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New to blogs. lolNever blogged here before but thought I would give it a try. Or to be honest, I'm bored and have nothing else to do. The future will happen tomorr...

ynot17737236Apr 12Apr 13
What do you get when

What do you get when.....You take one mechanical pencil, one piece of paper, 10 milligrams of thc, and a couple hours? Sometimes I just draw. Many times it starts with an...

BadlyDrawn38032Apr 1Apr 5

SometimesSometimes being here is fun, but sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's:...

Harbal46853Mar 18Mar 19

SegoviaSegovia gave the first recital of the classical guitar in New York in 1928. 5 years later a show called "las calles de Cadiz" introduced flamenco to...

methuzelah38-Mar 16

AddendaAnd so we shall ch Change style yet again. Have you noticed the X plosion In knowledge yet.? The FBI } fresno blitzkrieg inquisition Has taken cust...

Agentbob885Feb 7Feb 7
Mary Oliver

Mary OliverSome of you may have been aware that the great American Poet Mary Oliver died today, aged 83. I loved this poem when I was 15 and I love it still:...

Still_notaDoctor27026Jan 17Jan 20
Reality Of Life

Reality Of LifeLife is like a ride of beast . If you have courage you will ride it , B U T I F...

peednama1526Dec 6Dec 7

Shred your paintings ?Moments after a painting by Bansky was bid on at a Sotheby auction for over $1,300.,000 yesterday, a shredder concealed within the painting by the ar...

JimNastics2208Oct 7Oct 7
blog title

blog titleblog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog detail blog d...

singalashwani2036Aug 23Aug 23
Hello Young Guys

Hello Young Guy’sTake a present picture of your own.. observe it, talk with it.. then guess and draw your appearance of 10, 20, 30 years later and finally draw a face...

shamsul2632Feb 2018Jul 2018

EpiphaniesAwake at 3 am last night, I put some magnesium oil on to help me relax and get back to sleep, and started journalling to get the busy out of my brain...

LadyImp24213Jul 2018Jul 2018
Do you feel others

Do you feel others?We are all looking for fun things in life There are many things that make us happy and enjoy A few days ago I was doing something that a friend call...

kenan_syr41420Jun 2018Jul 2018

PABLO NERUDAMe gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente, y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca. Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado y parece q...

pirategirl2416Jun 2018Jun 2018

LOVEEEEEE !If I should think of love I'd think of you, your arms uplifted, Tying your hair in plaits above, The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders, Th...

pirategirl1880Jun 2018

Nope I don't Know....But then you could tell me .... BTW I need more than good vibes, I need more hours in a day...

Lukeon210-Jun 2018

Books and ReadingI recently came across a Best Books list, and thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of it, and if they had read many of them (No,...

mollybaby1,778116May 2018Jun 2018

Meet Achmed The Dead Terrorist He came up on a blog about Canada's Hate Speech Law. The subject of Free Speech vs Hate Speech arose on...

miclee6729May 2018May 2018

The moment lives forever...........................................................................

aspire14o48719Apr 2018Apr 2018
Soul searching

Soul searching..Day 11th: f*ck! What I am trying to prove is that through my intentions I am creating angels, messiahs and prophets. Isn't that better than living an...

Wanderlust13266Mar 2018Apr 2018

Life in social mediaLife in social media Life in social media Life in social media...

galrads492-Mar 2018Apr 2018

Life in social media 2Life in social media 2 Life in social media 2 Life in social media 2...

galrads1,395-Mar 2018Apr 2018

Life in social media 4Life in social media 4p Life in social media 4 Life in social media 4...

galrads487-Apr 2018Apr 2018

Life in social media 99Life in social media 99 Life in social media 99 Life in social media 99...

galrads583-Apr 2018Apr 2018

Life in social media XLife in social media X Life in social media X Life in social media X...

galrads2,784-Mar 2018Apr 2018

EpistleGod! Do you have to be virtuous and so pious? Why make me feel ashamed with the concept of sin? What good is life if life on earth is a misery? I beco...

psiberite1900Mar 2018
God is Kind to me

God is Kind to meGod is kind to me is a hyperbolic idiom to signify that all things are going well. For example: God has been kind to me in my life....

psiberite1880Mar 2018
Analysis of Homers Odyssey through Neologisms

Analysis of Homer's Odyssey through NeologismsHomer’s classic Epic—Odyssey belongs to the cannons of Greek Literature. Odyssey is a description of the return voyage of the epic hero Ulysses after...

psiberite2625Mar 2018Mar 2018

Life in social mediaLife in social media Life in social media Life in social media...

galrads418-Mar 2018Mar 2018

ParaphiliaI learnt this term from a reader- comment on my writing. I had to look up at the dictionary. The dictionary states that Paraphilia is an abnormal s*...

psiberite3123Mar 2018Mar 2018
The Moon

The MoonThe crystal ball was out early, hanging as an immaculate witch in the sky…I gazed at her like a poetic ornament…I was tantalized by her reflection on...

psiberite2242Mar 2018Mar 2018

EvangelistsThey came to my house with two books. I thought they were giving it for free. Then they said the books cost 200 Rupees. They asked please help them to...

psiberite2413Feb 2018Feb 2018

EpiphaniesMy body is corpse of rotten flowers –my soul an angst ridden Sisyphus—Where’s warmth of a woman gone? When can I smell sweet Jasmine on your hair? Whe...

psiberite2114Feb 2018Feb 2018
The Language of the Eyes

The Language of the EyesNo or little direct eye contact is a classic sign of deception. A person who is lying to you will do everything to avoid making eye contact. Unconsc...

skaligsm30610Feb 2018Feb 2018
A Hermeneutic of Poes Tell Tale Heart

A Hermeneutic of Poe’s Tell Tale HeartI happened to read the story since I had to teach it to eight graders. The story belongs to the genre of the Gothic Vintage. The protagonist of the st...

psiberite2571Jan 2018Feb 2018
Sol me vos umbra regit

Sol me vos umbra regit"- Haec ego non multis (-scribo-), sed tibi: satis enim magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus -" "- Un imbécile, quae in extremis, qui n’a qu’une idé...

Huitzilopochtli224-Feb 2018
A Night Out

A Night OutI had lovely time last night seeing Tosca for the frist time, I just love the villain Scarpia..

FLYJAMES2184Feb 2018Feb 2018
My Funny Valentine

My Funny ValentineYou dont love some one for their looks or their clothes or for their fancy car but because thay thay sing a song only you can hear..

FLYJAMES2758Feb 2018Feb 2018

Something newThe drought brought forth cracks in my soil As the seeds, carefully sown await Under a black and white sky I call the clouds to me as if I was the...

Palmfrond2782Jan 2018Feb 2018
FLYJAMES2407Jan 2018Jan 2018

MemoirsDusk The splendor of the sky dazzled as an ornament. The sky, a golden furnace, robes of orange, mystic flames of purple all serenaded me like a cath...

psiberite2231Jan 2018Jan 2018
Ooga Booga is gone

Ooga Booga is goneHerd on the raido that Hugh Masekela have pasted away.. This news was like apart of my world is no more.. It was a very hot after-noon sitting i...

FLYJAMES2114Jan 2018Jan 2018

EpiphaniesSaw a yellow winged fairy floating in the air, dancing in psychedelic delight, showing off a magnificent opera of flight…dazzling me with a catharsis...

psiberite2444Jan 2018Jan 2018
ecm1013: "Happy Dead Soul"(meet us in the poems)

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