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What An Adorable Man..

He had a meeting with his friends from the sport club, an online meeting ofcourse. He told me that one of his friends noticed something and asked him.
His friend : Hey, what happened to your razor? Is it broken?
Him : Nope. There is this woman. Her name is Kal from Indonesia. I have grown my whiskers for her.

My silent response -->
blushing love


Once I asked him if there's any Muslim in his area. He said he wasn’t sure if there is.
Me : Let say I come to your city and I accompany you to a sport event where there are many friends of yours. What do you think will your friends say or do when seeing me, a Muslim woman wearing hijab, holding your hand?
Him : They will be nice to you because you are with me.

My silent response -->
blushing love


Sometimes when we video called, he let the door behind him open so I could see his son’s bedroom door. Once I saw his son entering his room.
Me : Is that your son?
Him : Yes, the youngest. Do you want to be introduced to him?
Me : Naah. I am not ready. Next time, ok
Him : Sure, whenever you're ready

My silent response -->
blushing love


I told him about what a big tall western man did to me when we’re on the Train from Paris to The Netherlands.
Him : If I was with you that moment, do you want me to act accordingly?
Me : Naah, I can handle it. If he started being abusive, then it’s your turn.
Him : I have never been beaten but I am not afraid to
Me : Nooo… I don’t want that to happen

My silent response -->
blushing love

And every day there is always something, even just a little thing, that makes my heart touched.
Isn’t he so very adorable or what?
heart beating heart wings

Have a good weekend, everyone! wine
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I told him about my step Mom's grandson who vomited when he was otw to my Dad's house making the car dirty and how I asked my step Mom to not yell at the little boy. Vomiting is tiring and is really making him ill. No one wants to vomit. So I suggested my step Mom what to do, as I was kinda similar when I was little. Yes, I always vomited every time I smelled cigarette or the car gasoline when I was young.

Me : "But hey, I don't vomit as I get older"
Him : "if it happens again to you, do you want me to prepare it with sugar or honey?"

My silent response --> blushing love

And today May 3. 2020 at around 10:00 AM my time, he said:

"I love you, Kal.."

And my silent response was..
banana banana
He knows that I am a Muslim woman wearing hijab, and so does his youngest son.


Does his Mom know about our “relationship”?
What is his Mom’s opinion about a Muslim?
What would his Mom say about him visiting a Muslim woman in a faraway land?

You see, as much as I want to meet him and take our relationship to a further step, I don’t want to create any conflict between him and his Mom. If his Mom is strictly against our relationship, then he better not to spend his dollars to fly to my city. We both can move on, take a different path, but still remain friends.

And he said : “Ok then, I will start asking my Mom. Don’t worry, you and I will be ok

Hmm.. every time he said “we will be ok!”,
I felt like getting a pat on my back.. so very calming.
I really do love this Giant of mine.. heart beating
"Kaaaalll... while I am cutting a piece of Magnesium for the chair, you can make fritters, ok. And add the Crab meat into the batter as well," he said.

So I said: "Aye aye Captain!"

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Chilies, garlic and scallions.

Embedded image from another site
and the Crab meat.

Then I showed him how I did it, including how I added slices of ginger and garlic to the Crab meat to neutralize the smell of the Crab and how I added a love shaped of sauce. grin
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

"Honeeeey.. It's ready!"

Embedded image from another site
The taste was perfecto.. banana

He and I know that the shape of the heart is not perfect, but he said he wouldn't mind taking care of the heart. love blushing
He: Kal, which of your photo you want me to show her?
Me: Whichever, as long as the one with hijab.

Sunday is the Mother's day in his part of the universe. My Giant is taking his Mom out to have a good time. And he would "introduce" me to her.

Although I am keeping my fingers crossed since his Saturday.. I am getting more and more nervous as the clock tick tock tick tock

I need miracles now than ever before.. angel2
Today is Friday, 22th of May 2020. At around 8AM my time, my Giant showed me two photos of mine and then told me something that has made me the happiest woman on Earth. banana

Him : "My mom stopped by to my house today. She was in a good mood."
Me : "Wow! That's good."

