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South Florida has 2 main east-west roads that cross the state passing through the Everglades swampland. Several stops along the way have gas, food, rest areas and all are part of the Big Cypress Wildlife Management. I know there are two Indian tribes who have land there. Seminoles and Miccosukee. They run the stores selling souvenirs like hand made jewelry, trinkets and normal things that tourists buy including things made from alligator hides.
If you have swamp, you need an airboat to travel across the Everglades. There are signs along the way advertising airboat scenic rides. Some are owned by the Indians and some by private companies.
Last week, coming back from an appointment south of me, two pickup trucks were alongside, each with and airboat in tow. One was a triple-deck and the other, really tall as it had four levels. That would put the driver/pilot about 15 feet above the water. My first thought was 'top-heavy' and a ride that would jar your organs loose.

Today in the news, an airboat flipped sending 9 passengers into gator infested waters.
The driver took a sharp turn so he could get a glimpse of an alligator, tipping the boat on it's side. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded and the boat's operator was arrested because he did not have the proper documentation necessary to operate the boat.

(medium size airboat pictured)
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