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What An Adorable Man..

He had a meeting with his friends from the sport club, an online meeting ofcourse. He told me that one of his friends noticed something and asked him.
His friend : Hey, what happened to your razor? Is it broken?
Him : Nope. There is this woman. Her name is Kal from Indonesia. I have grown my whiskers for her.

My silent response -->
blushing love


Once I asked him if there's any Muslim in his area. He said he wasn’t sure if there is.
Me : Let say I come to your city and I accompany you to a sport event where there are many friends of yours. What do you think will your friends say or do when seeing me, a Muslim woman wearing hijab, holding your hand?
Him : They will be nice to you because you are with me.

My silent response -->
blushing love


Sometimes when we video called, he let the door behind him open so I could see his son’s bedroom door. Once I saw his son entering his room.
Me : Is that your son?
Him : Yes, the youngest. Do you want to be introduced to him?
Me : Naah. I am not ready. Next time, ok
Him : Sure, whenever you're ready

My silent response -->
blushing love


I told him about what a big tall western man did to me when we’re on the Train from Paris to The Netherlands.
Him : If I was with you that moment, do you want me to act accordingly?
Me : Naah, I can handle it. If he started being abusive, then it’s your turn.
Him : I have never been beaten but I am not afraid to
Me : Nooo… I don’t want that to happen

My silent response -->
blushing love

And every day there is always something, even just a little thing, that makes my heart touched.
Isn’t he so very adorable or what?
heart beating heart wings

Have a good weekend, everyone! wine
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I told him about my step Mom's grandson who vomited when he was otw to my Dad's house making the car dirty and how I asked my step Mom to not yell at the little boy. Vomiting is tiring and is really making him ill. No one wants to vomit. So I suggested my step Mom what to do, as I was kinda similar when I was little. Yes, I always vomited every time I smelled cigarette or the car gasoline when I was young.

Me : "But hey, I don't vomit as I get older"
Him : "if it happens again to you, do you want me to prepare it with sugar or honey?"

My silent response --> blushing love

And today May 3. 2020 at around 10:00 AM my time, he said:

"I love you, Kal.."

And my silent response was..
banana banana
He knows that I am a Muslim woman wearing hijab, and so does his youngest son.


Does his Mom know about our “relationship”?
What is his Mom’s opinion about a Muslim?
What would his Mom say about him visiting a Muslim woman in a faraway land?

You see, as much as I want to meet him and take our relationship to a further step, I don’t want to create any conflict between him and his Mom. If his Mom is strictly against our relationship, then he better not to spend his dollars to fly to my city. We both can move on, take a different path, but still remain friends.

And he said : “Ok then, I will start asking my Mom. Don’t worry, you and I will be ok

Hmm.. every time he said “we will be ok!”,
I felt like getting a pat on my back.. so very calming.
I really do love this Giant of mine.. heart beating
"Kaaaalll... while I am cutting a piece of Magnesium for the chair, you can make fritters, ok. And add the Crab meat into the batter as well," he said.

So I said: "Aye aye Captain!"

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Chilies, garlic and scallions.

Embedded image from another site
and the Crab meat.

Then I showed him how I did it, including how I added slices of ginger and garlic to the Crab meat to neutralize the smell of the Crab and how I added a love shaped of sauce. grin
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

"Honeeeey.. It's ready!"

Embedded image from another site
The taste was perfecto.. banana

He and I know that the shape of the heart is not perfect, but he said he wouldn't mind taking care of the heart. love blushing
He: Kal, which of your photo you want me to show her?
Me: Whichever, as long as the one with hijab.

Sunday is the Mother's day in his part of the universe. My Giant is taking his Mom out to have a good time. And he would "introduce" me to her.

Although I am keeping my fingers crossed since his Saturday.. I am getting more and more nervous as the clock tick tock tick tock

I need miracles now than ever before.. angel2
Today is Friday, 22th of May 2020. At around 8AM my time, my Giant showed me two photos of mine and then told me something that has made me the happiest woman on Earth. banana

Him : "My mom stopped by to my house today. She was in a good mood."
Me : "Wow! That's good."

Him : "I showed the first photo to her."
Me : "What did she say?"

Him : "She asked " a Muslim?" and I said Yes. Then I showed her the second photo."
Me. : "Aaannd?"

Him : "She said "Hmm quite pretty." "
Me : "Really? She really said that?"

Him : "Yes. And then I told her your name. And she said " Oh I like that name!" Well, the introduction went great. And that's the most highlighted thing i wanted to tell you."

Oh dear.. oh dear... If my Giant were here, he would not be able to breathe as his lips would be sealed with mine. lips kiss
“I Can’t Wait to see You,” I Said.

“Eventhough when you’re here, I don’t know what I will do nor what will happen. I don’t have any idea if I can be a good tour guide who can take you to the best places you want to visit. I am not sure if I can be a friend for you to be around and have fun with.. I have no clue if I can be a lover whom you expect to share romantic moments with.. I don't know if your stay here will be worthwhile.. Still I really do look forward to meeting you.”

And he said : “If you’re smiling and I am gonna be smiling, and we will be good.”

Oohh.. I love my Giant more and much more. heart beating lips
“I am going up North this weekend. I gotta check my Cabin. I might not spend the night there though,” my Giant told me.

Me : Oh ok.. wish I could go there too smile Hmm.. please take some pictures, ok.
Him : Ok I will.

Me : Hey remember when I told you that on this coming Sunday we will have a family gathering (health protocol will be applied ofcourse)? Do you mind if I let my big family see you on the screen when we Video Call and introduce you to them?
Him : No, I don’t mind.

Me : But that’s only if you have come back from the Cabin and have the time, ok.
Him : Guess what? I think I just make up my mind. I will not go to the Cabin.
Me : Why?

Him : So I can meet you big family..

And I was like.. wow lips heart beating
Get well soon, my Giant.. my love. rose

Embedded image from another site
angel angel2
My Giant is feeling much better now. He is Up North with his Dad having moments they both always love in their life pretty much. cheering

Embedded image from another site
Enjoy your togetherness, ok.. I love you, Cintaaaa.. heart beating lips

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