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From you know who

From you know whofor you know who...

itchywitch3149Feb 1310 hrs ago

I Have Found The Love Of My Life...It was Love at First Sight... He´s tall, dark and handsome‚Ķ He has long black hair floating in the wind... Big shiny brown eyes that penetrate de...

daniela77724329Feb 13Feb 14
History repeating itself

History repeating itselfThere was a time when you'd come on the blogs and every 2nd blog was about bloody cats, gosh but this place and them all sharing stories and their lov...

itchywitch38637Feb 12Feb 13
Ode To Emmycat

Ode To EmmycatMy best friend Emmycat wasn't feeling I took her to the vet clinic... She had a mass on her heart and I agreed with the vet to...

loulou7773573Feb 7Feb 11

BonkersI tried very hard not to condemn people for their beliefs, and if I think they're bonkers but will try to keep my thoughts to myself . But today took...

emmy122021Feb 5Feb 5
Still in The Monkey Mountain

Still in The Monkey MountainI have lost my way here in Mountain Only the VIP Cafe is alot of fun,,,

FLYJAMES11311Feb 1Feb 1
My dog just died

My dog just died.My dog just died. And it's the most horrible feeling in the world to lose someone you love.. [/yout...

jarred199-Jan 9
seaworthy1493Jan 7Jan 7
ashlander30516Jan 2Jan 3
oh my goodness

oh my goodnesswhat have i missed? i went 3 weeks without internet and though i survived it, i felt myself touching on insanity until i could pay the bill. in ca...

freehand22212Dec 8Dec 8

FOLKS WHO SEEM PROUD OF MULTIPLE MARRIAGES....So a lady, originally from PR, member of a foreign language group, started to come on to me. Visits at house, gifts from the cocina, asking this car g...

Vierkaesehoch1283Nov 27Dec 6
The history behind popular sayings

The history behind popular many, we've heard 'em. Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub. When you sneeze, you taste death. And so on. Many have real medical reasons behind them....

Vierkaesehoch1014Dec 4Dec 4
I Have Not Had This Bad Of A Monday

I Have Not Had This Bad Of A MondayI Have Not Had This Bad Of A Monday...

jarred145-Dec 4
Your Action Show What Your Heart Is

Your Action Show What Your Heart IsYour Action Show What Your Heart Is [url=

jarred171-Nov 26
Stop Acting So Small

Stop Acting So SmallStop Acting So Small...

jarred163-Nov 19

whatWhat does anyone really want? A warm body to sleep with? An ear to listen to the unlistenable? Some feedback on decisions, serious Or does it all...

freehand24011Nov 16Nov 16

BEWARE !!!Roland Rat is actually a puppet ! I was a fan for years and years then I found out the truth. "REAL Rat rapping" my arse...

nonsmoker51147Nov 11Nov 12

I'm sick of thisAre your nipples like a truck tyre? I'm sick of hearing this and hearing that blah blah blah. Are they like a truck tyre or not. Simple?...

pat8lanips1,03438Jan 2016Nov 8
True Confession

True ConfessionIt's been a long time since the question has been asked.....repeatedly. And it has haunted me ever since. I figured it was time to 'fess' up and...

JimNastics3448Nov 5Nov 5
That Loves You More

That Loves You MoreThat Loves You More...

jarred165-Nov 1
No Body Move

No Body MoveNo Body Move...

jarred172-Oct 21
I Do Not Judge Others

I Do Not Judge OthersI Do Not Judge Others...

jarred176-Oct 21
This Really Works

This Really WorksThis Really Works...

jarred184-Oct 19
Different species

Different species......We have all wondered. Just how do they do it? I watch the ospreys and bad eagles swoop down here on the coast from a 40 meter high tree top nest, skim...

Aaltarboy820Oct 15
Ladies what do you think of males who cat call you in public

Ladies what do you think of males who cat call you in publicI get that guys have been doing this workers, cab drivers ect ect But seriously what should our reaction be to guys lusting w...

Jada_Bella1875Oct 9Oct 9
Autumns blog

Autumn's blogI met a panther chameleon for the first time the other day. They are truly amazing, and beautiful lizards. I've had quite a few pet lizards growing up...

ScarlettAutumn38715Oct 3Oct 6
Good morning Fellow no hopers

Good morning Fellow no hopersI just thought I might try save some of you a few valuable seconds here and there buy *BY letting you know, Just in case you did not already ....

nonsmoker36940Sep 27Sep 27
Please Women

Please WomenI know I'm irresistible, please stop viewing or pretending viewing my profile. I won't moved to your country....

Duromojon1856Sep 23Sep 23
dog gone mad

dog gone madSparky is a three years old now. My daughter bought him for my granddaughter when was living with me. We had quite a lot of trouble to teach him good...

bloodyawfull44624Sep 14Sep 15
Check out the mom baby white giraffes

Check out the mom & baby white giraffesThis mother and baby giraffe was recently discovered in Kenya. They are not simply albinos. Albinos have a mutation which prevents the development o...

JimNastics1762Sep 14Sep 14
The outcome of my dumped Black Kitten

The outcome of my dumped Black KittenI am aware many people hate Cats. However since I work voluntarily in Animal welfare, when a tiny little mite was dumped on main road outside my cott...

goldengloss41131Sep 2Sep 3
Roll Bravo roll over

Roll, Bravo, roll over.....Sure, I've seen a rare cat do a few simple learned tricks on command, one even learned to squat and unload on the toilet, but let's face it, by compa...

Aaltarboy1543Aug 30Aug 30
Track161587Aug 25Aug 26
The Deer Whisperer

The Deer WhispererMy Monday & Wednesday evening softball team clinched first place a couple of weeks ago. Until Monday, we had won the last 13 games in a row. On Mon...

JimNastics1641Aug 17Aug 17
Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies....Might have ranted some on this topic before, in the context of this delightful animal's biology. But some such highly evolved creatures may serve as c...

Aaltarboy1778Jul 12Jul 20
The one difference between Chimps and Humans

The one difference between Chimps and HumansThe one difference between Chimps and Humans except looks. is that they learn alone, they answer all our questions but they ask nothing.? [...

jarred1119-Jun 29
The little sucker

The little sucker....During the recent jaunt ooooot to the North country, EH?, on one morning, we ate our breakfast in the hotel room, high above the old city, with great...

Aaltarboy1686Jun 29Jun 29
Monkeys dont have that power

Monkeys don't have that power.?I wish Monkeys were able to tied some human to the tree , then observe their behaviour and decide whether they act like Monkeys or not. Unfortunately...

jarred1117-Jun 21

Another Animal Torturer Killed In The Act.A Spanish bullfighter has died after being gored during a festival in southwest France a few days ago. Ivan Fandino, 36, who was taking part in a b...

daniela77763047Jun 19Jun 20

pussycatsover the past yrs i got 4 new outside cats(fluffy,baby monk, twins frik & frak) to add to the 2 i let inside (red & monkey). i am that guy who buys bi...

Rustymc642358Jun 2017Jun 20
I Am Not A Foolish

I Am Not A FoolishI Am Not A Foolish [url=http...

jarred1137-Jun 2017
Too Quiet Here

Too Quiet Here...Anyone awake ? oh must be fifty characters, I only entered twenty-eight...I hope this will post now...

Crazyheart382607May 2017May 2017

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