Biden regime in full desperation mode

According to Steve Bannon - who has more contacts in the America First movement than anyone else - the FBI (Democrat Party Gestapo) conducted raids on THIRTY FIVE TRUMP ASSOCIATES yesterday. This is an act of absolute desperation. You don't do these kind of things when you're in control and have the trust of the majority of the American people.

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hoping to find what they didn't find at Mar-A-Lago!
Evidence incriminating them!

Rick Wilson reacts to Trump's Truth Social Meltdown this morning.. laugh

Come At Me b*tch, I Double Dog Dare You.. thumbs up

Couldn't have said it better myself. It's so much fun to see the pain and anger in every breath Trump, his adoring fans and the MAGA Republicans take, and you guys really put not just the icing, but a huge, plump cherry on the cake. Thank you and keep up the good work.. wave
Rick Wilson is a nutcase. The guy he set the Lincoln Project up with is a since proven p*dophile. They are nothing but grifters, capitalizing (successfully) on Trump Derangement Syndrome. Throughout history, in different countries and with different tyrannical regimes, the actions of the tyrants have been cheered on by useful idiots foaming at the mouth. You are certainly one such person, bohemianjack.
Read Rick’s book 'Running Against the Devil'... He’s a ‘proper’ Republican election strategist but despite that, I’m a big fan of the Lincoln Project.. wave
Of course you're a fan of the Lincoln Project. Fake Republicans that in reality are nothing but neocons that have aligned with Democrats because Trump called them out and the new Republican base has rejected them wholeheartedly. When you're cheering for the people who lied America into an illegal war (Iraq), you might want to pause to ask yourself if you're on the right side of history
Steve Bannon leading off with Maga Traitor Trift.. rolling on the floor laughing
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Why did Hillary need to smash her phones? The fbi would do it for her help
The only thing the Dems and Biden HAVEN'T done is take out a contract on Trump. I guess they figured it out, then everyone would know the Dems are insane.
What I wonder is how do we know ANY incriminating paper they hold up is real and not manufactured by the Dems to say Trump bad.
Trumpenstein is the deep state ...but don't look for me to connect the reality dot by dot...
.. since most of you won't believe...just ask yourself
Circa 3/11/20 to 1/06/21....(.and beyond
What demographic has suffered the most death & depression ? ..very obvious from Chinafornia
The senior white Republican.
..part 2. Sum thing simple Hannity, FOX, o Really
Will not tell you. I mean, super simple...the RNC
Logo...white Elephant in a RED field moving LEFT.
..WHAT other pictures do you need.?
Corona ) minutemen
Ballot results ) minutemen
Social Q. ) .cage the Elephant...) . Standby.
Speaking of Contracts..
Let's entertain the Notion that my intelligence is
Simple again. Then it would be just a matter of Time
Until Orange man has a fatal Airplane accident.

Patterns. ) Just give me .50 cents for all the mar A Lago references by the media since Jan06 pearl harbor Watergate remember the Alamo day...
With $10 for every Trump reference & 90 daze later I can buy Catalina Island and the San Diego Chargers.
The Anti-MAGA WokeComs share One Trait with other forms of Marxism -
A Religious Cult-Like mentality that convinces 'em that their "righteous" Ends justify ANY Means.

ANY Human Life means Little to Nothing in such a Worldview -
Including those of fellow WokeComs.

I'd not put it past 'em to assassinate Ol' Joe and Blame it on MAGAs as a False Flag -
ala Nero Burning Rome & blaming Christians or the 3rd Reich blaming the Reichstag Fire on Jews.

It'd advance their agenda in Multiple Ways -

They could claim they need to Suspend the Constitution & Consolidate Centralized Power for "Public Safety" -
Think "Committee Of Public Safety" & the French Revolution/Reign of Terror.

The Need to Abolish the 2nd Amendment in order to Disarm the Public -
Reduce the US Population from Free Citizens to Subjects of the State.

I'm not sayin' it Will happen - But I'd Not put it past 'em ...
I might be Shocked - But not Necessarily Surprised.

Now wouldn't THAT Be One Helluva Pre Mid-Terms October Surprise? ... MMmmm??

In Two Months to the day - November 8 - We'll Know.
uh oh

Indications that Ol' Joe has Good Reason for desperation
(OTHER Than gettin' assassinated - See my comment above roll eyes )

NO Anti-MAGAs running for Congressional Seats care much to be associated with Their Prez - Note the Total Absence of ANY Anti-MAGA Pols at Ol' Joe's "Steal The Soul Of A Nation" Speech From Hell.

According to a Rasmussen Poll, more'n HALF wow of 1,000 likely.voter polled Agree with the assertion that the FBI's now Ol' Joe's "Private Gestapo".

