Making plans for my next three holidays.

I have long been wanting to travel and to see the world. Most of my life, I haven't had the financial opportunity to pay for my own holidays, but now with me working, I can finally save up and enjoy holidays overseas. It started with the United States back in May. I am still blown away by the fact that it was back in May. I feel like I have just been there last month. Anyway!

Now that I have a stable income, I can now plan ahead for the next three years of holidays. They are as follows:

Italy with a friend next year. We're still debating on where we are going to go. I want to go to Rome, but my friend doesn't know where she wants to go. We'll get there soon.

In 2025, it's back to the USA again, to visit a friend in New York and take part in an American Halloween. Hopefully that'll be a fun time. I need to look at when it's best to book the flight. I might book it this time next year. The last time I went to the US, I went with Lufthansa via Frankfurt. This time I am planning on booking a direct flight from Copenhagen to New York, and luckily there is an airline which offers just that. I am willing to spend more on a direct flight.

In 2026, I'm heading to Southeast Asia, to a country in the western Pacific Ocean: The Philippines. I have always wanted to visit, and now that I have the money and ability to do so, I am definitely taking that trip. The Philippines is a big country, so there are many places to visit. I just need to find the right city to go to.

With all this holiday planning, I am thinking back to where I have been on holidays or layovers. It turns out, that I have been to quite a few places. Sweden, Norway, the UK, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, the United States of America and the Netherlands.

One of these countries is one that I never want to visit again. To me, it's extremely overrated and I hate the capitol city. If you want to know, it's Paris. In movies and on promotional videos, Paris looks wonderful. Some might even say magical. But spend a few days there, and you're extremely disappointed with how filthy it is, how crime infested it really is and just how run down things are. Prague, on the other hand, was absolutely fantastic - even if I got drunk on absinthe and passed out..

Anyway - For my next three holidays, I need to save up as much as I can. So far, it's going pretty well.
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Italy is an amazing country, but Rome is a tourist trap, not particularly nice, other than the Roman ruins. Full of pick-pockets and thieves and very very expensive.

You must hire a car.

Start in Florance then move to Vinci (birthplace of Leonardo De Vinci,) then Lucca (A magnificent walled city). Travelling west to Pisa, Sienna is a must for anyone visiting Italy, from there you can drive to Rome in a couple of hours.

Just South of Pisa is the beach resort town of Livorno, always a good place for some relaxation.

Italy needs a lot of time to get a real idea of its history and stunning scenery.

Warning, once you visit Italy you will always want to return.

Maybe just think about holidaying in Sicily, especially if you only have a couple of weeks to visit.

Regarding The Philippines, Don't go to Manila, dirty and smelly. maybe try Cebu as it is more agreeable to Europeans. If you are looking for sea/beach time then Boracay is ok.

I live in Cebu and while it is a wonderful place, it is not for the uninitiated person with little to no travel experience.

The Philippines is not known for its food, so you need to be open-minded about what you eat or you will go hungry. Or end up living on KFC or McDonald's.
A positive blog with a positive comment.
Good luck in your travels...

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