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Bearwoman49411 hrs ago10 hrs ago

Whitetail deer.Nature has always been my playground from a child.This is the place where baby deer have been raised since 1931 and the owners for sometime would take the deer to petting zoos for the public to see.Th...

Bearwoman10617Nov 12Nov 12
Service animals

Service animalsI love animals as much as the next guy...maybe more. It might be the reason I was banned from the petting zoo. If I had my way we'd have 'heavy' petti...

BadlyDrawn14613Nov 4Nov 4

Old sailors' myth?Change your used sailboat's name, you die at sea. Since I'm a bit stuporstitious, I never dared such. But all my dogs are adptees, and I always tried...

Vierkaesehoch13817Nov 2Nov 4
Importing Stray Pets from Other Countries

Importing Stray Pets from Other CountriesThe other day I was reading how someone was bringing a stray home from the country they were visiting. What? We don't have enough unwanted pets here i...

LadyImp14714Oct 31Nov 3

Does it even matterwhat i say? You're gonna take it out of context anyway....

secludedStar67-Oct 31
Puppies on Cliff Rescued

Puppies on Cliff - Rescued!On Saturday evening, a member of a local hiking group fb page posted a desperate plea for help in getting two dogs off a cliff ledge. According to the...

LadyImp16019Oct 29Oct 31
secret love

secret lovelust wants and desires among bloggers ... I have one, but I can't tell you, otherwise it won't be a secret anymore Anyways ... dare tell, wh...

itchywitch57239Oct 13Oct 29

Non political blog No 1. (Mostly), Dogs...How is it that we naturally know when a dog is using play behaviors? Probably coevolved with us, Methinks. The front paws low on the ground, arse up i...

Vierkaesehoch1043Oct 24Oct 24

My New Interest: Hairy Babies (Not Cry Babies!)The more experience I have with the human race, the more I love four-legged creatures. Apart from the horses - and dogs & cats, of course! - I have...

daniela77761857Aug 11Oct 21

Hunt the chickenI Love to let my chickens roam the garden they eat all the slugs and snails, well they are grounded with one perched on the naughty step. About three...

emmy115421Oct 20Oct 21

Caption this....My caption So that's the way you want to be? I'll just take my ball and go home.

Willy34111092Oct 4Oct 15
Animal rescue no kill and no charge

Animal rescue no kill and no chargeIf for any reason you have to give up your loved pet please call a animal rescue most of which are no kill they will find a good home it's also helpfu...

Donraymond1036Oct 12Oct 13
Animal Farm The Trump Era

Animal Farm...The Trump EraFor your viewing pleasure...George Orwell's Animal Farm novella on video...Stephen King recognised the novella as a story about a political uprising o...

loulou7772351Sep 7Sep 27
Cats cared more than humans do

Cats cared more than humans doI got up a bit late yesterday, as there was a birthday party the other night that made me slept late. Though I felt like want to be on bed for a bit m...

ayoneq1856Sep 23Sep 24
Wont you

Won't youTreat me like disease, like The rats and the fleas. Oh ha-haha-ha...

InstincThis98-Sep 16

Well, here's something you don't see every day.Florida has been invaded by Burmese pythons as the result of an intense storm that accidently freed these captive pets near the Everglades years ago....

JimNastics23813Aug 14Sep 12

Choosing A Dog - Part 2All dogs have their own character which leads one to make a choice on an emotional basis but, what must be realized is that the dog has been bred over...

daniela77730727Sep 5Sep 8

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog - Part 1“Nordic” breeds have become more popular in the last few years, especially the Siberian Husky. Although these dogs adapt well to a warm climate, they...

daniela77718917Sep 5Sep 7

we bought a puppy for my sonwe bought a puppy for my son...

jarred193-Sep 5

Camels become the dairy cow in the future......... I already see it all for me: camels standing in the Dutch meadows ...

jarred197-Aug 26

you can never do everything 100% well that everyone agrees with............ A father and his son are traveling and sitting on a donkey. Then they meet people they hear saying, "Look at that. Sit that father and...

jarred1131-Aug 11


jarred1578-Aug 10

Gosh, what are you fat, you just look like a cow............... Gosh, what are you fat, you just look like a cow....

jarred1116-Aug 9
Bentlee1714Aug 8Aug 8

.... You must earn the friendship of a dog..................... You must earn the friendship of a dog my friend :chee...

jarred1113-Aug 8

the psyche of the herdsman in a nutshell....................... Seeing laughter makes you laugh. Tears are contagious. One people, one emotion. In short, the psyche of the herdsman in...

jarred179-Jul 29
My Kitten Is A Wild Animal

My Kitten Is A Wild AnimalIt spent so long gnawing hard on my leg and is now literally bouncing around the room off everything periodically chomping into my ankle...

Track161297Jul 29Jul 29

Males and females...Our critter pals...What sex differnces do they have, along the lines of those in humans? I see some....

Vierkaesehoch1312Jul 28Jul 29

A goldfish in a bowl......................... A goldfish in a bowl that has been painted black on the outside will never know what the world looks like outside the fis...

jarred1210-Jul 29

People: People, especially your owners, have three basic functions:................. People: People, especially your owners, have three basic functions: 1. to give you food 2. give your attention and play wi...

jarred176-Jul 28

Taking care of yourselfOn the solitary living squirrel we can see how agile and flashy you can be fast on your own. And if you are as smart as you are, prepare yourself for...

jarred1109-Jul 26
One Sick Puppy

One Sick PuppyNow that I go to write the blog I can't remember if my profile picture shows Bella or not but I'm going to guess the dog is in my arms because she usu...

UnFayzed26317Jul 19Jul 20
Star Man

Star ManStar Man was the name of one of my sister's cat's. Last night, he got hit by a car and died. I am having a hell of a lot of trouble dealing with this...

Track1623512Jul 17Jul 19

A Boy And His Dog - Beyond ChanceAn amazing story of a boy with problems and a dog who did wonders for him. A dog is indeed man's best friend. This could be the best 9 minute vide...

Willy34111523Jul 14Jul 14

Unusual Animal FriendshipsI was inspired to write this blog as I was watching my dog (Dalmatian/Staffie) who has been friendly with a little pony since he was a pup, when I sta...

daniela77762143Jun 19Jul 8

Tale of three chickensMy mate is coming to visit and when she does I try to give her new experiences, so the last she came we went and bought three new chickens. Later that...

emmy11715Jul 1Jul 1

Photo Caption Contest - If this cat could talkYou know the drill by now. Add your own caption(s) for the following photo, if you like, or just enjoy the others, if you cant think of anything....

JimNastics1300Jul 1
Poor Dogs

Poor Dogs !Help these poor dogs that have been taken into your homes by you some of the residents here in this country and other countries too. You made them...

Unika_4123110Jun 26Jun 27

Men and women.....and dogs and cats.....I've noticed a preference. Men for large dogs in general. Women for yappy little fufu dogs, and the ever delightful cat....

Vierkaesehoch1995Jun 13Jun 27

Intelligence of Cows and LeadershipAlthough most humans don’t think of cows as intelligent, they truly are. Almost any animal is as intelligent as it needs to be to survive in nature, b...

daniela77775360Dec 2016Jun 21
Buzz saw

Buzz sawI posted this somewhere else, but I can tell (from analytics) not many have seen it. The time duration is less than a second. Can you imagine what...

Ken_191472Jun 20Jun 20

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