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I AM BACKHEY GUYS......I AM BACK how you doing,its been a long time haa....hows you all my old friend.....specially Norman???? hows you man????...

InamUllah10124113Jul 172 hrs ago
Children Guaranteed to Break Your Heart

Children - Guaranteed to Break Your HeartI've been away from blogging for quite some time due to just having too many other things taking up my attention and time. Deciding to deactivate...

LadyImp25415Jun 26Jul 16

Just wait until your father gets home...As long as I remember, both my mother and father had to work full time jobs. For the most part, mom was self-employed and operated a business within w...

chatillion13110Jul 11Jul 16

Got a Scare - FB to the RescueThe night before last Mom didn't answer the home phone, assumed one of the siblings took her to see Dad. Then yesterday morning again no answer to t...

UnFayzed833Jul 5Jul 5

Beauty and the beastBeauty my youngest sister ........ Beast .... alcoholism. After 22yrs...

itchywitch1,479-Jan 30Jul 3
I received some surprising photos of my new Grandson last night in my email

I received some surprising photos of my new Grandson last night in my email.I may post some pictures when I can get my Grandsons first name and such.My youngest son is still overseas so my oldest son sent them to me last night...

Bearwoman842Jul 2Jul 2
Taken for granted

Taken for grantedA friend of mine has been having a right whinge about her daughter-in-law using her as an on-tap babysitter without so much as a by-your-leave. Her DI...

Elegsabiff61335Jun 5Jun 28
Stepping on hot coals

Stepping on hot coalsI'm disenchanted with America's favorite pastime. No, not baseball. I'm talking about meddling. If it's not Iraq, it's Iran. If it's not Libya, It's Y...

BadlyDrawn25116May 1Jun 23
if you were born a boy or a girl what are you now

if you were born a boy or a girl, what are you now ...There's some weird stuff happening in UK schools and the Daily Mail has got very overexcited about it. I know it's a long blog. You can skip to the la...

Elegsabiff72572May 26Jun 22

Lucy Lucy LucyRemember that I inherited a dog named Lucy when my friend passed. Bella nor I saw that coming. Getting a spoiled dog with no instructions has been a...

UnFayzed1178Jun 21Jun 21
The long descent

The long descentOn windy days I often think back to an event that took place long, long ago when I was but a boy and health and safety was still in short trousers. T...

Harbal29830Jun 19Jun 20

DignityMy Dad was a proud man all his life. As a Father he was a hypocrite who taught us do as he said not as he did. No one is perfect. He loved the fami...

UnFayzed25617Jun 15Jun 17

To the dearly belovedAnd greatly missed. I do not stand alone. What's always standing behind me to be strong, and do the right thing is the honour and love of m...

usha1232598Jun 16Jun 17

My Father's Day 2019...We are weeks behind in our schedule to renovate the house in Miami. Clearly, moving all of my 'things' to a condo won't happen. I'm procrastinating on...

chatillion992Jun 16Jun 16

HAPPY FATHER'S DAYHAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the dads here and have been here! I was very blessed with five wonderful children! Thank you God!...

Gentlejim15314Jun 16Jun 16

Good Things Come - patience gwasshoppaWhen my son married two years ago, he got a wife and an 8 year old son. He took to Fatherhood before the wedding and son and Dad #2 have a wonderful...

UnFayzed1205Jun 15Jun 16

NEWBORN DEATHSDeath of infants seem to be on the rise here in Belize, the USA and other places. The dads are physically beating two months old, eight months old...

Unika_4122212Jun 12Jun 14

Wait a minute ! The name of the new baby from Prince Henry & Megan Markle is....Archie ?!?!?That's not a joke. There may be former English kings, queens, princes & princesses rolling over in their graves right now. They couldn't thi...

JimNastics31018May 9Jun 6

Humpy Day...Sometimes my wife travels with me to visit projects I work on. She gets to hear me BS with the security guards at some of the gated communities. One p...

chatillion1194May 15May 29

we can choosewho or what we want to be, call it a legacy, call it what you want, perhaps even sleep on it. all my life I HATED HIM I took him by the ear once and...

Bentlee24524May 26May 28

Into hell he burnsThe wick finally burnt out yes my dad just died this past 12th hour, who was he to say how good or bad was he was an a**hole filled with nothing mo...

