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Only if, you can bear to watchWhile it can be quite relaxing, when used right, when you are very young, a hammock is not the easiest thing to navigate. Some balance is needed. I...

JimNastics310Jul 17

How Wolves Change Rivers and LandscapeWhen wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic casca...

Willy34111146Jul 15Jul 17

Hey.Tonight when the site goes Nighters Some of you should use that time To check your pulse...and determine if you are alive. Then maybe find ano...

Agentbob1198Jul 15Jul 16

One brave dog, one chicken bear. lolThis week in north New Jersey, when Riley saw a large black bear robbing his neighbor's bird feeder, he put caution to the wind and took care of bu...

JimNastics674Jul 11Jul 12

Into the silent voidIf a gorilla shot an alligator with an AR 15.. To save a Muslim child whose Transgender parent was in the Loo . The Internet portal & Interpol its...

Agentbob28518Jun 23Jul 7

R.I.P. DukeRest in peace Duke. You were a Heck of a guy. Most know him as "Duke" the Bush's Baked Beans dog. His name is actually Sam. He lived in Apopka with o...

Willy34111424Jun 14Jul 2

News you can bear to readJune 25 (UPI) -- Authorities in Montana said a bear that broke into a home somehow managed to lock the deadbolt before curling up for a nap in a close...

JimNastics15315Jun 28Jun 29

Miss Lilly and Miss Angel......Calico and Maine coon. The family are away, and as they watch Bravo while I'm gone, I keep an eye on their cats while they travel. Lilly is a 20 po...

Vierkaesehoch1227Jun 23Jun 25
Prickly but sweet

Prickly but sweetIf you want to see a hedgehog these days the most likely place to find one is in the middle of the road, looking somewhat two dimensional. Hedgehogs...

Harbal28425Jun 16Jun 21

"When Whales Walked"I just got done watching a PBS presentation of the title above. Despite the catchy title, whales never actually walked. But, their early evolutionar...

JimNastics783Jun 19Jun 20

A Young Music FanMost animals love music - some like high pitch music, while others prefer deep tones - and the horses I work with are no exception. They definitely...

daniela77732845May 30Jun 1

Termites...If you live in South Florida, at some point, you can expect any wood structure to be infested with termites. Statistically, after extermination, termi...

chatillion17818May 13May 20
old dog vestibular disease

old dog vestibular diseaseWednesday she was fine - she's old, a little wobblier in the mornings than in years of yore, but lively, greedy, healthy. Yesterday morning very w...

Elegsabiff36530May 10May 13
Willy34111246May 12May 12

Selfishness is natural.I saw something today that made me realize selfishness is just part of survival. To share is something we must learn as sharing is something you seldo...

ekself19621May 10May 11

Chickens.. againThe excitement is building finally I have a chicken brooding and has been for at least two weeks, one to go. I have no idea how many eggs she is sat o...

emmy119418May 4May 5

Study shows that Sea Creatures being wiped out twice as fast as land animalsSea Creatures Getting Wiped Out Twice as Fast by Global Warming, Study Shows By Jan Wesner Childs 4/25/2019 Marine Animals Disa...

JimNastics18019Apr 27Apr 29
What couldve turned out to be a bad situation for a four legged fur baby turned out pretty good

What could've turned out to be a bad situation for a four legged fur baby turned out pretty good.I used to think that there were quite a few animal lovers in this world in up until someone proved me wrong the night before. We took our dog Bear o...

Bearwoman20313Apr 23Apr 25

Foxy Lady & my deer friendsI got back to New Jersey (NJ) a couple of weeks ago. The first few days I was busy unloading the car and unpacking. After that, there was a stormy t...

JimNastics19910Apr 17Apr 21
forest problem funny

forest problem - funnyAs a woodpecker was visiting various trees in the forest , he thought he heard someone crying. Flying here and there he found a little tree that was...

studecar1072Apr 16Apr 17

Domestic cats roaming in urban settings....Compared to dogs, cats....well, there's really no comparison. Still, I like most cats. Have had a few, but now with Bravo, couldn't keep another. But...

