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Why Joe Biden Will Never Be PresidentIs it Joe Biden's horse teeth that will disqualify him for president? Is it the fact that the day he would become president he would be as old as w...

Diamond_Rain13615Mar 223 hrs ago

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman12,6851,525Jul 20184 hrs ago

what is itfirst u dip it then u wet it third u taste it and last u chew it and swallow...

Genuis20121Mar 208 hrs ago
stringman651Mar 19Mar 19

Secret job openings in the US.From a recent BBS news story..., "Lindley Johnson, a planetary defence officer at NASA, told BBC News a fireball this big is only expected about two...

Ken_19521Mar 18Mar 18
Ive been away for about ten years and now Im back

I've been away for about ten years, and now I'm backWhere are all the hot sexy Blondes hiding...

aJester22660Mar 15

Why All Black People Should Be Republicans - Featuring The Best Video Ever On YoutubeIf after learning this history -- the history the Democrats hope you never find out about -- a black person would vote for a Democrat, then there trul...

Diamond_Rain991Mar 1Mar 15

It’s Cheaper To Buy Every American A Ferrari Than Fund The Green New DealFor the cost of implementing the Green New Deal, the federal government could buy every American a brand new Ferrari luxury sports car, according to S...

Willy3411753Mar 7Mar 8

Commander in Chief ---Comment blogFeel free to post comments here. BTW; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to be indicted for bribery, fraud

ooby_dooby700Mar 6

Use the link in your head....The press used to report the news to keep us informed....their mandate. But now their purpose is to keep us misinformed. Sounds simple doesn't it, but...

Drcoctail1365Mar 5Mar 6

Listen Up Y'all LeftardsAs The Amazing Lucas explains, in NO uncertain terms, exactly how You - Yes YOU - are gonna re-elect The Don in '20!

miclee30529Feb 27Mar 4

Rigged election ???Cohen speaks and it's the top story. News at 11. Hey, I'm just the messenger....

chatillion33524Jan 17Mar 4

Disbarred...I see Michael Cohen made it to the news this week. He testified privately Tuesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee and is scheduled to appear (whi...

chatillion23221Feb 27Mar 2

Cohen deal might turn you republican because of lies and agendas media had planned for us Buzz feed and fake news are cahoot collusion maybe what they need to find...

LuckyDuck201814410Feb 28Mar 2

Return to senderSeems whilst we've been talking about the return of the ISIS bride this is just the tip of the iceberg a tweet from President Trump - “the caliphate...

zmountainman1,669171Feb 17Feb 28

Build the wall.The only president that exactly says what he means. Transparency at its best. Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impe...

lindsyjones2,813188Dec 12Feb 27

Which Is A Greater Threat To YOUR Economy? The FED or The Growing Scourge Of Socialism?I was reading a blog elsewhere about how the US Federal Reserve is secretly conspiring to break into your home and steal your eldest child to sell the...

Diamond_Rain771Feb 26Feb 26

The Democrat’s Communist Manifesto -- TAG: NOT SATIRETake a look at the superstars in the Democrat party today and tell me why you shouldn’t be terrified. And not just the superstars, but also the leadi...

Diamond_Rain1024Feb 21Feb 22

Islamic terrorism hit the PhilippinesThis is the latest news in my native country.

lindsyjones32816Feb 2Feb 22

Avoiding the troll blogbut for those who took my comments personally, Art, Bekard - to be 60 or 70 or 80 does not make one automatically senile and I apologise, it never occ...

Elegsabiff50727Feb 19Feb 22
Grave New World

Grave New WorldWith quickly advancing robotics technology and artificial intelligence coming on in leaps and bounds, it seems likely that in the foreseeable future m...

Harbal45059Feb 17Feb 21

Beatin On All FrontsDon't care how you look at it. You can pretend like Soupy, hope like Chat, or be oblivious like Liberal1....but you girls are done. McCabe confirms...

Drcoctail2219Feb 15Feb 17

Copyright vs C& PI looked up what exactly is a blog and I was surprised the definition actually left these C&P scholars in the clear. You can just leave a link, or C&P...

Drcoctail40625Dec 8Feb 14

The South Won't Rise AgainReoublicans freed slaves, and Southern Democrats continued to thwart any such efforts for close to a century. Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full...

Drcoctail2004Nov 1Feb 14
Indian tv seizure The young lady enters the political arena

Indian tv seizure - The young lady enters the political arena.It is Priyanka Vadra. ''She would have an impact'', this sentiment is commonly shared by a whole lot. In the next breath, they say, but she wont be a...

iotaoo851Jan 23Feb 14

The War on Christianity is Coming for You the DEMON rats are doing their dirty work again....

stringman1574Jan 23Feb 14
The Government Shutdown a foreigners analysis

The Government Shutdown - a foreigners analysis!It should be said right off the bat, that I am not an expert on politics or the American way of life. This is purely MY observation on this whole mala...

Philipsen1848Jan 25Feb 14

Harry Reid...the leading liar of the SenateIn response to: Harry Reid: Trump Is 'The Best President We've Ever Had' Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out about President...

Drcoctail30612Jan 18Feb 14
News from Denmark

News from Denmark!Or, news from the Danish political party, Alternativet (translated into The Alternative). The leader of that party, wants to make our cellphones an...

Philipsen1428Feb 2Feb 14

"Truth to power m**erf**ker "Fresh off there Tim Horton sugar high I see our Canadian refugees have embarked on their usual rant on OUR President.....I hope the support cats survi...

Drcoctail38018Jan 4Feb 14

Mueller probe disputes Buzzfeed.There's a lot of media buzz about Mueller coming out and disputing Buzzfeeds story about Trump telling Cohen to lie to congress. Some talking heads ar...

bigjb6224027Jan 19Feb 14

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones2,207147Sep 3Feb 14

PELOSI LEARNS THE HARD WAY SHE CAN’T OUT-TRUMP TRUMPPresident Donald Trump canceling the Democrats’ seven-day trip to Europe and the Middle East because they should be in town negotiating an end to the...

Willy34111,02593Jan 18Feb 14

The rock and the hard place - a modern microstory about businessThe company I worked for, after beating off many attempts at hostile takeovers in the past, was shocked when several of our opposition, including our...

Elegsabiff19514Feb 10Feb 14
Willy341114512Feb 9Feb 14

Quote of the dayUnlike the current 'so called' president, Elizabeth Warren is intelligent, highly educated, exp...

JimNastics1133Feb 11Feb 11
Connect this m**erf**ker

Connect this m**erf**kerWon't be on this site much longer as the high school guidance counselors who double as mods have seen fit to can all my blogs and views, likes, et al....

DRCOCTAIL12346Feb 1Feb 2

A couple of recent articles of interestHarry Reid: Trump Is 'The Worst President We've Ever Had' HuffPost Marina Fang, 13 hours ago Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out...

JimNastics2338Jan 2Jan 28
Whats Worse Working for Trump or Being Married to Him

What's Worse: Working for Trump or Being Married to Him?What's Worse: Working for Trump or Being Married to Him………………………....

jarred192-Jan 26
Touch me in the morning then just walk away

Touch me in the morning, then just walk away...”............. Touch me in the morning, then just walk away...”...

jarred1101-Jan 25
Has Message for Him

Has Message for Him..................... Has Message for Him...

jarred181-Jan 25
True Americans

True Americans........................ True Americans...

jarred1101-Jan 23

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