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Meeting EU friends in Lisbon

Meeting EU friends in Lisbon....Surprised how EU folks seem to like the place. Moreso the South, actually. Really not as exciting as other parts of the EU. Exciting isn't always a to...

Aaltarboy716Nov 12Nov 12
Coimbra Fado

Coimbra....Fado....Lisboa...nao sejas Francesa, tu es Portuguesa, tu es so P'ra nos! Memrise and Duolingo---great platforms. Aa....

Aaltarboy490Nov 11

Portugal.....Perhaps a little overly cautious in life. Love most of the EU, but in looking for a place to spend winters, as is my wont, trying to maximize pluses,...

Aaltarboy957Nov 10Nov 10
Adventures in caving or spelunking

Adventures in caving, or spelunkingMy favourite hobby by far is caving. It's a little bit more challenging than the hiking, and scrambling I normally do. Caves are very fascinating to m...

ScarlettAutumn23517Oct 4Nov 4

ciaoI am in Sri Lanka until end of february. Do you want meet me on the beach?...

MARCHESES88623Jan 2016Oct 30
On the water

On the water....Normally, esp. when the girls were younger and not away at school, and mom and dad were still an item, we'd take some time to sail north for family v...

Aaltarboy1386Aug 27Aug 28
Maratika Tour A tour to experience different

Maratika Tour - A tour to experience different.Maratika Tour is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Maratika cave is situated in the eastern part of Nepal namely in Khotang district. In and around the Mara...

ramailogarula920Aug 8
Meeting up with one of our long time member Gentle Jim

Meeting up with one of our long time member, Gentle JimJim and I had finally met after some failed attempts. We had a good dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Jamesville, Wisconsin. Instead of flying ou...

lindsyjones59535Aug 1Aug 3
Miss U My Jamaica

Miss U My JamaicaSixteen years away from my paradise island. Such a unique place to be. Whether u want to have Christian fun or sinful fun, its there. Street part...

Unika_412138Jul 29Aug 1
Age and mileage please

Age and mileage, pleaseI’m looking for a specific kind of vehicle, and suddenly noticed a certain familiarity about my list. See if you can spot it. Not too young - the...

Elegsabiff1,00790Jul 27Jul 30
Holiday in Spain

Holiday in Spain .Hi My trip by car begins from Riga end of September for two months . Female co-driver place free . Driving license is a must . Non smoker . English...

Tomsona2030Jul 28Jul 28
Maratika Namobuddha Lumbini Buddhist Tour Healing Meditation

Maratika Namobuddha Lumbini Buddhist Tour - Healing & Meditation....Last week we did a 10 days trip in Nepal. We got a group coming from different countries and collected in Kathmandu. We started up our Buddhist Tour o...

ramailogarula1082Jul 21Jul 21
The first teleport step taken At LAST

The first teleport step taken At LASTokay, only a photon but - the first manned flight was not particularly impressive. It would have been impossible to guess, watching the Wright brother...

Elegsabiff2,143282Jul 14Jul 20
Quebec Canada

Quebec, Canada.Merely a few short and lovely hours by Rolls-Royce from the Aa palace in Maine. EH? But what a different world. I know I rant on the ueber PC nature...

Aaltarboy21916Jun 27Jun 28
Wonderful Place to see endangered animals birds and wild plants

Wonderful Place to see endangered animals, birds and wild plantsChitwan National Park which is one of the largest national parks in the world situated in Nepal houses 1000 different species of endanger animals, 643...

ramailogarula1562Jun 19Jun 19
Who will travel with me to montenegro

Who will travel with me to montenegroim looking for a woman that likes to travel... i will have my friends sommerhouse next week and like to share it with a woman.. you like walking in...

Civilisten3007Jun 13Jun 13
Introducing my hometown to Art

Introducing my hometown to Art.I also introduced my gaggles of girlfriends to Art. They were dying to meet him after hearing so many stories about him. There was only one problem th...

MimiArt7348335-May 31

SingaporeI worked in Singapore in the early 90's. Vibrant city but it has become a very expensive place to live in ( For the fourth year running, the Republic...

MimiArt7348242-Apr 23
Trans Siberian rail

Trans Siberian rail...Two decades ago, when flying was still fun, and I still was globe trotting more than now, spent a month with a GF backpacking in the PRC. Neither had...

Aaltarboy1526Apr 20Apr 20
My recent Aussie trip

My recent Aussie tripIt's nice to be back in Malaysia after spending 2 weeks in Melbourne. Kinda miss my newborn nephew already......the main reason why I made the trip in...

