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The mother catThis video was just amazing. Experienced kitten teaches rooster and hen to take care of chicks! 8mins

Grandsiozzie18210May 13May 23
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The Eagle Might Eat The GooseBut I'd rather try to pet a eagle than a goose...

Track161060May 5Go to Last Post

March Meowness.3 & counting....@ 4:10 standard bat time .the chuckster made the most adorable & jerked up Howl as kitty one landed in the room... ..30 mins. Late...

Agentbob24017Mar 23Apr 20
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1954. [ 2.Continuation of the big story.. 998. To understand [ perfectly 956.. Lodge. .. Though it be codified, date stamped. Kid tested, Good housekeep...

Agentbob17518Apr 15Apr 19
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Willy34113416Oct 22Apr 2
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Black Reacher. [ Obit.Tag. | 315 daze in Fresno. Born on 5/03/22 & the runt of the litter, black reacher the Cat has expired from UN natural causes. ..he drank sum thin...

Agentbob1693Mar 14Mar 16
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Share a photo of your petThis is my adorable (and cheeky) little lady - Sal. She was bought for me for my 40th birthday and I got her (coincidentally) as the initial lockdowns...

chancer_returns71619Jan 2022Mar 8
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Lazy Pusy

Lazy PusyOnce upon a time, there was a lazy cat named Whiskers. Whiskers lived a comfortable life, spending most of his days lounging in the sun, napping, and...

Hufieborg1942Feb 5Feb 6
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Creature love

Creature loveHaving a love for pets is a wonderful thing! Pets can bring so much joy, love, and companionship into our lives. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, or any...

Meinyourgarden1330Feb 5Go to Last Post

Australia's Formidable WildlifeAustralia has the reputation of having the World's largest collection of poisonous, (and otherwise dangerous) wildlife. ALL of these animals should be...

lovecanbereal1,05344May 2022Jan 19
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The Funniest Wildlife Photos of 2022

The Funniest Wildlife Photos of 2022The overall winner of this year’s competition, which saw 5,000 incredible entries, is Jennifer Hadley, for her perfectly timed photograph of a lion cu...

Didi72848Dec 13Jan 9
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Raccoon wars

Raccoon warsLiving on a farm means contact with animals, wild and tame. It seems every year I have to shoot off possums and coons. Been that way my whole life. Ow...

Orzzz95619Jun 2020Jan 8
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Willy34111491Jan 2Jan 2
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raphael11939315Nov 16Nov 16
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Willy34111642Nov 2Nov 2
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THE RARE KIWIThe kiwi is a creature native to New Zealand. The Blue Kiwi is extremely rare, possibly due to its homo s*xual nature, and has a tendency to run away...

CROWNAFFAIR308-Oct 10Go to Last Post

. Rainbow [ 2...bee cause Rainbow is currently Locked.; goats & such. of choice by the Experts of 911, the Pet Goat. ..but first came these 2nd g...

Agentbob3088Sep 2022Sep 2022
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The Days He Ran Away

The Days He Ran Away..I couldn't figure out why even to these days. Every time he heard me coming, let alone showing up myself in front of him, he just took off as fast as...

Kalpataru55213Aug 2022Aug 2022
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Goodbye Freya...If you live in the coastal area of Norway, you may have seen Freya, a 1,300 pound walrus. Freya became an icon for both good and bad as this walrus h...

chatillion2382Aug 2022Aug 2022
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Willy34113136Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Caprikious2140Jun 2022Go to Last Post

On the 3rd day of pool furry fellow Fresnans gave to me. 1 broken chair lift .( $700 2 broken lamps ( 50 ish 3 howling bowel movements 4...+ Entropy with UN knowab...

Agentbob34716May 2022Jun 2022
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Random Thoughts

Random ThoughtsI must not forget to watch the sunrise tomorrow, on my way to work...or maybe not. The street is empty and lovely when I drive at 5am. Well, except...