Him : "I showed the first photo to her."
Me : "What did she say?"

Him : "She asked " a Muslim?" and I said Yes. Then I showed her the second photo."
Me. : "Aaannd?"

Him : "She said "Hmm quite pretty." "
Me : "Really? She really said that?"

Him : "Yes. And then I told her your name. And she said " Oh I like that name!" Well, the introduction went great. And that's the most highlighted thing i wanted to tell you."

Oh dear.. oh dear... If my Giant were here, he would not be able to breathe as his lips would be sealed with mine. lips kiss
“I Can’t Wait to see You,” I Said.

“Eventhough when you’re here, I don’t know what I will do nor what will happen. I don’t have any idea if I can be a good tour guide who can take you to the best places you want to visit. I am not sure if I can be a friend for you to be around and have fun with.. I have no clue if I can be a lover whom you expect to share romantic moments with.. I don't know if your stay here will be worthwhile.. Still I really do look forward to meeting you.”

And he said : “If you’re smiling and I am gonna be smiling, and we will be good.”

Oohh.. I love my Giant more and much more. heart beating lips
“I am going up North this weekend. I gotta check my Cabin. I might not spend the night there though,” my Giant told me.

Me : Oh ok.. wish I could go there too smile Hmm.. please take some pictures, ok.
Him : Ok I will.

Me : Hey remember when I told you that on this coming Sunday we will have a family gathering (health protocol will be applied ofcourse)? Do you mind if I let my big family see you on the screen when we Video Call and introduce you to them?
Him : No, I don’t mind.

Me : But that’s only if you have come back from the Cabin and have the time, ok.
Him : Guess what? I think I just make up my mind. I will not go to the Cabin.
Me : Why?

Him : So I can meet you big family..

And I was like.. wow lips heart beating
Get well soon, my Giant.. my love. rose

Embedded image from another site
angel angel2
My Giant is feeling much better now. He is Up North with his Dad having moments they both always love in their life pretty much. cheering

Embedded image from another site
Enjoy your togetherness, ok.. I love you, Cintaaaa.. heart beating lips
This morning my time, I told my Giant how some of my male friends couldn't stand staying at home 24/7 with their wives and kids. And according to my friend who is in charge in child and woman empowerment, there has been an increase in domestic violence and child abuse during the pandemic. So I asked him:

Me : "What if you get bored of me after we live together?"
Him : "Hey we have made decision to have relationship together which means having a life together and building that life together. If things need to have a sort of excitement or change, we will figure out together what we want to do to do that."

Hmm.. he really is my Superstar Giant. It's a blessing to have him in my life.. heart beating lips
For the last couple weeks my Giant has been busy doing things that are necessary for an important City Event. How can he not be when he is the chairman of that Event. That he still spends time to talk with me is really highly appreciated, although I keep on telling him that he can take his time as much as he needs. Our Skype-date can wait. I will not go anywhere anyway.

And this morning, my time when we talked..

Me : “Honey, thank you very much!”
Him : “For what?”
Me : “For always making time for me”
Him : “You are my woman!”

Ooohhhh.. he never stops making me blushed. blushing heart beating lips

Good luck with the City Event, my Giant!
Please do remember that my prayers are always flowing in your veins

Embedded image from another site
He did it.. he did it!
Yes my Giant did it.
The City Event went pretty well. I am so proud of him. cheering

Embedded image from another site

And this morning I told him how I don't know much about his culture. So in order to not make him embarrassed when I live there, I asked him to teach me about all those. He said:

"We will learn all those together, Kal!"

You see, that's a very simple statement, but the word "together" has made a huge difference. He really makes me feel that I am part of his life.

Hmm.. I love you, my Giant. I really do with all my heart very very much.. lips heart beating
My Giant and I always travel every weekend, Sat and Sun. It’s kinda like a weekend getaway after we both have hard works from Mon to Fri. Ofcourse, it’s virtual tours. Because of the pandemic, the travel bans, and everything, we can not do in real life. Only can presidents and other vvvip of a country do that.

