It did not belong...

It did not belong.
It fell away from the rest of uncle's papers and drawings, fell
before me on the floor.
The ancient parchment though barely yellowed, seemed new again
under the full sun of late morning. The background of the
figure started to shift back and forth giving the furry or is
it feathered... coils an uncanny sense of disagreeable motion,
a slow quivering like breathing, with a sudden jerks of motion
leaving me ill at ease and at a loss to explain the sensations
of color, sparkling, shifting blues and golds on what simply
had to be a woodcut in monotone, then a rushing like a hot
desert wind blown through a narrow crevasse, howling then
splintering into what seemed like legions of whisperers,
desperate to impart some dire message or revelation.
I can remember no more until i found myself raising my head, to
find the long shadows of late afternoon sprawling across the
lawn. I can give no other clear impression of the experience
save the feeling that I now must find something,a thing or
substance I do not know but feel the greatest urgency to
locate, like a thing lost but now of vital importance.
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