Why men with EPILEPSY DISABILITY can not find a good girlfriend

I have been looking for Mrs right for 15 years and I can't find anyone who will date me I am about to turn 40 in 2 years. It would be better to just commit suicide. Women don't want a man who can't work or drive because of my EPILEPSY DISABILITY.
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No one will enter into a relationship with someone who is already threatening suicide

Don't let your disability be the only thing you offer a woman

No one will enter into a relationship with someone who is already threatening suicide

Don't let your disability be the only thing you offer a woman

Hang in there. My best friend is paraplegic and he found a wonderful wife when he was in his mid-40's.

Are there online groups of fellow epileptics you can chat with? Maybe the group can guide you or there is a woman there just waiting for a guy like you.handshake
Crying here in this zoo nobody gives a f*ck even if you are healthy wealthy and or have your shit together. So, having a disability just nulls one's chances of finding a friend at any levelprofessor
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OP,aren't there treatments for your condition,instead of just resigning life?
Mate... I feel for ya -- it can be hard for those who do not suffer from your condition to understand how tough daily life can be.... and I understand how hard it must be to stay positive..

I think it's good that you are open about your disability and the challenges... But I think a good start would be to concentrate on finding someone with similar interests... Consider focusing on your positive qualities and what you have to offer....

Is online work an option for you since you cannot do physical work? If I was in your position I would be looking into some sort of drop shipping business, or putting my time and energy into creating a website that can generate a passive income.... I know money is always a factor... if you have time to figure it out and remain positive I think the sky is your limit...

She's out there... just stay positive and you will find her....
I dated someone with epilepsy. The thing I didn’t like about it was that we never seemed to have any fun so I bailed. He always had to be home at a certain time to take his meds so we had to cut our dates short. He couldn’t see certain movies because of flashing lights. He had an absent seizure in front of me and that was nerve wracking because I was trying to call his mother and no answer. He could die at my hand. So yes, it’s serious. It’s a lot to deal with. I’m sorry. I vowed no more epileptics after that. But I’m just one woman.
Well...for starters you should seek some help through your Doctor...this site is not suited to seeking helping in regards your situation as you mentioned...suicide...
I am quite sure you can find some guidance for your situation at not on an on line dating site...
Crack heads form relationships with each other.

You can too.

If you're considering suicide, consider therapy.
Suicide is never the answer. You have to outlive your enemies conversing

Seriously, have you tried groups for people with your condition? There may be a woman out there with the same condition having the same frustrations that you are.

I really do understand, I was born autistic and have mental health problems and like you, I don't work. Its a harsh truth but generally, women are not looking for someone that they kinda gotta babysit. I learned that over the years. Don't give up though, not everyone is alike and like I said, get involved with some groups with others like you, you may meet someone who understands you more than anyone else ever could.
Dont feel that you are alone in not finding someone. I know several men that never did. One was picky and wanted a wife and to have kids. He is now 50 or so and have given up. It was his own fault to a certain degree. I know a neighbor who was in a wheel chair and ended up married to a nurse half his age. The problem now is women don't want to be bothered with ANY issues.
My husband was an invalid for 20 years til he died. I was told by a woman she would never have stuck it out with him. I said I made a vow and had no question about keeping it. Neither did he if the reverse had happened. My ex boss got ALS at 71. His wife said she saw what I had gone through and she had only a year into it before he died.
As much as I stayed...no way I would take it on again with a new man. Diseases are hard to take and worse when one is on the outside looking in. It is hard work and lots of fear.
There are tons of single people living full lives alone. Especially today. You can make a good life on your own.teddybear
I've been pondering over your blog since you first wrote it, wondering how I might reply.

At 38 years old, I'm guessing most women in your age range have children. Children should be the priority in adult relationships, that stands to reason.

That doesn't mean a family can't work around illness, or different abilities.

What would put me off is your suicidal feelings with respect to being single. It creates a situation where a potential family is responsible for your entire existence and if things don't work out, that you might put children through the trauma of your suicide.

No mum wants their children traumatised and as a sensitive sounding chap, I'm sure you'll understand that.

That means the first hurdle you have is dealing with your despondency. Other people have said it on this blog: we all need to find ways of being comfortable on our own before we enter into a relationship in order to be in a position where we can contribute to that relationship.

Perhaps, as others have suggested, you might start with googling for an epileptic society, or maybe free counselling services if you can't access those that charge.

Families don't just require financial support, they require emotional, practical and domestic support. Can you cook and clean? Can you decorate, or take on DIY projects? Can you help with homework? Can you emotionally support family members who have had a bad day, or are going through challenging times? Can you walk, or use public transport to run errands? Can you stand around a freezing, or boiling hot playing field cheering on kids playing sports? Can you repair loved to death teddy bears?

Maybe write a list of all the skills you have to offer a family, whether that's a family of two (you and a partner), or of three plus members.

Then maybe ask, can you learn, or improve on the skills you need to be a family man? Can you extend your repertoire of skills? Can you volunteer to support other adults, or children for the practice and your own wellbeing??

I'm sure it probably sounds overwhelming, but anything you do to move towards your goal is likely to be fulfilling if you take the time to congratulate yourself for your achievements.

Talking of which, well done for reaching out with this blog. That took courage and it's a big step forward towards your goals. handshake
Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. Come off dating sites and join local groups, maybe join an online epilepsy group and chat to like minded people and arrange a meetup. Not having a partner is not a reason to give up.
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It breaks my heart to read a blog like this, but I hope everything will be okay with you.bouquet teddybear
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