So yesterday, Saturday morning my time, we decided to go to Greece. This time we chose Santorini as our weekend getaway destination. He then started sharing the screen on Skype video, showed our routes on Google maps.

Him : Are we flying to Athens from the US or from Indonesia?
Me : From the US laaaahhh..
Him : Ok. So we fly to the Netherlands first, spend a day in Amsterdam having bicycle tour, enjoying some street foods, taking a rest and then we continue flying to the Airport in Athens. We spend a day in Athens for a brief sightseeing before heading to the Airport in Santorini.

Again he showed the interesting places we went to and hotels we stayed at in Amsterdam, in Athens and in Santorini.. We really enjoyed the great landscapes, the architectures, the histories, and ofcourse the foods. Surfing all those on internet with good pictures we felt the journey was real.. even the kissing. blushing And we laughed most of the time.

Ok, there was this place in Athens that connected to Plato and Socrates.

Me : Do you know Plato? Do you know Socrates?
Him : Yeah.
Me : Morons.
Him : What?
Me : Mor..

I hadn’t finished saying the word when he suddenly burst into laughter. Yes, he laughed very very out loud. Then we both laughed out loud. (I am sure bloggers find the laughter confusing. giggle )

Hmm.. I am glad I could make him laugh that way. I still can hear it and still can see his expression which still makes me smile. He looks more and more handsome and attractive especially when he smiles and laughs.

Ooohh.. I love my Giant and I want him in my life.. I really do so very muuaach. heart beating lips
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Embedded image from another site
My Giant and I just finished celebrating our First Anniversary.

You see, we almost never had time to video call in the morning his time which is my evening. That’s the time for him to work and time for me to hit the sack. It’s the time when he is too busy communicating with his customers to talk with me and I am too tired and sleepy to open my eyes.

But today, October 22, is our special day. We both made time for each other. I even prepared something for this celebration.. to seduce this Mr. Perfect of mine. flirty

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Embedded image from another site

I love you, sayang, with all my heart heart beating heart1 purple heart


….. and with all my two breasts! shimmy batting laugh
My Giant is far from being a singer, not even a bathroom singer! laugh
He always refused every time I asked him to sing, except on my Birthday and TODAY!
Yeeesss, today my beloved Giant sang a song for me. He sang it beautifully to my ears.

Oohhh.. I really love that man so very very much. heart wings
There is no way in hell I will let him go. NO WAY!

Thank you, Sayang for making me
Feel good and very happy!
heart beating lips
Thank you Sayang, for the lovely Autumn Leaf Frost.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

You are simply the best of all and..
I love you sooo very much that I could just go wild! heart beating lips
My Giant flew to Vegas on Tuesday morning (his time) to celebrate Thanksgiving with his big family. He knew I have been missing him much, so he sent me a photo of a beautiful sunrise reflected on a window at the airport and tried his best to keep me updated. His brother picked him up at the airport in Vegas and later on the two picked up their sister. Then the next day, they had breakfast at their Dad's house. I feel so blessed to have a man who has a great family. love

The thing is..

My Giant is gonna introduce me to his big family on Thursday, when their Thanksgiving celebration takes place. He told me to relax as everything is gonna be fine. He knew I have been nervous already..
"What should I wear?"
"What should I say to every single of them?"
"What should I talk about?

Those sort of things..

"Don't worry. I will be there all the time with you, Kal, when you are being introduced!" my Giant said.

Hmm... he is really such a darling! lips heart beating
Me : "Hey, my skin is not as glowing and smooth as that of celebrities. Do you think you still want to fly and meet me? Are you sure you still want me?"

Him : "Come closer to the camera, so I can see the skin more clearly."

I did what he told me to. I got closer to my computer camera.. very close.
Suddenly .. Smoooochh! kiss
Oh my goodness, my Giant kissed me on that skin.. And I was like .. shock
Am I dreaming or what?

