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Beautiful WorldLets makes this world the most beautiful place on earth There is enough sunshine for all of us. Everyone can enjoy the sunshine and life to the hig...

LadyinRed55431May 20May 20
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Have dog will travel...I saw a guy on a motorcycle with his dog yesterday. Unusual, but funny. The dog appeared to be comfortable with this position as a secure rider, compl...

chatillion561May 16May 16
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Cliff diving...A horrible story about a 31-year old Dutch man on vacation in Spain decides to do a cliff diving stunt while his wife captures the video event in a ne...

chatillion651May 15May 15
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Highlights of your place and travels (bad or good)In your place and or travels if any, are there some experiences you want to share? Good as well as bad perhaps? I have been to places quite a bit...

lindsyjones1528Apr 20Apr 29
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AperioApril! Bidding April farewell Welcoming May Nothing much going on for Art and I in the month of May except thereā€™d be another potluck get together...

MiMiArt87-Apr 29Apr 29
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picsMy pictures from travelling to different countries. Finland Helsinki Estonia Tallin

Jaavisst26110Mar 29Apr 4
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Solo-trekking in China - Longsheng Titian (Rice terraces) - (1)2012 I returned to Guilin, planning to go trekking for 3 days in the Longsheng rice terraces. By bus perhaps two hours to the park entrance. I left m...

FargoFan2685Dec 2020Mar 29
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From 840 to 948 from 1506 to 1606 Insanely Beautiful

From 8:40 to 9:48 & from 15:06 to 16:06... Insanely Beautiful...Just watch from minute 8:40 to 9:48... Absolutely breathtaking!... That's just one of the reasons why almost every visitor wants to stay here fore...

Melody1671365-Feb 6Feb 7
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pH [ potential hydrogenTag.}...mene...mene..tekel..... .. writing on the wall... In honor of the 130th year since publication... 1890..the ] gift...) Strong radio net.©...

Agentbob47836Oct 2020Feb 6
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A story from long ago popped into mind - Chateau Tongariro and no witnessesMount Ruapehu, December 1965 and I was working there as an outside porter, taking things up the mountain above the snowline by jeep, mowing the golf c...

FargoFan1711Jan 2Jan 2
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Pet Peeves?Pet Peeves? I've got a few (dozen) and I'm sure you do too... Top of my list this month relates to driving and aggressive drivers because the world d...

chatillion2282Dec 6Jan 1
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Taking a cruise...I checked online weather at the local TV station and their top story was the demand for COVID testing exceeds the supply for tests. There is a test...

chatillion1591Dec 29Dec 31
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Cold sunny winter daysA side effect of the online teaching can be, as it is today, a tour of the upper northern latitudes: Toronto Harbin Sakhalin Kamchatka Ufa Norilsk He...

FargoFan1360Dec 8Go to Last Post

...04....{ addendaTag.} Continuity... ....he has early warning..- Lennon .eYe don't care if you think I'm the incarnation of $atan..- J O E. In...

Agentbob24711Aug 2021Dec 4
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A twist of fate?Last month, actor William Shatner made history being one of the few civilians to take a Blue Origin flight to the edge of space. Sadly one of 3 other...

chatillion1751Nov 13Nov 14
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Ride Easy Ride Free

Ride Easy Ride FreeWell it's getting closer to that time of year when I'll have to park the trike. Not something I like to do, but she doesn't like the cold weather. I w...

TeddyGrizzz1400Oct 11Go to Last Post
Oh the things I do

Oh the things I doYes, I'm a rider, I ride as often as I can. Sometimes I wake up early, and have trouble getting back to sleep, I've been know to take off for a ride a...

TeddyGrizzz2082Sep 25Sep 25
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A mighty cold ride

A mighty cold rideA couple of years ago I decided to take a nice long road trip on the trike. Got everything planned and set. It got close to the day of departure I'd b...

TeddyGrizzz2234Sep 2021Sep 2021
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Long weekend getaway

Long weekend getawayWe got home late last night. Went on a road trip with 2 other families. We left Omaha around 5am last Friday and headed to Carhenge in Alliance, Nebra...

MiMiArt286-Sep 2021Sep 2021
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time for a road trip

time for a road trip ,,,,Well after a long wait due to covid ,i have decided to prep the car in readiness for a road trip to the UK, besides driving essentials and just in ca...

edison3242567Aug 2021Aug 2021
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Brasil Tour guideHey ? Are you visiting Brasil and dont want visit places alone, here is a tour guide you can contact +5521999984420, i am in Rio de Janeiro rigth...

