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The childrens rights

The children's rightsThe children's rights accdg to a 6 yr old boy who was brought to a barangay council...

tatami320Sep 17
dear mom and dad

dear mom and dadi got the reflective vest in the mail to keep drivers from mowing me down on the road that i ride. now i need to get on the road. as in life, one ne...

freehand955Sep 16Sep 16
The connection

The connection....To family We travel to say goodbye to them... yet we don't to say hello....

itchywitch23913Sep 1Sep 2
Another Baby

Another Baby!My son's little brother. We are all happy today...we are blessed with another angel Our little Mahmoud

Crazyheart3841554Aug 25Aug 26
the road

the roadI made a video the other day. Although I wanted to look a bit frazzled in it, I discovered that I actually look better. I rarely use the mirror but...

freehand27312Aug 2Aug 25
The Mysterious Hitchhiker part 8

The Mysterious Hitchhiker part 8In unison, we both "shushed" each other. We cocked our heads and looked in the direction of the pleading words. The intensity of this stranger's lam...

freehand13310Aug 13Aug 15
Brazilian hard wood twin bunk beds

Brazilian hard wood twin bunk beds.....Buyer arriving today. Tearful memories. They all (mostly) grow up sooner or later. Aa....

Aaltarboy1012Aug 12Aug 12
Im a woman very thankful and very grateful

I'm a woman, very thankful and very gratefulSince I was young and able to see and understand the roles opposite sex can do, I was so thankful that I was born or God made me a woman. My lovi...

lindsyjones47539Aug 8Aug 11

Family.....Important for many, especially if they are grounded and fun. But many of us have few close family. You see all sorts of preferences for characteristic...

Aaltarboy1377Aug 8Aug 9
The story of a Transgender giving birth

The story of a Transgender giving birth. Wow, what a story. I used to say, our role...

lindsyjones30612Aug 4Aug 6
As the human body ages

As the human body ages.....across the life span, we see how that which we once knew, morphs toward the almost unrecognizable. In our mom's case, being bed bound was merely the s...

Aaltarboy20713Jul 23Aug 3
Wasted relationship

Wasted relationshipThis would be one of my rare personal topics in blog land. I wasn't going to share and let the world judge me and my situation but I thought I need it...

lindsyjones1,58584Jul 5Jul 31
just here to say

just here to saygood morning cs community.. wishing all a blessed day .....

georgie391296Jul 24Jul 27
Life and how we make it

Life...and how we make it.Every now and then we're reminded of our humble fragility, like when we feel that falling down the abyss to nothingness is the only choice we have....

lindsyjones24425Jul 26Jul 26
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned Yea right if you want to toss me in the flames

Hell has no fury , like a woman scorned, Yea right if you want to toss me in the flamesI am still flabergasted at this crazy and insane thought that was going through this woman's head when she was alive. Why on earth choose me as the be...

Fieryred7020611Jul 24Jul 24
Mom leaving us soon

Mom leaving us soon....Getting ready to fire up the Swedish chariot and head down to Beantown with Bravo as navigator and resident chick magnet. Four hour trip. As always, w...

Aaltarboy1013Jul 22Jul 22
a luv spell

a luv spellThe Justice of the Peace Maker once rode These trails, never turning tail Unless, he wanted tail... He was all about Luv, this Morgan man And the...

freehand1343Jul 20Jul 21
Pretentious people

Pretentious peopleI'm not going to elaborate what an unpleasant and irritating experience it is to be around pretentious people. The worst part is that they think y...

lindsyjones77848Jun 28Jul 20
good morning Cs wonderful bloggers

good morning Cs wonderful bloggersfirst let me say i hope all is in great health .. hope i will not be a stranger here after my long absence . i have missed out on some juicy bits...

georgie391699Jul 15Jul 15
Happy birthday to our Gentle Jim

Happy birthday to our Gentle JimMy friend, may you have a great birthday. And more to come....

lindsyjones27422Jul 11Jul 13
Getting a granddaughter in my house

Getting a granddaughter in my house...I am getting my beautiful 15 month old granddaughter for several months. My daughter is homeless and will be going to Cali to work for awhile to dig h...

