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RE: Pelosi thinks we can dig to China - We are truly led by imbeciles

Nancy flunked geography.The U.S. is in the northern hemisphere. If you went straight through the earth's center, you would end up in the southern hemisphere, nowhere near China. You would end up in the Indian ocean southwest of Australia. To bad she didn't dig a little deeper when she took her trips to the beach.laugh

RE: Traveler Meltdown at Customs...

Wow! Some strict restrictions to enter Canada. Imagine denying someone into the country because they have no home , no job, and no money in their bank account, and most likely would need government assistance. How foreign!

RE: The reason we are here on this site

Face it! If you reach certain age, (I'll say 50) and you can't find or maintain a relationship...it's YOU! It's YOU searching for THEM, who also can't find or maintain a relationship. Think about that for a moment. The odds really aren't that great.

RE: do you feel sleepy while driving

You're talking to someone who fell asleep riding a motorcycle back in the 80's. Yep a moment I'll never forget!angel

RE: Shooting birds...

What's a " married" guy doing looking at Instagram models
anyway Chat? confused Does your " wife" know about this Chat?
I actually flipped off two people today in traffic. One wouldn't let me over when I was trying to make a right hand turn . The other driving slow wouldn't use a turn out on a two lane highway, so when I passed her she flipped ME off and I returned the gesture. What's the big deal? I think there should be a ?? on here actually.

RE: The Phone Calls

Geese Robert!!! I can't believe that happened, AND... that she stopped calling you just because of that. I believe she's WAY overly sensitive. You don't need that.laugh

RE: This is why we need a southern border wall

The fentanyl seized in San Diego last year was enough to kill 1.4 billion people

RE: Clotting V's Vaccines/ booster

I'd follow Seaworthy's advice. Now there's a guy with a head on his shouldersdrinking

RE: The treatment has begun.

Curious if you told the doctor how many Cokes you drink a day?drinking

RE: Something about that $4.99 Costco Chicken...

Hey Chat it's me.

Coincidentally, there was a semi truck carrying chickens that overturned here a little after 4:00 this morning. Glad I wasn't there to see that!
I Don't know where they were headed, but I'm holding off on Costco chickens for awhile.

A lot of this goes on. So much so that California passed a bill about how pigs are kept in enclosures, giving them more room. People said pork prices would skyrocket. I really haven't noticed pork going up too much. Just a bit, but that's most likely because of Joe Bidens inflation.

Anyway, I hope the chickens get better living conditions after people see the video.

RE: Children at a drag queen show in a gay bar

Yes sometimes I surprise myself, but then again I need to remind myself ... not to difficult to predict predictability. laugh

RE: All things UFO...

Ok that made me laughrolling on the floor laughing

RE: Children at a drag queen show in a gay bar

@ marmalade.
How funny. Somehow I just knew you would reply to my comment.laugh cheering

RE: Children at a drag queen show in a gay bar

Anyone who defends this is as sick as they are.

RE: Pocket Change

While we are on the topic of change, I just wanted to ask Shawn how much he tips for a haircut?laugh
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RE: All things UFO...

Chat I looked at my calendar. Isn't it 2022? Not 1922? Maybe you were abducted by aliens and taken back in time?

There ya go!

RE: All things UFO...

No Chat, That's an ignorant comment, and you're assuming again.
Here's the link to the story so you can education yourself. Quite sad actually that the Biden administration is doing this.

New Biden border wall plans would put an end to Friendship Park | KPBS Public Media

RE: All things UFO...

Chat, I'm sensing some skepticism here on your part laugh

Anyway a little off topic but not really since you brought it up. Biden administration continuing a section of "Trump's wall" here in San Diego ,which I find odd because he stated there will be no more wall building under his administration. Just found that odd.confused

RE: Pocket Change

That's the whole point of this blog Shawn. Asking how much change you'd carry to avoid my situation. In my case it's NOT having a penny to give to the cheap a** cashier to avoid the 99 cents that he/ she weighs me down with for the rest of the day, instead of them just saying " That's ok I got the penny." doh

RE: Pocket Change

Don't you hate it when something rings up 19.01 and you hand the cashier a twenty and he/ she gives you 99 cents back? They won't even spring for the damn Penny!
I'd say... at least penny. very mad

RE: How many bullets does it take...

Yeah Chat. Not understanding that, you've obviously never been shot atlaugh Maybe the police should have just shot him in the leg? Boy do I cringe when I hear that one.doh

RE: How many bullets does it take...

I believe most people that have never been in a situation where they have been shot at don't understand why the person being shot at would empty their magazine at the shooter.

RE: How many bullets does it take...

So you question whether or not the guy was a "thug?" A guy fleeing from police while shooting at them from a car wibdow. Really?

U.S. Supreme Court has agreed that, under the Fourth Amendment, "if officers are justified in firing at a suspect in order to end a severe threat to public safety, they need not stop shooting until the threat has ended." It's up to courts to decide whether the officers' assessment of the threat was reasonable.

I'm a firm believer... Commit the crime do the time!


RE: North Hollywood Filipino family calls attack caught on video hate crime

Wow this guys got a hair up his a** about California doesn't he?

Violent hate crime for Trinidad and Tobago. 45 Percent more than the US.

Post some hate crime stories from your part of the world. I'd like to read them.

Tobago vs United States Crime Stats Compared

RE: Focus...

Why don't you tell us Chat? Not familiar with ShopRite since they are not out here. Why is it odd to you that he entered that store? Cheap liquor prices? Good Italian cookies? Campaign contributions? Come on the suspense is killing me.

RE: The Butt Dial - part 2

Yeah Robert, Puppies. I remember as a kid, laying on the ground, with puppies all over me. Nothing like it! Things really don't change much do they?cheers

RE: Spontaneous Electric Vehicle Combustion Compilation

As a Kommiefornistany who has lived here all my life and well before it was "taken over," I'd say their time frame on all this happening is optimistic to say the least. It's really going to hurt the poor people the most, and would you charge your electric lawnmower in your garage at night, much less your car, and be able to sleep at night? help

RE: Focus...

If I was Rudy I would have claimed the guy grabbed the steering wheel of his scooter and then attempted to choke him because he wanted to go to Walgreens instead of ShopRite. Much more believable .
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RE: So it begins!

Hey, I'm rooting for you this time nothing happens to change everything. Just make sure you set your alarm clock the day of the flight so you don't oversleep. Make sure the vehicle that's taking you to the airport has good tires and it's full of gas and the person driving doesn't have any warrants. Google a map of the airport and find your terminal ahead of time so you don't get lost and miss your flight, and don't pack any liquids on your carry-on. I wanna see this happen Phil.
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RE: The Butt Dial - part 2

Well Robert, it's nice you had a chance to talk with someone...I mean something, even tho just an a**.

Long time customer of mine would always keep her phone tucked in between her tight fitting tank top. She was err ahh... let's just say, well endowed up there. I can't tell you how many times her boobs called me... but it was A LOT! Sadly, no longer a customer of mine. I miss talking to them... I mean her.blues

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