Long live the King!

The time is almost upon us - the time where we will get a new monarch. It will all happen from the Parliament building in Copenhagen on Sunday. I have thought of going, because I do love the royals and I'm very proud to be a Dane. On the other hand - a lot of people are expected to be there, and I don't do well with that. I might just stay home and watch it online.

It's the first time in 900 years that a monarch abdicates.Now it's time for Crown Prince Frederik to ascend the throne and rule Denmark. He's very well liked by the people. 82% of people asked believe he'll make an excellent King - and I agree. He'll be great!
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Right, and he has the support of Mary Donaldson
who will make an excellent Queen too. I think she is fab.
I like Mary too. Most of us Danes love her, so I am confident she will make an excellent Queen!
Congrats then!handshake handshake
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