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Mexico broke the baseball color barrier years before the US

Mexico broke the baseball color barrier years before the US.Mexico broke the baseball color barrier years before the US...

NewYorkcitylove48-Nov 13
Slander Words

Slander WordsSlander Words...

jarred185-Nov 6
Racism Racist in Wrestling

Racism & Racist in WrestlingRacism & Racist in Wrestling...

NewYorkcitylove57-Oct 21
Racial Tension Brewing in America Trump vs NFL

Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)...

NewYorkcitylove68-Sep 29
All Blacks remain rugbys hottest ticket

All Blacks remain rugby's hottest ticketIn South Africa there were 22 000 tickets on public sale for the Test between the resurgent Springboks and All Blacks at the 52 000-capacity Newlands...

Lukeon19013Sep 13Sep 14
NewYorkcitylove89-Aug 18
Satchel Paige

Satchel PaigeToday in August 13th 1949 With the fall of the color line, "Satchel Paige" finally made it to big leagues with the Cleveland Indians,best pitcher ever...

NewYorkcitylove99-Aug 13
Let me tell you story You can believe or not I practise my english skills

Let me tell you story. You can believe or not? I practise my english skills.There was young boy in small village. He was happy and love his parents. He was not different than other boys. He love to play football. He plays also...

Tomppa6729817Jul 23Jul 28
Boycott the NFL

Boycott the NFL?Black Lives Matter activist wants you to boycott the NFL? The same group that it's funded by George Soros and He has appointed three lesbians as being...

NewYorkcitylove94-Jul 26
How one tweet can ruin your life

How one tweet can ruin your lifeHow one tweet can ruin your life...

jarred1220-Jun 18
Comparison shoots

Comparison shootsSo I decided to compare old military rifles from the same time frame to see which one was best. First I compared a Remington Rolling Block carbine fr...

Ken_1924110Jun 16Jun 17
What a great day

What a great day,...Just got home from our national stadium Wembley home of football after watching my beloved Millwall win the play off final and get promotion to the Ch...

Unknown37341May 20May 20
The Greatest Play in Baseball

The Greatest Play in BaseballOn April 25, 1976 at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium, two people tried to burn the American flag in the middle of the playing field. Rick Monday of...

Willy34111812Mar 25Mar 25
What a Game New England Patriots What a Game

What a Game, New England Patriots, What a Game.They were beat up at the first three quarters of 21 to nothing... I felt like those days when I was watching the 49ers with Joe Montana ending the...

lindsyjones29118Feb 5Feb 8

WOMEN IN SPORT.Do you feel that it is unnatural to see women or girls playing games like football or cricket or rugby? Is their femininity lost when they participate...

CROWNAFFAIR39023Jan 3Jan 5

RugbyAnyone going to watch Boks vs. Barbarians that will start in a few minutes at Wembley?...

Lukeon2823Nov 2016Nov 2016

aflGo doggies!hope you win.and eat those sydney swans for dinner...

aseamaiden2775Sep 2016Oct 2016
About Rio Olympic Games

About Rio Olympic GamesHere someone said that referee is not fair.But what i have seen is that "someone"is a deliberate compromise.Yes, about the battle in south sea here ha...

Cherielxl3764Aug 2016Aug 2016
The most sexy opening ceremony in history Rio stun

The most sexy opening ceremony in history!Rio stunThe most sexy opening ceremony in history!Rio stunning the world!Yes!!! The Rio Olympics opening ceremony held at the Maracana Stadium. Four years o...

Cherielxl6702Aug 2016Aug 2016
Concerned about the project of Rio Olympic Games

Concerned about the project of Rio Olympic Games.Concerned about the project of Rio Olympic Games----Equestrian synchronized swimming,equestrian three meters diving!So cool,fresh and professional:...

