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Prays Needed .Dear friends , my last son is in the hospital , he is very sick . i am asking that you all say a word of pray for him . thank you . please no...

Annleerose52346Aug 7Sep 19

Crying at NightIt was 11 o'clock PM, suddenly I was awaken by a loud crying of a small kid, this is a second time I heard this terrible sound in short time days at...

July01224224Sep 16Sep 18

A gentle passing.....We are fascinated by the hereafter, and by the processes surrounding the leaving of this short life. As much as I try to follow science, I also keep a...

Vierkaesehoch935Sep 17Sep 18

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones1,909135Jun 23Sep 14
house mates

house matesand so i happened. I have a renter living indoors. a connecting singles connection that is starting a study here. can i call this a pet? i...

Len051012Sep 10Sep 11

Mid 90's matriarch soon to leave us.Nice MC trip to Liberal Massachusetts to chat with mom's health care staff. Hospice nurses were great. With home hospice care, and all our help, she c...

Vierkaesehoch1108Sep 7Sep 9

Dad...I was inspired by Imp's blog about 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM' and weeks later I'm getting to actually do the blog. My dad...

chatillion745Sep 8Sep 9
Mothers Intuition is a real thingBelieve in it or not

Mother`s Intuition is a real thing(Believe in it or not).I remember a time when after all the beating I took, I tried not to deny my ex visitation (He didn`t way or another). He pretended to care o...

moonglow331556Aug 6Sep 5
Been a long time

Been a long time.Met two of my kids few yrs ago after twenty yrs girl friend I'm guessing had them taken from her not long after we separated 1993 and wasn't told then...

Donraymond1148Sep 1Sep 2
Kids taking there lives sucide

Kids taking there lives, sucide.This wasnt common at all in my generation very rare myself as a example by Jr high it was a miserable era bullied sometimes everyday beat up or threat...

Donraymond1849Aug 28Sep 1

A father shouldn't have to bury his children...It is done. I attended funeral service for my coworker this weekend. His daughter was laid to rest. This was the first time I attended a Jewish funera...

chatillion1155Aug 20Aug 21

Daughters DaySince it seems to be that around here...

itchywitch23013Aug 19Aug 19

MarriageNow enough with searching.. I really wanna get married and start a family. Anyone who got succeeded here?...

Unknown1536Aug 18Aug 19

cancer...Stated in an earlier blog, my associate left town to be with his daughter in her final days. I received a text from a coworker the woman lost her batt...

chatillion1026Aug 14Aug 15

cancer...An associate of mine lost a daughter to cancer. He is about to lose another one. Nearly each month he would fly out of town to visit and check on her...

chatillion17414Aug 10Aug 11

Men or women....Self protection....Wonder if some scummy violent home invaiding repeat criminal perp should worry more about one sex or the other when breaking into a home, occupied by...

Vierkaesehoch1726Jul 24Aug 10

What Is Like To Be A SINGLE MOMIn my years of planning, deciding and figuring out the best for my boys alone. I came to realised that it's nothing even I knew it's so hard being...

ysabeljhen32412Apr 2017Aug 8

Why I prefer Adoption over abortion....For a very selfish reason...And a positive reunionI was born in a home for unwed mothers and given up for adoption. If abortion had been legal in 1949 I might not be here today, I grew up in Royal...

Willy341121711Jul 12Aug 8

Your thoughts on spanking as a punishment for childrenDo you believe in spanking naughty children ? I myself have only been spanked by my Mother one time that I can remember. My opinion is spanking is...

Willy341155640Jul 15Aug 2

HE Washer? be a frayed of this...A while back, my old washing machine died. I decided to replace it with an HE (High Efficiency) washing machine. These washers require less soap and l...

chatillion840Aug 1
Only NEW YORK can send me a message PLS

Only NEW YORK can send me a message, PLS!Hello everyone No offense please! Only NEW YORK will answer my ads. It’s hard to find relastionship outside know, there’s a lot of reaso...

Yardley2004Jul 29Jul 30
Viewed 19174 times

Viewed 19174 timesLiked 13 times. Favorited once. My parents were right...

postneoludite2096Jul 25Jul 25

Men and strife....and unwillingness to get competent family counseling...The really top lawyers and informed judges all suggest it. I've seen it even happen on a court ordered basis. But it is all too rare. Anger, hurt, den...

Vierkaesehoch1072Jul 20Jul 20

Women and and men... Men and women...TWINS...Our non identice (dizygotic) girls are terrific. Very smart, creative, beautiful, caring, etc. They are best of friends, although this was different b...

Vierkaesehoch1364Jul 15Jul 15
JimNastics1,135120Jun 20Jul 1

Men and women....It's a man's world....Or so James Brown sings, so sweetly. But hardly, still, in many places, if we find ourselves in front of a judge for divorce. Yuk!...

Vierkaesehoch1493Jun 27Jun 27

Boys and girls......Does the apple ever fall too far from the tree?Unwed early pregnancy, intimate partner abuse, time behind bars, substance abuses, obesity, school dropping out, and lots more. Follow great grannies/...

Vierkaesehoch1532Jun 26Jun 26

Father & FriendFather & Friend ...................

jarred194-Jun 26
curlyhead50622Mar 2017Jun 23

Women and men....parenting styles.....Sure, there are differences. We all have them, and can recall those of our parents, Ouch! Often a major cause of family strife. Therapy helps, but men...

Vierkaesehoch1528Jun 22Jun 22

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BARBECUEAfter many long cold winter months, spring finally comes into the country and we can start preparing for the BBQ season. To get off to a good start, i...

jarred183-Jun 19

Happy Father's DayHappy Father's Day to all of the fathers here!...

Gentlejim1767Jun 17Jun 17

What are friends forWhat good a friend are you for if in the direst of needs you aren't there? Can you share what your beliefs are on friendship? Or better yet, who a...

lindsyjones48741Jun 6Jun 10
Imagination Mural of Love

Imagination & Mural of Love"Paint me a picture, Mommy" she demanded. And so I painted one. A huge mural that stretched forever - a mural of words. Words that spun tales like my...

LadyImp1559Jun 9Jun 9

It is a scamIf you come on to this site and present yourself as single but in reality you are married, you are committing a fraud. Period. You can be on this s...

lindsyjones2,64995Mar 12Jun 9

Being around the elderly.....I socialize with a group of octo---nonagenarians here at Mickie D's, where I get the endless java for a buck, and the decent wifi. They have a grand t...

Vierkaesehoch2089May 30Jun 8
Want to be a child again

Want to be a child againI often think, I wish to become a child again... Kids are so innocent with very clear heart, how beautiful it is.. always want to make new friends...

bravealikhan1070Jun 1
Memorial Day

Memorial DayLets not forget anyone, who died with many other different issues & reasons on Memorial Day. (It`s Memorial Day, every day of my life, to me).....

moonglow331420May 28May 28

Dysfunction in famiies....Caught the Royal wedding this AM, and while hardly a royalist, enjoyed the show, and seeing this nice socially active couple. But I was saddened to se...

Vierkaesehoch26411May 19May 27

A trip down memory laneIs it just me or does anyone else get goose bumps when someone drags up an old blog and you see half forgotten faces Like when you visit and old r...

Onthcrestofawave32522May 25May 25

We need everything right after our birthWe need everything right after our birth...........

jarred193-May 24

we bought a puppy for my sonwe bought a puppy for my son...

jarred1120-May 20

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