What Now..??

My Giant is a citizen of the USA and follows his Government policies (for the most parts). And Kalpataru is a citizen of Indonesia and follows her Government policies.

Regarding what's happening in the Middle East, my Giant is with innocents in Israel while Kalpataru is with innocents in Palestine.

Here is where Indonesia stands.

Now, what's gonna happen to Giant-Kalpataru relationship? confused dunno
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Take sides?

Have you forgotten when Muslims were demonized in the west when 9/11 happened?

Hamas whom are Muslims & whom the Palestinians voted to run Gaza aren't freedom fighters at all they're terrorists..These terrorists invaded Israel beheading newborn babies..They cut out babies from mothers wombs..They raped woman & children..They gassed young people at a concert to death..

I saw a a clip where a young beautiful girl whom was naked laying face down in an open vehicle being paraded around whilst being spat on..One of the terrorists had a huge clump of of her hair in one hand
A fragment of her skull was discovered & she's dead...Eyes cut out of people..So many tortured people.

Yes it's gut wrenching to see what is happening in Gaza

The people to blame are the terrorists whom are Muslim by the way

It is Hamas who are stopping their own people whom they govern from getting to safety because Hamas use their people as human shields..These terrorists have stolen from their own people for years..Israel for years has provided for those in Gaza as well as other the USA..Food building materials water fuel & more

Those dirty bastards still have hostages from all over the world..An aussie grandmother was murdered & we still have over 80 people stuck in Gaza

Pisses me off how not one Muslim came out giving condolences to those slaughtered in Israel yet all these lunatics are marching in the bloody streets screaming about Gaza

One death is too many regardless of religion..I don't give a rats arse how little the land is in Gaza there's no bloody excuse for what Hamas started...It's Hamas who are responsible for the senseless atrocities happening in Gaza

Israel have sent numerous pamphlets.telling the Palestinians they need to move

These Muslim terrorists didn't do that before they invaded israel

I'm not on anyones side because my heart breaks for both sides whom are all human beings
Hi Merc..
I didn't see that as a "religion war". To me it's a country invading another. And I am sure you know who has invaded who.. wave
Your giant is on the right side!
Sure we all know. Six Arab countries full regular armies invaded the 'Zionist entity' on the very first day when it was to become an independent nation; with harshly chanting 'death to all Jews' and the pledge to throw all of them to the sea. Most of them with many other Muslim countries still flatly refuse to admit Israel's right to exist.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Palestinian territory – encompassing the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem – has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. Since then, the Israeli government has established a two-tiered legal and political system that provides comprehensive rights for Jewish Israeli settlers while imposing military rule and control on Palestinians without any basic protections or rights under international law. The Israeli government has also engaged in a regular practice of inhumane acts, as well as extrajudicial killings, torture, denial of fundamental human rights, arbitrary detention and collective punishment. The UN Human Rights Council-mandated Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), including East Jerusalem, and Israel concluded in June 2022 that continued occupation, as well as discrimination against Palestinians, are the key causes of recurrent instability and protraction of conflict in the region.
Hi Kal,
This is a brave topic and I don't want to take sides at all.

All I can tell you is that while you agree with your governments policy, I disagree with my government's policy.
Sure, the fight started when the other guy hit back.
On one hand - my stance on politics and the role the media play in whipping up bad feeling - well.

On the other hand - pretty sure you can both agree that a lot of innocent people are being forced to suffer and die because a relatively few horrendous people are enthusiastically throwing them into a cauldron of war. War is about money and power, the excuse and spin for war is propaganda. Always.

Different if either of you is likely to be called up and pressed into service to inflict torture and death on others for living in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a major problem if either of you WANTS to do that. Stick to being steadfastly against atrocities because if everybody did that, regardless of patriotism and religion, if any human being foul to another human, regardless of race, colour, creed, gender, location, was seen as unforgivable, individual human beings capable of atrocities would be isolated and rejected by every rational human being. As for wars, young people being pushed into action by older richer people, many would die, and the older richer people would either lose or win and the mourning could start, but without the shame of things done which should never, ever, have been done. Why, if we resisted being manipulated, maybe even the old farts in power would be reduced to hammering things out between themselves and just telling us what they'd decided, live with it folks. Because that's the end result anyway.