MimiArt734844136Mar 27Apr 13
Lets go for a ride

Let's go for a ride..So I made an attempt at a few videos today for you guys.. I'm new at this so please go easy on me.....

IncubusBaig70864Feb 22Feb 23
Heaven on earth

Heaven on earth....Before I left for my short getaway weekend to Bali this last weekend, some of my adult students told me another name for Bali is "Surga Dunia" Meaning...

titsy2355Jan 25Jan 27
Las Vegas Vancouver Montreal and Gangnam

Las Vegas, Vancouver, Montreal and GangnamHi, I'm going to have a business trip to Las Vegas, Vancouver, Montreal and Gangnam this end of Jan to beginning of Feb. Each city I will have 1...

MimiHN2442Jan 1Jan 22
Things I did in UAE

Things I did in UAE.. :)Okkk... so here is the sequel to my "things to do in UAE" blog. First and foremost.. the weather was absolutely brilliant.. ranging between 20 and...

IncubusBaig83552Nov 2016Dec 2016
An Afternoon At The Beach

An Afternoon At The BeachThe glistening, golden sand clings to your bare feet as you tread through it towards the border where the sparkling, blue-green water buffets the coas...

catsrus11781Nov 2016Nov 2016
Clunk screech thump Here are 12 common car sounds and what they mean

Clunk, screech, thump: Here are 12 common car sounds and what they meanHere are a few common sounds that you could be hearing from your car, and what they could mean: 1 A loud squeal, like metal on metal, when you hi...

Lukeon43619Nov 2016Nov 2016
Things to do in UAE

Things to do in UAEHi All.. I'm going to be in UAE for the next couple of weeks so just wanted to get some ideas of interesting things to do there.....

IncubusBaig55332Nov 2016Nov 2016
What a beautiful world

What a beautiful worldDo you love outdoor? Wow, what an art. Painted in red, orange, fiery yellow, purple, green, all in one view. I can't ask for more, what ab...

lindsyjones44530Oct 2016Oct 2016
This way to airport weigh in

This way to airport weigh-inPago Pago airport has apparently stopped pre-booking seats and started weighing passengers they think are overweight. Way to start your holiday? He...

Elegsabiff87381Oct 2016Oct 2016

GibraltarWhat a shit hole....if you've never been..don't bother... Give it back to Spain....

Unknown3152Sep 2016Sep 2016

travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

flyme14925Sep 2016Sep 2016
Im baaaaaaaaaack

I'm baaaaaaaaaackand what a palaver. I zooted off to Germany to buy cigs, as one does. Very cheap flights, very cheap hotel which it turned out was mainly for people w...

Elegsabiff69944Aug 2016Aug 2016
smallangel222811Aug 2016Aug 2016

Welcome to South Africa.We are so fortunate to have 11 official languages. How many do you have? We can think in one language, sanitize our thoughts in another, express ourse...

Catfoot88941Jul 2016Jul 2016
surf at own risk

surf at own risksurf at own risk...

jarred1510-Jul 2016
holiday thailand

holiday thailandholiday thailand...

jarred1304-Jun 2016
My holiday list for the next 12 months

My holiday list for the next 12 monthsJamiaca...anyone it worth it ?...things to watch out for ? South Africa..doing a 10 day bike tour..cant wait New Zealand in a motorhome...

Unknown51019Jun 2016Jun 2016

VisaFinally I got my visa to Vietnam, any suggestions where to visit?...

Amuaj4268Jun 2016Jun 2016
Ok where have you been

Ok, where have you been????Here is a link to Google Maps..expand the map with your mouse to the city level and hit Add Marker to mark the city you've visited then save the map...

sands881,25269Apr 2016Apr 2016
Me in a nutshell

Me in a nutshellI am a simple guy who loves to laugh and cry as the situation demands. Not pretentious and absolutely happy in my own skin. I wouldn't call myself a p...

Lankanguy126345Apr 2016Apr 2016
The changes in immigration policies

The changes in immigration policies.In the EU, North America, Australasia and elsewhere, formerly more liberally oriented such policies are clearly becoming more restrictive. This is occ...

Aaltarboy5238Mar 2016Mar 2016

WelcomeREDEX. Welcome Back From your Holidays. Hope you post some Pictures, Of your Trip. Stay Blessed....

timotie5774Mar 2016Mar 2016
MLAURANCE: """PRETENDER""(meet us in the poems)

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