Drinking the worst tasting champagne ever - and getting paid to do it!

On Wednesday, I was informed that my employer would provide champagne for us on Friday, because the company is doing well. Friday came, and the champagne was poured.

It was awful. In fact, it was so bad, that it left my throat feeling VERY dry, which is not how I like my champagne. But still - drinking a glass of champagne on company time, whilst getting paid for it, is not as bad way to end a miserable week, because oh BOY was yesterday bad.

But it was a nice treat for us, and even though the champagne was terrible, it was quite nice to have 15 minutes where I didn't have to think about work.

Where I didn't have to think about deadlines. About drivers who mess up. About anything other than the quiet and the taste of the champagne.

Would I buy it for myself? Absolutely not. Was it expensive? I think it was. I am employed at a billion kroner company, after all, so they can afford to splurge on champagne.

But now - well, now is the weekend, and boy is it gonna be good! I plan to do my laundry tomorrow, and get some well earned rest!
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Did you get a headache from it? I rarely drink champagne as it gives me headaches.
Did you get the name of the champagne Phil ? it may be a good pointer for a champagne for people not to buy.. cheers
No. I never get headaches from champagne
#But now - well, now is the weekend, and boy is it gonna be good! I plan to do my laundry tomorrow, and get some well earned rest! #
I know how it is feels. Have a wonderful rest. ( But laundry first) laugh
Don't be so sure a billion Kroner company would splurge for expensive champagne for it's peon (no offense) employees. Especially if it tasted that bad. Probably Andre.barf
It probably fell of the back of a truck or out of the company rubbish bins..
Yeah they think, These dumb employee's ( no offense) won't know the difference. laugh
wasn't likely Veuve Cliquot!laugh
There are plenty of Spanish Cava sparkling wines that put many so-called "Champagnes" to shame.

Champagne is often over-rated and tasteless in my opinion. Moët & Chandon is a good example of a poor Champagne, depending on which type you purchase.

On the other hand, Dom Pérignon is a very good champagne.

Not all sparkling wine is Champagne, as the name Champagne can ONLY be used on wine that is from the Champagne region of France.

Most countries produce their own brand of sparkling wine, some even use the traditional way to produce it.
You tell your boss to try a white wine topped with sparkling lemonade. Maybe better than his expensive bubbly?

You could also buy good tasting champagne! Lol wine
I wouldn't drink champagne even if they paid me.laugh
Can't stand that thing.
Next time request beer.it will make your shift go by faster.beer
Interesting note. Thanks !
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