Who is next?

There are about 1000 political prisoners in Russia now. It is more, than there were in late USSR times. That means, that the present putler's regimen is worse.


Here's the full list of political prisoners:

Who will be next?
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Can you answer me a sincere question without gling into delf denfense Tule?IS anybody talking to the leader there (the one you call putler) abut how to shape teh future withput going behind his back?

That is what I would do if I was anywhere near Russian politics. Go and speak to Putin and together start chisel out a political future. I mean even he will not live for ever and must have an interest in creating something here that will not be immediatly devoured by DC hangarounds soons as he's put in a nursing home. What are they doing that make Putin so upset by the way? Must be the way they do it init.
That shgould be Tuckers next mission, to try get some clearity what Putin think about the political future of Russia.
Do you know?
rolling on the floor laughing I guess Hodorkovskiy .
Just do not forget to discuss this with your brothers and sitters. Time to build another Liberal orden? No way ... Too late. Your time is OVER. Russian people will not let you do it again.
You are implying someone was killed?
And why do you care?
You left the country, no need to bother.
Every country has political prisoners, you do realise this, don't you?
No. I do not know who is talking to "the leader". I can guess. It can be his closest friends like Kovalchuks or Rotenbergs. There are as well those bizarre personages like Patrushev and other ministers and shit.

No. I do not know what they tell him. I am though sure, no one of them can make any decision without putler's consent.

The other month they wheeled out putler's older daughter with a 2-hours long interview about nothing. There are analysts, who say huilo is preparing a heir - in this case heiress - to transfer the power to.

Re Navalny: The order to kill him was issued a long time ago, we know that. It was waiting for a sign. The sing was made.

How's your Azov hard-on, by the way? Still on?
Ehmm....no a bit less hard.
It's more about how much of ukrainian golden fields will be milked by outsiders from the west that concerns me now. Azov is a bit passe I think, they snuk into the ordinary army and Washington think it's bad for publicity so no, they will never again be as powerful as back in 2014.

We don’t know the whole list yet, but his assassins are everywhere. He demonstrates to the world (by killing Navalny), primarily to the G7, that he is the master of the situation. I have no doubt that Russia will soon try new, not the most typical move, and will also probably try to “play” with NATO, especially before the US elections. There will be some kind of provocation: mercenaries, some armed people somewhere on farms between Lithuania and Poland.
And when the West will ask Putin what kind of crap this is, he will shrug his shoulders and answer: some kind of Ukrainian-Russian-Bandera mercenaries. They didn’t fight enough in Ukraine and now they’re coming to you. You do not like? Well then stop supporting Ukraine
Bur in general, Tul, think about whether you need these posts here. There are 3 categories of participants here, the first is a group of pro-Russian trolls, yelling just for the sake of yelling. they are on a mission here. are working. 2, These are people of Western thinking, but they don’t care what’s going on in Russia, they know little about it and don’t try to find out. They are more interested in Trump and the USA.3, the group is slightly interested and trying to find out something...But they are in minority. That is, you are practically alone fighting the first group. There is no support for you. You are getting on your nerves and wasting your time.. If you want, write to me privately, I will send you a link to a serious blog on this topicwave
I believe there are many who support Ukraine, most don’t bother to post as it is like banging your head against a wall.

We are working in the background as we know that if Ukraine falls, then Europe will be destroyed by Putin, Poland is already building defences for a foreseeable attack by Russia.

Ignore the paid propaganda that is posted on CS, it is just hot air and misinformation spread by the same people who have been spreading lies for years here on the blogs.
I'm listening to what Tulefell has to say and I'm grateful for her public contributions.

She is not alone.

If we only discuss our thoughts with people of the same opinions we are never challenged and cannot progress.

By dismissing and undermining the ' slightly interested minority' as irrelevant, you are not only discriminating against that group (along with the other groups you have defined), but you are excuding those potential 'allies' who support Tulefell's contributions and an ethical practise movement.

