I received some bad news this week. The mother-in-law of my nephew who was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago is no longer responding to chemotherapy. My nephew was working in California for a few years and his wife came back to Florida to her parents home attending to her mother's needs. Able to work remotely, my nephew rented an apartment this month near the residence of his wife's family, so they can be together in a time of need.

Rather than getting second and third hand information, I texted his wife who called me right back to give me the latest news. She said her mother is home with hospice nurses caring for her day and night. Pre-arrangements have been made with a funeral home and they are counting the days she has left.
Friends and family are encouraged to visit any time of the day and food is available to anyone who comes to visit.

Years ago, I met the woman at a Latin-style Christmas party in their house and at their daughter's wedding to my nephew. I think it's important I show up to visit her sooner than later.
Their house is in South Miami, about a 2 hour drive from me, so it's possible Easter Sunday or Monday.
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I'm sorry to hear that, Chat.

Particularly for your niece.

Thoughts are with you Chat.hug
I'm so sorry chat hug

It pisses me right off when families have to suffer because of hideous health matters
jac, spitz, Merc...
Many thinks for the thoughts and comments.
They have a beautiful house and the husband built a patio on the side with barbecue, covered cabana and trellis so they can enjoy holidays with friends and family gatherings.
Long-term plans have obviously changed...
My niece texted me this morning to say the woman died on Thursday and was cremated.
Happy release for her.sad flower
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