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Wow I came back for a peek

Wow, I came back for a peek...And to my great surprise... The site returned to.its old style I loved from years ago! I was so excited I had to write blog number 364!/...

Calliopesgirl1266Apr 20Apr 20
Does scamming pay well One man told he collected 10 000 a day

Does scamming pay well? One man told he collected $10.000 a dayOne man unable to scam grandparent any longer told how he made $10.000 a day...

britishcolumbian828Apr 19Apr 20
We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We AreI don't care if u're straight or gay, to me u are human, I don't care if u're a mother or a father, to me u are a parent, I don't care if u live in...

Poitin1527Apr 13Apr 15
How could Prins Charles be king as he was divorced His uncle gave up the throne to marry Wallis S

How could Prins Charles be king as he was divorced. His uncle gave up the throne to marry Wallis S.It feels like ever since news broke last autumn of Prince Harry’s relationship with Suits star Meghan Markle, rumours of an engagement have been bubbl...

britishcolumbian16620Apr 11Apr 14
The Perfect Life

The Perfect Life.We all have those dreams of the perfect life. This blog is soley for entertainment., nothing too deep or meaningful. But if u could picture ur own...

Deedee123x2,857279Feb 6Apr 11

SalutationsIndeed I read it all and Find well done Indeed . and thanks Molly baby my dear Ashlander Alibaba69r Pat8lanips Mercedes Stargazer 111 . Thanks I do ho...

kyacheo887Apr 9Apr 10
Is the Devil a Son of God

Is the Devil a Son of God?I read that Satan is one of God’s Sons on a religion’s web site that shall remain anonymous. Any opinions or biblical references on this?...

galrads41422Nov 17Apr 10
A Visit To The Nut House

A Visit To The Nut HouseOne of the local institutions for the mentally impaired had an ‘open day’ not so long ago. Somebody I know works there and she invited me to pay them...

Catfoot58467Apr 6Apr 8

SOUL OF LOVEHi Everyone I am using for long time .But mostly too much elder people are here.I respect all of them. does any one ?????...

Gabber_9935521Mar 30Apr 7
what to do or say

what to do or saywho do you chat with . what Age . what are the Topics . is it best to be in your Age group or Generation . so many being. left out . so much to say ....

kyacheo14710Apr 6Apr 7
Not into this

Not into thisalright look..... im 20 and have been here for a couple months and honestly im getting pretty fed up with the s*xual perverts, the overwhelming amount...

PH03N1X255235914Apr 4Apr 6
Who are the alpha females on this site

Who are the alpha females on this site?I notice some women are competing for alpha female status and is this to impress men? Is it for ego boost? Is it to boss over other women? What’s you...

LeeCharming1,513102Apr 3Apr 5
I need help getting a good rooting

I need help getting a good rooting,are there any experts out there willing to share their knowledge of any previous experience's in this particular activity. Can anyone offer any good...

nonsmoker30318Apr 3Apr 5
Happy Easter

Happy EasterHAPPY EASTER everyone! What are your plans for Easter? I will be sharing a meal with my family!...

Gentlejim12911Mar 31Apr 1
Hook ups and dry shampoo

Hook ups and dry shampooOne might wonder what these two things have in common? Convenient and disposable comes to my mind. 3-2-1 go!...

SerenaCork23415Mar 24Mar 27
Giggle giggle

Giggle giggle..How’s blog land? I have no 50 characters to add...

SerenaCork39031Mar 24Mar 26
Making Dutch Croquetes a lot of work but we like them have finally made my own recipe goody goody

Making Dutch Croquetes a lot of work but we like them, have finally made my own recipe goody goodyNone of the recipe's found on Google did it justice so with the help of some I found there and a Dutch cook book brought with me from Holland in '58 I...

britishcolumbian887Mar 25Mar 26
Observing how a person interacts with others on CS is a good way to see what kind of person you are

Observing how a person interacts with others on CS is a good way to see what kind of person you aredealing with. When I was still looking I would see how the person I was interested in would treat others on the blogs or forums. I have been on CS f...

britishcolumbian19513Mar 25Mar 25
The Concept Of Time

The Concept Of TimeAs you probably know, here in Europe, we have just put the clocks forward an hour – summer time. So, have we gained an hour? If we fly West to...

daniela77753042Oct 30Mar 25
Blogs announcement

Blogs announcement.To whom it may concern: It's HARBAL, not HERBAL....

Harbal82574Mar 18Mar 20

When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline. Online dating No.2Below follows, online conversation as part of online dating part no. 2, M: Be careful with eating if you don’t have way to spend all that food....

