Wow What's Happeniing?

The blogs have never been in this slump before.
Saturday and hardly anything good to read.
Maybe it's me but I'm pretty sure the blogs were much more lively and interesting a few years ago.
Too many members of the same VPN family messing things up?dunno

confused uh oh

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To much revelation and truth happening in the world Luke, people are finding it much harder to BS up a storm..
Could be but personally I think most people are still too inclined to believe msm.dunno
Too easily influenced by wannabes.
Hi Lukeon applause

A lot of good bloggers or commentators no longer contribute on the blogs. They might have left for good or just watching by the sidelines. I do miss a couple of them.

Good thing you and several others are still around applause applause applause

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lukeon cheers
Luke, I'm really sorry to hear you cannot find a good blog to read and comment on.
So bad, to the point that would force you to scroll back to 2007 where you made the first comment to a joke of a unknown member.

Happy Holidays...

thumbs up
You could always do a Chats on it and blog about a toaster roll eyes

wave Luke
Hey...Making toast while in the loo. I'll wager there hasn't ever been a blog written about that.Thats some funny sh!t right there. laugh
You're right, Luke. The blogs were a lot more interesting a few years ago.
That's one of the reasons why I left....and have come back ...for a test the waters again.

Too many political blogs for my liking.
That's right! MSM doesn't interest me as I don't really believe in what they say.
I don't watch the news anyway.
why don't you be the first Keys conversing

so get busy with your fingers with the typing typing

Crack on before someone roll eyes beats you to it wink
Low, why bother, witch has the magic for insults. You can only be number two.
you could of hung around and tried harder to be our saviour but like others, you too upped and fled leaving us to smother among the political heads crying

Not nice Dani, not nice at all scold snooty


Yeah that's kinda my philosophy here. "Why bother."

Damn! I came in second againmumbling
Wow, I was only encouraging him to take a leaf out of your book, No need to bite my head off, but you poor luv, you must be hungry comfort

Go have yourself some toast foot in mouth
Mimi, you are too kind as usual, absolutely great to see you too. I just read about your trip to New York and it sounds as if those stinky lil fruits you collected really brought back some fantastic childhood memories on your side. I'm happy for you.
Regards to Art and your family. bouquet
It's ok I guess, I'll get over it crying
Might take a while though. laugh
Chat, please don’t take this as me being mean...

But, who the hell makes toast in the bathroom.....

When you first blogged that, I thought it was a joke...

Then, you blogged about it again...I was like, my Good he really uses his toaster in the bathroom...laugh
I always enjoyed your blogs Dani. You should do more.
If I wasn't so bored I guess I would've faded silently as well.laugh

My God...doh
Keep it that way and you will stay sane longer.laugh wine
Hi Itchy,
I been thinking about your advice to pull a 'chat' on myself and blog about a toaster......
Mmm not a bad idea, and with keys suggestion of incorporating the  toaster into the toilet could really turn best seller.

But then I 'woke' up and realized that chats blogs ultimately nearly always tend to veer toward Trump and how Trump will spend the rest of his life in dire straits or prison and I knew I couldn't do it. I defend the underdog. laugh
It would mean doing a blog about a toaster that ended up in the toilet while Trump was having a dump.  This mind boggling blog you suggested, could only be pulled off by a master and let's face it, chat is the master when it comes to Trump. Guess I'll pass. laugh
Don't know if you noticed but chat comes across like a very serious guy. With these guys one never know when it's a joke or a tragedy...laugh laugh
No offense chat. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing
You not serious
rolling on the floor laughing
For you Luke bouquet

A long with a slice of blessed TOAST roll eyes

Embedded image from another site

Perhaps you have set your sights too high luke

Hard to post a great blog when your dealing with mental midgets

the topic of toast by a twist inevitably brings one to a simple anagram: stoat, just as that of cats, cast the die, turns to scat. But stoats are a major pest in New Zealand it seems, and could be as well in up country Queensland as an agricultural biosecurity project concluded recently. Well did you ever!? Not that there are any stoats in Queensland, but it seems they would flourish if there were - unless they happened to develop a taste for cane toads. It seems that we introduce the most fiendish of 'gods' creatures into our country thinking they will eradicate a scourge rather than xreate yet another. In 14 years in NZ I never happened to see a stoat, but yes lots of gorse brought in to make the homesick poms feel more at home.
I am sorry Luke, I'm guilty as charged. sad flower
For those who don't understand...