Vierkaesehoch1656Apr 15Apr 16

Music For Blind Elephants RehabilitationMusic seems to be a universal language for communication with all living things, especially those that have suffered a lot. The power of classical m...

daniela77753049Dec 15Mar 27

Spooky as hell....VERY spooky...Many believe our loving pets have sixth senses, as we humans probably did, before the noise of technological modern life killed it off for most of us....

Vierkaesehoch1982Mar 27Mar 27

How?How does not 1 or 2, but 5 cats get on the bed with me and me not notice any of them?...

Track161433Mar 23Mar 25

Country life..againEverything done and I'm ready for an afternoon of rugby but first must just check the chickens, big mistake, took a few bits of salad stuff with me ch...

emmy123932Mar 9Mar 10

Presenting the works of PigcassoSince almost being sent to the slaughterhouse in South Africa in 2016, the sow known as Pigcasso has become a celebrity in the art world. In recent...

JimNastics3239Feb 23Feb 24

Man sometimes can be incredibleOnce in a while you see something that brings back the good in man. This video is just that. A Turtle gets tangled up in a mesh and is untangled by a...

Willy34111869Feb 22Feb 24
sick people


Onthcrestofawave1976Feb 19Feb 20

Three Dark Xmas Visitors - UPDATE Feb. 2019On the third day of Xmas three black cats came to me... REALLY! On this morning there was a chorus of miaowing outside my back door... three black...

daniela77749339Dec 29Feb 18
Ode to an unconditional friend

Ode to an unconditional friendThe one animal who does love without question,is loyal to the end And seeks only to please you...

Onthcrestofawave28411Feb 15Feb 17

A Gife From My CatI really forgot what the dates of these days. This morning when I was on the way to animal clinic. A lady friend of mine sent me a sms of the happy fe...

July0121213Feb 14Feb 14

Critter Ridder...The people in the house behind me have cats... lots of cats. Normally, they don't bother me, but now that the weather is cool, they like to mate and t...

chatillion1496Feb 14Feb 14
Bearwoman1472Feb 10Feb 10

To See Giant PandaIf you want to see more panda ,go to Chengdu giant panda base . So before our this lunar new year. My daughter and I flied to Sichuan province to visi...

July0121296Feb 10Feb 10

The Tale of the little onesOnce upon a time: There was a little bird, high up in the tree in the forest. She could see very well, and every now and again would notice this othe...

smiley96339227Jan 27Jan 29
The Rhodesian ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgebackOften referred to as the African Lion Hound, is a native of South Africa. Weight Range: Male: 36-40 kg. Female: 65-75 lbs. Height at Withers...

Lukeon34223Jan 19Jan 26

Tale of three chickensMy mate is coming to visit and when she does I try to give her new experiences, so the last she came we went and bought three new chickens. Later that...

emmy13359Jul 2018Jan 23

Horses...........years ago, for a wealthy lady friend, while she traveled, I cared for her two Arabians. So, got to ride them instead of her, with the former being...

Vierkaesehoch1290Jan 21
The worlds ugliest tiger

The world's ugliest tiger.A sad story about inbreeding....

MiguelUknow2077Jan 11Jan 12

The world's happiest animal ?I don't know about that. But they do seem to be very friendly to humans and they seem to display smiles. Quokkas are evolutionarily related to kan...

JimNastics1460Jan 11

How Wolves Change Rivers - By Adam EastIn 1926, there were no longer wolves in Yellowstone, once the natural habitat of this species. Between 1977 and the re-introduction in 1995, we have r...

Willy34111724Dec 28Jan 5
Dark Green

Dark Green.Is All You'll see; If i smile Real Wide!! But.. its still brighter than, What You'll find. Deep inside...

secludedStar88-Dec 31

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