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How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery

How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery?How can a sports figure make $500,000 (A GAME) and be considered a slave. Real slaves are turning in there graves...enraged about that word being used...

lookn2share2512 hrs ago1 hrs ago
stringman544Oct 12Oct 13
Another you tube find

Another you tube findClashes of ideas...

tatami491Oct 12Oct 12
Hawaii warned against nuclear attack

Hawaii warned against nuclear attackNot fake news. Independent newspaper published this grim reality two hours ago. When that happens, that's it. The end of the world as we know....

lindsyjones57046Sep 27Oct 11
Britain prepares for possible war with North Korea

Britain prepares for possible war with North KoreaI just read it from New York Post today. It's interesting, under what motives is my question. As a support to the USA? Or more like to show cas...

lindsyjones34942Oct 9Oct 10
An Alternative To OJ In 20

An Alternative To OJ In '20?As we approach the 1st anniversary of arguably the most bizarre Prez Election in U.S. history*, is it too early to consider a challenger to Orange Jul...

miclee851Oct 9Oct 10
Calm before the storm

"Calm before the storm."Now Trump says many things...but what do you think he meant with his recent comment about this being the 'calm before the storm'? The way it seems,...

Johnny_Sparton32431Oct 7Oct 9

BrexitFor all those who voted in the referendum, knowing what you know now would you still have voted the same way?...

emmy118112Oct 5Oct 6
Then What Is The Problem

Then What Is The Problem?Stop living a fantasy. Stop pretending nothing is wrong out there. Stop believing Governments are our saviors Stop at once. This is the world th...

Duromojon64-Oct 5

LVNV...The real tragedy, ongoing, long time, is how this latest carnage displays, in bas relief, the severe shortcomings of our legislative system/process. S...

Aaltarboy530Oct 3

AuthorityThe government should be responsible for all the innocent lives lost , from the beginning of times . Why should the common man have access to suc...

Annleerose591Oct 3Oct 3
stringman1513Sep 17Sep 30
heres another one

here's another onethe Delano's family like Franklin Delano Roosevelt made their millions during the opium trade with China. I mean Delano grandpa was the one....

Duromojon44-Sep 30

1930sWhile Japan was invading its neighbors U.S. was selling all the oil, steel all raw material to Japan...

Duromojon44-Sep 30
in U S were doomed

in U.S. we're doomedTrump said to the press. Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water big water. then, what an island is?...

Duromojon82-Sep 30
Did you Know

Did you Know?Japan asked permission to Vichy's France to take over Indochina. Permission was granted. Japan didn't fire a single shot to take over that country tod...

Duromojon42-Sep 29
War Trophies Balangiga Bells

War Trophies : Balangiga BellsBalingiga Massacre Gen Jacob H. Smith ordered: "I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn; the more you kill and burn, the better it will p...

Crazyheart382658Sep 13Sep 25
US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic Militants

US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic MilitantsTrump Will deploy US drones to help battle Islamic Militants in the Philippines. This is a step up in stopping calipation in the South. Publish...

lindsyjones27724Sep 12Sep 16
NewYorkcitylove82-Sep 14
War Crimes Agent Orange And More

War Crimes : Agent Orange...And More.War will continue to destroy the world we live in, millions and millions are suffering and millions more will continue to suffer. Peace and humanity...

Crazyheart3881178Sep 12Sep 13
Is it the end of the west or can sanity save us

Is it the end of the west or can sanity save usDuring my investigative work I have discover many problems with western society and I would like to inform you of a few facts, that PC would never tal...

Freedomofspeech9350-Sep 5Sep 7
War between NK and US

War between NK and USI can't help but truly at awe with the over driven confidence of this country to fire a missile and start a most unwanted war between them and us?...

lindsyjones1,10498Aug 17Sep 6
Why I Should Be Supreme Ruler And Overlord Of The World

Why I Should Be Supreme Ruler And Overlord Of The WorldThere would be no wars. Legal weed for everyone. Worship whoever the heck you want, just don't bother those who worship differently than you....

Track161457Sep 6Sep 6

MelaniaIs she a robot? Yesterday, watching the news Trump arrived to Texas, as always, Melania walking behind Trump like a robot. Melania is not a 1st lad...

Duromojon28728Aug 30Aug 31
Public access to our littoral areas

Public access to our littoral areas.....including river and ocean beaches, are mostly gone. The land was either sold outright, or abutting property owners have encroached it away, often unde...

Aaltarboy1022Aug 31Aug 31
Duterte and his policies

Duterte and his policies"feel free to kill the idiots" Is what Duterte told his police department....

Duromojon1527Aug 29Aug 30
Alt left liberal media types

Alt-left liberal media types....interviewing styles. Sure, all reporters are under time constraints, so they often tend to interrupt to keep things going. But I've noticed that lefti...

Aaltarboy1207Aug 29Aug 29
Mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan

Mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan.Well I guess we're truly in the war path now. What's Russia's take on this? A very serious business going on now. Or maybe this is to end the...

lindsyjones39525Apr 13Aug 28
The Big Lie

The Big Lie....title of latest book by conservative subcontinental writer Dinesh Desousa. Who hasn't heard the near constant drone of those on the alt-left and their...

Aaltarboy770Aug 28
stringman912Aug 23Aug 24
The Dark Connection of The Bank Santander

The Dark Connection of The Bank "Santander"More hidden messages under our noses “Santander” (take off the letters N,and DER you will get SATAN) i found this bank around my living headquarters.J...

NewYorkcitylove91-Aug 12
NewYorkcitylove82-Aug 10
trashing the Republican Party

trashing the Republican PartySen. McConnell and Trump and Trump's Brown Shirts are trashing the Republican Party, as well as the citizens of our great country. Brown Shirts, yo...

studecar49336Jul 2Jul 29
Jihad against American government

Jihad, against American governmentLINDA SARSOUR CALLS FOR 'JIHAD' AGAINST AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ARIANE MANDELL Linda Sarsour speaks onstage during the Women's March on Washingto...

lindsyjones39027Jul 12Jul 26
Is This the Beginning of the Revolution

Is This the Beginning of the Revolution? this is a listen to blog. don't have to listen to it all. or any o...

stringman23110Jun 15Jul 23
stringman1573Jul 1Jul 2
Insightful fair balanced video

Insightful fair/balanced videoWhat Mr Woods says at the 8:50 mark in the video is the core of the love the liberals show for islam...

seaworthy167-Jun 28
stringman960Jun 27
Final death totals for ramadan 2017

Final death totals for ramadan 2017The worst ramadan in history 3 times more deaths than just 2016. Total number of casualties across the world for the entire holy month had reached 3,...

seaworthy965-Jun 25Jun 26
Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London

Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London This is getting to be a chaotic...

lindsyjones57426Jun 19Jun 23
summer riots

summer riots. hopefully this will not happen....

stringman1353Jun 21Jun 22
stringman123-Jun 21
CalimesaBarb: "Top Ten Travel Destinations"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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