Stargazer11182745Jan 30Mar 13
Martin Shkreli Pharma Bro cries in court got 7 years should have been 70 years boo boooooo

Martin Shkreli, Pharma Bro', cries in court, got 7 years, should have been 70 years, boo booooooMartin Shkreli, 'Pharma Bro', cries in court as he is sentenced to seven years for hedge fund fraud Martin Shkreli's lawyer says he's disappointed w...

britishcolumbian994Mar 9Mar 10
Weekend At Last

Weekend At Last!Friday night and here I sit at home. All alone! My daughter has gone out and none of my normal hang out spots are unavailable tonight. They all have g...

BeaPatient1477Mar 9Mar 9
Banks and Dual Citizenships

Banks and Dual CitizenshipsRecently a U.S. bank which holds one of my plastic credit cards asked me if I had dual citizenship in a foreign country when I tried to go online and...

galrads1222Mar 3Mar 4
Has anyone heard from Ashlander

Has anyone heard from Ashlander?Haven't seen her on the blogs for months! She use to be on pretty much every day! Wrote good blogs and comments! If anyone has her CS address or...

Gentlejim28311Mar 2Mar 3
Just window shopping

Just window shopping........... :'(Hey!!!! Seems like everyone is just window shopping on these dating sites.........ugh Does anyone agree????...

ursoulmate21726Mar 2Mar 2
I am looking for a friend

I am looking for a friendI am Terri I am 60 years old I am retired I am looking for some one to talk to...

ladywhisper12330211Feb 28Feb 28
Sill In The Monkey Mountain

Sill In The Monkey MountainAfter climbing a great hill ,one only finds that there many more hills to climb N.M. Working 10 hours a day not much time for blog city.. Gre...

FLYJAMES11311Feb 21Feb 21
A blog for talking about synesthesia

A blog for talking about synesthesia :-)This is from Wikipedia: "Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involunt...

Innocentia00122836101Feb 20Feb 21
T shirts with funny messages

T-shirts with funny messagesWhat kind of a message would you put...

Dedovix26015Feb 8Feb 8
You Big Damn Fool

You Big Damn Fool!The year was 1969. It was my final year of school and during the winter holidays I spent two weeks on my uncle’s farm next to the Berg River. It...

Catfoot57254Jan 30Jan 31

An online conversation as part of online dating.C: You said that "your phone would not have coverage" but, it seems it does. S: Lolz.. S: It's like on and off.. C: No coverage huh??! C: Wher...

Stargazer1112318Jan 30Jan 31
Is This The Right Place

Is This The Right Place?Wow!! Has it really been two years? Okay, Okay! Call me a liar for two months. Twenty two months then it is. CS has changed so much I though I was at...

BeaPatient65970Jan 25Jan 30
Its still 2018

It’s still 2018Who have already broken their New Years resolution? See, that’s why I don’t make any....

Palmfrond33618Jan 4Jan 28
A Day On The Water

A Day On The WaterI groaned when the phone rang to tell me that we’re going to sea. I went to bed too late and needed much more sleep. I barely had my coffee before the...

Catfoot50254Jan 25Jan 27
The King Of The Jungle

The King Of The JungleThis blog is a figment of my imagination and it refers in its entirety to life in the jungle. Any parallels or similarities to other arenas or charact...

Catfoot1,090122Jan 24Jan 27
When I say I am a Christian by Maya Angelou

When I say I am a Christian,. by Maya AngelouWhen I say I am a Christian — by Maya Angelou When I say … “I am a Christian” I’m not shouting “I’m clean living’.” I’m whispering “I was lost,...

britishcolumbian1454Jan 16Jan 27
Whats is your opinion on love

What's is your opinion on love?well I just want to know other people's opinion on love...

Alanique_Ali25714Jan 21Jan 23
Neunundneunzig Luftballons

Neunundneunzig LuftballonsNeunundneunzig Luftballons If the neunundneunzig Luftballons sail the air... ... And as almost everyone knows, history is cyclical: "-Men, are t...

Huitzilopochtli1021Jan 17Jan 17
What do you want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas???This blog is what everyone wants for Christmas...

Alanique_Ali38425Dec 22Jan 16
i am being silly

i am being sillyshould men be taught how to go about ladies I mean vibing ladies should they be given pick up lines to vibe ladies because a number of them are fa...

hatelies25222Jan 9Jan 9
Can Britain Brexit without uniting Ireland

Can Britain Brexit without uniting Ireland?Sorry no prize for coming up with the right answer....

oldegit1111Jan 9Jan 9
DynamiteLuv: "Create Your Dream Guy"(meet us in the quizzes)

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