Thank you sayaaaang, for making me feel like a star..! lips heart wings
I am all yours! shimmy
I love my Giant before
Embedded image from another site

And I love him after..
Embedded image from another site

He always is adorable before and after shaving! love lips
Embedded image from another site

Thank you for loving me much, sayangku..! lips heart beating
There were times when I asked myself questions “WHAT IFs” and then I usually asked my Giant similar ones. Like the other day.

Me : Hey our relationship is to make us both happier, right?
Him : Yes, ofcourse.

Me : What if I cannot make you happy, let alone happier?
Him : Oh Kal, you already make me happy. I will be happier.

Me : But I cannot do domestic works well and for sure I am a terrible cook.
Him : I know that.. laugh But hey you and I can do all those stuffs together.

Me : I will try my best though to make you happy and much happier.
Him : And I too will try my best, ok! I know for sure that I will not be sad having you in my life. So honey, stop worrying..!!

Hmm… how can I not love him so very much when he always makes me convinced?
I am really blessed..
heart wings angel
Embedded image from another site

And I am all yours, sayang! lips heart beating
Tomorrow (Friday, 26 February 2021) my time, everyone in my office will get vaccinated. I hate needles. They always scared me.

Embedded image from another site
Look at thaaaat!! frustrated

But my Giant has promised me that he will keep having his fingers crossed for me. banana
Thanks you sayang.. heart beating lips
Once upon a time, I told my Giant about one of my brother’s friends. Let’s call him X.
X used to come and spend a night or two at our Castle. My Dad loved to talk to X about Agriculture. X was an Agriculture Engineer and my Dad worked in a Gov’t Agriculture Company. My Mom loved to talk to X about celebrity gossips. X was a good listener. My Mom expected me and X to become lovers. giggle
I liked him, I did. But as a friend, not as a man to spend my life with.

Anyway, the other day my Brother sent bad news about X to our Family WA Group. X got a stroke!! shock From the photo my Brother posted, it looked like X has suffered from the stroke for quite a while. In the photo, he was doing a therapy guided by a male nurse. That made me very sad. X was a very handsome man, had a perfect body shape and glowing face, and did things by himself. All those have changed. As a crybaby as I am, I was in tears looking at that photo.

Yesterday I told my Giant about those updates and showed him the photo. I asked him dearly.

Please do stay healthy, honey, and don’t make me cry!

He said :

“Yes and No”
Yes, I will stay healthy and No, I will Not make you cry!

I gave him a bunch of kisses.. kiss lips kiss

“Thank you.. thank you, my half-cooked-lobster Giant.”
“I love you so very much.. with all my heart!”
heart beating heart wings
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Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Honeeeyyy.. breakfast is ready! yay banana

I don't have a toaster as I don't really need it.
I mostly eat rice.
So in order to make breakfast for my Giant,
I used my frying pan to make the toast.. grin
Him : Hi Kal. Good morning, how are you?
Me : Good evening, my Giant. I am well. How are you?
Him : Oh I am good. Tired but good.
Me : Do you want to rest?
Him : After we talk.

Then we started our conversation by telling each other what we did (his today and my yesterday). I told him about how my plan of leaving the office early remained just a plan as I had to attend a loong meeting; about how my Boss was so “unbelievably close minded” when it came to a certain issue; and how he kept me explaining about it till almost 5 PM.. etc.. etc..

He told me about a trip they (he, his Brother and wife, his Mom, and his Aunt) made to his GrandDad’s Cemetery; about his plan of going to another City this coming weekend to attend an important City Event; and about his plan to go to another State next month to attend his Nephew’s wedding ceremony. .. etc etc.

Him : Do you want to watch a detective movie?

Hmm.. this gentleman Giant is such a wonderful man. He’s never selfish. Although he’s feeling tired, he still offered me his time. He knows how I love watching that movie with him. He knows how I love simply being with him because that’s mostly the only time we can be together.

