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An absolute must watch if you want to understand Ukraine, modern geopolitics

2,44276Sep 2023

No one is safe from the tyrannical Biden regime

Where have we seen this BS before? Accusations of being a 'Russian agent' An 81 year old black Am...
55411Feb 1

State of Denial: Arizona, + attempt to bribe Kari Lake

An absolutely superb documentary film on what happened in the Arizona 2022 mid-term elections. Pleas...
5611Dec 21

Pelosi's security detail on J6 LIED on the stand in Oathkeepers trial

This is an enormous scandal. It should be all over the news (it probably won't be though, so share i...
2210Jan 15

Must watch timeline/documentary on the events of January 6th

This is really well done. For the first time, a true timeline of the events and the various mitigati...
52311Jan 1

Australian journalist John Pilger has passed away

He passed on Dec 30th. John was very well known for his journalism over many decades - in Vietnam as...
3815Jan 1

Free Speech? What Free Speech?!

Horrific Mike Benz explains the government funded and coordinated censorship apparatus that has b...
4506Oct 31

10 minutes of truth

3774Nov 24

Is the world ready for war?

Wise analysis from Colonel Douglas MacGregor
80229Oct 24

RFK Jr to run as independent for president!

At least this is what's being reported. This article claims Kennedy will make the announcement on...
48311Sep 29

Impeachment inquiry launched into Joe Biden - implicated in widespread influence-peddling operation

1,93359Sep 2023

Trump history

This blog is primarily for comic purposes. If you don't know how to laugh, píss off *Pictures a...
3335Sep 2023

Is Covid making a comeback?

Is Covid making a comeback? And if so, what will you do?...
1,37652Aug 2023

Trump Mug Shot

Well here it is. A moment in history. How will all this turn out? Very badly for the Democrats in my...
1,16347Aug 2023

The Chief of Police on January 6 speaks out - an absolute must watch

People have a lot of different opinions about the events of January 6th, 2021 at The Capitol in Wash...
51312Aug 2023

Election Summit 2023 - livestreaming now

Mike Lindell's Election Summit 2023 takes place over today and tomorrow. It can be watched here now:...
3357Aug 2023

Agent Zelensky

Quite different from the image of Zelensky and Ukraine that's portrayed nowadays by our mainstream m...
1,69559Jul 2023

Share a photo of your pet

This is my adorable (and cheeky) little lady - Sal. She was bought for me for my 40th birthday and I...
1,07918Jan 2022

Speaking lies for power!

'The western media class is a cloistered, incestuous circle jerk that only cares about impressing ot...
72110Jan 2023

Finally the truth comes out about the J6 security failure

Just like many of us have long suspected, Nancy Pelosi and her office were significantly involved in...
4958Dec 2022

American KGB

Well, it appears that the FBI isn't satisfied with arresting and charging grannies who spent 15 mins...
90511Nov 2021

Watch this

Certain people in power are desperate to distract us. They will fail. Too many are awake. And that n...
3581Dec 2022

Midterm elections prediction blog

Make your predictions here The current makeup of Congress is: House: 220 D, 212 R, 3 vacant...
7926Nov 2022

Give peace a chance

4549Oct 2022

Gen X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts!

This article is pure fire
3521Oct 2022

69 year old cancer patient granny begins 2 month jail sentence

80917Jul 2022

Get ready for 'The Pit'

So, what is The Pit, you may ask. Good question The Pit is essentially a follow on from the 2...
53114Aug 2022

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium + Thanksgiving 2021 stream

Taking place over the next few days you can watch live now on
1,22622Aug 2021

Biden Gaffe Compendium

"Cornpop was a bad dude" Add your Biden gaffes here...
1,79146Jun 2020

The Justice Phase

Indictments are expected to drop soon re. the illegal targeting and spying(and subsequent Special Co...
3,08641Apr 2020

Biden regime in full desperation mode

According to Steve Bannon - who has more contacts in the America First movement than anyone else - t...
93614Sep 2022

TDS examined

'Trump Derangement Syndrome is a luxury few can afford'
3671Aug 2022

Selection Code

Live NOW watch for free: premiere of the movie Selection Code on the conspiracy by Colorado official...
3853Aug 2022

Revolver News investigative series on Jan 6

This is the latest article:
1,65835Oct 2021

Pelosi full of praise for China

How anyone could say this with a straight face unless they're compromised
4597Aug 2022

Excellent short educational video

... on the issue of mass psychosis. We would be remiss if we didn't seek to understand it in the con...
2690Jul 2022

Biden's (Dis) approval rating

What ever happened to Jim's blog on Biden's approval rating? Poof - it just disappeared Oh well....
85213Oct 2021

John McAfee - creator of McAfee antivirus - dead in Spanish jail ahead of extradition to U.S.

McAfee was a vocal critic of the American 'Deep State'. He made a point to post numerous times on so...
1,36033Jun 2021

Selling confusion, lies, depression and anger

I encourage people to watch this short education documentary. Social contagion is very real and is h...
5154Jun 2022

Roe v Wade reversal

A decision on Roe v Wade may arrive today. If Roe v Wade is reversed, it will be then up to each Sta...
62910Jun 2022

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