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After 10 years, Ive decided to post a blog so I can keep track of my blog comments!professor

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It's as good a reason as anylaugh

Now tell us how good looking and sexy you are, and why none of us will ever live up to your expectations grin
I would have thought that after 10 years planning, your blog would have been a real ball-tearer.
You've been here for 10 long years?!? shock shock wow
Adding my comment to your list.
10 years on CS you could write a book about yoir experiences. Wow.
Anyone ever tell you that you remind them of John Cleese? You could stand in as his double.
John it doesn't sound like you at all.

But whatever is the reason behind, only you would know. I am not that gullible to believe you, though.

Anyways, nice to see you here John.::wave: wave wine wine
Joe Dolan more and more and morecheers
Thanks Molly. I didnt know how good looking you thought I was. That comment about a estonian wraith in my profile referenced some poor soul with awesome pics i became infatuated with my first week on here. i became suspicous though when i noticed all her pics were black and white and creased.
i dont want to tare my balls pat8. But Ill try to think of something soon.
ABOUT EIGHT off and on dream. wave
good eleg. nice to meet you.head banger
it was a complement you look like Joe dolanangel
Hi Leony. Nice to meet you. Thats how I took it. Beautiful song too.wave
Hi Ishtar. Ty for your post. Most of my years on the forums was just messing around. no book to write. I did get into political arguments at one point, but its better to live and let live.
Camera angles can be very deceptive Verit, Im not bumping my head on eight foot ceilings and I probably weigh eighty pounds more than him. I wish I was half as gifted.
Hi Lindsy ! Youre right about my purpose. I guess blogging for me is just a way to express personal thoughts and feelings and a creative outlet. Its also a good way to pace yourself, get an idea of how and if youre reaching your goals and objective in your work and life. Much better than a dear diary approach, if you guard what privacy you need of course. wink
Ralp you are ok in my book, even though you probably voted for the crack smoking Mayor caught with a bimbo in limbo!
Dementia memory aids. In great company with Creepy Joe. Calendar with big numbers on the wall. Day of the week labeled pill containers. Colored tape tracks on floor leading to kitchen and to toilet. .What could possibly go wrong?
Thus, you're no longer a blogging virgin. laugh
Just a tiny bit overdue, no ?
Check the blog date, 'Nastics.

Thanks. I missed that. laugh
My comment is accurate......just a few years late. laugh
mic he did check it - he's stuck in 2016, just like raph! laugh

Trumphog day (Nov 8th, 2016) crazy
Ii post and keep walking.

I don't like to look back. banana
Sum thing I'm sure you'll need when the covfefe virus comes round...( Liner notes to my next edt.
....the detective mind ( 8
119. Red............. 8504. Blue
6478. Pill.............6478. ) ) 14,982
6597. Suddenly......( 2).. 7491..) drip, drop

Ooo? Covfefe.....see next.edt...wave
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It sounds like you are catching up with the rest of the world thumbs up
Do you remember Parti?wine

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