Me : That’s ok, Honey. We can watch it some other time. You need to rest.
Him : Thank you, Sugarpie!
Me : You’re most kindly welcome. Well then, enjoy your dinner and have a good night sleep!
Him : Ok. I will be dreaming of you very soon. I love you.
Me : Oohh I love you too sooo very muuuaacchh! kiss heart wings

How can I be selfish to a sweet caring man like my Giant..
If I were there, I would keep spooning him till he falls asleep.
heart beating lips
Embedded image from another site

Him : What is in it?
Me : Chicken, I think. Taste like chicken.

Him : It does look good.
Me : Yap! I am going to learn how to make it.
Him : That sounds good to me.

Me : And when I am there, you will have it every single day for breakfast.
Him : Honey, lets learn how to make something else!

Him and Me : laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
(Happiness is just as a smile or a laugh away).

At the moment, my Giant is getting ready to go to another City for a City Event. And his Brother is preparing packed meals for my Giant.
Hmm.. that's one of the things I really love about my Giant's family. thumbs up

Drive safely, Honeeeyy... and enjoy your moments to the fullest..! lips heart beating
When my Giant was in a City event as one of committee members, some of his friends said: "You know, you don't have to wear that mask anymore!"

My Giant said: "No. I need to wear the mask because I promised my girlfriend I would!".

Embedded image from another site

Ooohhh.. it would be heartless of me if I didn't shower him with hundreds of kisses.. lips kiss

I love you sooooo much, Honeybunch, that there is no way on Earth I would give up on you..!! heart beating heart wings heart1
My Giant is now having fun enjoying an Open-space-Band.
And guess what..??

He is wearing the mask! banana applause cheering

Embedded image from another site
Photo was taken a few munites ago.

Thank you so much for doing so, Cintakuuuuuuu..! heart wings lips kiss heart beating
On the 3rd of July, my Giant was enjoying a City Parade,
sitting under the shade of a nice tree.
It was a great Parade, and
My Giant wore the mask! banana

Embedded image from another site
He was talking to one of his friends when I secretly screenshot that one. grin

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, HoneyBunch! wine tip hat

And thank you for letting me enjoy the moment too.. heart beating heart wings
My Giant is craaaazzy! shock

You see, I sent him maaaaany photos of mine.
Of all those photos, he liked this one more.. shock

Embedded image from another site
The crossed-eye me! laugh

Seeee... he is craaaazzy, but he is MINE,
and I love him so.. lips heart beating
Besides, he fixed my troubling computer few days ago.. banana

Thank you most kindly, Sayang! kiss

Photo was taken 2 days ago.
As usual on the weekend, my Giant and I went travelling, virtually ofcourse. This time we went to one of countries which has a 7-star hotel. We did the browsing browsing.. and amongst all the countries showed up on internet, for some reasons, we chose Azerbaijan. So we booked our return tickets.

However, when we arrived in Baku, we couldn’t find the 7-star hotel called “The Full Moon Hotel”. Someone said that the Hotel was actually one of the 6 of the most amazing hotels never built. Oh well, we already in Baku, so we booked another hotel.

To make the story short, during our stay, we spent some time to visit a mosque. The Mosque is an architectural marvel especially at night when illuminated with floodlights. And look.. someone’s getting married!

He : That’s you Kal, in that lovely wedding dress.
Me : No way, that’s not me, because I couldn’t see you there in your wedding outfit. Besides that beautiful wedding dress is not the one I have in mind to wear when you and I are getting married.

He : Hmm.. ok.
Me : And one more thing. That woman is so stunningly pretty. So different from me. Will you still love if I am pretty?
He : Oh yessss..

Then we both laugh. laugh

Me : Hey honey, do you see what I see?
He : What?

Me : I saw my friend.
He: Who?

Me : A CS blogger lady
He : Who?
Me : Look at her shoes. So she must be her.

Embedded image from another site

And then we both laughed again.. laugh

He said “Someday, we’ll go to Azerbaijan for real!

And I was like.. yeeeehhaaaaawww! banana heart wings heart beating lips

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