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"The Matrix"Is the "Matrix" science fiction (an illusion) or reality?

socrates4426932May 12May 17
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Creepy, wicked smile is so chilling....The.... Paramount wide-release horror movie "Smile" This is going to be a long read, grab your favourite beverage and sit comfortably :) Smile...

teenameena2345Apr 17Apr 17
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Media memories from the fiftiesRight now I am watching Victory at Sea with its unforgettable music, Richard Rodgers (in part). A clear evening's memory from I guess 1957 (since we...

FargoFan1200Apr 16Go to Last Post

falling down..................Falling Down..... Have you ever thought why people fall down? Absolutely, there are many reasons, but the most important one is breaking...

teenameena9168Sep 2015Mar 15
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Tulsa King

Tulsa KingThis is a series on Paramount starring Sylvester Stallone. The premise is that Stallones character was released from prison after 20 years and sent to...

Unknown970Mar 10Go to Last Post

1408.......Number13....Investigator & a paranormal writer who visits local so-called ghost spottings, stays there, and then writes about them in his books to prove that spoo...

teenameena1968Feb 26Feb 26
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1883I've got a lot of time on my hands these days. Has anyone seen the series 1883? Was told I'd enjoy it. Not so sure tho. Forgot that I don't k...

Lukeon1590Jan 11Go to Last Post
Happy Day

Happy Day!It is now official. My youtube email came this dawn(1:33a.m.). I passed the YT requirements of 1k subscribers & 4k watch hours. Thank you God for al...

satoraxismundi3634Dec 1Dec 19
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Qala A Must Watch Masterpiece

Qala , A Must Watch MasterpieceNot just because of the cinematography and other technical aspects , but also for the emotional touch supported by those mesmerising musical represent...

Tanzila156-Dec 4Go to Last Post
SHAWNTHOR1060Nov 22Go to Last Post

Prisoner Cell Block HI remember as a kid, around 12-13 years old, me and my sister would be watching this show in her bedroom every night that was made in England back in...

SHAWNTHOR2022Nov 16Nov 20
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My top 5 weird moviesI'm pretty sure some of you will probably agree with me on one or two of these that I'm listing. Now, just because I list them as weird doesn't mean i...

SHAWNTHOR43620Nov 12Nov 15
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Willy34111601Nov 6Nov 6
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Dammit Bones, do something...I'm just an old country doctor Jim, how do you expect me to save the crew when I'm only holding a garage door opener?? The Original Star Trek lineu...

chatillion2860Aug 2022Go to Last Post
Elvis The Movie

Elvis - The MovieI just watched the latest Elvis movie as mainly told by colonel Tom Parker. About 2 hours and 40 minutes, but quite entertaining. I'd give it a 4...

Lukeon3964Aug 2022Aug 2022
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Jeopardy: Ken Jennings and Mayim BialikSince not much is going on in the world of politics this week other than the raid on Trump, Yes, RAID, I decided to ask some thoughts of the game show...

SHAWNTHOR2026Aug 2022Aug 2022
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You wanna remake a network you gotta break a few eggsCNN fires Brian Stelter

You wanna remake a network, you gotta break a few eggs…CNN fires Brian StelterCNN is canceling its Sunday media affairs show Reliable Sources, and host Brian Stelter is departing the network, Stelter tells NPR. In a statement...

Willy34112743Aug 2022Aug 2022
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"Uhura" dead at 89...Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed communications officer lieutenant Uhura on the original 'Star Trek' series has passed away at the age of 89. She had...

chatillion1902Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Tony Dow, may you rest in peace...Tony was in hospice and incorrectly reported having already passed away on Tuesday. Several news stories got this wrong, including a Facebook post tha...

chatillion4037Jul 2022Jul 2022
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A Tribute To The Icon

A Tribute To The IconUTTAM KUMAR (Originally known as Arun Kumar Chatterjee , Born 3 September 1926 – Died 24 July 1980) , Remembering You The MegaStar !!! It was Yo...

Tanzila407-Jul 2021Jul 2022
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R I P Great Groundbreaking Actor Sidney Poitier What an amazing life

R.I.P. Great Groundbreaking Actor; Sidney Poitier. What an amazing life !Reading Sidney Poitier's terrific thorough obituary in the New York Times moments ago, I learned a lot about his life, his choices, and the many chal...

