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stringman88572Sep 1311 hrs ago

"Trump representing all that's wrong with the world""I think he just represents all that is wrong with the world. I know his supporters don't like him being compared to Hitler, but there is a lot of c...

lindsyjones61942Sep 13Sep 17

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman4,189526Jul 6Sep 17
stringman830Sep 16

The Media's Latest Poll DanceWith the midterms less than two months away and the economy firing on all cylinders, the Democrats, and their handlers, also known as the American med...

Willy34111217Sep 14Sep 15

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones1,429139Sep 3Sep 14

Trevor Noah on Trump & hurricanesAs we count down the hours before Hurricane Florence touches down on the mideastern USA coast, Trump starts bragging about what a good job he did with...

JimNastics1279Sep 12Sep 13

Personal appearance for witch hunt testimony..........for our brilliant president Trump. Well, well, well, all, seems like now mere ersatz written responses to witch hunt collusion loaded questions will...

Vierkaesehoch26814Sep 10Sep 13

Dirtiest Trick In U.S. History Comes Into FocusThe almost unnoticed fact in the latest Democratic assault on the Trump administration is that it is based entirely on charges of confusion, the circu...

Willy3411662Sep 13Sep 13

3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe...

jarred136-Sep 12

No Obama did not create this economyThe Democrats have been spending the past 18 months complaining how much President Trump is screwing up this country and Obama just got on TV and trie...

Willy341172876Sep 8Sep 12

My Trump blogHey, back off. It’s a rite of passage as a CS blogger to have a blog on this superhot topic, if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em, and other sundry excuses...

Elegsabiff78977Sep 9Sep 11

Why Obama deserves a little credit for the Trump Boom, and why the Democrats will never admit itIt is actually pathetic that Barack Obama is trying to claim credit for the Trump Boom that began with the stock market jumping the moment Trump’s ele...

Willy341116414Sep 9Sep 10

Trump is proving America’s power through economic warfarePresident Trump's economic approach has foreign dictators rethinking their hostile policies toward a "weak America." Could "America First" be working?...

Willy341120813Aug 18Sep 10

PAYBACK TIME: BIKINI BLIMP OF KHAN. I just can't get enough satis...

lindsyjones20610Sep 1Sep 9

The Character Assassination of Brett KavanaughThere are honorable ways to oppose a nominee with whom you disagree. Kavanaugh’s Democratic critics have chosen to go the dishonorable route, instead....

Willy341122327Sep 7Sep 9

Three frauds ginned up by Democrats at the Kavanaugh hearingThe left is out of ideas. Leftists have absolutely no grounds for opposing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Yet they do...

Willy341120026Sep 5Sep 6
My President Of The United States Land That I Love

My President Of The United States . Land That I Love .Yes Indeed when the American People Elects the President of the United States we the People need too Back the President that was Elected by the People...

kyacheo1707Sep 4Sep 4

Canada watch outGLOBAL INVESTING HOT SPOTS Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs could rattle Canada’s economy and NAFTA Canada's weak economy had GDP growth of 1....

lindsyjones91860Jun 16Sep 1

McCain the Maverick is no more...Senator John McCain passed away today at the age of 81. 1936 - 2018 may he rest in peace... Some people liked him and some didn't. It doesn't matte...

chatillion35022Aug 25Aug 30

Mainstream Media Are Covering Up Phony DOJ Dossier found this clip very informative. if you like your freedom I would listen to this. 37 mins long....

stringman956Aug 27Aug 28

A little land mine next month awaits Democrats' big dream of impeachment‘Sleeper’ case could torpedo Mueller report It might even keep the special counsel from sending a report to Congress, shaking Democrats’ hopes that...

Willy3411611Aug 27Aug 27
stringman30020Aug 14Aug 26

Politics & ReligionThere is a noticeable similarity between the religiously motivated posts here and a lot of the political ones. Both lots could be described as havin...

Harbal28321Aug 19Aug 19

Andrew Cuomo Organizes Flag Burning To Win Progressive SupportNEW YORK, NY—Thanks to a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently veered to the left in an attempt to not lose progr...

Willy3411692Aug 17Aug 17

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo Beclowns himself again....NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: America ‘was never that great’ Thanks to the election of President Trump, we are in the midst of a process that I call “T...

Willy3411712Aug 16Aug 16
Melania Trumps parents naturalised as American citizens

Melania Trump's parents naturalised as American citizensSo many questions surround how Melania Trump's parents received US green cards, as President rails against 'chain migration and now they`ve just becam...

single_again4u1232Aug 9Aug 10

Former CIA Officer: Clinton "Involved In Biggest Treason In History"Former CIA Officer and whistle blower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was...

Willy341129738Aug 6Aug 6

The California Straw BanTag - Satire "The plastic straw ban is important for gun control. It stops pea shooting and spit balling which are gateway guns." - Nancy Pelosi...

Willy341156920Aug 5Aug 5
The Virgosign on Truth

The Virgosign on Truth.Hey people. Since the earliest i can remember, i was always reading. Marvel Comics, illustrated books, Readers Digest and Arthur Mee's Children's Enc...

virgosign1301Jul 25Aug 2

President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments List: Black and Hispanic Unemployment rates hit record low in April Business Investments up 39 Percent Due to Tax Cuts April 2...

stringman24617Jul 19Aug 1

How Trump Can Shut Down the Democratic PlantationThe Lincoln Model Today there are many Republicans who blame Trump for the de-Reaganization of the Republican Party and wistfully pine for the 1980...

Willy341119125Jul 29Jul 29

Liberals, lacking facts, manufacture them. That's come to be known as Fake News.Liberals, lacking facts, manufacture them. That's come to be known as Fake News. Case in point. What year did the Russians tamper in our elections?...

Willy341129721Jul 27Jul 28

TEFLON DON: Trump's Approval Ratings Soar Despite Russia MeetingAccording to a brand new Rasmussen poll, President Trump’s approval numbers have now climbed back to 46%, near the highest of his presidency. And all...

Willy341130726Jul 23Jul 26

USA is the real terroristUSA is the real terrorist............

jarred172-Jul 22
No disrespect

No disrespectAnd don't want to cramp all who is onThe Trump line style . But we need some flava in this place. Too much politics now. I feel as if I am a politici...

georgie3925919Jul 20Jul 21
About Trump

About Trump"You will hear very little about the extraordinary success of the Trump economic program. What a shame. What a media disgrace. Because prosperity is t...

texasgirl858534725Jul 19Jul 21
Whos voting for Trump in 2020

Who's voting for Trump in 2020?For those of you who voted for Trump in 2016, how happy are you with Trump, and are you planning on voting for him again? For those who didn't vote...

SHAWNTHOR2558Jul 17Jul 20

Donald Trump: ‘Haters’ Infected with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’President Donald Trump turned to Twitter Wednesday to slam critics of his meeting and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday...

Willy341121515Jul 18Jul 20

Is Assad ready to meet Trump?Is Assad ready to meet Trump? .............................

jarred162-Jul 20

Walk a Mile in Trump's ShoesIn To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch told Scout, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you...

Willy341144437Jul 19Jul 20

Are there more people who are thinking about this............. Many people think that Hitler was not good at his head. It is said that he might even have psychological illnesses. But I think...

jarred1119-Jul 18
Track16: "Marriage"(meet us in the forums)

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