Unknown3572May 2022Jun 2022
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Kentucky Derby 2022 Aerial View Rich Strike

Kentucky Derby 2022 Aerial View Rich Strike80-1 odds overcame. Incredible race and view.

Willy34113962May 2022May 2022
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Chirping all night long...The birds around here chirp all night long. Lighting around all the condo buildings is super bright and the birds hang in the trees chirping... all ni...

chatillion2313May 2022May 2022
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Gimme A Hug

Gimme A Hug !!!If anyone here interested to give a big hug to such a cudly animal , please raise your hand !!...

Tanzila3576Apr 2022Apr 2022
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Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies....Might have ranted some on this topic before, in the context of this delightful animal's biology. But some such highly evolved creatures may serve as c...

Aaltarboy6548Jul 2017Apr 2022
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What I think of human involvement in climate change

"What I think of human involvement in climate change"Or add your own caption for the following photo, if you like. :cheers...

BobBoom4U81529Jan 2022Apr 2022
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lovecanbereal1,646-Aug 2021Mar 2022
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Monster fish Huge living dinosaur sturgeon weighing 600lbs caught in British Columbia

Monster fish: Huge ‘living dinosaur’ sturgeon weighing 600lbs caught in British ColumbiaThis is the moment a stunned fisherman reeled in a huge 11-foot “living dinosaur” fish weighing a whopping 588 pounds. Yves Bisson was fishing in t...

Willy34113694Mar 2022Mar 2022
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Willy34114204Feb 2022Feb 2022
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Fresno [ next 11 exitsAnd so it has begun. A war of world's x 10,000 Here in the big F. Complete hysteria with 2, yes two, confirmed cases locally. Just came from the sto...

Agentbob52011Mar 2020Jan 2022
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Decent_Love3753Jan 2022Jan 2022
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Tiger incident

Tiger incidentIs there anyone here who has no opinion about the Tiger incident and the Collier County Sheriff's Office? If you type 'Collier County Sheriff's Offic...

Ken_1957512Dec 2021Jan 2022
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43 Camels Ejected from Saudi Beauty Contest for Botox Injections Inflating Body Parts

43 Camels Ejected from Saudi Beauty Contest for Botox Injections, ‘Inflating Body Parts’The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival has disqualified 43 camels from its annual beauty contest in Saudi Arabia for rule-violating beauty enhancements....

Willy34113733Dec 2021Dec 2021
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BEWARE! BOBO THE BABOON!!!"CURIOUS CHILD CAUSES BABOON FRACAS A third grader on a school outing to the San Jose Zoo caused an ugly scene. His older brother told him not to thr...

raphael11963515Dec 2021Dec 2021
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Apparently some NJ bears are a lot more polite than others

Apparently, some NJ bears are a lot more polite than others.Julia Marnin Fri, November 26, 2021, 10:55 AM “Close the door sweetie.” That’s what one New Jersey woman told a bear seen on video o...

JimNastics3580Nov 2021Go to Last Post

RediscoveryIt gives me great pleasure to announce the rediscovery of an animal believed to have been extinct for nearly a century and a ha...

Australopithecus4151Nov 2021Nov 2021
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Live Northeast Florida Bald Eagle CAM

Live Northeast Florida Bald Eagle CAMPeek in when you feel like a ringside nest view;...

JimNastics3772Nov 2021Nov 2021
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Bull elk with tire around its neck freed after two years

Bull elk with tire around its neck freed after two yearsColorado Parks and Wildlife officers were able to free a bull elk that for over two years had a tire around its neck. Thanks to the residents who repo...

Willy34115232Oct 2021Oct 2021
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Animal Farm...The Trump EraFor your viewing pleasure...George Orwell's Animal Farm novella on video...Stephen King recognised the novella as a story about a political uprising o...

loulou772,08653Sep 2018Oct 2021
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Biden threatens world

Biden threatens worldBiden threatens the world with comment US is to have a female President soon , this can only be the savage or Pelosi . May all the Gods help us ht...

epirb72420Aug 2021Oct 2021
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