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Here is a list of Dating & Relationships Blogs. A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you've learned. Post an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Update your blog on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with others. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about others. Click here to post a blog.

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Undone - part 3When Jerry arrives home, the kitchen light is on inside the home. He gets out of his pick-up truck, with beer in hand, he runs in through the front d...

robrt78740354 mins ago13 mins ago
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Undone - part 1It is a warm Friday late afternoon during the summer of 1974 in Reno, Nevada. 23 year old Jerry, a slender young man about 5 feet 10 inches, medium l...

robrt78711520Jul 1124 mins ago
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Hens storyMore about love and it's short comings.....

Henn1017825 hrs ago30 mins ago
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Undone - part 2"No problem here. The feeling's mutual, Thomas," Jerry quickly injects, as the store clerk peeks at the rounded mirror in the corner ceiling to check...

robrt78710513Jul 128 hrs ago
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Divorce president in US historyRonald Reagan was the only US president that ever had a divorce at least until Donald Trump got elected with fewer votes than his opponent. But, T...

JimNastics40750Jul 11Jul 13
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The JourneyA couple holding hands. A couple smiling together, laughing together. They love the time they share together. A couple in one of them carnival pho...

robrt78725012Jul 8Jul 11
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OK. How well do couples getting married actually know each other ?The Task is simple. A series of questions. The bride & groom sit back to back and answer questions simultaneously by holding either the male type...

JimNastics955Jul 7Jul 9
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Hot and Cold...I don't like it cold... Even though when I feel hurt I may act a little distant... But I always like it hot, warm... Cozy, soft, hard, sticky, full of...

Melody167160946Jul 5Jul 7
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4 out of 5...I logged on this morning to see that 4 of 5 profiles (with photos) created today are bogus. Guys, that's not good if your intentions are to meet some...

chatillion17210Jul 2Jul 6
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Spicy question

Spicy questionWhat about friendship/relation or intimate encounters about younger men about 30-35 and woman age about 55 60 or even more older. Just to know you...

Goodtalker8325827Jul 5Jul 5
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Déjà vuSame bat time same bat channel Watch this space the countdown has started To another episode of ... The days of our lives...

Nice2meetyoutoo10,892474Nov 16Jul 4
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To my eyes the act of intimate relationships is upside down.In the movies, boy takes girl out to eat. Girl usually rates boy on choice of eating establishment. Girl goes back to shared apartment and laughs and...

Wrinklylove1227Jun 30Jun 30
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What An Adorable Man

What An Adorable Man..ONE He had a meeting with his friends from the sport club, an online meeting ofcourse. He told me that one of his friends noticed something and asked...

Kalpataru368-May 1Jun 29
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Question for plus-sized females.I have a question for all plus-sized women. As a man who honestly prefers bbws over petite women, I do notice that when a profile says "plus-sized",...

BostonBlackMale2,00282Oct 2018Jun 27
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the Unicorn or the woman?_Dear God you said that this time you would fulfill my wish! so for my birthday I want a Unicorn ... _ don't be too unrealistic my son! _ OK th...

antarkrishna6216Oct 2015Jun 27
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I had my chanceI had my chance If the phone don't ring it's me 19742020 I had my chance and I let it go I had my chance and I let it go Well if I ever...

MetaMaus97-Jun 27Go to Last Post
Frenchie Loveday

Frenchie/LovedayYou say it is mutual, but I still am prohibited from contacting you due to the conditions you have set - there is nothing I can do to change my age (w...

Oppman1,86120Oct 2017Jun 27
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Sensual Date Ideas in the Covid-19 eraTelling each other how beautiful you imagine their face is. Holding surgical gloves while walking on the beach. Kissing..... their test results....

