Improving at work and learning a new language!

For the past few weeks, I have taken on more and more supervisor like tasks, which is a definite improvement from my usual workload. Before I was just picking the items - now I am half running a team. It was never in my interest to do any of this, but I quite like it. The fact that it's come as organic as it has, just makes it better.

Who knows where I am in a year? Three? I might be running the entire team on my own.. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time - it's time for me to learn a new language. I speak two fluently, so now I want to add a third language. I just need to pick out the language I want to learn. Spanish? Italian? French? I don't know yet.
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I've done a bit of Spanish, French and German. Out of those, Spanish was probably the easiest.
You doing very well. Get ready for a higher level step.
Never give up, never surrender
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I think that of course French and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world, but learning Spanish is more practical...if we are talking about work. May I ask you what method do you use to learn new languages?
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