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You trust Big Pharma / Big Social Media / Big Govt???

"Some enemy has done their fruits, ye shall know them..." While searching for an item o...
56825Oct 2021

mRNA, DNA Changes, NanoMedicine and MIT

Yes, mRNA can change DNA, and Tal Zaks of Moderna, one of the makers of a version of the Jab, discus...
47812Aug 2021

Risk of Covid death up 182% in Jabbed

Risk of death due to Covid-19 increases by up to 182% for Fully Vaccinated people under the age of 5...
408-Sep 2021

Trolling and the Dark Triad

In the Real World, one must come to accept that some do not agree with you. In the Real World, fo...
714-Sep 2021

It's not about health care. Never has been.

Footage has emerged of the moment police pushed an older woman to the ground during violent anti-loc...
1,41977Sep 2021

If you ain't cheatin' you ain't Democrat (to paraphrase Traitor Joe)

CA Recall Voter Says She and Other Republicans Showed Up at Polling Place, Were Told They Already Vo...
2232Sep 2021

Truth, Science, and Censorship in the Time of a Pandemic (video)

Also: Are people getting full facts on COVID vaccine risks? The original inventor of the mRNA va...
1,22086Aug 2021

Researcher: Covid Vaccines Can Damage DNA - WE DON'T KNOW (YET)

56939Nov 2021

Bill Gates admits mRNA Vaccines aren’t working…

Bill Gates Admits mRNA Injections Do NOT Stop Transmission of Viruses
1,00283Nov 2021

The Claim that COVID Jabs Are Safe and Effective Has Fallen Apart.

From: Global Research website: “Forcing Employees to be Stabbed by Covid Jabs” ... “The rush...
60731Oct 2021

Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

Wise words from Dr. Jordan Peterson There's no science behind Canada's Covid res...
35221Nov 2021

UK Cardiologist notes link between mRNA Vac and heart disease

Yes, Covid was genetically manipulated, with patent applications going back to 1999, by Fauci, DARPA...
38719Nov 2021

Europeans gettin fed up with this Chit. We're not gonna take it.

Violence breaks out at Brussels anti-vaccine protest in Europe's latest day of rage: Fury over rules...
57641Nov 2021


Bat lady with Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance...
2156Nov 2021

Reichstag Fire, 1933 - Covid, 2020: Have We Learned Nothing?

In 1933, the National Socialists had won the largest slice of voting blocs in a heavily splintered e...
46522Jul 2021

If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID

Updated October 4: The update affirms that Pfizer’s own study is consistent with outcomes around the...
69551Nov 2021

Our Star of David: Code Z28.20 - Refuser

Report: Whistleblower Nurse Reveals Medical Tracking Code Used To Find Anti-Vaxxers
2885Nov 2021

FACT: "Vaxx" Leaves One More Vulnerable to Covid

Irish City Proves Definitively that Vaccines Do NOT Stop Covid-19 and Appear to Make People MORE Sus...
87346Oct 2021

No difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID cases

New medical journal shows no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID cases
42724Nov 2021

NOPE! Federal Judge just blocked Biden’s Vaccine Mandate nationwide

Oh no you don't. Nov 30 (Reuters) – The Biden administration...
2343Dec 2021

Surprise, Surprise. Commies who made the virus have a cure.

COVID HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERED… Antibody 35B5 neutralizes all Variants… Chinese scientists claim to...
3067Dec 2021

New Study from Germany — Higher Vaccination Rate leads to Higher Mortality

(Two Reports) The authors write (translated into English) — “The correlation is + .31, is amazingly...
52927Nov 2021

We might get cut off for a bit - Solar Storms

If I don't respond, it might be the Sun's fault.
48026Nov 2021

Cult Goodness: TURBO KID (Canada/NZ)

This was a bit of ROAD WARRIOR and a bit of 8-bit Computer gameplay. Looks like it was shot in ba...
1690Dec 2021

PLANDEMIC: timeline of the great reset agenda: from foundation to Event 201 and the pandemic of 2020

29024Nov 2021

Oily, Dripping Contempt from Pfizer CEO

Who is, as they say: "vaccine hesitant?" You know, only m...
1,17766Oct 2021


Well, some come here to CS for 'Lurv," and finding none within reach, move on to other things. Ot...
3585Nov 2021

Husband killed by Vaxx. Docs Don't want to acknowledge

Southern California 53-Year-Old’s Life Cut Short By Employers’ Virtue Signaling COVID Protocols: The...
2465Nov 2021

Watch what you pump!

In this time of Biden-Harris Stagflation and skyrocketing gas prices, watch out for this trick at th...
1851Nov 2021

Norwegian Girls were fun.. but not in the long run

Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew About The Viking Lifestyle
2110Nov 2021

9 Y/O Defender: throat, eyes, instep, knees, nads, done.

A 9-year-old girl is being called a hero by police for fighting off a robber who attacked her mother...
1870Nov 2021

Sandmann thinks Rittenhouse should sue Luegenpresse for defamation

Former Covington Catholi...
28811Nov 2021

EVENT 201 and Captain Kirk's "Coming Catastrophic Event."

[image not available] [image not available] Event 201... Can you imagine world leaders meeting t...
2644Nov 2021

Unjabbed able to get "Infected" by the Jabbed

"Viral Shedding" versus "Transmission." Every single one of these doctors believe that these shot...
2241Nov 2021

I picked the Right State, Part Deux

Our Cool, Cool, Cool Gov tells the Alzheimered, perverted traitor to go pound sand.
2091Nov 2021

PolitiFact: Persistent, Bellicose, Shameless Liars

... and people who *use* Poltifact to support their own lies....
41419Nov 2021

Cardinal Vigano Speaks Truth to Power

1890Nov 2021

Sky News - Fauci funded Gain of Function research at Wuhan

This might be old news, but they've put it nicely together, while the US Luegenpresse has moved on f...
1920Nov 2021

Oh Hark, Hear the Trolls a-Whinging*

* Whinging = complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
65926Sep 2021

Just a Vaccine Coincidence...

Watch This
40012Nov 2021

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