I Hate My Sister Several Times..

And this time because she and her family left for that City without telling me earlier.
191190Apr 203 hrs ago19 mins ago

I Don't Care

who you are what your skin color is what your religion is what your culture is what country you are from what your IQ is what your hobbies are...
278240Apr 1411 hrs ago45 mins ago

I Often Wonder..

Why do you so badly feel the need to convince others how intelligent you are and even have the need to degrade others in doing that here on CS Blog?...
419-1Feb 15Feb 17Apr 20

This Is The Second Time..

I found a man who changed his Ethnicity and Religion in just a blink of eyes.. from Native American to Pacific Islander..from Christian to Muslim??...
118-0Feb 15Feb 15Apr 20

Silhouette of A Woman..

I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! ht...
1,601-0Feb 2018Feb 914 hrs ago


Don't you think you'll miss your plane?
191-0Jan 20Jan 20Apr 12

My Ugliest Thorn of Rose..

All I know is that every rose has thorns. If you are not careful when trying to touch the roses, then you will get hurt by the thorns. Ofcourse, not...
130-0Dec 17Dec 17Apr 18

In the Last Minutes

Changing mind, have you ever? Several hours ago my sisters and I discussed about a quite important matter as it involved big money and time. They a...
480-0Sep 30Oct 9Apr 19

Please Stop It..

When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce something officially or to make an official statement...
674-0Aug 25Aug 276 hrs ago

Practice What You Preach..

And you...
353-0Aug 2018Aug 2018Apr 16

The New Burqa Lady..

I know this lady quite well. She is a Muslim and just like me she also wore hijab and not burqa. We talked and discussed certain issues sometimes. The...
1,951-0Jun 2018Jul 201824 hrs ago


My gentleman werewolf buddy. July 2th, 2018 (your time)...
209-0Jul 2018Jul 2018Apr 19

A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand..??

I just read that question few minutes ago. I found that interesting. Why she polished her nails? That she is a teenager? That she is a free woman...
390-0Oct 2017Oct 2017Apr 19

Have a Happy Happy B'Day..

I know you will come and take a peek here today. I tried very hard to forget it, but I couldn't. I guess it's better for me to not try at all. It will...
520-0Jul 2017Jul 2017Apr 15

I Love You..

I really do. I think it would be very difficult for me to find a kind sweet patient funny good looking man who doesnt smoke has no pets no piercing n...
603-0Apr 2017May 2017Apr 20

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