Calliopesgirl1518Jul 9Jul 12
When a relationship goes sour

When a relationship goes sourExperiencing one of the most dreaded part of a relationship, at least to me, is when there's that uneasy moments of either you stay or leave. Wha...

lindsyjones2758Jul 11Jul 12
hearing the voice of

hearing the voice ofI was out with the dogs, planting some flowers and visiting with the neighbor. It was a nice relaxing time, just before sunset. I heard my name call...

freehand2239Jul 6Jul 8
Happy fourth of July fellow Americans

Happy fourth of July fellow AmericansHave a great day enjoying and celebrating our independence. May we always and forever be free....

lindsyjones19918Jul 4Jul 4
A truly remarkable man

A truly remarkable man.....I had a short stint, about 2 months, looking after disabled kids and teenagers when I was 17. It was a voluntary job about 30 mins drive from my home....

MimiArt7348191-Jul 4
The Joys Of Having A Family You can Always Lean On

The Joys Of Having A Family You can Always Lean OnJust had a fun exhausting night with my sister-in-laws and kids. This evening is the last day of Ramadan and I didn't get to share "iftar" with them...

Crazyheart381643Jun 24Jun 25
Cultural weddings

Cultural weddingsLast weekend I attended a very interesting and very wonderful Indian wedding. A friend of mine. She's my former doctor and we've become good friends....

lindsyjones2429Jun 23Jun 23
Deaf grandma teaches deaf granddaughter sign language

Deaf grandma teaches deaf granddaughter sign languageMy step-dad's adopted younger sister is deaf. She came to my mom's coffee shop to help out during Chinese New Year when we needed a lot of help to cop...

MimiArt734820811Jun 13Jun 16
Proud mum

Proud mumI don't normally write about my personal life but today was my daughters graduation and I'm feel so proud about her I want to shout it out to the wor...

lshtar46744Jun 9Jun 9
Very big aging white pine tree

Very big aging white pine tree.....starting to lean threateningly toward the Ponderosa Mansion here. 40 or so meters tall. Took it down in pieces, with much regret, as I normally spend...

Aaltarboy1516Jun 8Jun 8
There goes Canada down the rabbit hole

There goes Canada down the rabbit hole.The Canadian government may legally remove children from families that refuse to accept their child’s chosen “gender identity” thanks to new legislati...

seaworthy28423Jun 6Jun 6
Oh Canada Retro Dad

Oh Canada....Retro Dad.Long weekend for all, so taking the twins up the road to New Brunswick. Reversing Falls in St. Johns, St. Stevens chocolate factory. Last time here th...

Aaltarboy1182May 29May 30

RAMADAN KAREEM!To all friends and members here who celebrate and respect Ramadan My son didn't come home to me last night because his dad and step mom took him o...

Crazyheart3822810May 27May 28
i know

i knowI knew how far I'd come, after riding with others. I knew what my sister was feeling, trying to navigate with both the GPS and mother giving directio...

freehand1303May 27May 27
For the mother of Salman Abedi

For the mother of Salman AbediI can't help but being a mother, this must have been how the young terrorist mother felt. My sympathy. Sleepy eyes blended with innocence M...

lindsyjones23819May 25May 26
walking with dad

walking with dadWalking with my dad If I dream it, it will happen I will wear my red dress and Suede hat He always wears a hat We will be a pair He always tak...

freehand19011May 22May 22
Mothers day blah blah blah

Mothers day, blah,blah,blahLike any other day, serve them,serve them, serve them....selfish little monsters. Kids just want to have food and fun. I am grateful for they are...

bloodyawfull22911May 15May 16
Hope every mother had a great time on mothers day

Hope every mother had a great time on mother's day.Flew back home to enjoy mother's day celebration with my three daughters who are mother's themselves. We had a blast. Have a nice Monday every...

lindsyjones19913May 15May 15
There was a time when

There was a time, when.....the more strident of the domestic violence workers were publishing pamplets claiming that over 95% of such criminal activity was perpetuated by men....

Aaltarboy1507May 14May 15
An opportunity to think

An opportunity to thinkAre you feel happy sometimes! Do you have some time to read what is written by others! Do you suffer from what is bothering you! Please pay attenti...

kenan_syr1463May 13May 14
Hello my Blog family

Hello my Blog familyHello my friends and family here. I have not been here in a good while but to let you know i am still alive and kicking. i come now with a heavy hea...

wenever15611May 11May 13
Has anyone

Has anyoneHas anyone seen or heard from Ashlander? Saw her on here for a bit last week. Seems we have quite a turnover in bloggers!...

Gentlejim19511May 1May 1

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