BobBoom4U5047Jan 2022Jul 2022
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Happiness is

Happiness is....The smell of a new book while curled up in bed. A new crime Nordic TV series to binge-watch on a weekend. What is happiness for you?...

spotme39210Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Todays inspiration Appreciating the challenges that others face can be life changing

Today's inspiration...Appreciating the challenges that others face can be life changingA film maker documents an inspiring interaction that he had with a deafblind man....

Didi73725Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Is Hollywood full of MTF and FTM

Is Hollywood full of MTF and FTM ?Things aren't always how they want us to believe?

Unknown4545Jun 2022Jul 2022
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The green mile......The Green Mile is a story told in "flashback" by an elderly Paul Edgecomb in a nursing home. He tells a friend about the summer of 1935 when he was a...

teenameena1,04922Jan 2015Jun 2022
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They live........... ....... . Another from John Carpenter; this political satire portrays a world where special sunglasses reveal that the elite, ruling, wealt...

teenameena4538Jun 2022Jun 2022
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FROM INDIA WITH LOVE part 2Crown woke at the sound of the motor bike. He rushed to the window and saw the back of the rider disappear into the distance. He saw the pile of cloth...

CROWNAFFAIR2305May 2022May 2022
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FROM INDIA WITH LOVE part 4After the meeting with Noon, Crown returned to his office in a buoyant mood. He looked at his secretary who was wearing a pink and white shirt and lig...

CROWNAFFAIR2061May 2022May 2022
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FROM INDIA WITH LOVE part 3It was a cold overcast day in central London when Crown left his apartment and drove his AC Cobra to the secret service building and parked it in his...

CROWNAFFAIR2322May 2022May 2022
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One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nestthis video shows a very good discussion on a very good movie. you may see the movie...just being about mental patients in a mental hospital...but...

LeeCharming54417May 2022May 2022
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GarboAbout 100 years ago........

Unknown475-Nov 2021Apr 2022
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Just A Movie Trailer That Made Me SCREAM CRY

Just A Movie Trailer , That Made Me SCREAM & CRYThis is the Trailer of a movie only .. Yet , the impact was sooo intense , that I couldn't resist my tears .. It's been said that , Truth Is Alw...

Tanzila52211Mar 2022Mar 2022
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Showtime to Launch Anti White People Docu Series

Showtime to Launch Anti-White People Docu-SeriesWay to go Showtime. What a great way to commit telecast suicide! Showtime is launching a new series in honor of Black History Month that marginaliz...

Willy34113201Feb 2022Feb 2022
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Binge watching an Italian series - Gomorrahwhich has Imdb ratings in excess of 8... but I am becoming increasingly queasy about the relentless violence and the absence of humanity - there is...

FargoFan2881Dec 2021Dec 2021
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Unknown3270Dec 2021Go to Last Post
Cult Goodness TURBO KID Canada NZ

Cult Goodness: TURBO KID (Canada/NZ)This was a bit of ROAD WARRIOR and a bit of 8-bit Computer gameplay. Looks like it was shot in backlots and gravel pits, but the excellent central...

Bohemund3390Dec 2021Go to Last Post

Dame Shirley BasseyI was researching some classic movie theme guitar riffs when I came across the James Bond movie GOLDFINGER. The theme was sung by Dame Shirley Bassey...

chatillion3502Nov 2021Nov 2021
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This Could Happen To Anyone

This Could Happen To AnyoneI found this one on yutub... It's not something exceptional or extra-ordinary !! In fact , considering the harsh reality of practical life this d...

Tanzila3171Nov 2021Nov 2021
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No Time to Die a review

No Time to Die - a review!Earlier today, I went to the cinema to catch the 25th Bond film, No Time to Die. With me was my mother, my two uncles and my two aunts. The cinema we...

Philipsen5741Oct 2021Oct 2021
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S T A R G A T EIt's great when YouTube plays full length movies... for free. Usually, they are online for a limited basis then the status requires login, subscripti...

chatillion4219Apr 2021Oct 2021
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60+ years since Bay of Pigs debacleAmerica the vindictive. cannot forget your shame. Obama lifted the sanctions and embargoes and Trump reinstated them. Pack of idiots. I watched B...

FargoFan62030Apr 2021Oct 2021
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Willy34114223Apr 2021Sep 2021
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