Remember in 2000 .......

When Putin came to power? Just a year later 9-11 had the U.S. In shock. China was utterly silent about it. Putin actually came to the U.S.
"Putin's pro-American plan was not simply tactical. Putin's policies of support after September 11, including his agreement to an American military presence in Central Asia, represented a significant shift in Russian foreign policy. The potential for breakthrough - for a fundamentally new and improved relationship between Russia and the West - has never been greater"

"One notable moment in the Putin charm campaign came in November 2001 in rural Crawford, Texas, a tiny town in the center of the state with a population back then of 705 residents. Count President George W. Bush among them. He owned a ranch just outside of town — he'd named the property Prairie Chapel — and he and first lady Laura Bush had invited the Russian leader and his wife Lyudmila to spend the night.

There was work for the two leaders — recall that this was just two months after the terror attacks of 9/11 — with discussion of global threats and how the United States and Russia could work together to fight terrorism". rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

George Bush " I looked in his eyes and I could tell he was a good man!" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Six years later the new, improved Putin had this to say about the our financial crisis and near collapse.
"The world will never trust the U.S. again."
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So why did Putin invade Ukraine right after Trump left? Why didn't he invade four years earlier? Was he hoping Trump would get reelected, pull out of the NATO Trump pretended to hate, and hand him eastern Europe on silver platter???
tinfoil hat Alternate History Obtained By Reading Blu-Anon Brand Owl Entrails ... crazy

Putin only invades Ukraine when the US has a democratic administration .
Who cares 'bout Putin? He's prob'ly Dead ...

Putin wanted Trump as his puppet, and Trump obliged. We knew it all along. Biden has backbone and professional chops, throwing Putin for a loop.

As his illness progresses and he faces mortality, Putin longs to "restore" Ukraine.

From Politico:

"The truth is that during his administration, Trump’s policy alignment with Putin advanced the aims of Russia’s political elites, who could imagine that the United States was on their side. Their comfort with Trump was evident from the start; Americans may remember that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was warmly received in the White House and photographed in the Oval Office, while Russian parliament members toasted Trump’s electoral victory in 2016."

Trump catered to Putin in ways big and small.

Load of rubbish
Says the nutty professor.!
Embedded image from another site
Zinged once again by the Brilliantly Cogent Rapier-Like Repartee for which the Left is so Deservedly Renowned.
blah blah blah

Ee-Yup ... thumbs up

the US - and the World - Now watch the Leader Of The Western World belly crawling to the Sauds & other disreputable "Pariah Nations", boot licking their thug leaders to get oil -
After Ol' Joe Cut US production at the behest of his Climate Change Cult Marxist Watermelon 'Crat* Handlers.

STATE-RUN pointing Saudi TV displays the country's Contempt for the West's Feckless Senile Casper Milquetoast ...

*"Watermelon 'Crats" - Green on the Outside & Red to the Core.

Parody Veep Harris at least attempted to Help Parody Ol' Joe.

IRL Veep Kacklin' Kamala barely Stifles Cracking Up -
As the Ol' Fool wanders off to the Himalayas with Xi Jinping ...

Any one seen the retard walking , talking since he fell off his bike , where in the world is Joe Biden ?
Let's see... Putin took Crimea in March of 2014. Hmm... who was in the US Presidential Office? Yeah, that was 0bama. Buy why did Putin move into Crimea? Oh, that's right. 0bama had moved strategic missiles away from key areas in Europe that could have reached and struck Russian forces moving into Crimea previously.
Oh, and who can forget about the disasterous "Russian Reset" created by the 0bama administration in which hillary clinton was the Secretary of State? I sure didn't.
We also have hunter biden getting millions from a Moscow oligarch widow for... reasons. Yeah, I think we can see where a lot of things actually lead to.

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