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There are times when I think my GPS is working against me. Let's say I'm going to an appointment a few cities from me. I'll input the address and the GPS will calculate the distance, route, travel time and expected arrival time. That sounds good so far... This is what a GPS is supposed to do.
Usually, if there is an accident or delaying conditions, my GPS will notify me and usually sometimes offer a detour or 2nd route around the trouble.
Most times, I can guess the travel time to any new appointments and leave earlier than what the GPS has calculated, because it's important to arrive before a meeting, rather than late to one.
I don't do the speed limit. I'm not excessive, but 5 miles per hour over the posted limit is my normal. Unless, I'm in a zone that's a speed trap, 5mph more seems to be what most of the traffic around me will do.
What I don't understand about my GPS is when I'm in the express lane of the highway doing more than 20 miles per hour over the posted limit and I'm 'cranking it' for nearly half the way to my destination, with no delays or slow traffic holding me up... do I show up several minutes past the time it told me at the beginning of the trip.
very mad

It defaults to fastest route and there are times my GPS recommends a back road that takes me into a 30mph area and also a 20mph school zone. No, no, no, I'm taking the highway.

The GPS app is resident to my Android phone and I'm told Google updates on a regular basis which is different to the GPS in my car, so I use the cellphone GPS and the car GPS only for map functions and to alert me of posted speed zones.

Wouldn't you expect the GPS... any GPS to calculate duration based on posted speed limits and not what chatillion thinks he can get away with? Yeah, I didn't think so!
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I vote whatever chatillion can get away with, if I had to vote. Screw the AI.
But where would we be without it? Right where I am probably. I still plan my trips via Google Maps. W.
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