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Walking a mile in other's moccasins....She's perfect, on so many levels. And still pretty, in our age group. We separated over parenting prerogatives, but have become best of friends. Doing...

Vierkaesehoch1667Apr 16Apr 18

HappinessNot many pictures as of now to post. Exhausted. Relieved. One down, three more to go. Three sisters and a friend. The bride and her maids. Hindu...

usha12342026Mar 25Apr 12

Will it ever go away?I'm not referring to a goiter, a urinary tract infection or herpes flare-up. No, I'm talking about the craving I have for a smoke. I average a couple...

BadlyDrawn28326Apr 9Apr 12

You never knowThose that read my blogs may remember that I'm dealing with aging parents. Dad with alzheimers is in a physical therapy rehab, Mom goes three times a...

UnFayzed1178Apr 6Apr 6

After it seemingly has ended........VERY about renewing the relationship? Remarrying/reattaching with the same person? Who hasn't heard of this intriguing life maneuver, and perhaps even...

Vierkaesehoch1666Mar 31Apr 1

I was going to write a blog....But the topic is a sensitive one for me and I'm not ready to spill my blood and guts on these pages just yet so here's a little something I whipped u...

BadlyDrawn1599Mar 30Apr 1

Cracked Myself UpSometimes I just do that. Actually I've been doing it a lot lately, it's fun. I simply can't take myself seriously anymore. I was raised in the s...

UnFayzed924Mar 26Mar 27

Terrible NewsHaving a great family support system makes it fairly easy to deal with what my aging parents are going through. I'm glad I have no need to throw a pi...

UnFayzed1042Mar 15Mar 22

So, according to Archie Bunker, I'm a Heeb, or a YidI had my DNA done by 23andMe and the results came as a surprise. I am 46.2% British & Irish, 15.8% French & German, and 18.7% Ashkenazi Jewish. I h...

Willy3411903Mar 21Mar 21
And they told her to pull up her socks

And they told her to pull up her socksThe professionals told her she wasn't depressed ..... Thank you all...

itchywitch252-Mar 20Mar 20

TherapyIt's almost been a year now since I semi retired and moved a hundred miles to Tampa where my elderly folks live. I've talked for many years about my...

UnFayzed27723Mar 12Mar 17
Thank you

Thank youFor those who sent prayers for my son for his successful scholarship Examination. THANK YOU ALL Though the result is not released yet. Except math...

ayoneq1152Oct 24Mar 16
Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides

Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides ...Just talked to my 3rd son, after work today. I felt that pain, as am supposed helped them in every difficulties they are going through. He was worrie...

ayoneq1765Oct 17Mar 16
Best Gift

Best Gift...Am thinking these past days...just that, I could not think what must be the BEST GIFT for a son, who worked hard in school, to compensate the hardship...

ayoneq937Mar 15Mar 16

I respect my parents but...I feel owe them and I did have means to pay back I would and every venture I tried come up with; hydroponics would been something pays us back and...

LuckyDuck2018650Mar 15

So yesterday was interesting, kind of, maybe..My friend's mom flew in from Napal last week with a big luggage bag full only of native spices (most of them easily obtainable at any American Interna...

Ken_19972Mar 11Mar 11

Marriage licenses........Sure, the blood testing, and ruling out of the underaged, or of close cousins, (except in places like US Appalachia), make some sense. But we licen...

Vierkaesehoch26811Mar 4Mar 6
A Tribute to my Mom on my birthday

A Tribute to my Mom ~ on my birthdayIt was against the odds. She was 46 and already had 4 adult children and 1 still at home. A new relationship, after a scandalous affair had ripped...

Kaylana042589Feb 15Feb 27

Pro AbortionPersonally, I find it hard to believe that anyone contemplating having an abortion does it cheerfully. Slight edit....

Harbal1,534110Feb 3Feb 22

There's no such thing as fun for the whole family......according to Jerry Seinfeld. In my duties as executor of my folk's estate, I'm learning things, and perhaps being confided in, more these days. Lea...

Vierkaesehoch1670Feb 21

To my fatherHow do you write a story like this? This is rather difficult. I started it over several times, but each sheet landed safely in the lit fireplace: nobo...

Jefke591154Feb 20Feb 20
Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beastBeauty my youngest sister ........ Beast .... alcoholism. After 22yrs...

itchywitch73045Jan 30Feb 18

HungaryJust heard a few days ago that Hungary is encouraging young Hungarian families to have more kids (due to population decline) and with that comes some...

Lukeon57555Feb 11Feb 16

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones3,778208Jun 2018Feb 9

The Pressure CookerStove top pressure cookers have done nothing but terrify me so you couldn't give me one. However the digital counter top ones stole my heart after I...

UnFayzed1054Feb 9Feb 9

Thankless jobs......Will executoroni....The oldest of six, and hardly an attorney, my most recent family cross to bear. Reminds of a Jerry Seinfeld quip----"There's no such thing as fun for...

Vierkaesehoch840Feb 8
Polar Vortex aka Freezing Ones A Off

Polar Vortex aka Freezing One's A$$ OffThe promised polar vortex and icy winds have definitely arrived, battering the house in gusts strong enough to make me worry about my windows holding....

LadyImp15613Feb 4Feb 5

Becoming pregnant..........should be a joy. Sure, the birds and bees advice some, but more and more, not all, of our folks gave us, mostly did the job. And speaking of paren...

Vierkaesehoch1314Feb 3Feb 3

Wish I could turn back the clock..But I know I can't. I am realistic about Life. But I think it is okay to wish. Yesterday my oldest daughter got married. The legal part of it. The...

usha12366047Jan 25Feb 1

Challenges and ChoresSeems everything in life has trade offs so one just has to take the bad with the good. Luckily I've been told many times throughout life that I can f...

UnFayzed1277Jan 22Jan 24
Willy34111463Dec 9Jan 23

All in one...Glad to be here again! I would like to thank all of you who have sent me positive messages of encouragement both here on CS and outside CS Be bl...

mariamarcela1,94168Dec 31Jan 22
Daughters Day

Daughters DaySince it seems to be that around here...

itchywitch50020Aug 2018Jan 18

Family drama that can't be avoidedI'm living my dream. I retired from my job of 20 years in Orlando in April to move to Tampa just 2 miles from my folks. I wanted to be a helping hand...

UnFayzed24611Jan 13Jan 16
The meaningful message

The meaningful message.................... The meaningful message

jarred1124-Jan 2
real love

real lovereal love ……………….....

jarred1103-Dec 31
Happy New Year

Happy New Year................. Happy New Year...

jarred174-Dec 30

Tension in the aislesDoing the weekly shopping isn’t one of my favourite things but, luckily, I can make it more bearable by combining it with my hobby of people watching....

Harbal43149Dec 28Dec 28

Surprise military homecomingEitan and Romit Urman are annual season ticket holders of the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team. Needless to say, they are familiar with the team. They’re fami...

Willy3411921Dec 23Dec 25

TheybiesSlugs and snails and puppy dog tails - Sugar and spice and all things nice - On one hand, I've never believed girls should be dressed in...

Elegsabiff34532Dec 21Dec 24

The Very Clean TeapotSome years ago my wife and I went away for the weekend; my mother stayed at the house and minded the kids while we were away. Not long after we retur...

Harbal47358Dec 22Dec 24
This applies to all my kids

This applies to all my kids!.............This applies to all my kids!

jarred173-Dec 22

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