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It's great when you have a Plan BThe other day we got about a 3" (7-8 CM) snowfall. I turned on the TV and got an error message saying something like "searching for satellite". Afte...

ooby_dooby632Jan 16Jan 17

Stephanie BeatrizDo any other men find Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn nine nine strangely attractive. shes not conventially pretty but I think she is hot!!!!!...

mgarplayer13011Jan 14Jan 14

Hunter Killer - a review!What do you get when you take Gerard Butler, Michael Nyqvist, Gary Oldman and Common and put them in a spy thriller? The answer is a movie, that h...

Philipsen490Dec 26

The Negotiator - a review!I was browsing Amazon Prime, when I came across a movie that I always wanted to see - the 1998 action/crime/drama/conspiracy flick The Negotiator....

Philipsen540Dec 22

Media biases....At home, in the Vierk-Aaltarboy Tajmahal-like mansions, I do not have land lines, ISP or cable TV. Smart/cell phone much better, occasional wifi use i...

Vierkaesehoch1640Dec 15
Lets listen to some music

Let's listen to some music....10:50pm here and listening to this. What about you?...

WhatYouHadAndWha19214Dec 5Dec 11

GalwayI watched a 2010 produced movie last night that was screened on TV called 'Jack Taylor' staring Iain Glen. I found that it portrayed Galway as a ve...

Hans471154961Dec 4Dec 10

Mortal Engines - a review!Today, I spent about two hours in the dark, watching a steampunk adventure written and produced by Peter Jackson and some other people. The premise...

Philipsen510Dec 6

Neil degrasse Tyson.......the latest 'me too' target. At least three on his soon to expand list of accusers. Never really cared much for his diluted down commentary on scien...

Vierkaesehoch802Dec 4Dec 4

I just wanted to share this with you.This is Stephen Colbert's wonderful interview of former First Lady, Michelle Obama the other day; Make sure you hear about, how Barrack propose...

JimNastics730Dec 4

Bohemian Rhapsody - a review!Last weekend, my mother asked me and my siblings, if we wanted to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. I immediately said yes, because I enjoy Queens music, and t...

Philipsen1589Nov 28Nov 30

BlabbermouthWhen your Mother-in-Law blows the surprise ending to a mystery you are about to see you call her a ............

Willy3411631Nov 23Nov 23

The Meg - a review!Shark movies are always fun. Some are super stupid, like Sharknado, but generally they are extremely entertaining. Combine a shark movie with the h...

Philipsen821Nov 15Nov 15

Venom - a review!Yesterday was the day when I decided to go watch the new Venom movie. I saw the teaser trailer a long time ago, and I wasn't really interested. But th...

Philipsen19912Nov 14Nov 15

You must say these words: Klaatu Barada Nikto...Halloween is upon us and hopefully there will be lots of Sy-Fy movie marathons. Of my favorites I would list "The Time Machine" Orson Wells version an...

chatillion1058Oct 30Oct 31
Making animation

Making animationMaking 2/3d animation is harder than making movie, i have taken a online film making course and have studied film making for long 4 years but, i found...

runningshiva68-Oct 24
Harbal31333Sep 21Sep 22
Track161323Sep 1Sep 1

For those who missed itHere are former USA president Bill Clinton & author James Patterson on The Late Show last night. Enjoy....

JimNastics1721Jun 6Jun 6

Dirty Harry - closed for comments His quotes make me LMAO Clint Eastwood has a way with words and he played the Dirty Harry character per...

LeeCharming345-Apr 2018Apr 2018

Show Us Yer Arse (blog)I originally posted this in the forum but due to overwhelming interest in it I am also submitting it as a blog to relieve the pressure. This is my...

Harbal31416Apr 2018Apr 2018
McMafia Series

McMafia SeriesHas anyone followed or watched the series and what was your impression of it? Thanks in advance....

Lukeon28813Mar 2018Mar 2018
How do you add movies you like like ten commandments and king of kings

How do you add movies you like like ten commandments and king of kingsI need someone's help I'm a big movie fan I collect movies....

