Temporary husband

I’m a middle-aged man interested in middle-aged women, and I travel a lot.

Three weeks ago, I returned home after almost four months in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. It was a great experience, corona restrictions were limited, life was pretty much back to normal.

I use Connecting Singles and Tinder to get in contact with local women my own age, wherever I go. It’s nice to have a cup of coffee at a café together with a new female friend, who is also interested in travelling, books, films and nature.

Most middle-aged men seem to be interested in much younger women, so for a dude like me: slim, smart, funny and friendly, it is not at all difficult to find a woman between 50 to 68 years of age. There are a lot, who divorced from their ex-husband, because he found a much younger model - and there are also a lot of widows, because their husband was so much older - and then he died.

Of course they like to have coffee or dinner with me. And here is the story about my last month on Balkan:

I met a nice woman in Serbia, at the café close to the clock tower in Novi Sad. We enjoyed each others compagny, laughed and talked about everything. It was very amusing and we cheek kissed and connected on Viper.

She called me some days later, and asked if I would like to meet again? She had rent an apartment in Belgrade for some days. There was a double bed, and we slept together.

She had an idea: I could be her temporary husband. She needed a long holiday, after her husband left her for a much younger girl, he claimed was the love of his life. After more than 30 years of marriage with my new female friend.

She had a black Peugeot and found interesting places around the country, where we could stay. Places I would never had found myself. In the mountains you can get a whole house for the same price as a simple hotel room in Denmark.

We were not really in love, but very good friends - as most real couples are, I think. And travelling together was so good. We shared the expensives, and the people we met said, we were a fine couple.

You might say, it was a fake marriage - and you’re right. But it was in fact based on respect, warm feelings and the wish of staying together day and night with another guy, for a while.
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How about two college students blowing off some steam.laugh
So what is the main point that you are trying to convey?
Do you seek our approval for your "fake" marriage or what?

maybe you should call it Friends with benefits
It was animal husbandry.laugh
Are you culling the herd.
rolling on the floor laughing
You do know women are acquainted with the phrase:
On the rebound.
Seems he is looking for those that are always "on the rebound" crying
Two Leos and one poor Sagittarius rolling on the floor laughing
Strange the only woman attacking this poor guy who is obviously helping middle aged women have a great holiday,is a woman who herself took a 1 month sabbatical in spain for the same reason.

Perhaps she has a very short memory span

Or has conveniently forgotten.

I guess out of sight out of mind.
Do you kiwis, always try to turn the tables on women...or just the blue ones rolling on the floor laughing
Well Ana I guess some men get it,some don't.

Most here know how effective Tinder is.grin
Not often a woman can lose 2 husbands in such a short time.
laugh Learn the language Riz.
It is not bitter or any such thing
We are mildly amused and are
expressing which aspects we
found atypical.
(vs stereotypical).

thumbs up
Lighten up!
The police officer arrived, I better behave..professor

Rose , where are you in Spain or that was me ?
rolling on the floor laughing
BTW "wow,just wow".. is a great start.
Let me look at my profile ..nope.
Still in God's Hands.
rolling on the floor laughing
He will go after Bo next unless of course
we are just special.
"You might say, it was a fake marriage - and you’re right"

I took this as an invitation to comment about these "unique" circumstances.


Whilst some of the men only applaud this endeavors
and we would like to encourage all men here... Remember HE is very...ummm-> capable.
Everything is temporary...nothing lasts forever.dunno
AGREE with Dan laugh laugh
I di not begrudge two consenting adults enjoying each other grin
That's beautiful heart wings
*aren't . . .I meant
I like this blog. Refreshing new angle to things, thanks for sharing
Yea, what is wrong with this?
Hope one day You find a permanent one you can grow old with too, if you so wish.

This blog gives good hope to us seeking grownups.
Thanks dude.

Just to be clear, I and Rose were making fun of each other laugh ...so wow, wow, wow and the commentary that followed was inappropriate.

In general, people should live their life however they want, no one should approve it ..it is your business what you do, with whom you slept ...do it at your risk

wine ..
I mean at your own risk...sad flower
Nice read wine
even if a bit of a confusing one.

One minute I thought were you implying you are vulnerable women's answered prayer dunno
then you went and ended your opening post, admitting who/what you are...
like I said... a bit confusing confused

Anyways whatever .... not only keepers are worth having heart wings

Forget the STI's, I'd be asking, "Are you vaccinated?"...wink
laugh thanks for popping back around to this blog.

Take everything as positive, even if I'm just teasing you.I think you have an amicable nature.

On the next female. .you are not rare in that
endeavor and sometimes people stumble upon
living arrangements like yours because we can.

Mr.and Mrs. ...anonymous.wink sort of.
You can simplify your hunt for a temporary wife by using the forum pages at XNXX. With enough money in any country you can rent whatever shape and age of temporary wife you wish.
Ken, I think you missed, that it's her car (that he's mentioned more than once),
her place, (her $$). He's just the "temporary husband" (who doesn't foot the bill),
doesn't mow the lawn, and doesn't invest in the relationship,
and perhaps why all his relationships have been "temporary".
His marks are likely lonely wealthy widows.
After 3 marriages, he is far from wealthy himself.

As he pointed out, it's not friends with benefits, as that would be a mutually beneficial
arrangement. He benefits from enjoying the comforts of wealth, and she gets a companion and a charade for a while.
i see nothing wrong with such an arrangement.
I'm not saying anything is wrong, if both people get what they want.
It's between 2 consenting adults.
I wish both parties good luck.
Yeah I missed it. I just ran with the title. Wasn't the sort of post I normally delve through. LoL
Just one “but”...where are feelings??? Nothing is good if no feelings...blues
Yes dear...laugh
i'd like a part time mechanic
I am reminded, somehow, of the Rob Schneider movie DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO

Embedded image from another site

I love Rob Schneider. Especially his "Moosehead-in-a-Bottle" look.
When I admit, that this temporary marriage was fake, I mean, it was not blessed in either a church, temple nor mosque, and it was of course not approved by any state authority.
Is this something a resourceful woman should look forward to,because it is her endless casting couch for a fictional character.
You know, no do overs..next.Don't call us.
Maybe you can use this blog as epitome of
your enacting,writing and market yourself.

There are way too many how to get laid and not commit videos so just a tool for further or better
destinations.The other women know upfront.

My mail has those propositions and they are not shy to tell me how great they are either.
Different countries so I could be a busy hostess.
Foreign husband exchange, she gave hers away
both times, as did yourself.

A non-profit B and B.

rolling on the floor laughing
How about calling it "Stepping Stones".handshake
"There are also a lot of widows", ...same for me.

Wait for it...The house from Home Alone.

My B and B will look like that...
and it's cheaper than travelling.
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