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Here is a list of Art Blogs. A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you've learned. Post an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Update your blog on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with others. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about others. Click here to post a blog.

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Hello Young Guys

Hello Young Guy’sTake a present picture of your own.. observe it, talk with it.. then guess and draw your appearance of 10, 20, 30 years later and finally draw a face...

shamsul4074Feb 2018Jun 20
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Dongg1126Jun 8Jun 11
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Zoom into the eyes of The Night Watch

Zoom into the eyes of The Night WatchNope, sorry, sweet eff all to do with Game of Thrones Just a few minutes or hours to swim in strokes and pigments

MetaMaus2005May 13May 14
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How to make hundreds of thousands of dollars easyGo to the nearest fruit stand and buy a bunch of bananas. Then go to a hardware store and buy a roll of duct tape. Then go to your nearest snooty ar...

JimNastics3178Dec 6May 13
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Only for Music loverIf you are true music lover just check it out how beautiful they combined all instruments

only1life1659May 4May 13
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Cute IdeaThis is a picture of a bench within the library in Alexandria, Egypt....

JimNastics930Apr 21Go to Last Post

Time for a cultural interludeI wandered lonely on a bleak high hill, but not as lonely as a Lakeland cloud. Nor did I see a single daffodil, despite my reading Wordsworth out a...

HarbalEsquire37728Apr 17Apr 18
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Asian theme credenza...I was asked to design a credenza with an Asian theme for a client. He liked it and was ready to place an order... then, changed his mind and decided t...

chatillion922Apr 1Apr 2
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OldeGuy1141Mar 27Mar 27
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ER room poetryThe Apocalypse by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell This is the apocalypse A daffodil has poked its head up from the dirt and opened sunny arms to bluer...

OldeGuy1081Mar 24Mar 24
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Fresno [ next 08 exitsEmporer Tomato ketchup / stereolab Red hot chili peppers ) californication Mellow gold / Beck Down colorful hill / red house painters Frogstomp /...

Agentbob943Mar 19Mar 19
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Trump Cant Insult Corona Virus into Submission

Trump Can't Insult Corona Virus into SubmissionBreaking News! Base begins to see cracks in the pu**y-grabber's orange rind. President Trump tried derogatory nicknames for the virus, but none...

BadlyDrawn2337Mar 9Mar 10
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Far Side Geek

Far Side GeekI'm one of Gary Larson's biggest fans. In fact, it's his syndicated comic strip that made me want to draw. I'm pretty Bad at it, hence the BadlyDrawn...

BadlyDrawn37326Feb 26Feb 28
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HaikuRainy and windy weather Is not for paddling. Good I got fever....

Tulefell21611Feb 9Feb 16
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Flash Fiction #2. The AppointmentAinsley Goosebutt had to rush home from work on the Friday if he wasn’t going to be late for his doctor’s appointment. He had a quick shower, made hi...

HarbalEsquire32218Jan 31Feb 2
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Playing in the glandbox

Playing in the glandboxI've been drawing people parts. Eyes and lips mostly-- making them interchangeable. A patchwork that might be called "mixed feelings"...or something....

BadlyDrawn256-Jan 14Jan 15
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DREAMSI am still in the monkey hills , whear I have lost my miind and slef Only dreams comes in to the mind

FLYJAMES1398Jan 12Jan 12
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Use Of Right Word On Right Place

Use Of Right Word On Right Place !It's really soo important to use the right word , YES / No Yes I'm not intrested , No I'm not intrested ,...

peednama2104Nov 19Nov 19
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Kat Von D...Tattoo artist, Katherine Von Drachenberg aka Kat Von D came on my radar a generation ago. Her work was flawless and intricate with the kind of details...

chatillion8176Nov 2019Nov 17
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ATTN Native English speakers please

ATTN: Native English speakers please.Is there another way you can interpret this poem other than it's coming from a dead person ? Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I d...

usha12384249Sep 2019Oct 2019
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See if this doesnt Grab your Eye

"See" if this doesn't Grab your EyeI call it ummm..."eye-hand coordination"....

BadlyDrawn1,055-Jun 2019Jul 2019
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chancer_returns4239Jun 2019Jul 2019
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BadlyDrawn493-Jun 2019Jun 2019
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My parents were art collectors... well kinda!Actually, they weren't. They kept a few porcelain knickknacks here and there. My brother sent over some hand painted plates when he was in Germany. Th...

chatillion2094Apr 2019May 2019
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New to blogs. lolNever blogged here before but thought I would give it a try. Or to be honest, I'm bored and have nothing else to do. The future will happen tomorr...

ynot17794047Apr 2019May 2019
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What do you get when

What do you get when.....You take one mechanical pencil, one piece of paper, 10 milligrams of thc, and a couple hours? Sometimes I just draw. Many times it starts with an...

BadlyDrawn554-Apr 2019Apr 2019
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SometimesSometimes being here is fun, but sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's:...

Harbal73553Mar 2019Mar 2019
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SegoviaSegovia gave the first recital of the classical guitar in New York in 1928. 5 years later a show called "las calles de Cadiz" introduced flamenco to...

methuzelah155-Mar 2019Go to Last Post

AddendaAnd so we shall ch Change style yet again. Have you noticed the X plosion In knowledge yet.? The FBI } fresno blitzkrieg inquisition Has taken cust...

Agentbob2075Feb 2019Feb 2019
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Mary Oliver

Mary OliverSome of you may have been aware that the great American Poet Mary Oliver died today, aged 83. I loved this poem when I was 15 and I love it still:...

Still_notaDoctor46826Jan 2019Jan 2019
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Reality Of Life

Reality Of LifeLife is like a ride of beast . If you have courage you will ride it , B U T I F...

peednama2556Dec 2018Dec 2018
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Shred your paintings ?Moments after a painting by Bansky was bid on at a Sotheby auction for over $1,300.,000 yesterday, a shredder concealed within the painting by the ar...

JimNastics3388Oct 2018Oct 2018
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blog titleblog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog d...

singalashwani3136Aug 2018Aug 2018
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EpiphaniesAwake at 3 am last night, I put some magnesium oil on to help me relax and get back to sleep, and started journalling to get the busy out of my brain...

LadyImp35813Jul 2018Jul 2018
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Do you feel others?We are all looking for fun things in life There are many things that make us happy and enjoy A few days ago I was doing something that a friend call...

kenan_syr53420Jun 2018Jul 2018
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PABLO NERUDAMe gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente, y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca. Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado y parece q...

pirategirl3976Jun 2018Jun 2018
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LOVEEEEEE !If I should think of love I'd think of you, your arms uplifted, Tying your hair in plaits above, The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders, Th...

pirategirl2970Jun 2018Go to Last Post

Nope I don't Know....But then you could tell me .... BTW I need more than good vibes, I need more hours in a day...

Lukeon320-Jun 2018Go to Last Post
Books and Reading

Books and ReadingI recently came across a Best Books list, and thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of it, and if they had read many of them (No,...

mollybaby2,169116May 2018Jun 2018
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Meet Achmed The Dead Terrorist He came up on a blog about Canada's Hate Speech Law. The subject of Free Speech vs Hate Speech arose on...

miclee1,0709May 2018May 2018
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aspire14o67719Apr 2018Apr 2018
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Soul searching

Soul searching..Day 11th: f*ck! What I am trying to prove is that through my intentions I am creating angels, messiahs and prophets. Isn't that better than living an...

Unknown4246Mar 2018Apr 2018
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