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Don’t be surprised if Novak Djokovic in just a few years will make his comeback as one of the world's biggest sports names.

It is not the first time a world champion has been knocked out for not doing what the politicians ordered him to do. Right now, many are very satisfied - but in hindsight, the process against Nole will be seen as grotesque and completely unreasonable. And people will be ashamed of the racist undertones and lies that the political circus is currently driven by.

Muhammad Ali was also not doing what the politicians demanded. The boxer would not allow himself to enlist in the U.S. Army and take part in the Vietnam War. And the punishment was harsh and unfair: a sentence of five years in prison. He was deprived of his boxing license, his World Cup belts - people would not even recognize his name. That was in 1967.

But just three years later, the world looked different. The mood of the people was reversed. There were huge demonstrations against the Vietnam War and the racially divided USA.

Muhammad Ali had thrown his Olympic gold medal into the river after an episode in his hometown Louisville. He had walked into the town's fine restaurant with the medal around his neck and ordered two cheeseburgers.

- We do not serve negroes…
- And I do not eat them! Just give me two cheeseburgers…

The Olympic champion was kicked out of the restaurant just because he was black. And in Vietnam, blacks accounted for a quarter of the casualties, even though they accounted for only 12% of the U.S. population.

The US Supreme Court overturned Muhammad Ali's prison sentence, he was acquitted of all charges. He made a rock-solid comeback when the Champion of the World got his boxing license back.

He was right! He sure was the Greatest, even when he went an impressive 32 laps against the Parkinsons. Billions of viewers saw the sport's biggest icon stand with the torch and with trembling hands light the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony in Atlanta. That was in 1996.

Muhammad Ali died in 2016, 74 years old.
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Good blog.

The majority of Australians seems to think he is an arrogant baastard.
Wrap your head around that one, and you'll understand
that it will take years before this is seen in it's right light if ever.
Once they figure out the vaccines don't stop them catching or spreading covid . Probably spread it more because infected symptoms will be lower in the vaccinated and they won't know they are infected wandering around spreading it further . Omicron touted as the mild child of covids has all the aussie hospitals full now , at the height of summer . Sooner or later the little light will come on in the aussies that the tennis player had little chance of spreading covid , while it's rampant among them .
That's so silly. It is tennis. No one has cared about Tennis since Billy King beat what's his name back in the 60s. It'd be different if he was a soccer star, or even a basketball player or a boxer, but he isn't. Just a tennis player. Yawn.
We think alike here.
I suppose they been hanging after Europe in
the development kind of, for a long time thinking strict border rules would fix it.
Takes a bit time I suppose to adjust to this new knowledge. dunno
Hark back a few years to my era - Rod Laver banned from playing in all the grand slams - why? because he needed to make a living and accept playing and prize money - the beginning of the professional era. Rules said no, so he couldn't play. But people like Laver and Gonzales really built the current professional tennis industry. Djokovic profits, and misses out occasionally, poor man! You grossly overestimate his importance. The stupidity of the Australian Government in greedily accepting him despite the rules, well that's no surprise - that's what governments do. The lies Djokovic told, the fabrications, that's what greedy people do.
doh Oh dear me you think all good sports people should not have rules to adhere to.confused

So rule no smoking on a plane ---- so he lights up
so no exceeding speed limit so he goes faster as he thinks rules stupid.
Need i go on
Oh yes have a crystal ball so we can see into the future so when the rules change we can do it NOW


complete mayhem around the globe if we all did that just because we thought rules wrong teddybear
Yep all countries have tried their best with the situation but just because one does not agree you cannot just flout the law of the land you enter teddybear
Return Serb, for "Novax" Djokovic..............
I thank various news editors for the (above) witty play on words.............professor
You disgust me Dedo
Comment seconded.............
@ Dedo

Btw, I notice your academic mortarboard....If I may be so bold as to ask, what exactly, did you graduate in???........................confused
Yes, I noticed that too. not only studied but graduated (the sash) I'm wondering what uni and what school. Maybe arts at best, more likely the Jim Jones floating university of mudmen.

How about I found my degree in a cornflakes box?
Man, that would burn, some of the people roasting you only have an arts degree.
Thanks for the comments so far. I find it very possitive, that many of you share my view.

Have you seen this funny statement on the internet today? :

"Novak Djokovic becomes the first professional athlete in history to be banned from a major sporting competition for not taking drugs."
Arts is a noble pursuit....that's why they just jacked up the HECS fees!......professor
@ Pat

Arts are a Noble Pursuit...that's why they just doubled the HECS fees!....
No, arts are what you do when nothing else is available. lets not mince words.

It's ok, streets above the flat earthers or whatever
It looks more like you`re disgusted with yourself as you`ve either lost all that was human inside you or you never had it in you
the same sad bunch against freedom in favor of forced vaccination ,eugenics and depopulation

Embedded image from another site
That's very good, so now lets hear which university and which degree Dedo holds? or just a rough outline will do/
Dedo holds a CS Doctorate laugh laugh laugh
A lot of us will know exactly this is complete BS, someone else's graduation pictures at best.
He's an absolute scrambled egg..He's a lost cause.
CS (Hons) Ph.D. (Antivaccinology)
U got 2 shots of vaccine but now i start to believe even more vaccines won't help at all,,,
Though i have no Ph.D. but i do try to use my brain..
Is that soooooo bad now days?
confused confused confused confused
I suppose so...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Embedded image from another site

that should keep you happy... for the next three monthsgrin
Campo, I don't care what your political views are,
I'll knock you down regardless rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Just kidding my friend we'll have more than just one glass this summer
tell yo that! Hope I'll not have to fight the border guards entering Italy
like some Djokko as my smashes are light and
all I can show for is some John McEnroe temper.. and that will send me out
faster than I cam shout LIBERTA!! laugh

Good for aussie to have rules , pity they are not relevant . Its too late to have rules to stop covid going into Aussie . It is rampant . There is nothing that aussie had to fear from a healthy un vaccinated Serb .
Excuse me mr.epirb but this sounds almost like common sense?
Are you sure that is a good idea?

Jokervich was not thrown out, for being unvaxxed, per se...he was thrown out, for lying on his immigration papers... There is a subtle distinction of logic, here....professor
Sorry love, he is the number 1 attraction for the show.
So that reason is too weak, just let the man in
so we can see what we came for: Tennis. The world is literally watching.
What if Rammstein has a sold out concert in London
but Till is not let on a technicality?

As I'm saying only history will clear the fog
and show us just how stupid this was.
@ Grand

This may be so, but he is not above the law, even though he may think he is........
The conditions required to enter Australia, in the Covid Era, are explicitly stated in Unambiguous terms.............professor
What a larf , high chance of catching covid in Aus . Your rules are out dated , covid has over taken the effectiveness of them .
And furthermore, Australia does not make its laws to serve the whims of Mr. Jokervich
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