RicaCrica1981Aug 2021Aug 2021
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hotel quarantine

hotel quarantine ...we all know that the covid fight is a tough ask ,,,but why in the world are people being treated like criminals ,,even though they have tested negativ...

edison32440217Jun 2021Jun 2021
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chatillion31115Jun 2021Jun 2021
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WhatYouHadAndWha50814Nov 2020Apr 2021
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I thought long and hard

I thought long and hard......but I had to write it...true ? The joys of traveling alone...u can do what you want when you want . Eg. Man: what would you like to do tod...

Ian15890720Aug 2015Apr 2021
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Goodbye my lover

Goodbye my lover....... goodbye my friend. You have been the one for me....

WhatYouHadAndWha71616Aug 2019Apr 2021
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A Tiny Event

A Tiny EventIt was happened on a rainy day . I took a subway with my long umbrella. The travel needed one hour to go, so I wanted doing something to kill the...

phoenixFH86213Jun 2014Apr 2021
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In to the wild

In to the wildI have been in the wild for some days. Ocean on one side but acres and acres of thick forestry all around. My temporary abode. https:...

usha12388442Jul 2020Apr 2021
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travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

Unknown1,56917Sep 2016Apr 2021
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Sinking Of RMS Titanic In Real TimeApril 14 / 15, 1912. Abraham Lincoln was shot the night of April 14 & died the morning of the 15th, 1865 - Exactly 47 years prior to the sinki...

miclee2918Apr 2021Apr 2021
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Chinatown in Kansas City

Chinatown in Kansas CityI was in Kansas City last week. My second trip there. Both times not with Art but a fellow Malaysian girlfriend, PL. I left all the decision makin...

MiMiArt281-Mar 2021Go to Last Post

Planning a vacation...I'm planning a vacation for sometime in April to see my brother in Dayton, Ohio. If I do the scenic route and go by car, part of me says catch a few...

chatillion37019Mar 2021Mar 2021
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I chased an ambulance tonight...I'm not an accident attorney nor do I play one in a TV series! On the way home I was in the outside lane behind someone slow to start away from a red...

chatillion2323Mar 2021Mar 2021
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Eleven places I would like to visit in the future!Once this whole pandemic is over, I would like to travel again. Jump on a flight somewhere for a week or two. While we have been in lockdown, I have w...

Philipsen2422Mar 2021Mar 2021
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Today NASA landed a rover on the surface of Mars

Today NASA landed a rover on the surface of MarsHere was what was a live feed of the event;...

JimNastics48117Feb 2021Feb 2021
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time travel

time travel ...we all experience some form of time travel , no matter where we are on the planet ,it can be summer in one country and winter in another ,the same app...

edison3242442Feb 2021Feb 2021
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Already thinking about my next travel adventure.I know it might be a while before we are allowed to travel abroad again, but that has not stopped me from thinking about my next trip. At this moment,...

Philipsen2535Dec 2020Jan 2021
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Solo-trekking in China - Longsheng Titian (Rice terraces) - (3)So up to the very peak then down then up. And again. Going down sideways, right foot first, going up by hopping off the right foot. Slow, but I made...

FargoFan1341Dec 2020Dec 2020
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Solo-trekking in China - Longsheng Titian (Rice terraces) - (2)The two children continued pulling hair and biting scratching over and around the fire, whilst I became aware of something going on between the 'guide...

FargoFan2271Dec 2020Dec 2020
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After almost 4 months, the new US Passport arrived today.Adventures. Once again. Once more. Almost gave up. So very unlike me. If all goes well, the new ones will be of dual citizenship. Muito obrigado....

Vierkaesehoch3387Dec 2020Dec 2020
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Big 10 inches for you ladies

Big 10 inches for you ladiesYeah ladies. If you come to NJ tomorrow you're going to get it. What ? We're expecting a noreastern storm. 10 inches of snow expected. S...

JimNastics34016Dec 2020Dec 2020
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C M E..{ Summerville..tag.} $cience x illumination Infinite Rider on the big Dogma / Nesmith ..Marquee moon./ . television. Staring at the sun./ TV on the radio. ....

Agentbob2463Dec 2020Dec 2020
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