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WTFCOME ON PEOPLE. WHAT SORT OF PLANET DO YOU WANT TO HAND DOWN . Surely it can't be that hard to chose...

daears5564 hrs ago4 mins ago

Family drama that can't be avoidedI'm living my dream. I retired from my job of 20 years in Orlando in April to move to Tampa just 2 miles from my folks. I wanted to be a helping hand...

UnFayzed14911Jan 13Jan 16

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones3,268199Jun 23Jan 16

BREAKING NEWS… Just kidding Glad to be here again! I would like to thank all of you who have sent me positive messages of encouragement both here on CS a...

mariamarcela1,27755Dec 31Jan 13

Post Sister Stress Disorder.Post Sister Stress Disorder Having two older sisters there was a lot of abuse growing up. I didn’t mind the leotards as much as the high heels and...

TokyoRogue1518Jan 9Jan 10

A good bit of crazy.I’ve a seven foot tall uncle who used to roller skate around his city wearing a three piece suit while holding an open umbrella above himself and his...

TokyoRogue28036Jan 3Jan 4

Finally LOLI found out last night that I'm going to be a Grandma.I was so excited I forgot to ask when the due date was.Opps...

Bearwoman20322Jan 2Jan 4

Greed Brings HateMy decease mother left a house for two of her sons , they are twins . I do not have a problem with that and so I thought the other siblings were on...

Annleerose19417Jan 2Jan 3

The meaningful message.................... The meaningful message

jarred155-Jan 2

So thankfully .2017 was a very sad year for me , the last month , which was the beginning of December That was the month my son try to end his life. No one kne...

Annleerose15114Dec 31Dec 31

real lovereal love ……………….....

jarred165-Dec 31

Happy New Year................. Happy New Year...

jarred139-Dec 30

Tension in the aislesDoing the weekly shopping isn’t one of my favourite things but, luckily, I can make it more bearable by combining it with my hobby of people watching....

Harbal38749Dec 28Dec 28

Surprise military homecomingEitan and Romit Urman are annual season ticket holders of the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team. Needless to say, they are familiar with the team. They’re fami...

Willy3411611Dec 23Dec 25

TheybiesSlugs and snails and puppy dog tails - Sugar and spice and all things nice - On one hand, I've never believed girls should be dressed in...

Elegsabiff28432Dec 21Dec 24

The Very Clean TeapotSome years ago my wife and I went away for the weekend; my mother stayed at the house and minded the kids while we were away. Not long after we retur...

Harbal42458Dec 22Dec 24

This applies to all my kids!.............This applies to all my kids!

jarred154-Dec 22

All in a day’s workI turned up at the address with the boiler I was delivering and a man who looked like he was in his late 60s answered the door. He had bright orange...

Harbal30837Dec 17Dec 18

MemoriesI normally don't say much about anyone in my rl here or anywhere online but this is a funny memory I got of my father that I think is fine to share....

Track161424Dec 16Dec 17

Cute article in the NY Times this week on Walking your pet cat.Yes, You Should Walk Your Cat Today’s indoor cat is a tiger robbed of his dominion, a Lamborghini left idling in the garage. By David Grimm...

JimNastics947Dec 7Dec 9
Willy3411662Dec 9Dec 9

Absolutely wonderful eulogy delivered by GWB for his dad GHWBIt probably will be his best speech he will ever deliver. Of course, some of them weren't good at all. But, this one was excellent Have a li...

JimNastics470Dec 7
Daughters Day

Daughters DaySince it seems to be that around here...

itchywitch42019Aug 19Dec 2

Welcome Wagon...I'm winding down on the 'shopping list' of final documents needed before the closing date. One important paper gets me a reduced rate on the mandatory...

chatillion762Nov 29Nov 29

Happy thanksgiving to all our CS AmericansI so like the idea of a dinner just for giving thanks - been invited to a few in Scotland by an American family living a long long way from home and i...

Elegsabiff30127Nov 21Nov 24

A little Turkey humorMy baby sister, cuter than a bug's ear, has hosted Thanksgiving for many years. All us households have prepared our dishes. While I wait on a bro t...

UnFayzed12913Nov 22Nov 23

It is done!A few blogs ago, I told about my fathers death. The other day, my sister wrote me, saying the the tombstone was put in place. Immediately I felt some...

Philipsen1012Nov 21Nov 21
Family is Love

Family is LoveWhatever happen in anything it all starts from the values of family Love...

ysabeljhen14612Nov 18Nov 19
You soar up like an eagle and as the days go on you will become stronger

You soar up like an eagle and as the days go on you will become strongerHello ItchyW May all your sorrows be filled with peace,love and happiness. May all your troubles land up in a kit bag,and smile,smile. May you overco...

Fieryred701585Nov 13Nov 17

Usually around the holidaysAll day yesterday I kept thinking if we can make it one more week without any tragedy, we can make it through this holiday. Last night my bro calls t...

UnFayzed1506Nov 13Nov 14

Where's my friend Ysabel?Where's she? Anyone? Just left us without a word? Jen....I hope all is fine with you....

lindsyjones36232Nov 1Nov 5
The Follow up to Crying at Night

The Follow-up to " Crying at Night "After a few days after I knocked the door of my neighbour's at one night , I happened to meet the little boy's family at stairs. The granny thank me f...

July0121000Nov 5

A loo with a view...Condo shopping was put on hold for a number of reasons. Heavy workload and my accountant meeting was postponed because she's been out with the flu....

chatillion2714Oct 27Oct 28

...Was just watching news of a school bus accident here in Dead Sea and many children died. The bad news is breaking my heart. My son called me and tol...

Crazyheart3816011Oct 25Oct 25
Thank you

Thank youFor those who sent prayers for my son for his successful scholarship Examination. THANK YOU ALL Though the result is not released yet. Except math...

ayoneq620Oct 24
Are You Peace right now

Are You @ Peace right now?Spending my spare time here in CS land made me feel @home like family.We might at times or all the time argue because we are d...

ysabeljhen33034Oct 20Oct 21
How Grandma brought up and moulded grandkids

How Grandma, brought up and moulded grandkidsWhenever am with my kids, I could hear people say..."you are lucky to have your four kids " . Am supposed to be proud. But the truth, it's not me, tha...

ayoneq1053Oct 19Oct 19
Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides

Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides ...Just talked to my 3rd son, after work today. I felt that pain, as am supposed helped them in every difficulties they are going through. He was worrie...

ayoneq1164Oct 17Oct 19
Its Never Too Late

It's Never Too LateHave you thought of what would it be if you were the same age when you were so active in everything? You are in a stage where...

ysabeljhen20720Oct 18Oct 18
To be in a BIG Jail

To be in a BIG JailIn my million dreams, I never dreamt to be in this place. I had to be confined in a place where, nothing could quenched my thirst. Yeah, I was so thi...

ayoneq1806Oct 12Oct 17
BIG letter L for Lotto

BIG letter "L" for Lotto?2 won ...1.8 billion plus.. I never tried to play lotto as I just believe, my luck is from my own sweats..but today, a colleague of mine called a fa...

ayoneq1986Oct 14Oct 16

Getting real about real estate...I've accelerated my home shopping this month. Last week, I went to see some single story townhouses. 1 and 2 bedroom 4-plex units in a 55+ community....

chatillion1749Oct 13Oct 15
abcWOMAN: "SpellingBee"(meet us in the puzzles)

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