In another poll -
More respondents (46%) view the Mid-Terms as a referendum on Ol' Joe's Policies than as races between Individual Candidates (40%) & 14% Undecided.

Given Ol' Joe's Below Rock Bottom Approval Ratings -
Voters viewing the Mid-Terms as a Referendum on His Policies is like a Harbinger of Political Doom for Anti-MAGA Congressional Candidates ... violin

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bp shop near me

Let me analyze these logos
2016- republicans were planning to get knocked over by a small blue wave and in return get a say in the 3 Supreme Court seats the democrats would nominate

2020- the elephant is in front of a blue crown for Biden as he will be anointed and the stars on the elephant are bullet holes for the states republicans would help corrupt, Arizona , Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania

2024 - elephant has turned around and ready to fight for once ??? Pray , hope and don’t worry angel
"Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Matthew 5:38-39.

I look at this a bit differently though, taking the theoretical a bit further. Turn The Other Cheek And Show Them Your a**, Things We Are Prepared to Walk Away From.. wink

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One reason Trump will never sue Lincoln Project, at least never make it to court... discovery! Donald Trump fears discovery more than anything because his closets are so full of skeletons.. laugh

That is not a wave. It is a guitar on its side. Swan song for Dems?dunno Notice that the Repubs are loyal to the cause, whatever you think of Trump. The Dems? They can't abandon ship fast enough. Even stating they do not want Biden to run again. And some are turning to Repub.
The way the raids are going is mimicking Germany under Hitler for sure. I am surprised they aren't just planting drugs and arresting anyone who sides with Trump.
The point they fail to see is unless they pull a Putin and jail anyone who runs for office...they are just enraging the voters. Sure there are people who pay as much attention to news and politics as they do to chess tournaments who swallow whatever they are told to do without question. But, too many people now are getting politics shoved in their faces by media and social media to not become aware of what the Dems are doing. So rather than irate the beegeebers out of voters by actin like thugs, wouldn't they be better served to just back off and show a kind, loving face? Yeah, I know. It would stick in their craw to pretend to want to help the peasants.doh
That is true about the guitar because of Cleveland and the rock and roll hall of fame, another meaning of the three stars could be they thought Jen Bush would be the nominee.
Years ago ..when I was a young thing of 44...
I opined that the new Improved Democrat party
Logo should feature Full Nixonpeace
On a donkey. Here is the brute Force data...
Ended Vietnam War [ . albeit badly.
( .repeated for the sake of all current demos. )
Opened the God Forsaken China door
Kensyian Economic policy ( briefly causing ABC's Howard K Smith to see stars. )
Called Bohemian Grove ..the God damndest Faggoty thing. ( .which, when he said it, was not a controversy- owing to the fact the papers & Walt Cronkite chose to ignore it. )
Enlisted the King, Elvis Presley, in the hokey war on drugs campaign.
Even before Watergate, INCREASED major Newspaper Circulation due to the Cartoon perfect Nature of his face.
There is More....) ..but that'll do for now...
Find it hard to believe that eYe almost forgot his ultra bonafide. ( .as a $upreme Democractic operative.
IKE response. ) ..its not yet time for that Mr. Nixon.

For those of you who don't read much...that's right out of Com. Manifesto & psychopoliticks. Whatever a BUREAUCRACY eventually DESTROYS.
As far as the wonderful Obama care and Kaiser, called for appointment to check blood pressure they said go to rite aid to check, asked for appointment they said ok next available appointment is in 12 days, so called carbon health and paid $150 for next day appointment, had full tests done at Kaiser the next day paid $45 , right now it is smart to have health care but don’t be a cheap a** when it comes to your own health, take what govt gives and go to private market. Can’t stand whinny bitches saying we need health care for everyone. Do you want to wait in line for 5 weeks behind a family that just walked over the boarder?
No. Mr. Bond, I expect you to die..- Au Finger.

McNote | the Queen has stopped eating.
Sub Ordinate ( .queen boy New Sum has put
.the windbreaker on.) .. Official majek act..
$22 per hour, $22 per hour for McDonald.
Official meaning .) .the hamburglar is here & the hamburger is going to disappear per the singular prophecy of Frederick.
Relationship of Command ) @ the drive inn
.brain salad surgery. ) E L P.
What made my hamburger disappear ? ) Fred.
Back to the Future w/ a tricky duck.

R M Nixon make s his baby step into the world of
Real Politicks by answering an Ad in Variety magazine 1946 ish ?
The Ad said they were looking for
This is how Californian R. Nixon met bonesman
Prescott Bush.... Prescott Bush, Co Financial wiz. To Hitler's Germany.
only thing this blog needs is a song....

Sorry Chancer, I see you already provided the cartwheel gotta go
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