RE: Not a terrorist act

Germanshpitz ''Absolutely.handshake''

Well, ladies, isn't this a pure example of hypocrisy.
If you agree with this statement from Joanie. (Which I totally support) then how come not a single of you on CS Singles did not say any words to condemn a terrorist attack in RF? Not a single sad flower.

Here comes to mind a book by George Orwell '' Animal Farm''.
''All animals are equal,but some animals are more equal than others,,

sad flower For those who suffered in this accident because of stupidity and greed
of politicians and president of the USA. Who do not care about their own people.

RE: By all means

You are right. This site is the only free platform where so many lonely, disabled, heartbroken or just people who do not have a chance to socialize outside,because there no places left for do so for free.
God bless you too wave

RE: What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Hello neighbor! I am sorry, but it caught my eye in your opening post.
''All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead.''
Sounds kind of weird. Maybe it would be better to use word Mortal?

RE: When peaceful protests fall on deaf ears

My reply was a reaction on a video. I would never say something like this to you CW.
It looks like you are the only Irish (at least on CS) who worries about your Erie. Which I respect greatly People must protect the lands of their ancestors. wave wine

Bad news about Luke. He is a talented Blogger. Pity they have done it to him.moping
Dirty games.

RE: Why men with EPILEPSY DISABILITY can not find a good girlfriend

Agree thumbs up
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RE: Cheap holiday on the state

It is reply on Jak's post

RE: Cheap holiday on the state

Nice move by Democrats! He is the only witness for Biden family Burisma case, in Ukraine.Especially for Hunter Biden.
Now, no witness no case.

RE: When peaceful protests fall on deaf ears

What happened to Luke? I thought he gone fishing. confused

RE: When peaceful protests fall on deaf ears

jaw drop
just like this, bold and obnoxious.
I am speechless CW sad flower

RE: Who is next?

rolling on the floor laughing I guess Hodorkovskiy .
Just do not forget to discuss this with your brothers and sitters. Time to build another Liberal orden? No way ... Too late. Your time is OVER. Russian people will not let you do it again.
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RE: Sincerity vs hypocrisy

You do need Anger management classes.
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RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

Totally agree Grand. Actually 200 gr of sour cream equals of 5 minutes of laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Improving at work and learning a new language!

You doing very well. Get ready for a higher level step.
Never give up, never surrender
thumbs up

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

it is a very unique and beautiful place, Chance. Worth to visit.

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

I am always on a side of Light, Grand. I do afraid of Dark and Darksiders. grin handshake

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

This Dementius the First will stay in a history of USA.
He even managed to talk Mitterrand just recently.doh
You know, I actually feel sorry for him. Deep State has chosen him to be their talking doll.
They should have chosen someone else, younger.
As usually Zelenskiy will be telling to Tucker that he needs more weapons and money.
Nothing new on his agenda. It is time for him to escape soon in UK,Italy or whenever. Whoever will take him. So he needs more money on his offshores accounts

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

Hello d4!
Tucker visited a huge exhibition on VDNH in Moscow.
Everyone in Russian media was wondering if this interview will actually happen.
And what Tucker saud about it.

It is in his Twitter.
He also said that he offered Zelenskiy to take an interview. And has a hope he will agree.

RE: Is Norway really too White?

typical attitude of useless Russian liberal.
Your degree in Physics is worthless in Freedom countries. Nobody needs you as a specialist there.
All left for you to write a poems and dream about your dreams which will never come true. Thanks Goodness! Vyrus'

RE: Coffee drinker vs Tea drinker

Time to go have my nighty chamomile, honey and mint tea.
You be good (if you can, of course) laugh teddybear
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RE: Coffee drinker vs Tea drinker

Tsk Bad boy! laugh

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Hey Butcher! Here is just a wee of information on sanctions against RF
Russia tops the ranking of countries by the number of sanctions imposed against them
Based on the results of the first year of fighting in Ukraine, the Russian Federation was ahead of Iran, Syria and North Korea in the number of restrictions

Following the results of the first year of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Russia came out on top in the world in the number of restrictions imposed against it, ahead of countries such as Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Western countries have used the sanctions mechanism to force Moscow to pay the highest possible price for sending troops to Ukraine.

As hostilities continue, the scale of Western restrictions also grows, affecting many areas, including finance, energy, transport, media, technology, the auto industry, sports and trade.

According to the global sanctions monitoring database, since February 22, 2022, 11,327 restrictions have been imposed on Russia. The total number of sanctions imposed on Russia has reached 14,022.

Thus, Russia is ahead of Iran, which is subject to 4,268 different sanctions, Syria (2,643 sanctions) and North Korea (2,133 sanctions).

The anti-rating also includes Belarus, Venezuela and Myanmar, against which 1155, 651 and 839 restrictions were introduced, respectively.

The United States has imposed the largest number of sanctions against the Russian Federation since February 22, 2022 (1948). Next come Switzerland (1,782 sanctions), Canada (1,590), UK (1,429), EU (1,390), France (1,324), Australia (945) and Japan (919).

Since the beginning of the active phase of hostilities of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, 9,117 anti-Russian sanctions have been applied to individuals, 2,090 to legal entities, 96 to judicial structures and 24 in the aviation sector.

