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Did itchywitch get blocked or left?Where is she??? Did she block me? Did she just go? What happened?...

WhatYouHadAndWha2117Nov 1217 hrs ago

Perseguido por las plantas de Bariloche.I remember the images I got this morning.. the old church, the road, her hair. Her golden hair and the white dress. It reminds me of other visions of...

WhatYouHadAndWha320Nov 4

Love is Noise...I wish MySpace was back. Whereas I listen to that song, I cannot help to think every-single-f*ck about that Ukrainian cutie that travelled to China. W...

WhatYouHadAndWha551Nov 1Nov 1

No titleToday I spoke to my psychiatrist about you. About her. You are her, at least you are what she represents. It is you, her. And it wasn't meant to be....

WhatYouHadAndWha772Nov 1Nov 1

Three little guys...After doing what I'm not supposed to do, I finally saw you again... In my dreams. In my head. You gave me three children. Three sons. You, but you we...

WhatYouHadAndWha932Oct 31Nov 1

An Autumn tripNearly once a time a year , our childhood friends meet together, normally we go to a restaurant to join. Not content with eating all the time, this t...

July01254-Oct 27
traveling abroad

traveling abroadI have never traveled abroad before and I am planning a trip to the Philippines in January. I will be arriving in Cebu and taking a ferry to Bohol....

Johnny_Sparton963105Oct 8Oct 23
My 1st join in Tahura Forest Archery Tournament

My 1st join in Tahura Forest Archery TournamentTaman Hutan Raya - TAHURA..the name of a conservation forest in Bandung area, is an integrated conservation area between secondary nature and forest....

Toe_toes19111Sep 24Sep 25

JakartaSomewhere in 2014, I befriended someone here on the blogs. She was quite active on the blogs and we hit it off right away! I soon discovered that w...

MiMiArt228-Sep 23Sep 24
Workin on Leavin the Livin

Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'Wanna help me pack. Hmm lets see, what to take,. What.. To take....

InstincThis114-Sep 23Sep 23

Texas, casino free stateWow all the money siphoned out of this great state. No wonder they built the biggest casino in the US at the border between Oklahoma and Texas. Wi...

lindsyjones53161Sep 12Sep 16

Meanwhile here in SpainYesterday I was in Orgiva, a small town in the Alpujarras and did have my camera. I'm not a good photographer, though. Pics - Orgiva is hot enough...

Elegsabiff77174Sep 12Sep 14

Giraffe in snowREALLY starting to worry about Eks now. Hoping all SA bloggers affected by blizzards are keeping well-wrapped up and warm This pic one of severa...

Elegsabiff2072Sep 12Sep 13
Travel companion

Travel companionShould I invite someone to tour Portugal in my motorhome with me. Is it better to stay alone.....

freeallhours42732Aug 26Aug 28

Quebec, CanadaGet there once ot twice a year, usually with Family. A little touch of Europe in North America. This time want with Motorcycle group. At my age. Round...

Vierkaesehoch1020Aug 28

Got my dozenand in the order that I got them - good morning goie more sawubona tumela bonjour guten morgen g'day bore da madainn mhath buenos dias...

Elegsabiff51366Aug 9Aug 9

selfie 2selfie 2............

jarred195-Aug 6

travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

flyme16776Sep 2016Jul 30
over the Bridge

over the Bridgewent for a walk! Had that compelling feeling to just keep going even though it was really hot and had been going all day, Glad I did, sometimes you...

Dragos11373Jul 28Jul 28
Tadoussac QC Trip

Tadoussac, QC. TripAug. 5 - 11 ... Wanna Join me ? ! Going to the Youth Hostel ! Might Use the Prospector Tent ! Adventures with Pauly !...

swift961872Jul 3Jul 4

where are you going ?Everyone is waiting for the summer to travel and have fun This summer where you will travel and spend a wonderful time I will be in Turkey to enjoy...

kenan_syr3520Jul 2

That sinking feeling.It's so disheartening to write a blog and then watch it sink steadily down the page and finally disappear into the wilderness behind that little squar...

