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Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman6,570802Jul 62 hrs ago

Build the wall.The only president that exactly says what he means. Transparency at its best. Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impe...

lindsyjones58949Dec 126 hrs ago

Connecting the dots...It's been a blast of political news stories this weekend about Mueller, Manafort, Cohen and Trump. I have to ask myself "Have we passed the point of...

chatillion37541Dec 98 hrs ago

Pick One....Jews can't keep secrets: Christeen Blassey Ford reeled in almost $700,000 on her GoFukMe fund. Meanwhile her pro bono legal team will not pursue fu...

Drcoctail42014 hrs ago
stringman694Dec 13Dec 15

Democrat calls for death of Republican's family. Now the typical norm for DemocratsAn Illinois state Democratic lawmaker is facing increasing pressure to resign after she called for the deaths of a Republican lawmaker's family during...

Willy341120311Nov 30Dec 15

The Final WordThe bottom line remains this: Trump did not violate federal campaign finance laws. Why? Because the payments to Daniels and McDougal amounted to a “pr...

Drcoctail17019Dec 14Dec 15

Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen Case If you're in the liberal camp that the President is in legal jeopardy with the Cohen case then you may want to check...

Drcoctail23312Dec 14Dec 15

Nigh is the end.....Many will miss Biff blogs and comments, but I feel her pain. I too worry about the strident near crazy talk on both sides of the policies (and the cr...

Vierkaesehoch32115Dec 13Dec 14
U S Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda Worldwide

U.S. Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda WorldwideU.S. Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda Worldwide, New Judicial Watch Special Report Shows The U.S. government subsidizes billionaire George S...

HealthyLiving564Dec 13Dec 14

Trump Threatens To Have Military Build Border Wall If Pelosi, Schumer Won’t BudgeAhead of a planned White House meeting with the top Democrats from the House and Senate, President Trump on Tuesday warned that "the Military will bui...

Willy341118514Dec 11Dec 13

Jerome Corsi: “political criminals.” Mueller and DOJ Are ‘coercing witnesses’ Into False TestimonyJerome Corsi is going on offense against special counsel Robert Mueller. During an appearance on Newsmax today, Corsi told host John Cardillo that...

Willy341120017Nov 29Dec 13
stringman1286Dec 10Dec 11
Radoslaw Sikorski Poland could be better

Radoslaw Sikorski: Poland could be betterRadoslaw Sikorski was one of the founders of the Eastern Partnership, a joint policy initiative which aims to deepen and strengthen relations between...

skowronek582Dec 11Dec 11

The Truth About The Marrakesh Declaration The UN Migration CompactThe Truth About The Marrakesh Declaration The UN Migration Compact...

jarred122-Dec 11

If I was a virgin.........waiting to be deflowered I'd hire Mullet as my pimp. He'd take so long to decide on a price I'd be guaranteed to be the highest priced hooker....

Drcoctail570Dec 11

Macron facing a crisis that he created by baiting TrumpAn arrogant politician expressing contempt for Donald Trump and his supporters experienced a surprising and humiliating defeat in late 2016 in our pre...

Willy34111628Dec 10Dec 10

Russia's violation of INFNato accuses Russia of breaking nuclear missile treaty 6 hours ago from BBC Image copyrightEPAImage caption Russia denies building missil...

lindsyjones16426Dec 4Dec 9

Copyright vs C& PI looked up what exactly is a blog and I was surprised the definition actually left these C&P scholars in the clear. You can just leave a link, or C&P...

Drcoctail21922Dec 8Dec 9

Mr. Trump.All you hard core Trump supporters, you think he is good for America, fair enough. But do you like him as a human being. Do you think he's a nice pe...

Harbal1,268116Dec 4Dec 9

No, it is not funny. It is dead serious............. No, it is not funny. It is dead serious. ………...

jarred161-Dec 9

The Bush Funeral Train...I've been busy with work and preparing for a move so I haven't followed the funeral for President George H.W. Bush. I heard the story on the morning n...

chatillion885Dec 7Dec 9
stringman28519Dec 6Dec 8

What a privileged........... What a privileged ….....

jarred137-Dec 8

Democratic Agenda for America 2019....... ....... ....... ..........

Drcoctail675Dec 5Dec 5
Midnitecwby18314Dec 4Dec 5

legalize prostitution - are you for/against: WHY?It's -40 degrees in most part of my world right now and being Sunday, I've decided to just cuddle in my warm bed. Praying that everyone find themsel...

lindsyjones3,590201Jan 2015Dec 4

National Security Aide Mira Ricardel to Leave White HouseSo an immigrant who married for money has the power to interfere with the employment of Federal staff Should the First lady have the power to say...

rizlared29117Nov 14Dec 4

Take a hint!Irony of sweet irony. In case you haven't been paying attention to the liberal media (and why would you), the Clinton's are on tour.....and no one car...

Drcoctail1196Dec 3Dec 4

Corsi fights backBravo Mr. Corsi, You've laid out a defensible case against Mullet. Probably won't win, but you've shone a light on Mullets game plan. A good pr...

Drcoctail370Dec 4

Truth IS stranger than fiction!........................Truth IS stranger than fiction!...

jarred166-Dec 2
God gives you lemons so break a rib or two or how about three

God gives you lemons, so break a rib or two or how about threeMost important news of the day. God does have a sense of humor.....SCOTUS judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg age 85 fell down and broke three ribs.....may she...

seaworthy4,748382Nov 8Dec 2

Pelosi: 'If I Am Not Elected Speaker, Millions Will Die'WASHINGTON, D.C.—As rumors swirled that top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi may not retain her leadership of House Democrats, the congressional leader...

Willy341127822Nov 17Dec 2

Trumps TriumpsTrump Triumps President Trump keeps hitting home runs and what do we hear from the bleachers, the cheap seats? Nothing....they're so far out in...

Drcoctail75954Nov 24Nov 30

Interesting piece in the opinion section of the Washington Post last weekTrump’s battle to destroy the Mueller investigation is officially doomed By Paul Waldman Opinion writer November 16 President Trump’s long str...

JimNastics18911Nov 24Nov 30
stringman570Nov 24
Midnitecwby30134Nov 17Nov 24

It Is Not Over, Arizona Election Results Being Audited For Election FraudThe Arizona senate election in which Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema defeated Republican Rep. Martha McSally is not over. McSally lost to Sinema despi...

Willy3411985Nov 21Nov 23
The democrats were the KKK

The democrats were the KKKWe see the hate mobs run by the democrats, we see the hatred of white men replacing the hatred of black people, we see the denial of the facts, we see...

LeeCharming43341Nov 6Nov 20

How California conservatives became the intellectual engine of TrumpismHow California conservatives became the intellectual engine of Trumpism The California GOP got wiped out in the midterms. But the heart of California...

lindsyjones16313Nov 19Nov 19
MiguelUknow530Nov 17

Ted Cruz and his platformHe is big on emphasizing about the illegal immigrants and their negative impact in our country. A man who was deported 20 times, another for 15 times...

lindsyjones1829Oct 16Nov 17
HuggerMan4U: "Lights"(meet us in the puzzles)

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