Scottishgentlema2022Mar 2018Mar 2018
Best movies for the year 2017

Best movies for the year 2017.Which Hollywood and Bollywood movies would you consider as the best to have come out or watched in the year 2017? Movies watched or have come out...

Stargazer11149722Jan 2018Jan 2018
Alotta Fagina Ivana Humpalot and Felicity Shagwell

Alotta Fagina, Ivana Humpalot and Felicity ShagwellNo, this is not that list of previous lovers that Dedo asked for the other day. Although these women are no more real than James Bond’s Pussie Galore...

Catfoot1,04618Dec 2017Dec 2017

Anyoneelse getting a sudden urge to go see the remake of flat-liners I dont know why but I really want to see it. Must have been subliminally suggest...

nonsmoker58249Dec 2017Dec 2017
CS First blog in Klingon

CS First blog in KlingonqaStaHvIS qa' Hoch Segh je lalDan laj ghItlh blog pa' tlhIngan. Hoch relevant, Hoch bImejpa' asimilated, resitance 'Iqbogh. vaj transgender, pagh...

Mapmaker91945Nov 2017Nov 2017

hellomy goodness, it sucks to have the internet disconnected. :( i was a little bit delinquent on my bills. now i am running to keep the electric, then...

freehand4019Oct 2017Oct 2017

ageThe stigma of an age difference. Funny because chronological age is different from emotional age. It's possible that the younger may match an older...

freehand61231Sep 2017Sep 2017
Doing The Nasty

Doing The NastyI had been watching a movie with a love scene and it struck me how weird sex is. I understand bl**job because his p*nis easily fits in her already wel...

Gypsytramp1,131-Sep 2017Sep 2017
July 20 1969 at 2018 UTC

July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTCThe US of A's biggest con job ever... Where we're you when it happened ? And the day the world green cheese market crashed......

oldblue5447314Sep 2017Sep 2017
Can President Trump following all the

Can President Trump, following all themany executive orders of his affirmative action predecesor, B Hussein O,, pull for service evaluation, the broadcast licenses of so-called public medi...

Aaltarboy38710Aug 2017Aug 2017

IncogNitroWill they catch him/her in time? Who do you think it will be? I think its going to be the whingeing Pommy teacher....

pat8lanips4137Jul 2017Jul 2017

Imperial Dreams ReviewJust finished watching a surreal film called Imperial Dreams. It reflects the plight of our people/Israelites in this land of captivity while trying...

NewYorkcitylove255-Jul 2017
If a picture is worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words......A picture cannot always say everything about a person:. What people say about their self or how they look and say... People express their selves in a...

Candigirl883789May 2017May 2017
Matt Damon

Matt Damon,Narrator of the film documentary, "Inside Job". You all gotta see it. Collusion in corruption among bankers, government officials (so called "regulato...

Aaltarboy2968Feb 2017Feb 2017
Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz !Every year at Christmas time the wizard of oz comes on..ever since I were just a little lad I watch it every year and still find myself humming and s...

sparkherup50423Jan 2017Jan 2017
Walking in the air

Walking in the air.I'm gonna fling this song in under the wire before the new year , just because it punches me in the feels every single time. Every year I sh...

notadoctor46815Dec 2016Jan 2017
Debbie Reynolds passes from stroke

Debbie Reynolds passes from strokeWhile making plans for Carrie Fischer's (her daughters) funeral Debbie gets a stroke and passes....RIP to both...

sands8843610Dec 2016Dec 2016
Walking Dead Fans

Walking Dead Fans!!So sorry! Had no idea that they hadn't shown it in Europe yet. One of the ladies from here sent me an email and told me. I didn't mean to spoil it f...

Shinegirl51126Oct 2016Nov 2016
the new columbia

the new columbiaThere is a real good movie I strongly recommend. its called the infitrator.with bryan Cranston,truthful about the illegal drugs flowing in ths coutry...

fallone3141Oct 2016Oct 2016
What ever happen to seen good movies at the movie

What ever happen to seen good movies at the movieSo many stupid movies playing out there. What ever happen when Hollywood made great movies?...

Baddabing664073Oct 2016Oct 2016
lemonika22: "BREAK UP SONGS"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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