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Don't bother with these Conspiracy idiots. Most of them are sock puppets complaining about other sock puppets! Insanity mixed with foreign tr...
573571Jul 20Jul 2218 hrs ago


Trump tries to get in bunker at Whitehouse. Trump is MIA as Biden, McConnell, Scalise, Hannity urge vaccinations !!!!!! COVID CRACKPOTS ARE HYST...
52-0Jul 21Jul 2117 hrs ago

Contains violence and obscene language!

Interesting video of how John Gotti's right hand man's dumb a** brother in law nearly got everyone killed. Subject was Trumps toxic waste from a buil...
353200May 29Jul 2118 hrs ago


Global Conspiracy!its a global conspiracy! What?! I said its a global conspiracy!!...
11130Jul 18Jul 185 hrs ago

Coming Liquidity Crisis?

Will we see a lightning fast collapse in asset prices? Gold, stocks, housing etc.etc.
213110Jul 2Jul 13Jul 30

Is Trump related to Deontay Wilder?!!

Deontay's excuses for losing the Heavyweight Championship and The Trumpian mystery of a rigged election are uncanny in their r...
5800Jul 9Jul 919 hrs ago

Why is 2.7 billion the most beautiful number in the world?

one may be the loneliest, but 2.7 billion is definitely the coolest!...
394380Feb 4Mar 217 hrs ago


After 10 years, Ive decided to post a blog so I can keep track of my blog comments!...
1,137280Jan 2016Mar 2020Jul 28

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