Kids that put a smile on one's face.

There was this toddler that ran into the kitchen asking his mom the following question: Mummy why do grown ups go to heaven with their legs up in the air?
Mummy: Now that's not entirely true my dear.
Toddler: OH yes it's true Mummy, I just walked past aunty Millys bedroom window and aunt Milly was on her back with her legs in the air, screaming, "oh God I'm coming" but luckily uncle Bill was between her legs holding her down. angel

banana laugh

Oh it's a Saturday night and I ain't got no money....dancing
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A little boy asks his father a question:
Dad, is Rotterdam a bad word?
Dad thinks: Rotterdam... Netherlands. No son, why do you ask?
Son: Because my teacher has Psoriasis and I hope it will rot-her-damn arm off!

Kids are fascinating!

Good one.
I came into work the other day at a clients place we are at constantly
and Tanys daughter at 3 was with mama to work.
Sitting in mamas desk chair singing for herself there so sweetly.

Put a smile on my face for sure.
Some kids are the best and some are like demons from hellrolling on the floor laughing
I guess there is a reason for all kids behavior.
I feel very sad when I think of all the kids that have gone through utter hell inn Gaza.cheers
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