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Female Bloggers' Cleavages..I think I have seen some female bloggers posted their wow-amazing-cleavages here. Sometimes I wonder why mine is not as amazing as theirs. Sometimes...

Kalpataru142194 hrs ago2 mins ago

Perfect gifts – a week to go –There was a joke suggestion on FB re the perfect Christmas gift for writers so naturally I re-posted it on the spot but it got me thinking. Perfect g...

Elegsabiff3135419 hrs ago2 hrs ago

STILL LOOKING TO BUY XMAS HATIt looks like not even a handful have bought one on cs SOLD OUT? or Mr scrooge type OR just not happy people. 7 days left ITS CRIMBLE TIME !!!!!...

EXRED1081520 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Why Women Don't Reply!Sadly many women like myself have learnt not to reply if we do not want to take it any further on any level. I think that should be a person's preroga...

HutheringWeights27016Dec 1718 hrs ago

My Ugliest Thorn of Rose..All I know is that every rose has thorns. If you are not careful when trying to touch the roses, then you will get hurt by the thorns. Ofcourse, not...

Kalpataru63-Dec 17

Gaudette in PinkThe third candle of Advent is to rejoice! Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love Advent Wreath The Advent begins on the fourth Su...

ashlander40480Dec 15Dec 16

Balls for christmasEvery year I get asked " mom what do you want this year for Christmas.... to be honest I'm not one of these that likes to give a list as some people d...

itchywitch18122Dec 15Dec 16

He's lovelyTicks all the boxes But 6'' 9 heck man that's too tall for me .... Life/love would be so much easier if only I did not long for perfection...

itchywitch69148Dec 8Dec 15

What ever happened to welcome a new blogger?............ Today there is Tame97Tame97 There are several members here from New Zealand and from all over the world really Tell us more about your country or whatever else you like...

bcjenny1005Dec 13Dec 14

Miserable with the flu.Been up all night trying to stay least i will get better after each hour passes....

Bluesky609110Dec 13Dec 13

Feeling Great And Thankful ...wishing you all a nice warm day/night......

Crazyheart3832851Dec 10Dec 11

Latest news from Judicial WatchIN THE NEWS Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues for Docs on Obama DOJ Effort to Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation DECEMBER 04, 2018 | SOURCE: BREIT...

bcjenny20322Dec 9Dec 10

Internet TrollsTrolls on the Internet can be infuriating to other people reading or participating in a website but what can you do about it if anything? Here...

LargeCurves31516Nov 25Dec 10
My Triumph

My TriumphIn contrast to my last blog, I got hired in my area of expertise at a company that pays me more than others in my area. I finally landed a good paying...

quietndetermined1416Dec 9Dec 10

Viva la Difference.I’m always puzzled by the behavioral differences between males and females. And the strange thing is that these differences show even before we are pr...

Catfoot56847Aug 21Dec 9
Happiness exists

Happiness exists ?.The human being has always been moved to emotions, we are destined, or always accustomed to laugh, to want to sympathize with the reality we dream, we...

Amed321134Nov 13Dec 9

Picture StorytellersCS used to have two bloggers that showed pictures they took. I enjoyed them so but especially the synopsis they wrote to go with each picture - it sh...

UnFayzed390Dec 9

The turkey...Yesterday i went to my aprt.building potluck.i was all enthusiastic over a big juicy hot turkey.after feasting my eyes on it while being carved i was...

Bluesky6015612Nov 25Dec 8

President Trump had a very good 2018President Donald J. Trump has had a great 2018 but you would not know it if you listened to cable talking heads obsess about Roseanne Barr’s latest tw...

bcjenny69827Dec 4Dec 8

MAGIC BEGINsMAGIC BEGINS HERE ... Now this site becomes SOUR to me and I am outta h...

zeroBalance3233Dec 8Dec 8

SPIN N WINWhat if CS says just BLOG N WIN...much like spin n win LOTTO or spin2win ?!? I mean ..if you can see the state of CS these days , 4-6 blog...