Trying to isolate Tulefell from others by telling her she is unsupported and alone, trying to tell her what she feels, trying to offer yourself as her saviour, reminds me of how an abusive relationship is manipulated into being.
Absolute garbage. Your ability to fool yourself is extraordinary.
I think she's doing a good job, raising an important issue.
your attempt at psychoanalysis failed. you are fixated on various types of discrimination. and you judge too categorically and groundlessly. Without knowing me at all, I felt bad for Tul. her posts are very sincere and truthful, but the local audience practically ignores them instead of supporting her posts and at the same time cheerfully participates in the obviously provocative posts of people from the first group. And instead of giving a comment on the subject of the post, you began to analyze my comment. If someone did the same thing under your post, you would immediately ask them to leave. So your comment is simply hypocritical. I'm sorry.
But I’m glad that my comment caused at least some resonance among those who were concerned.And that Tul is not alone
I think so too, but the silence infuriates me .. silence is not a support for Tul
Careful, you are begining to sound like TenofCups. laugh

I'm sorry if I offended you by pointing out how your post looked to me, or what it reminded me of.

Might I point out that you have no idea about people ignoring Tulefell's posts. People may read without commenting, or commenting immediately after reading.

Btw, no one can ask another member to leave this public space.

If someone wishes to analyse one of my comments, I'm big enough and ugly enough to respond as I see fit.
are you supporting Ukraine?
I in no way intended to offend you. here I am only trying to support Tulifel in her righteous fight. Therefore, I would not like to be engaged in personal disputes in the comments to this post. This is simply unconstructive, especially since I have always respected you and your posts.
I think he is supporting Kiev.
I thought I posted already that Navalny was killed the evening before it was declared. He wasn't out for a walk, that sounded wrong because he was supposed to be in solitary confinement. Well apparently he was in External Solitary Confinement, a cage in other words in temperatures of c. -30°C where he was then beaten to death with blows to the heart.
This fits with the statement that there was a special lockdown late the evening before. Also the medic in attendance said that there was severe bruising around the area of the heart.
Embedded image from another site

If Schicklgruber and Stalin had a Son!
i did not see it in your posts before, but i ve got the same information from my sources
Schiclgruber - Dzhugashvili & son
some time before I d agree- yes banging the wall is useless ... But then i guessed -"we dont bother"? this are very dangerous words in our times.. if we dont bother , who should then?
laugh thumbs up
Who's next? Kara-Murza?

Maybe it's better to ask Who's next to take up the Leadership role and Unite the fragmented Opposition.

Could that person be Navalnaya but more importantly can the Opposition be effective solely by a peaceful political means, probably not.

She would need to unite the other activists behind her which will be a challenge.
She also needs to unite the women and mothers of Russia in their cause.

A result was never going to be achieved through Martyrdom. It may not be achieved without gaining the support of the military and that would mean someone like Medvedev, but who would want him.

Navalnaya needs to stay free and she will need protection and funding (from Exiled Oligarchs). I heard Bill Browder speaking and he appeared to dismiss her so I don't know what the general sentiment is towards her, she stayed in the shadows up to this. Browder is trying to get Kara-Murza freed and would back him but Putin obviously knows what he's up to so that's unlikely to work.
I also think Kara Murza could be the next.....
Mother of Navalny
Undertiteling in English

Maybe we'll see Navalny's daughter going up against Putin's daughter.
Speaking of not commenting on blogs as some prefer to read and not comment because some individuals are rather nasty in their comments and look like they are paid shills regurgitating Russian propaganda. I am happy that some are countering the few here that continually promote their views (on people such as Putin or other opportunistic vultures) with no merit.

I think is war must be resolved on the negotiation table. That is how I felt all along.
What do you think at the present stage Daphne, continue the fight?
Send more weapons and more money perhaps.
Nato troops and air forces is available too.
What do you say.
Putin is in a good place now, no need to talk.

Well... thank you for your concern and I agree with you. But I do it for myself for the first place. If there are a few people, who are sincerely interested, then I am glad for that and willing to keep the discussion alive.

