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Budget for the US!I am beginning to lay a budget for my USA trip. These are based on my estimates, how much I usually spend here in Denmark, and how much I anticipate t...

Philipsen542Jul 18Jul 18

SÉNÉGAL: AU COEUR DE LA MAISON DES ESCLAVES DE DAKAR© Copyright : noursaid gamal L'histoire de l'Île de Gorée, située près de Dakar, au Sénégal, est intimement liée à celle de la Maison des esclaves, u...

noursaid320Jul 17

TRAVEL TO TUNISIAHAVE YOU BEEN TO TUNISIA? WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT NORTH AFRICA? Tunisia is little less explored that some other parts of North Africa – especially Tu...

seiftn931Jul 16Jul 16

Americans - your money is weird!I went to the local money exchange agency, Forex, and I got $50. I am now home, and I decided to take a closer look at them. They feel weird. The D...

Philipsen24813Jul 12Jul 14

Checklist for USA.I know, I know.. I am still a LONG way away from actually going, but it's not too early to make a list of things I need to do and get! So first up:...

Philipsen16217Jul 11Jul 12

My ESTA status!I applied for the ESTA yesterday, and I paid $14 for it. I have just looked at the application, and, as I suspected, it was approved. I can now si...

Philipsen1337Jul 12Jul 12

It's finally happening!I have just booked the flight to Newark Liberty International Airport (3 stars out of 5 on Google) on may 1st, 2020. It's gonna be my first time ever...

Philipsen1429Jul 11Jul 12
A message that warmed my heart 3

A message that warmed my heart <3"You would like to find a nice girl, okay, but reading you on the blogs and your profile tells me you will have a difficult time The blogs and forums...

WhatYouHadAndWha14710Jul 9Jul 11
Bali is always a good idea

Bali is always a good idea!I first when to Bali for my honeymoon back in 1996. I was truly taken away by the strong Hindu culture and influence. Didn’t make another trip to...

MiMiArt361-Jun 21Jul 8
Realmente me estoy cayendo o es que tengo el equilibrio alterado

¿Realmente me estoy cayendo o es que tengo el equilibrio alterado?Quisiera poder teletransportarme de la oficina directo a casa. No fui criado para habitar con las palomas. Ni para soportar los boludos con complejos...

WhatYouHadAndWha893May 24Jun 22

Possibly visiting the New York next year!I have a few friends in the US, and I have always wanted to visit, so I went on Google to see, how cheap it would be for me to take a round trip in Ma...

Philipsen776Jun 22Jun 22
Stones stones more stones yeah

Stones stones more stones yeah.Spiritualized. As it seems there's some kind of connection between cold and home. Between love and the serotonin fabricated in my brain. We'r...

WhatYouHadAndWha550May 29
Soledad mi estado de nimo secreto

Soledad, mi estado de ánimo secreto.A storm in Heaven. I can't believe I'm still alive as I watch the giants passing by so close to me. But of course I always smile gently at the bu...

WhatYouHadAndWha530May 27

IshallThis kid next to me (he's maybe 15?) listening to Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre and then I thought 'damn,kids listen to shit music' AND THEN I REMEMBER A FEW...

WhatYouHadAndWha944May 23May 24

i am off to the shops ???oh yes I am off shopping ????? what mmmmm... well it is not to my local supermarket.. I am popping over to the car ...nowt special about...

edison324890May 23
Martes II

Martes IINever pissed off. I walk a different part of the city and I'm never pissed off. Why do people have to behave so f*ck weird in cities? But then agai...

WhatYouHadAndWha590May 22
Im a mover

I'm a mover..... I can't sleep at night. ???????????????????????????????????????...

WhatYouHadAndWha41136May 9May 21
Martes I

Martes IBut if I knew that the sun will never rise like this, then I'd be really sad. Now morning has broken and solarized the very brown part, the dark...

WhatYouHadAndWha360May 20

LUNDAGUR IILUNDAGUR II 28 marzo 2011, a la(s) 19:38 Crowded. Buenos Aires. All of them. I could establish connection to almost all of them. I can easily soci...

WhatYouHadAndWha640May 19

LUNDAGUR, HAHA.LUNDAGUR, HAHA. 28 marzo 2011, a la(s) 11:07 It's so f*ck annoying. Yeah I find it f*ck annoying. My Buenosairean friends surely noticed; it's f*c...

