump banned from taking part in the elections. rolling on the floor laughing And all their plans turns out only to propel Trumps ratings even higher.rolling on the floor laughing
Ive said from the beginning that sanctions only make a country stronger, and beware, don't poke bears....laugh laugh

beer cheers
Agreed. laugh

rolling on the floor laughing I seriously think I understand why Biden and Zelenskyy get on like a house on fire...rolling on the floor laughing

professor Wait, I do know that both one of them is was a professional comedian... laugh
everyone knows how Kamela got to where she is today!
Definitely not by Intellectual Acumen!laugh
but if you twist that last word a tad you may get closer to an explenation. drinking
Oh really? And how might that have been?
Ignorant twit, innuendo plus mis-spelling, Herr Konrad.
rolling on the floor laughing
Sunshine,proven,and the spelling was intentional!
Repeat with me:Kamela aka Camela!laugh comfort
Ignorance replicated Kamerad Konrad! Whatever the pathetic intent of the mis-spelling, what is the justification of the innuendo? She has qualifications that far exceed yours and mine.
We would normally say 'repeat after me' not 'mit'
And who can tell what silly pun you intend with Kamela Camel Carmel Caramel Colonel Colony usw, it was in your addled brain alone. Your attempted humour or wit resembles a Hindenburg joke.
Sunshine, wtf?
You have me worried about you.
Why are you trying your utmost to prove to everyoneand anyone,who is stupid enough to read your drivel, how clever you are???
Any idiot that has www at their fingertips can be anyone or anything he/she chooses to be. Be it Doctor, Lawyer, Saint or Satan, you can be it.
So please stop this nonsensical load of utter crap that you are trying to sell cos it's only promoting everyone to think you suffer from dementia or some or ther fancy disease that affects some in their old age.
Who the hell care if anyone misspelled Kumalot or Cumagain or whatever?
Grow up people are not as stupid as you make them out to be wanker.lips teddybear 7
so sayeth the Perpetually Offended!rolling on the floor laughing sleep
yep,because we don't suck!rolling on the floor laughing
And also be unable to produce the kind of Wordsalads she does.laugh
I think it is always hostility between these two countries, and competition too.
laugh that what is it, exactly. Not many ingredients in that salad. laugh
You are mainly right with your assessment as in my experience fear can be the cause of a lot of unnecessary hostility hence the saying: To attack is the best form of defense. Competition is second nature by man. Mine is bigger than yours etc.laugh

It's a comedy blog, I nearly forgot.rolling on the floor laughing
You have a potatoes there, ooops I mean a point.rolling on the floor laughing
thumbs up laugh
Potatoe - singularfrustrated
I can only speak as a woman...Yes, she does have a JD...which does take some kind of intelligence...or, someone who can memorize things...BUT, she talks down to people...as if we are children...

And, she has not done anything in her position that comes to mind..As a woman, I would have rather had someone who was strong..and made women proud to have someone show that she was chosen for her ability to shine in that position..

Furthermore, many political pundits (on both sides), believe that Biden would not be running again, if she was capable of taking over the reins...
No one is actually saying Kamala is an idiot I think they mean she is more of a hyena laugh
Jokes aside, I sincerely hope that the US will sort this mess out of not being able to produce a great leader. America is after all the leader of the free world, or should I say was. No one else except Biden and company is to blame as they really messed things up terribly for the US.
So there is a few good potential ones at the dems side, I'll mention two quickly:

Tulsi and Kennedy jr.
But u know...such people who wanna actully serve the people is being Bernied.
D policy by now to not get a non-corrupt one in.

On the R side we have such a good one on Donald that we don't need noone else, but I can suggest Candace later on, she is sharp and has the heart in the right place.

Most of the candidates have good potential I think (except Biden) but all that changes when the deep state gets hold of the winning candidate and forces them to do their bidding.
It's only Trump that they can't really sway with bribes of money and power, he generates his own.
Sad but true. That's why so many people hate him just on hearsay.cheers
Trump would kill his own mother for a few bucks, you are really naive regarding trump and his desire to fill his own pockets and could give a flying feck about America
Careful,your TTDS is getting the better of you!
Trump actually lost money through his POTUS-Term!
scratch Kennedy,and you find an Establishment Democrat underneath,and Tulsi is a WEF-Mole,neither would be any good for the USofA!
Your bias suggests that you know Trump on a personal level and have knowledge that only a close relative might have. If that's true please share.
If not then unfortunately you are the living proof that the MSM brainwashing truly works wonders with the trash they dish up for the feeble minded. I guess that's how they (MSM) plan to change world politics. doh
I really really cannot understand this utter hatred that certain members display about Trump. To be honest, I don't know Trump from a bar of soap, BUT, after reading and listening to CNN, BBC etc. I thought its best to dig a lil deeper for myself and low and behold I found that Trump isn't that dreadful troll living under the bridge but MSM is the monster. And best of all is that most of this crap they are slapping on Trump, is pushing his ratings way higher than his opponents. Surely these democrats cant be all that stupid. Its similar to slapping sanctions on a self sustainable country, those sanctions only make the sanctioned country stronger and more self sustaining in ways they never knew possible.dunno confused
in RF people do not really laughing. They are just a wee puzzled about situation in USA.
I do not think there will be a civil war but it can lead to a huge collapse in politics and economics which will affect the style of life people get used to live.
The only slogan in RF right now everywhere is Texas will be Free.flex
and here a thought to ponder on what was said in Davos, recently.
Virus X hmmm Does this mean that there is a Plan C going on in the depth of the Deep State?
Just like your hero did to China, making them twice as powerful and increased their in country technology, which is now far better than anywhere else in the world.

Think before you spit venom
I think you are being kind when you say:
They are just a wee puzzled about situation in USA.laugh

As for a plan 'C', one would logically think that, seeing ALL the 'leftist' plans have back-fired and left them with egg on their faces, assassination would be the only solution. God forbid, but when one looks at the mindset of these people one cant help thinking along those lines.
Then again with the way they do their planning, it will most probably be a miserable failure too and only serve to endorse the man that they hate so much...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Aijaijay and eish,
I see you avoided the first and most important part of my comment and that is:
I really really cannot understand this utter hatred that certain members display about Trump.

I take it that this is the ultra-left's strategy to try and use only parts of a script that promote their agenda?

If you are suggesting that Trump is MY hero then id suggest you should clean your specs and reread my comment.

It Read in parts: To be honest, I don't know Trump from a bar of soap, BUT, (read the whole comment just above) What on earth would give you this idea? Maybe just the mere fact that what I'm writing is very true and truth goes against your grain?

You also say: Think before you spit venom. laugh Thats being petty buddy.

I spit facts and unfortunately it seems to me that these facts affect your stomach in a way that makes you spit vitriol?
Trust me when I say that this method only proves to most sane folk that the ultra left is a deeply disturbed bunch of people. bouquet
Yes. That and his honesty and agenda of making the world and America with it better.
The establishment-corrupta knows darn well that means some sort of cleanup,
so they fight him beak and nail.
The Demonrats hate-campaign dosen't seem to be working so well right now though,
so will there be cheating again come late autumn?
Is the 50.000 dollar question.


Kamala Harris tells the TRUTH #comedy
1 and a half minute

Maybe, but it's the best they got on that most morally bankrupt side of US politics.

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