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Finally Back

Finally Back!Wow! I didn't think I'd make it. I had a colectomy done on me the 17th of August. 5 days in the hospital and 16 days on my back fighting the pain f...

Ed194123222Sep 1554 mins ago

HAPPY DAY! Full Of Surprises....As I got back from caring for the horses - 3 long months without my darling horses! - The postman was arriving at the front gate with a huge parc...

daniela77728132Sep 14Sep 16

Cyber LifeMost of us seem to live and socialise in cyber land, daily messages and now and again a telephone or skype call to show that there is a human on the o...

Mapmaker62758Sep 14Sep 15
Where did she go

Where did she go?The one asking for porn. I told her where to go online And she disappeared. Was she that h*rny?...

Duromojon1182Sep 11Sep 11
Howdee guys and gals

Howdee guys and galsHave been peeking here now and then and see many new faces. Just wanted to say "hello"...

britishcolumbian29124Aug 15Sep 8
Warning R18

Warning R18+This blog may contain s*xual or other objectionable material Please leave now or make sure your wearing your big boys pants Thanks for all the...

oldblue5442912Aug 31Sep 2
Happy Eid Ul udha

Happy Eid Ul udhaHappy Eid ul udha to you and family May Allah / God bless you on all the ways of life Stay blessed Ali...

ali110664Sep 1Sep 2
all the same y

all the same yevery profile i read is almost the same as the next are we all the same do we think the same theres a good chance we do i dont know what to say on th...

sticktome2026Aug 22Sep 1

GossipersThere is a woman in my village who kept offering to take me to the Greyhound bus. This bus is less than 2 km away from my home and an easy walk.........

britishcolumbian16615Aug 29Aug 29
Ok if your man enough to

Ok if your man enough to. .Apologise for the comments on my last blog I won't hold a grudge and will gracefully accept your apology...

oldblue5438911Aug 26Aug 27

HiI'm back after taking a break from here. Did you miss me? Hope everyone is doing well?...

myhome31431Aug 23Aug 24
I am write pen pals now

I am write pen pals nowI like to write to you as a pen pal now . I sit here all alone and like to write back and forth to you . Come and write to me...

ladywhisper1231472Aug 23Aug 23
This blog is directed at a guy from NY city

This blog is directed at a guy from NY, city!You come on here and do nothing but spout verses from the Bible etc.! Now you attack people in the protest in Virginia! Why don't you be man eno...

Gentlejim48936Aug 12Aug 17
Why I want someone Christian

Why I want someone ChristianIt is difficult for people to understand why I want a Christian for a lifetime for myself. These are the things a Christian can never do: 1)He wi...

Jiyagill1,20665Aug 3Aug 16

MY FIRST BLOG IN TWO YEARS!!Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone remembers me. I used to blog on here a lot, but the last time I posted was July 2015.... I still recognize some n...

GoDaniel36223Jun 29Aug 13
What s your escape

What s your escape,What do you do to escape the endless barrage of bad News. The continual stories of doom and gloom is hard on a persons sanity. I ve thought of havi...

1to1to130221Aug 10Aug 11

29This is my last year being 29, next year I'll be 39 for the next ten years...

Track16923Aug 3Aug 3
Disabled Blogs

Disabled BlogsI have no opinion on it, I just wanted to piss everyone off :)...

Track16106-Aug 3
would you

would youwould you date someone who had a disabled blog? would you think it might be a control issue? a one-sided conversation, unless the person has more th...

freehand232-Aug 2Aug 3
Same Old Same Old

Same Old, Same OldSo I sift through people here and I never find myself reaching out. Although I have had many reach out to me. I pick, what seem sincere to me, the o...

Cwizzy651825Jul 28Jul 28
prefrontal leukotomy

prefrontal leukotomyDare I say it I'm even missing the "Trolls" Where is the banter , the interaction , and the backstabbing ?...

oldblue5434413Jul 25Jul 27
Another new blogger posting

Another new blogger posting...blogs that don't allow comments... What's wrong with interaction ? Or are everyone else's opinions irrelevant?...

oldblue54270-Jul 23

EpistemophobiaReading some of the blog comments I am starting to think that this is the number 1 requirement to post here......

oldblue542206Jul 22Jul 23

The Night Visitor...Got woken up in the middle of the night by a noise in the living room.. Listened for a while and could hear some rustling of paper in the kitchen....

daniela77753653Jul 16Jul 18
The Life

The LifeHow do you see the life and world and how would you describe it ?...

ali110760Jul 12

profession1- What is your favourite profession ? 2- what is your favourite pet ?...

ali11017417Jul 8Jul 9
Happy Dominion Day

Happy Dominion DayHappy Dominion Day to all of my Canadian friends on here! My ex-wife and mother of my children is Canadian! I love Canadian beer and ale!...

Gentlejim18514Jul 1Jul 1


Wonderwoman212-Dec 2016
bluehand: "Sweet doggie."(meet us in the puzzles)

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