WhatYouHadAndWha620May 19
Durnk so here goes the first one

Durnk, so here goes the first one...downing a nice botttlee of Malbec 2013, so let's get started. Viernes. 25 marzo 2011, a la(s) 11:57 Deja vù, the only thing I could think of ri...

WhatYouHadAndWha1287May 15May 17
Viernes III

Viernes IIILast one of the Friday series. Now I have to stop because the memories are killing me. This is killing me, slowly and painfully. But it will all get...

WhatYouHadAndWha530May 16
Viernes II

Viernes IISo here's the second one. this one had a commetn from my best friend, who died two years ago, so i'm back to crying like a bastard. i need some closu...

WhatYouHadAndWha480May 16
Still dont dare

Still don't dare.To let it all out. I just found my notes,my diaries and all that. But I can't. The feeling is so strong my legs shake and weaken. I've just cut my...

WhatYouHadAndWha740May 15
Buy it in bottles

Buy it in bottles...Stuck on a mind train, and I’m stuck in a bad frame...Give up, bet no way you know how to stop...and I’m made this way yeah....

WhatYouHadAndWha760May 15

HaloWhen sailing past St Vincent on the 3rd of May we saw a halo around the sun. It was really beautiful. Im not sure why its caused or what i...

lshtar51348May 7May 14
What difference does it make

What difference does it make?All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known: For we have been through hell and high tide I think I can rely on you... And yet you sta...

WhatYouHadAndWha1344May 7May 8
Stay on these roads

Stay on these roads...... we shall meet, I know ––...

WhatYouHadAndWha1206May 7May 7

travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

flyme17737Sep 2016Apr 30
Experience of Iran visit lovely

Experience of Iran visit lovelyI recently visited to Iran. It is really beautiful country on earth. When I was there I was feeling it is my dream because I never ever see beautiful...

only1life1945Apr 26Apr 30

Lost opportunities...bucket lists.Helped a fellow sailor install an amateur radio/single side band radio/back rig antenna on his 34 foot sloop here a decade ago. He was bound for the M...

Vierkaesehoch14511Apr 20Apr 21

TrinidadAfter spending 3 weeks in Tobago yesterday we left for Trinidad. We started sailing at 7 am. It was a clouded and drizzly day but started to clear up...

lshtar68169Apr 18Apr 21

CompanyA cosy little balcony with a table for two. Clear blue ocean with almost dead corals. But somed...

usha12343328Apr 3Apr 8

Back in the US, back in the USNJHome is car is. After 25 hours of driving (plus 3 hours of sleeping), I arrived home to New Jersey very late Friday night. The car 'b...

JimNastics1104Apr 6Apr 6
Damn its cold for LA

Damn, it's cold...for LAThe peaks surrounding the valley are covered with snow and while I've only been here 5 years, I'm pretty sure this is not the norm. It snowed in North...

BadlyDrawn1310Feb 21

Shangri-La, Georgia and other non-existant cities...Not every scammer uses a bogus address. For example, I've seen many women from Philippines working in another country and list Philippines to let you...

chatillion960Feb 16

Need some SAYI need a break from work, I thought of travelling. My two other colleagues wants to go with me. I was searching in the internet which place is prefera...

ayoneq1010Feb 9

Another shoe drops in the Mueller probe...Top story this morning... President Trump's associate (and ex-adviser) Roger stone has been arrested. He's facing charges including witness tampering...

chatillion1877Jan 25Jan 25

Heyy..Don't you think you'll miss your plane?

Kalpataru240-Jan 20Jan 20
Piggybacking on Tracks blog again

Piggybacking on Track’s blog...again ;-)Fiorenza MiMi’s place is very near to the foothills of Banjaran Titiwangsa ( Central Titiwangsa Range ) When Art was here for the first time bac...

MiMiArt177-Jan 15

Visions.After the things happening, I saw it. The visions came to me, of endless joy and happy days. Even my heart feels the innefable urge to pour in tears w...

WhatYouHadAndWha2143Dec 6Jan 3
How do you do to forget To not miss anymore

How do you do to forget? To not miss anymore?It's been exactly 8 years already, and I still can't seem to move on. Yeah, I move on, on the outside, new people, new relationships, but still no one...

WhatYouHadAndWha38325Dec 18Dec 23

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