Harbal1,247106Apr 11May 11
The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part V

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part V....continuation... Rattlesnake Lake is not the home of poisonous rattlers, and, in fact, no poisonous snakes inhabit Washington State. Legend has...

LadyImp1310Apr 28
The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part IV

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part IV...continuation... Campsites for backpackers and bikers can be found at Carter Creek, 8.3 miles from the tunnel (just past the Bandera sign) and A...

LadyImp1100Apr 28
The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part III

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part III...continuation... Picnic tables gleam wetly from a recent rainfall, and lily-like wildflowers bloom abundantly along the trail edge. Steep drop-of...

LadyImp1250Apr 28
The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part II

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part II...continuation.... Heading half a block further west, Compass Outdoor Adventures rents bikes and offers a shuttle to Snoqualmie Tunnel from a second...

LadyImp1150Apr 28
The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses

The Hollow Whistle of Iron HorsesVisions of heavy steam engines chugging up dense forest mountainsides, clacking across steel girders spanning deep chasms cross your mind while cyclin...

LadyImp1450Apr 28

ciaoI am in Sri Lanka until end of february. Do you want meet me on the beach?...

MARCHESES1,16328Jan 2016Mar 21
story from 2 958 m dpl to Gede Mountain

story from 2.958 m.dpl to Gede MountainMountenering.. sometime I enjoy do do it.. and, im lucky that my friend in the office offering to joined them on this trip. .. i know, that i'am no...

Toe_toes2632Feb 13Mar 7
Get Outdoors and Explore US Parks and Forests

Get Outdoors and Explore US Parks and ForestsATTN: Nature Lovers, Adventure Seekers, and anyone who could simply use some outdoor recreation, "This weekend you can do something that really mat...

MrDavidMCurtis2272Feb 7Feb 14

HolidayAny companion female in next may in serbia ????.........................

barahas2495Feb 8Feb 9

Red light district Amsterdam 2017Red light district Amsterdam 2017...

jarred1181-Dec 2017
Meeting EU friends in Lisbon

Meeting EU friends in Lisbon....Surprised how EU folks seem to like the place. Moreso the South, actually. Really not as exciting as other parts of the EU. Exciting isn't always a to...

Aaltarboy2236Nov 2017Nov 2017
Coimbra Fado

Coimbra....Fado....Lisboa...nao sejas Francesa, tu es Portuguesa, tu es so P'ra nos! Memrise and Duolingo---great platforms. Aa....

Aaltarboy1990Nov 2017

Portugal.....Perhaps a little overly cautious in life. Love most of the EU, but in looking for a place to spend winters, as is my wont, trying to maximize pluses,...

Aaltarboy2437Nov 2017Nov 2017
Adventures in caving or spelunking

Adventures in caving, or spelunkingMy favourite hobby by far is caving. It's a little bit more challenging than the hiking, and scrambling I normally do. Caves are very fascinating to m...

ScarlettAutumn36617Oct 2017Nov 2017
On the water

On the water....Normally, esp. when the girls were younger and not away at school, and mom and dad were still an item, we'd take some time to sail north for family v...

Aaltarboy2606Aug 2017Aug 2017

Maratika Tour - A tour to experience different.Maratika Tour is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Maratika cave is situated in the eastern part of Nepal namely in Khotang district. In and around the Mara...

ramailogarula2180Aug 2017

Meeting up with one of our long time member, Gentle JimJim and I had finally met after some failed attempts. We had a good dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Jamesville, Wisconsin. Instead of flying ou...

lindsyjones76835Aug 2017Aug 2017
Miss U My Jamaica

Miss U My JamaicaSixteen years away from my paradise island. Such a unique place to be. Whether u want to have Christian fun or sinful fun, its there. Street part...

Unika_413698Jul 2017Aug 2017

Age and mileage, pleaseI’m looking for a specific kind of vehicle, and suddenly noticed a certain familiarity about my list. See if you can spot it. Not too young - the...

Elegsabiff1,46790Jul 2017Jul 2017

Holiday in Spain .Hi My trip by car begins from Riga end of September for two months . Female co-driver place free . Driving license is a must . Non smoker . English...

Tomsona3080Jul 2017Jul 2017
Track16: "Proper Job"(meet us in the forums)

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