If you don't have the same core values, the relationship was only ever a way to pass the time until those core values were put to the test and the media told you imposed values were more important dunno
Here are a few facts to consider.

1) Palestine is not Hamas.
2) Hamas was created by the CIA to counter the PLO.
3) Hamas are ultra ultra right Muslims who would even kill you if you did not share their ideology.
4) Hamas has inbred hatred toward all Jewish people and the state of Israel.
5) This might very well turn into a holy war where Jews the world over could be targeted and killed.
Just wanted to add that no one in their right mind will or can argue that Hamas is not totally evil.
Kal, it is a hard one.
I can not believe people are so blinded when the truth is eye poking .
Extremism has no religion and it exist everywhere.
IRA in Ireland is a very recent and still active one. Just a mention as it will take long to number every single extremists group with connection to non Muslim countries.
Anyhow, I lost a friend of 30 years over the Ukraine conflict, I couldn't believe she was so determined to finish our extremely close friendship over a personal opinion.
Well, she works in the USA embassy in Bulgaria, that kind of helps me understand her position.
Politics should not come between people.
And in my opinion couples should set rules about that in early stages of their relationship and stick to it.
Get the politics out of the home.
And needs to be eradicated.
But people are too busy watching news and not thinking for themselves.
History holds the answers but illiterates can't be bothered to look for them.
@OP differences of opinion between couples must just about be daily events, but rarely have significant impact on the relationship itself. Granted, this is not exactly your everyday event, but surely it does not need to result in any falling out. Just accept the fact of differing opinion.
"my Giant is with innocents in Israel while Kalpataru is with innocents in Palestine.

Now, what's gonna happen to Giant-Kalpataru relationship?

Are you suggesting it was doomed from the start?
You mean like love conquers all?

That's bullshit when thousands of people on both sides are dying unnecessarily and all emotions are controlled by religion, money and the media.
Society has a uphill battle to logically think for themselves these days.
Scary when one thinks about it.wine
Here are a few basic facts about the history put as simply as I can.
3000 years ago Israelis (Jews) and Palestinians (this name was later given to them by the Romans, if I recall correctly in c.1000ad) lived as neighbours on large areas of lands of almost equal sizes. So both sides existed at that time in small numbers.

Within the past 100 years jews started arriving from around the world to both countries but after a time most realized their error and moved to Israel. There was no real organisation or direction prior to ww2.

In 1948 the British appointed a Jewish High Commissioner which obviously left the Palestinians at a disadvantage.

In the early 60's the US started arming Israel and continues to do so.

The PLO highjackings were non-violent until Israeli troops stormed a plane and started the killing. After that the Palestinians took to violence.

You all know what has happened since (the 60's).
No actually... please continue.
Also, can you help me research another member's comment about Hamas being created by the CIA?
Palestine is Philistine. And the Philistine people became part of the Hebrew people when David defeated Goliath; just as the land became Judea. Arabs started to call themselves Palestinian only under Arafat. Then, Jews all over the world were taken aback 'What are they talking about, we are the Palestinians; Palestine is Israel'.
That's the point. The real meaning of 'two state solution'.
The problem didn't start this October, nor 1967, nor even 1948. It did in 1921, when Trans-Jordan (stress Trans) was established and Israel was not as its neighbor about on the same size of territory.
Don't want to reply on anyone's behalf but maybe this might help?

Before Hamas was what it is today, it was just a fringe group of Palestinian Muslims with no real power. Today, Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist, and all because of the U.S. and Israel, according to former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Former Israeli officials like Brig. Gen. Yitzhak Segev, who served in the Israeli military in the 1980s, fully admit to this. Segev told a New York Times reporter that he helped finance the Palestinian Islamist movement as a "counterweight" to the secularists and leftists of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Fatah party, which was led by Yasser Arafat.

