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Well 2018 is arround the corner

Well 2018 is arround the cornerWhat long term planning is up in the air at present ?...

Snookums3319013Sep 17Sep 18
im into poetry now

i'm into poetry nowvultures! vultures ! vultures ! was howling three days long anybody hear me?! i'm changing my song happy! happy! happy! dingy- lingy-...

bloodyawfull21514Sep 10Sep 10
FLYJAMES14919Sep 8Sep 8
The day is finally here

The day is finally here!!!!!!!Gonna be reunited with my darling Art in a few days. LDR is no easy feat but the rewards were worth the wait We are gonna spend 2 lovely w...

MimiArt7348125-Aug 31
FLYJAMES911Aug 7Aug 7
Who Woulda Thought Free Was a Pain in the Neck

Who Woulda Thought Free Was a Pain in the Neck?Since I've moved to my new home I have not been able to find a job. So I have had to depend on a food bank. No big deal. God supplied me with food and...

Ed194159623Mar 2016Jul 26
Free handed

Free-handedAs a young artist in New York City, what is this obsession with work being "free-handed". Honestly, most people don't get a chance to see the process...

NewYorkcitylove88-Jul 25
I am a jealous YouTuber

I am a jealous YouTuberSome here who know me know that I am a lazy person. Several years ago I decided work is boring. Not only that, I learned when bones break at work, n...

Ken_1923314Jul 21Jul 21
Again in my dream

Again in my dreamWho is the prime minister of Pakistn? What is Panama leaks? What is relation between currently prime minister of Pakistan and Panama leaks? Who is...

only1life1010Jul 19

MimiartYou again failed in relationship. Ohhh sorry to heard that. Best of luck for next time. Try try again. .........................

only1life35811Jul 15Jul 15
I Dont Know What I Am Supposed To Do With You

I Don't Know What I Am Supposed To Do With You..I know you will come and take a peek here today. I tried very hard to forget it, but I couldn't. I guess it's better for me to not try at all. It will...

Kalpataru184-Jul 2
Playing In The Playground

Playing In The Playground!!The title is a musical phrase my nephew uses when he jams with all his childhood buddies. He's lived in Pasadena, CA all his life (50+ years) in the B...

Ed19411466Jun 12Jun 15
The Second Coming of Broken Fingers Malone

The Second Coming of Broken Fingers Malone!!This morning promptly at 9 am I started my rounds. This is Bullhead City, AZ and nothing changes. Life here fits me like a favorite pair of shoes. Wel...

Ed194116614Jun 8Jun 9
Late night in Rotterdam

Late night in Rotterdam Its so far spendind the weekend at my dauther, In the morning or later today thay are having a gard...

FLYJAMES1337May 20May 20
WRITING Know Your Environment

WRITING - Know Your EnvironmentMost authors have the core, the kernel of their idea. It may be the climax of the trilogy - The Federation regains control of the shipping lanes and c...

Grumpywriter20417May 17May 18
Forgotten music

Forgotten musicAlice Coltrane... Charles Mingus He...

FLYJAMES1022May 13May 13
WRITING Cover Letters

WRITING - Cover LettersWe all know that, for several reasons, you're supposed to tailor your cover letter to suit the job for which you're applying. A generic 'cover-all' le...

Grumpywriter35138May 10May 10
A fine Afternoon to all here

A fine Afternoon to all here.Going to work this week a 05:00 in the morning and listening to One charming night for the frist time..

FLYJAMES993May 7May 7
WRITING Another Author Illness Blind Publisher Syndrome

WRITING - Another Author Illness - Blind Publisher SyndromeYou know the drill. You've completed your masterpiece and convinced yourself that it's the next best seller. Yet those blinkered literary agents an...

Grumpywriter23619May 4May 5
WRITING The problem is that youre too close

WRITING - The problem is that you're too close..."Look!" said Edward, pointing through the grimy veranda window at the distant hills. "The sun is shining again." The End That's it! You have fin...

Grumpywriter28118May 2May 3
HOMOPHONES or Writing the Right Rite

HOMOPHONES or 'Writing the Right Rite'.Both a private conversation and a recent thread have brought this subject back to my mind. You've got to love our language... "Write," said Dav...

Grumpywriter19010Apr 30May 1
Thoughts In an Art Gallery

Thoughts In an Art Gallery..."Abstraction" opens up the prospect of an art that, following in the footsteps of pure philosophical inquiry, perhaps symphonic music, and certain exp...

Kattte19517Apr 27Apr 30
WRITING Blank Screen Syndrome

WRITING - Blank Screen SyndromeBlank Screen Syndrome (now 'officially' known as BSS - I am determined to leave a legacy of some kind) is a terrible affliction and can affect anybody...

Grumpywriter26328Apr 29Apr 29
Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoonNot much is happing here, Where are the usual suspects? Going to make my Sunday dinner now with some Tosca..

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella. FitzgeraldThe queen of jazz the Lady Ella Fitzgerald would have been 100 years old this week, I hope you had a lovely Ester week end, For myslef I planted...

FLYJAMES1255Apr 17Apr 17
My 1st blog

My 1st blogI'm pretty much new to blogging. I hope you enjoy it. Hmm for some reason the powers that be won't allow me o post images using the Edge browser Now I...

skng14me24613Mar 28Mar 28

BAD MOODSI am in a very bad mood today..

FLYJAMES1637Mar 16Mar 16
FLYJAMES1779Mar 6Mar 6
Good Hunting Ground

Good Hunting GroundMy ex use to tell me that we men are wrong when we think of hunting. The woman is a far better hunter than we men,, She told me most of the time wh...

FLYJAMES24210Mar 5Mar 5

SPIRITSGreat spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.. A.E. Are we in connection with your spirit every-day. But then...

FLYJAMES23322Mar 3Mar 3
The God Neptune

The God NeptuneWhat do we think about the God Neptune

FLYJAMES17217Feb 26Feb 26
Bacchus the God of wine and fertillify

Bacchus the God of wine and fertillifyGoing to a party tonight from the God Bacchus, Is there anyone here who would like to go to this party.

FLYJAMES24016Feb 25Feb 25
FLYJAMES40241Feb 24Feb 25
The Lebabon

The LebabonYou ask me how I became a Madman. It hahhened thus .One day long before The Gods were born I woke from a deep sleep and fond all my masks were s...

FLYJAMES17711Feb 23Feb 23
FLYJAMES19919Feb 20Feb 20
My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine...Lets have a little fun here. What is your Valentine song or pome? Love you more to day than yesterday..

FLYJAMES69171Feb 9Feb 10

UnhappyAt times am really unhappy its seems next to hate for my self, I know that one day God is going to make me shine so bright that its almost blinging to...

Syndilee428611Feb 7Feb 7
FLYJAMES21414Jan 31Feb 1
Three passions have governed my life

Three passions have governed my life:Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of . Love brings...

charming_chap2443Dec 2016Dec 2016
FLYJAMES1932Dec 2016Dec 2016
major fire

major fireIn Oakland California severa individuals illegally moved into a two story warehouse. There was only one entrance. access to the second floor was onl...

Ken_1930710Dec 2016Dec 2016
Correct about the pig person

Correct about the pig personRecently the news of pig person is popular on website here.Many person said that there are several pig persons in a area.But finally we have the answe...

Cherielxl1,04013Aug 2016Nov 2016
Ulimaroa: "being happy"(meet us in the puzzles)

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