Cherielxl6744Aug 2016Aug 2016
Female athletes 2016

Female athletes 2016As I watch the Olympic games on TV, I notice that the majority of female athletes appear to have a smaller breast size. Understandably, its not like a...

pat8lanips51615Aug 2016Aug 2016
Olympic wasteland

Olympic wastelandI've been wondering why it was so quiet on the blogs and forums and duh, Olympics! International event, every CS member has a team striving to do thei...

Elegsabiff72350Aug 2016Aug 2016
MimiNGUYEN794856Jul 2016Jul 2016

The Other Side of the Muhammad Ali StoryJune 3, 2016 marked the death of arguably the greatest and most beloved Black athlete in history: Muhammad Ali. No sport has exploited athletes, pa...

socrates4476824Jun 2016Jun 2016
Morning teasing and temptation

Morning teasing and temptationThose who watched my last Rolling Block video on probably recognize the pile of logs shown here as the target of that video. So it w...

Ken_1955110Jun 2016Jun 2016
An Reds around

An Reds around?If so, don't worry. After the game is before the game YNWA...

connect19545275May 2016May 2016

^_^Feeling fun! :)...

MimiNGUYEN7953913May 2016May 2016
Ice Skating

Ice SkatingIt was a beautiful day months ago suddenly I think I want to do Ice Skating!! :) Now I'm still at beginning level. I hope my skill will be improved...

MimiNGUYEN7946112May 2016May 2016
Twitching Muscles

Twitching MusclesA few weeks ago, I wrote, a bit of exercise wouldn't kill me. Think I will retract that statement Tuesday evening, I attended a beginners fitn...

wolfie884768820Apr 2016Apr 2016
Damn it I lost

Damn it !! I lost.I played tennis this afternoon and I played horribly. I don't exactly know why. But, for some reason I kept hitting the ball into the net, or...

JimNastics67813Apr 2016Apr 2016
Unknown56614Apr 2016Apr 2016
Bedroom Cricket

Bedroom CricketThis is a delightful variant of the game if you understand the rules. Unlike games like golf and bowls, there is no green fees payable although there...

Catfoot1,14262Mar 2016Mar 2016

SpeedwayOff to kaikohe speedway to race this weekend.yeah ............

manicman4752Feb 2016Feb 2016
Jonah Lomu

Jonah LomuDeeply shocked to hear this great rugby player has died, at only 40....

Chromedome5694710Nov 2015Nov 2015
An observation on the size of balls

An observation on the size of ballsNow I didn't put this survey together, okay, but it did strike me there was some truth in it. 1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is SOCCE...

Elegsabiff65426Nov 2015Nov 2015
Looking round in a puzzled way

Looking round in a puzzled way ...So where are the South Africans? and the New Zealanders? is there something going on I should know about? ONLY THE BEST GAME IN THE WHOLE RUGBY WO...

Elegsabiff51718Oct 2015Oct 2015
Boks v Wales Call the ambulance

Boks v Wales: Call the ambulanceWeybridg - Jamie Roberts has told Wales to expect "physical warfare" when they face South Africa in the World Cup quarter-final today. Now a qualif...

Lukeon4947Oct 2015Oct 2015
it is here

it is herefootball season begins....gooooooooooooooo irish!!! first game this coming saturday.......

sweetiefireball3141Aug 2015Oct 2015
the game

the gamethe match ...question...question....between NDU and TX...we shall far it is a blow out and TX is going down!!...

sweetiefireball4073Sep 2015Oct 2015
Does anyone have the time to explain the game of c

Does anyone have the time to explain the game of cBaby steps with the information please :D. Any help will be appreciated....

SmoothCocoa3859Sep 2015Sep 2015
In the Mood

In the Mood.Hope everyone has a fantastic...

Lukeon2,06110Sep 2015Sep 2015
My Opinion Of Yesterdays Sat Games

My Opinion Of Yesterday's (Sat) GamesConcerning 2 games played yesterday: #3 Alabama Tide vs #20 Wisconsin Badgers and #6 Auburn Tigers vs (N/R) Louisville Cardinals #3 Alabam...

TheresMyFriend4392Sep 2015Sep 2015

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