"The ashes of Klaas throb in my chest " (q)

And then, no one here will be able to say that they didn't know :)
Pity, that you feel like objecting Russian invasion on Ukraine is not worth a few typed words here. It's your choice, of course, but you could notice that a few words against kremlebots made them disappear. It does work and it doesn't cost much :)

Propaganda in general and putler's propaganda in particular has a few aims:

- it atomizes people by giving them lots and lots of different versions of the same events, so at the end of the day you don't know what to think and what is what: "We will never know the whole truth" - kind of.

- it tells the dissenters that they are alone, they are an anomaly, marginal renegades, traitors, mental ills.

- it also gives them, who needs it, a list of simple answers to many very difficult questions.

I fully aware that I cannot compete with all milliards USD, that are spent on putler's propaganda, both in Russia and abroad. Whatever I do, I do it for myself in the first place.

There's a Russian politologist Ekaterina Shulman, a very bright and decent person - it was she, who said: "Now it's an acute civilizational question - do we bury the killed men or do we eat them?", when huilo refused to release Navalny's body to his mother... She also said: "It is important not to join the delirium."

I am not her, I am not as bright, decent and famous, but I'd like to add: "It is also important to speak against the delirium".

Feel free to quote me :)
Thyl Ulenspiegel!
Jokester and Rebel.
Son of Claes The Charcoaler,who was burned at the Stake for Heresy by the Inquisition!
The Inquisition has never stopped!
Yes, it's Thyl Ulenspiegel.

I find it extremely appropriate in the context. 70 years of soviet killing of the best people on the territory of Russian empire, a few years of chaos-hyperinflation-banditism-extreme poverty... and then 20+ years of putinism: lies, corruption, more lies, more corruption. One or other killing in between: Politkovskaya, Novodvorskaya, Magnitsky, Nemtsov... then thousand of Ukrainians and now Navalny.

Your politicians, who are also your representatives, shook hoilo's hand. Will they do it again?

I do feel the ashes of Claes throb in my heart.
I'm still reading. wave

Are there other readers out there, particularly those who don't usually post?

Can you post a wave for Tulefell to let her know she is heard?
Half the world weeps for Navalny while the other half shakes Putin's hand. These are hard truths. I feel sorry that Navalny chose to martyr himself, to what end? Ok may be another nail in Putin's coffin, so what?
He should have stayed out of Russia and organised the Opposition, like Lenin did.
The lesson he didn't learn is to pay attention to set precedents. Hopefully Navalnaya or whoever it is will have the foresight to do the right thing. You can grieve or you can inspire people to do something effective.
Putin doesn't understand emotion, he understands real threat to his domain.
Remember Prigozhin. He started something but even he backed down, that took something big, like Putin taking his family hostage. Who knows.
This is not for the weak or fainthearted.
actually I am sterting to wonder what Poo-Tin's got on some of them!
Trying to talk to Putin?

"Listen, what's the most horrible experience you can imagine? To me—it's being left, unarmed, in a sealed cell with a drooling beast of prey or a maniac who's had some disease that's eaten his brain out. You'd have nothing then but your voice—your voice and your thought. You'd scream to that creature why it should not touch you, you'd have the most eloquent words, the unanswerable words, you'd become the vessel of the absolute truth. And you'd see living eyes watching you and you'd know that the thing can't hear you, that it can't be reached, not reached, not in any way, yet it's breathing and moving there before you with a purpose of its own. That's horror. Well, that's what's hanging over the world, prowling somewhere through mankind, that same thing, something closed, mindless, utterly wanton, but something with an aim and a cunning of its own."

Steven Mallory, The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)

That's what it would be like,trying to talk to Vladimir Putin!
She's doing a good job keeping us aware of what's going on...two years now.
Really.... so I'd like to know what Putin, the guy on top, is thinking and she can't tell.
I'd like to know how the opposition imagine pulling out of Ukraine but she can't tell.
I would also like to know if the opposition have some plan for the short term future
but I doubt if she can tell.

What I am sure of though is that Tulefell can provide many links,
on here.
Not what I'm after, I wanna hear from the horses mouth cos that is blogging.
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