JimNastics854Jun 26Jun 26
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Dongg17213Jun 25Jun 26
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Searching for love

Searching for love30 yr old Englishman looking for foreign lover to settle down with...

adammccoy1231769Jun 23Jun 25
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Question?How many woman are actually on here that are truly looking for human interaction and actual real life relationships versus how many are just scams to...

liter4hrs27612Feb 20Jun 21
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Is there no decency out there anymoreHello there...... Is there no decency out there or self respect. Am I just being old fashioned or not living with the new age. I'm.on this site a y...

MissIreland50924Jun 15Jun 17
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Honest profiles, and meeting the right person onlineProfiles can be absolutely honest and still not tell the whole story. Example - let's call her, hmmm, Tigress? That would be appropriate I am i...

VivianLee222219Jun 15Jun 15
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Longing...I settle for seeing you, even for an instant… I am content to look at you, just for a moment… To take away with me… The nuance and the contrast… T...

Melody1671314-Mar 24Jun 8
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Dongg79826Nov 26Jun 6
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Intimacy, folks, intimacy.Quite a range of discussions under this heading. But I'll share one. A friend of mine, certainly not ME, wondered-what to do, when you have met the on...

Vierkaesehoch29815May 15Jun 6
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Love, poverty and war99.7 of the letters I receive suggest we are to become friends. When I ask what exactly they mean, they answer: normal friends. I don’t know your...

Tulefell1204Jun 2Jun 6
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Wearable keyboard and mouseThink of the possibilities...

Nice2meetyoutoo732Jun 5Jun 5
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Looks or NatureYou are good in looks, well educated, nice decent family background and attequtes. For marriage options: Person is good in looks but not well edu...

rayyan_musa1271May 29May 29
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Dating & Relationship...about to give up.New to online dating..Now, I' m beginnjng to think if it works at all.First, I came across some scammers...who say they' re looking for relationships,...

orchid4171434May 28May 29
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You do not meet her contact requirementsShe has set her notifications that prevent communication from those in faraway lands. I send her a LIKE in hopes that she will reconsider her position...

zenmasterE33841May 27May 28
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Looking for Love ( in a dating site)Many people here openly say they are looking for love. Where do they think to find it ? People are so obsessed with finding love. (I feel) Bu...

usha1231,03850Aug 2019May 27
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Patiently and sometimes impatiently waiting for 'the one'What can I say? Many years go by and nada. It gets really tough to keep on believing that there is that special someone out there for you. Maybe it's...

zenmasterE20619May 26May 27
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Who likes french men madam

Who likes french men, madam...One question, madam ... Do you like French men? What do you think of us? Would you like to meet a French man? Have you ever met a French man? Give you...

FRANCEFRANCE34421May 24May 26
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chancer_returns33825May 24May 25
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Ghosted or benched?You've been ghosted when the person who was messaging / emailing / texting so often suddenly goes quiet. Whoosh. Gone. No explanation, not a word, no...

VivianLee241037May 23May 24
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What does real love feel like The forever kind of love

What does real love feel like? The forever kind of love.Is it when your toes curl? when your heart beats fast? What is it?...

Bearwoman1252May 21May 22
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The Strangest Experiences I Have Had On Dating SitesYears ago when I used to use the dating sites for dating, I had quite a few dates. I never had a bad experience unless you count boredom on a date a...

Dongg1666May 20May 21
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At Last

At Last..Yesterday morning, May 18 2020 at around 08:00 AM my time, I finally met and talked to my Giant's son on Skype Video Call. For few days I was a bit ne...

Kalpataru91-May 18Go to Last Post
Looking for the right one

Looking for the right oneHow come some women say they want a good man that loves them and cares for them, but when a good man comes in their life, the woman gives the man thei...

Unknown26032May 17May 18
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Want/needDo you want or need a man in your life? Why do men feel like they have been insulted when I say I want a man in my life but don't need one? Surely t...

emmy11,47762Jul 2017May 13
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Working from home,Has its share of drawbacks. This journalist gave viewers a little bit more than they expected during an at-home news broadcast. Alfonso Mer...

Lukeon1967May 6May 7
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