Long Distance Relationship..

413450Jan 1749 mins ago2 mins ago

Sex Before Marriage..

In every religious beliefs, having sex before marriage is forbidden. You may deny it, it's up to you. You may break such rule, it's your choice. Th...
336260Jan 191 hrs ago10 mins ago

The Other Woman..

She decided to stop by for a bowl of chicken noodle. Not that she was hungry, but an anticipation of one as there would be only trees, beautiful trees...
216210Jan 172 hrs ago11 mins ago

Let Say..

You like dragon fruit very much.. or Mangoes. You go to a supermarket, you find the fruit was on sale (for half price for instance), BUT the fruit has...
177-0Jan 19Jan 192 hrs ago

To Me..

There is a fine line between a friend and a significant other (sorry TokyoRogue, I am copying your terminology ). And so is between a not seri...
285240Jan 11Jan 133 hrs ago

Any Suggestion?

The best one, please! And don't you dare to tell me to search it on internet! Why would I knock at Prof Google's library door when I have "...
275340Jan 5Jan 6Jan 19

Do You Think

It's ok for you to tell someone a joke, but the joke is considered insulting according to that someone's culture simply because your culture is differ...
332320Jan 3Jan 516 hrs ago

Damn Works!

I have mostly abandoned her since works took more of my time. But she still "dedicates" her life to me.
231180Nov 22Nov 23Jan 18

A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand..??

I just read that question few minutes ago. I found that interesting. Why she polished her nails? That she is a teenager? That she is a free woman...
184110Oct 28Oct 28Jan 18

I Don't Know What I Am Supposed To Do With You..

I know you will come and take a peek here today. I tried very hard to forget it, but I couldn't. I guess it's better for me to not try at all. It will...
267-0Jul 2Jul 220 hrs ago

I Love You..

I really do. I think it would be very difficult for me to find a kind sweet patient funny good looking man who doesnt smoke has no pets no piercing n...
410-0Apr 2017May 2017Jan 13

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