Now What?!

I rang a friend of mine who is a veterinarian. I told her about Lucky and his eyes. She said she could only tell after having him checked. "Just bring him to my clinic", she said.

Now.. who will catch and put Lucky in a cage?
(not to mention that I don't have any cage)

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I am too scared to even touch that little monster.. frustrated

Any suggestion?

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Get a pet carrier and put some treats in it. My homie will go anywhere for a treat! He's also all black, ferrel born, and a little crazy..laugh

What is wrong with his eyes? hug

Track lives with a zillion cats at home..I'm going to send him here teddybear
You can get a live trap to catch the cat. Local animal shelters may have them on hand.
Asking Kal to do that would be like asking me to do that uh oh laugh

Can we sedate a cat from a distance or put something in his food to sedate him? laugh
Perhaps you can ask your friend for a favour and come to you to see Lucky. The clinic could very well have a carrier that she could use. As a vet, she's used to handling cats - even cranky cats who are terrified of being handled by strangers. Lucky looks malnourished and probably has other things going on besides infected eyes.
Helo. wine
As it's my first time to see you on my blog, so welcome !
Anyway, when I read you comment, I was like.. "let say I get the carrier, take Lucky to the Vet, take him back from the Vet, then I will never use the carrier anymore. What a waste!"

But then I told myself: "What the heck! Just buy one, Kal. Someone may need that carrier later, who knows!"
So I bought one from online shop..

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Thanks Bohemian for your suggestion! thumbs up

Hi Merc wave
I don't know for sure. But I saw "mucus" kept coming out of his right eye. I think the eye has a terrible infection. blues

Heyho you two.. wave
I heve decided to buy a pet carrier as Bohemian suggested. Let see if Lucky can be bribed with a treat.. giggle If not, then I will need to find someone who can catch and put him into the carrier. I have registered him for Friday (the day after tomorrow) examination.
Thank you both for the comments.. highly appreciated.
Hi Luke.. you could manage to slide in, eh? laugh
Thanks for the video. I like what you posted.
But the thing is.. I can never be like the woman in that video. I can never be Lucky's "mom".. I don't want to. I don't mind giving him something he needs, but that is it.. no more no less. No pets for me.. moping
What did the vet say Kal?
He probably needs glasses
Not yet.
It's Friday (today my time) I am taking him. He is at my office now as the Clinic will be open in an hour. I will try to keep you updated. Thanks Merc. kiss

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So surprising that Lucky is so calm.

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Well done! He may feel safe being in the carrier. I hope the vet visit goes well for both of you.
I hope all turned out well kiss
Kal, it has been a while since I've been on your blog.. bouquet

Too bad about the eye.. hug

Good for you, things are looking up for your Lucky.. wave

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