On February 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the independence of the so-called “Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics” within the administrative borders of these regions of Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022, Putin announced in a televised address the start of a “special military operation” in Donbass in eastern Ukraine, after which full-scale hostilities
Dilara Zengin Okay, Elmira Ekberova |
02/23/2023 - Update: 02/24/2023

So do you think it will hurt RF economy and make Russians to complain. No way.
All those warmongers just putting another nail in own coffin

RE: Coffee drinker vs Tea drinker

laugh We can work it this way. You will be drinking Nescafe and I am my Kick a**.
No arguments. As long as we drinking and talking together.
I think it sounds pretty democratic laugh

RE: Coffee drinker vs Tea drinker

Chatillion said* I've been buying 'cold-brew' coffee from the grocer, only when it's on sale - buy one, get one free. *
Well, sorry Chat but it tells me that you are cheap. You even don't want to spend money to treat yourself with a good stuff. doh

*My preference now is tea. I'll fill a 12 ounce glass of water, microwave it for a minute and add 8 large (yes 8) bags of tea and brew (only for) a few minutes. After, I'll remove and squeeze the bags not letting them soak longer. The tea gets poured into a pitcher and some diet lemon-lime soda with seltzer water mix. That creates a liter of mildly sweetened bubbly tea drink aka rocket fuel!
Sorry again, but to me it sounds like a pure poison I even cannot imagine how people can drink that tea bag dust.

RE: Coffee drinker vs Tea drinker

it depends in what part of the World those surveys are done. Some cultures do not really drink coffee,prefer tea. But outdoor activities, especially in a gardens and woods are the biggest part of their lifestyle.
I am kind of Rise and Grind woman. Only coffee beans. One cup in a morning,the rest of the day tea all the way. But on Pride of Persia, Akbar and with thyme, black currant leaves,Calendula and many more herbs,berries and tree buds. And of course some turmeriC, Nothing can beat the aroma of freshly brewed tea from a kettle boiled on a bonfire.
p.s. by the way coffee beans by Kicking horse, I fancy *Kick a*** kind, are really waking me up. wow laugh

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

I hear you GS.
I am taking care of her. She will be fine. But not many others. hug

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict

Every country has own traditional, religious and family values.
And should not be put in the same trend with others. If,in your country LGBT is normal (which I would never expect from Ireland doh ) then in RF it is different. And it is not up to you to judge it.

5 DEC 2022, 05:43Updated at: 5 Dec 2022, 07:14
Putin signs law totally banning LGBT propaganda
It is stressed that under the new law, such propaganda is totally prohibited in social networks, the mass media, films and advertisements
MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law completely banning propaganda of nontraditional s*xual relations, gender reassignment and pedophilia, according to a corresponding entry made in the Russian State Duma (lower parliament database) on Sunday.

Amendments have been made to the law on information, information technologies and information protection and to other documents.

Under the new law, such propaganda is now completely prohibited on social networks, in the mass media, films and advertisements.

A separate provision bans the dissemination of such information among minors, whereas until now the ban applied only to materials about LGBT. There are plans to establish a mechanism to deny access to LBGT-related information on paid sites for minors. Special codes or other actions will be necessary to enter such websites.

The country’s mass media watchdog will be authorized to put websites with the propaganda of nontraditional s*xual relations, pedophilia, and gender reassignment on the register of prohibited resources subject to blocking. It will also be authorized to determine the procedure of internet monitoring to spot such sites.

The law also prohibits sale of goods, including imported goods, containing information the distribution of which carries administrative or criminal responsibility.

Concurrently, another law signed by President Putin amends the Code of Administrative Offense to introduce administrative liability for the propaganda of nontraditional s*xual relations among people of any age, not only children.

According to Alexander Bashkin, a member of the constitutional legislation committee of Russia’s Federation Council (upper parliament house), such propaganda was previously prohibited only among minors whereas now the ban applies to people of any age.

The law comes into effect on the day of its publication.

RE: Imran Khan is the center of politics in the world

Just to help to explain the situation you are talking about.
Because the majority European and Western people have no clue what are you talking about.
and you are right. That is how I feel about this situation myself.

Pakistan court sentences ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan to 10 years in prison
Politician found guilty of revealing state secrets

Moscow. January 30. INTERFAX.RU - A Pakistani court sentenced the country's former Prime Minister Imran Khan to 10 years in prison for revealing state secrets, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The hearing was held in a prison in the city of Rawalpindi, where Khan is currently serving a three-year sentence in a corruption case.

Apart from Khan, the court convicted the deputy chairman of Khan's Justice Movement (JM) party, Shah Mehmood Qureshi. He was also sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The agency notes that Khan and Qureshi have the right to appeal the ruling.

According to the agency, as part of the case of revealing state secrets, Khan is accused of the fact that during a rally, after his removal from the post of prime minister, he went on stage with a confidential document, which, according to him, stated that his resignation was a “conspiracy.” USA". According to the prosecution, the document represented diplomatic correspondence between the Pakistani ambassador to the United States and the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, which Khan had no right to make public.

In the summer of 2023, a court in Pakistan found Khan guilty of corruption and sentenced him to three years in prison . The case in which Khan was involved concerned gifts he received while serving as head of the Pakistani government.

Khan himself has repeatedly said that Pakistan's opposition colluded with Washington to remove him from power because of an independent foreign policy sympathetic to China and Russia.

RE: The key to ending Ukraine's conflict


RE: When peaceful protests fall on deaf ears

Thank you for reply CWwave
M-da! The usual technology: promise anything and with time everything will be back on a track.
I just do not understand how those migrants gonna live among locals, knowing the situation?
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RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

He sent me mail from hospital three weeks ago. Sounded happy,said that surgery went good. And even was asking me about bread recipe. I keep my fingers crossed. Really starting to worry. And I do not know how to find him in a hospital. Not familiar with Australian hospitals and how it works.

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