Bentlee44535May 24May 28

One door closes...another opens. Old AA saying. And it's so often true. Was never as close to my 5 sibs as I admired in other families, such as many Irish ones. Even in...

Vierkaesehoch712May 23May 23

HE Washer? be a frayed of this...A while back, my old washing machine died. I decided to replace it with an HE (High Efficiency) washing machine. These washers require less soap and l...

chatillion2238Aug 2018May 22

Happy Mother's DayEverything Mom How did you find the energy, Mom, To do all the things you did, To be teacher, nurse and counselor To me, when I was a kid. Ho...

Gentlejim1309May 11May 11

Nose in the phonesI got an early Mother's Day surprise from my son and his family as they came up this weekend to see me and the folks. I took us all out to breakfast...

UnFayzed20212May 6May 8

Walking a mile in other's moccasins....She's perfect, on so many levels. And still pretty, in our age group. We separated over parenting prerogatives, but have become best of friends. Doing...

Vierkaesehoch2187Apr 16Apr 18

HappinessNot many pictures as of now to post. Exhausted. Relieved. One down, three more to go. Three sisters and a friend. The bride and her maids. Hindu...

usha12348826Mar 25Apr 12
Will it ever go away

Will it ever go away?I'm not referring to a goiter, a urinary tract infection or herpes flare-up. No, I'm talking about the craving I have for a smoke. I average a couple...

BadlyDrawn32026Apr 9Apr 12

You never knowThose that read my blogs may remember that I'm dealing with aging parents. Dad with alzheimers is in a physical therapy rehab, Mom goes three times a...

UnFayzed1518Apr 6Apr 6

After it seemingly has ended........VERY about renewing the relationship? Remarrying/reattaching with the same person? Who hasn't heard of this intriguing life maneuver, and perhaps even...

Vierkaesehoch2026Mar 31Apr 1
I was going to write a blog

I was going to write a blog....But the topic is a sensitive one for me and I'm not ready to spill my blood and guts on these pages just yet so here's a little something I whipped u...

BadlyDrawn1909Mar 30Apr 1

Cracked Myself UpSometimes I just do that. Actually I've been doing it a lot lately, it's fun. I simply can't take myself seriously anymore. I was raised in the s...

UnFayzed1294Mar 26Mar 27

Terrible NewsHaving a great family support system makes it fairly easy to deal with what my aging parents are going through. I'm glad I have no need to throw a pi...

UnFayzed1382Mar 15Mar 22

So, according to Archie Bunker, I'm a Heeb, or a YidI had my DNA done by 23andMe and the results came as a surprise. I am 46.2% British & Irish, 15.8% French & German, and 18.7% Ashkenazi Jewish. I h...

Willy34111213Mar 21Mar 21

And they told her to pull up her socksThe professionals told her she wasn't depressed ..... Thank you all...

itchywitch298-Mar 20Mar 20

TherapyIt's almost been a year now since I semi retired and moved a hundred miles to Tampa where my elderly folks live. I've talked for many years about my...

UnFayzed30523Mar 12Mar 17

Thank youFor those who sent prayers for my son for his successful scholarship Examination. THANK YOU ALL Though the result is not released yet. Except math...

ayoneq1502Oct 2018Mar 16

Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides ...Just talked to my 3rd son, after work today. I felt that pain, as am supposed helped them in every difficulties they are going through. He was worrie...

ayoneq2055Oct 2018Mar 16

Best Gift...Am thinking these past days...just that, I could not think what must be the BEST GIFT for a son, who worked hard in school, to compensate the hardship...

ayoneq1257Mar 15Mar 16
So yesterday was interesting kind of maybe

So yesterday was interesting, kind of, maybe..My friend's mom flew in from Napal last week with a big luggage bag full only of native spices (most of them easily obtainable at any American Interna...

Ken_191592Mar 11Mar 11

Marriage licenses........Sure, the blood testing, and ruling out of the underaged, or of close cousins, (except in places like US Appalachia), make some sense. But we licen...

Vierkaesehoch30011Mar 4Mar 6
A Tribute to my Mom on my birthday

A Tribute to my Mom ~ on my birthdayIt was against the odds. She was 46 and already had 4 adult children and 1 still at home. A new relationship, after a scandalous affair had ripped...

Kaylana042929Feb 15Feb 27
freebyrdflying: "Art Poster"(meet us in the puzzles)

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