zeroBalance370Dec 7

ShortcutWhy write blogs every day ?!? Just say " i want a LOVE" and LOVE is LIFE and LIFE is WIFE and WIFE is KNIFE and who else over here do/does...

zeroBalance732Dec 6Dec 7
White Hat

White ?HatZIP BOMB::: You can make it, the output zip file size is a 1-KB only create a 1.4-GB .txt file full of '0' or '1' compress it. rename the ....

zeroBalance1307Nov 20Dec 7
DeViL Is BaCk

DeViL Is BaCkHelloooooooooooooooooo How are you Ppl I'm B A CK...

peednama1678Dec 5Dec 6

How to deal with awkwardnesswhen you can't hide from it because sometimes somethings matter...... For example He ticks all the right boxes but he's only five foot nothin...

itchywitch1,09980Nov 30Dec 6
One to Many

One to ManyDo any one of you want to run a ONE TO MANY VIDEO CHAT Service ?!? (Browser based[ chrome only] ), i will give away the source code !!!...

zeroBalance330Dec 6

VDO CHATNow what ..why you people do not ask CS to bring " IM/vdo chat " back han ??? CS is not ready again for it, why ??? I had a mind to start a br...

zeroBalance450Dec 6

Time spent onlineThere was a blog which pointed the finger at people having no life and being online waiting for comments... I commented that to see an example...

Onthcrestofawave52223Nov 23Dec 5

Everything happens in three'sso who next I wonder to bring out a blog to take a pop at me??? two in one day .... boring from boring people...

itchywitch219-Dec 5Dec 5

I like itJust saw a meme post my sister put on FB, thought I would share it because it cute to me! Be the thing you love most about the people who are gon...

UnFayzed1042Dec 4Dec 4

Vote for your favourite or just start using themAmazing, Intriguing, Obsolete Words We Should Absolutely Start Using Again 1. Crapulous – we know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking this has some...

Onthcrestofawave23020Dec 1Dec 2

YesterdayOnly yesterday i recall my first first paycheck Only yesterday my first car.... my first prang......

Lukeon21031Dec 1Dec 2

Men and their wants ...They never end do they??? such demanding little critters men are... aren't they lol Anyways here's one I come across alot..... " I want a woman...

itchywitch1,32298Nov 19Nov 28
Dying Light

Dying LightIts not comeBackthough...CS is rapidly DYINGout every day or things like that...

zeroBalance1779Nov 26Nov 28
Year old blogs on the front page

Year old blogs on the front pageJarred1 wanted to know WHY people put their bloggs on the front/home page. Many times we see even year old blogs are roatating , "nobody blogger put...

zeroBalance550Nov 28

Cutting BackI've hit that stage in life where I need to learn to cut back, financially speaking. I'm finding that a tad difficult. Here are my thoughts on a fun...

UnFayzed33628Oct 28Nov 26
I have many SIDEs

I have many SIDEs !!!Dear , i am 4th DIMENSION , I see things thats normally not visible, so i have many sides like LAUGHTER/FIGHTER/WRITER/MIGHTER/BRIGHTER/FRY(TER)/...

zeroBalance23624Nov 22Nov 24
How Cool Are You

How Cool Are You?Being a mom dad friend colleague or even an anemy if worst comes to worst or you are in any situation where wonder woman...

ysabeljhen872Nov 23Nov 24
Moment of Enlightenment

Moment of Enlightenmentlet me make it minimum missunderstanding because the moment you speak, you are bound to be MISSUNDERSTOOD...

zeroBalance663Nov 23Nov 23
Power of Almighty

Power of AlmightyThe power of ALMIGHTY...::: Onday SAAI was wandering inside the garden, a young man came and said " i want to stay here with you " . -- but yo...

zeroBalance1079Nov 22Nov 23
Were all in trouble Now

We're all in trouble Now~~~~~~~~~~~~_---------------~__----------------------------~______________~_~_____________________~~_~_~~_--------------------------------------------...

secludedStar75-Nov 22

How old is your profile picI am in the habit of uploading a new pic every couple of months When did you last upload yours...

Onthcrestofawave1,43163Oct 30Nov 22
Alex7: "Though Miles ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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