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What is the ultimate freedom in life?Imagine when your life is an open book wherein you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. You can be totally you. You don’t have to think on what t...

ysabeljhen1442218 hrs ago11 hrs ago

The Virgosign on turning 64.Bongu nies. I’ve been singing The Beatles songs since their very own original release dates in the glorious ‘60s ... and for a while, most of the...

virgosign17314Sep 1018 hrs ago

International Talk like a Pirate DayArrrrgggghhhhh. Ahoy Matey! Avast ye(pay attention.) Get off the poop deck and show me ya know how to talk like a pirate....

LargeCurves14813Sep 19Sep 20

What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you or creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?My son woke me up in the middle of the night according to him I was dreaming...I was a bit scared because I knew I was.But this definitely is...

ysabeljhen17411Aug 31Sep 18

Is it my computeror is my previous blog gotten all tangled up again?...

itchywitch511-Sep 17Sep 17

Two questions about poetsAre the poems they write an insight to them If yes, what does the poem below tell you about its author Deaths Cold Wall On deaths cold w...

itchywitch45342Sep 11Sep 17

Do you believe in destiny? Why or why not?There is a big difference in believing in destiny and believing in God. Destiny refers to a destination and there is the only similarity. Each and eve...

ysabeljhen24930Sep 12Sep 16

Ysabeijhen and Lindsay are your families affected by this typhoon that is going on today?Are things happening anywhere close to where your families are? I hope and pray they are okay........... Jenny...

britishcolumbian1084Sep 15Sep 16

Little insult BIG INSULTThe insults were flowing thick and fast yesterday But today everyone will have cooled down and the ritual "posterious smoochificuss" will now tak...

Onthcrestofawave96353Sep 12Sep 15

My Golden Years..................Being the oldest of six children there are only three left now. It feels strange at times to be the oldest, but have only a few younger sisters left....

britishcolumbian13619Sep 13Sep 14
britishcolumbian35330Sep 5Sep 14

Man receives a face transplant first in Canada, wish I could show you pictures but it did not workMONTREAL — In a Canadian medical first, surgeons at Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital announced Wednesday they’d performed a face transplant, g...

britishcolumbian1018Sep 12Sep 13

Forgiving and ForgettingOnly yesterday when I was sad and I was lonely....I learned the way to leave the past and all its tears behind me.Hoping tomorrow maybe even...

ysabeljhen24337Sep 7Sep 10
ysabeljhen696Sep 8Sep 8

Stumpedwhen you want to blog for no other reason than a bit of chit chat... what does one blog about...

itchywitch21627Sep 8Sep 8
Blogging about not blogging

Blogging about not bloggingOn MD I used to blog alot but that is not happening on CS. I blog but not that much at least I don't think I blog much but I do post on other blogs....

UnFayzed18712Sep 7Sep 8

What is My Purpose? The Question that LingersDo you at times feel lost? Feeling like there is nothing you can do to better your situation? Better yet, does it seem like you are the only one walki...

ysabeljhen17123Sep 6Sep 7

perspective, perception and projectionYesterday as I found myself car-less and having an appointment 5 hours aways I was forced to accept a ride from a friends elderly mother. Well to be...

Onthcrestofawave20311Sep 6Sep 7

What is the best life advice you would give?I am going to be 48 this October And as I walk thru the adventure of my life I have thought of some points that taught me a lesso...

ysabeljhen879100Aug 30Sep 6

WOULD U MIND PLSSome sites like CS are awesome because bloggers do share their own ideas in a well mannered way.It is nice reading because the interactio...

ysabeljhen60946Sep 2Sep 5
Welcome too Another Season

Welcome too Another SeasonIndeed another Season another Place yes the Leaves are Turning . Summer Time is Going and Autumn is on its way . and the Winter Festivity's and Colorf...

kyacheo430Sep 4

Life is like that so go with the flow1. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness 2. Do not argue with an idiot. He will...

britishcolumbian13416Sep 1Sep 2

A biker was riding along the coast in California.................A biker was riding along a California beach when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, the Lord said, “Because you have...

britishcolumbian11510Sep 1Sep 2

WHAT IS YOUR BEST RECIPE IN YOUR STATE?Bet some delicious recipe u cook of your specialty Can u share us?...

ysabeljhen73179Aug 16Sep 1

The men are telling us their rules and to be fair, they do make senseAt last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear ' t...

britishcolumbian1539Aug 31Aug 31
MD Immigrants

MD ImmigrantsHey folks, not sure how long we stay immigrants before we become fully fledged CS members but who cares. I just want to mention what a breath of fr...

UnFayzed41023Aug 28Aug 31

HOW WOULD YOU BEST DesCRIBE A HIGHLY EDUCATED BUT NOT INTELLIGENT?To be honest, I often find those who are highly educated but not particularly intelligent people to be some of the least tolerable people on the plane...

ysabeljhen69162Aug 27Aug 29
Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud

Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud,and use the speaker too?? Does it not disturb others who are not Muslims? Such question or I may say such complaint has started to emerge lately, esp...

Kalpataru1856Aug 28Aug 29
Please Stop It

Please Stop It..When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce something officially or to make an official statement...

Kalpataru48846Aug 25Aug 27

"BER" MonthsWe are so thrilled at the start of the “Ber” months? Christmas isn’t until more than one hundred days and there are still a few holidays in between su...

ysabeljhen14810Aug 25Aug 26
Back to blogging

Back to bloggingHello everyone haven't been on here in yrs Life's been s roller coaster ride as usual,I had to move back to my birth state due to health reasons and...

Donraymond1413Aug 24Aug 25

FOR THE GOOD TIMESPeople may come and go Some will go and some stays Have u had that feeling wherein some way or another u feel sad or happy That u don't l...

ysabeljhen34240Aug 20Aug 25

Went to the wrong funeral todayOr so that's what I first thought Men were speaking highly of the deceased saying the street won't be the same now with him gone .. the women wer...

itchywitch35629Aug 22Aug 24

Minority reportI´m making my own blog so the world can see me in technicolour, totally naked, the truth is here!...

Bnaughty36535Aug 21Aug 24

CURRENT EVENTSHave u had good news to share? The world's events that we watch and hear...

ysabeljhen31132Aug 10Aug 23

For a Friendship, WelcomeIs any one who is real and want to be a good friend forever from the any corner of place ? he/she is would welcome to my deep rooted heart. just menti...

Ramusharma961Aug 21Aug 22

HiHi to everyone one. I hope everyone doing great here....

Mahesh2210560Aug 21

And so Molly speaksNo pun tended towards the other one But we here in Ireland done the thing with moving statues and it seems their playing up again, but this...

itchywitch2839Aug 20Aug 21
Viva la Difference

Viva la Difference.I’m always puzzled by the behavioral differences between males and females. And the strange thing is that these differences show even before we are pr...

Catfoot37445Aug 21Aug 21

This blog is a parody...Comments have been disallowed Please don't bother reading any further Your comments are of no importance to me Turn back now you are wastin...

Onthcrestofawave1747Aug 20Aug 21

HEALTH IS WEALTHHave u experienced HEADACHE related problems? @ times we thought a good night's sleep would relieve that severe headache, you may be disappointed th...

ysabeljhen33741Aug 18Aug 19
Silver Sneakers a beautiful Palm

Silver Sneakers & a beautiful PalmToday hasn't even started and already it is amazing me. I went to a super early meeting this morning at 6am where I learned something new that's been...

UnFayzed12612Aug 18Aug 19

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