Israel doesn't eat, breathe or sleep without the USA's approval. When Israel created Hamas it did so with the blessing and approval of the US/CIA.
Edit: c. 100 ad.

My point is that Israelis (Jews) and 'Palestinians' (whatever their religion) were on that land thousands of years ago, not solely jews. The name change may have been misleading. The Romans may have split the land in different proportions in 100 ad but nothing like the land grabbing that Israel has done in recent decades.

US support for Israel doesn’t make sence in modern times. It gives the impression the they are hoping for the extinction of all Palestinian areas with complete integration under Israel. Just my opinion.
Luke you're welcome, you know more about this than I do.
Hi M. Actually I doubt that. laugh
Its a very controversial subject with surmising, collecting scraps of info and then juggling facts all at once. I guess similar to flying a helicopter. (not that I'm a chopper pilot)

Anyway I did the best I couild and hopefully Chat will find what he is looking for.

For what it is worth...if you have the same values and morals...that is what really counts.

I take it, you have not met in person...only video chatting...

Nothing, takes the place of meeting in the real world...

My late husband and I...did not talk politics very much.

I do not know if we voted for the same person for president..

It wasn’t important, nor did it matter..
Mercedes, I agree fully.

O.P - I think this one is easy, or should be.
The palstinians need better leadership, peace loving ones.
Not hostile a la Tehran. Agree?
If that happens then perhaps Gaza and the west bank evetually can be prosperous.
I know there are milions of Europans who'd love to go on holiday to Gaza.
But first they gotta clean out own house and strech out an open and honest hand to the Jews
acriss the border. First of all.
You see they, the Israelis are is housing about a million Arabs who live in peace
within their border.
But not one single Jew can live in Gaza... confused
See the problem?
Exactly, that Arafat guy was a smartazz...
still he got a nobel peace price... lol
That Nobel institute often go wrong to put it nicely.

From what I can see here in the Netherlands, many Dutch-Russian couples broke up because of different views on Russia’s war against Ukraine. I think your romance with the Giant has no future
i am on the side of your Giant
Hello everyone. wave

When first time I posted this blog, I highlighted the sentence written in blue (as the main point). Yes, about my relationship with my Giant. But then I was guilty as charged since to a degree I was carried out, which I shouldn't. laugh

Anywho, I really appreciate all the comments. However, except for one commenter, I am not gonna respond to the commenters one by one. I will give one comment for all instead.

You see, I did some readings too with regards to the issue. So after reading all of your comments, I found some comments are in line with my readings, and some are not, eventhough were written "in such a way" as convincingly as possible. laugh

To those who do not take sides, I give all of you my thumbsups. thumbs up thumbs up
To those who take sides, well.. you are entitled to your opinion. I respect that, unless ofcourse such taking sides makes you full of hate. With my blessings, you can simply go to hell. tongue

Furthermore, I love the advice some of you gave me. So comprehending all advice, my Giant and I "have signed an agreement":
1. We will not let the media whip up our feeling;
2. We will get the politics out of "our home";
3. We will respect and accept differences of our opinion (No significant impact on the relationship); and
4. We will focus more on our same values and morals.

My Giant and I call it "THE GK-NOV 2023 RESOLUTION" giggle

Thanks everyone! teddybear
Here was my chats with my Giant:

Me : Honey, I posted a blog about what our relationship will be, relating to our different opinion on ME-War issue.
Him : Any comments?
Me : Yes, there were some. One of those said that our relatinship has no future
Him : Who said that?
Me : A woman from the Netherlands
Him : I am sorry, she is wrong!
I only can tell you about what happened to my 15 years old relationship.
I am Russian and I am always on one side with my President. My ex is on the other side, he hates him.
I got sick and tired from explaining the reasons of Special Operation. So I left.
We are still friends.
Your decision.
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