I bought my condo 4 years ago.
The owner had it as a rental that was vacant more than a year before putting it on the market. I had no plans to use the 2nd bathroom as intended. The first thought was to convert it into a laundry and convert the laundry into a storage room.
It had a stall-shower about 42" x 42" I capped off the shower head and sealed the drain, Installed shelving and filled it with tools, appliances, musical instruments, sporting goods, etc.
The toilet wasn't used so it was sanitized and wrapped in plastic.
Get that? Not used and sealed.

Boxes of model helicopters, guitars, HIPA filters, boxes of archived completed projects are stacked on that side of the room.

The vanity cabinet with working sink was only used for water-pik, tooth brushing & shaving from time-to-time.

This month, I have a board over the lavatory and 3 battery chargers. It normally takes a hour to charge a battery. I can charge 6 batteries simultaneously, close the door so I don't have to listen to the cooling fans.

So what part about a 'former bathroom' bothers you?

If I remove the toilet, cap the floor, install a mini refrigerator and called it a wetbar, would you think differently about repurposing the space?
Wow! What a detailed explanation that nobody asked for. Now I'm thinking what a Rinky Dink bathroom conversion from a guy who designs kitchenslaugh
What's happening ? . | . moving from airport Confidential
..02 starship $upplemental @ ..speed....

Play at uwr own risk. ) .planet patrol. musick knows ...) . ) . Fallout boy..
Live thru this . . ) Hole.
....along came metal ... & . mc physics...
Do or die . ) Testament
.. . victims of deception..) . Heathens
Damn. Damn. Damn. ) The Damned
Beyond the realm of death. ) J priest.
Cemetery Gates ) .. Pantera
K S . ) Kitchen Sync. .) ..left hand path. ) Entombed
.rider . ) .the Funeral. ) Band of horses..[ ..pale...blk...
....blo bach. ) . .psalm 09. ) . trouble.

Standby. ) .. difficulty. S . ) .racer X.
...2nd law . ) .muse . ) .psalm 02 . ) .blur
No cars go. ) Arcade fire.
....did you hear me ? . ) .red light district
... the Union is Strong . - Uncle Joe.
Do you know what happens on electric buses ? - h G 0. ) High govt 0perator.

Killing me softly...( .flack..
.. hypnotized. ) System of a down.
Spread the disease. ) ..anthrax.
..heathen chemistry..) . oasis
....k sync. ) You R invited. ) Dismemberment Plan
Mystery science theater....per the rules ..

1777. .rule [ reign.
1701. .a reason
2405. .tapestry
1073. .first ripe fig.
.... .strong radio astronomy..and /or net work..
2132. Olive.
1346. Majestic
3478...he will rule w/ Elohim. [ Yisrael.
4414. .( 02 ) ..?
7892. .song. . ) . Of moshe.
Err thanks but no thanks.
Looking at that slice of toast I feel more guilty than blessed at this moment...laugh wine
Hi buddy,
Long time no see. We need that special type of humor that only you can provide.
My sights are just above grass roots, so no big aspirations my side.rolling on the floor laughing
These animals you mentioned can only originate from your side of the globe. A blog on Australia's weird and wonderful wildlife would be something special even coming from a wankerrolling on the floor laughing Even the Tiger Quoll...
Personally I think aussies birds are out of this world.
You do realize that this is your last and final warning...very mad Neglect your duties again and I'll be forced to put you over my knee and spank you...scold
Problem is we might just both enjoy it...blushing
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hope you don't mind me asking but why would anyone make toast while using the bathroomdunno
I'm so confuseddunno

Bringing KITCHENS into the equation totally confuses things even more...laugh laugh

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