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Life's big pictureAs I ponder what it is that each gender wants in a partner, I cannot help but think that there are going to be inevitable conflicts within the opposit...

Johnny_Sparton53215 hrs ago4 hrs ago
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Ohio womenSeeking women in Ohio Youngstown area seeking...

Agilberti41110 hrs ago5 hrs ago
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Feminism today.It has been awhile since I last talked about feminism and its dangers to society. I am curious, what do people on here think about feminism today?...

Johnny_Sparton735105May 2218 hrs ago
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For women only!Could you love and desire a mature Man with dentures?...

PassionatePoet1464May 28May 28
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Finally!!!So, after years of searching, I finally found someone! We met in 2019 in the US through a different site. We exchanged messages there for a short w...

stormylady811474May 27May 27
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Is there a woman on this site who will actually accept a guy who is not perfect?Im looking for a woman who will share my life with me. I’ve been single for far too long and i cant afford match or eharmony This site is the only o...

Matureguy8832923May 21May 23
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Finding a bloke in the EU or the UK; CS market sharesIn an area where Connecting Singles is firmly anchored, it may be easier to find a decent match and a date if it works out. Men outnumber women among...

Jefke591484May 18May 20
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Profile pics

Profile picsFirstly, how attractive do you find people with no profile pic and (b) what does the absence of a profile pic indicate? *Yes I am aware of the numb...

flaxmeadow33213May 11May 14
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Women and their money...So, yesterday, I was invited to hang out with a female friend in the city, she was making a 2:30pm facial appointment at this salon, after waiting an...

Jayjay202333717May 7May 9
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Got to give CS some huge credit...Scammers seem to be deleted as soon as they come....

Johnny_Sparton72328Jul 2022Apr 30
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Thank You All

Thank You AllI’ve decided to leave here. Thank you guys for reading my blogs and for the kind words you’ve shared. I’ve too much on my plate now to stay here. I ca...

Mermaidhair89431Apr 9Apr 29
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Best come on lines here

Best come on lines hereHard to top this email I just got from a previously never heard of admirer. "I am physically and mentally healthy. I have proof I can show you."...

Ken_191113Apr 29Apr 29
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KarmaWhat is it with the most interesting people not living here or at least near me? Karma is kinda rough sometimes, isn't?...

solo_traveler1,04521May 2018Apr 26
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Digging gold

Digging goldOne of the common prejudices that "most" people assume when a woman came from Asia with brown skin and end up to have a caucasian partner is that the...

Nopenotshay0854031Mar 28Apr 24
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Dating gameDating has become more complicate by new terms older people may not know. These are two terms I recently heard. Grey rocking: is a technique used...

Friendship4ever5448Oct 2Apr 24
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Singles mental health

Singles mental healthRegardless you never married, divorced or widowhood? If you are not ready, it is hard to start a new relationship. It is like a wound that will only...

summercold1322Apr 23Apr 24
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90 days love challenge

90 days love challengeOne of my psychologists' friends told me that singles men and women these days prefer same sex not opposite!? Perhaps that might be another factors fo...

summercold2955Apr 15Apr 18
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Dear people I miss

Dear people I missWhen I was here way back 2011-2013/14, I have made a great number of friends. We stayed connected even on other medias. I lost contact with them becau...

Nopenotshay0837513Apr 4Apr 17
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Ohhhhh A New OneRead a message saying she was a hooker and available. Much better than hello dear...

Track161941Apr 14Apr 14
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How do you get off

How do you get off?Hopefully not in the same way this woman does. Mississippi woman charged with having sex with dog, says she was ‘forced’ If you want to date...

Ken_193508Apr 11Apr 13
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Just a small rant on myself

Just a small rant on myself.I didn't really get any answers on a poll I asked about a few weeks ago. It was based on the topic of height within a relationship, if it mattered. It...

Gothsonny40831Apr 10Apr 12
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PoetrySo my beau likes to write poetry to me. Yep, he’s a poet. As if he can get any better. So I channeled my inner poet too because it’s just another form...

Mermaidhair1430Apr 12Go to Last Post

Me FlirtingAh, um, ah, so, do you like bread?...

Track1626333Apr 10Apr 11
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Dating Bliss

Dating BlissThis is going to be a long term blog about dating experiences. Feel free to post your own as much as you are willing to share. I’ll start. I posted th...

Mermaidhair65629Apr 5Apr 8
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Russian brides and Slavic women

Russian brides and Slavic womenA fellow You Tuber in Russia, who is female BTW, posted some reality about Russian brides you can get online. I love this woman's work. She is a gre...

Ken_191260Apr 8Go to Last Post

Finding a date is hard - so I am giving up.Ever since I was 16, I have been looking for someone to date. I have been on a few dates, but nothing ever came out of it. After I turned 18, I met...

Philipsen82142Mar 25Mar 29
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FirstFIRST it was loud pings Then creaking bed springs Guess its not over until the fat lady sings...

OIdblue39319Mar 24Mar 27
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Lovebirds Tie the Knot in Their 80s After Meeting on a Dating Website

Lovebirds Tie the Knot in Their 80s After Meeting on a Dating WebsiteHey y'all! I've been MIA for a bit, but I still like to share some 'positivity' when I can. Here's one for the naysayers. ENJOY!!!!!

Didi732921Mar 12Mar 13
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Unrequited Love

Unrequited LoveWhat does unrequited love do to a person? Unrequited love involves having strong romantic feelings toward another person who does not feel the same...

Ninurta2037Mar 12Mar 12
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Well let me know if theres any left single

Well, let me know if there's any left single?Because the CS has delivered a lot. And I presume there's anyone left "single"....

iotaoo1973Mar 11Mar 12
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George and Kellyanne are soon to divorce...After 22 years of marriage and 4 children, George and Kellyanne Conway have decided to call it quits. Both republicans, have different political views...

chatillion1430Mar 4Mar 5
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Do opposites attract?I really don't know if opposites attract or not. I've had both types as far as being totally different than each other, to like most of the same stuff...

SHAWNTHOR34213Feb 5Mar 2
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Biting with teethmarksThis is one of the things I like in a woman. Her wanting to bite me, and leave teeth marks on me. Her way of marking me for her own. Her clamping d...

SHAWNTHOR2983Feb 28Mar 1
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The Mystery case on the train

The Mystery case on the train.If you found a suitcase left behind on a train and took it home and after you opened it you discovered that it was full of sex toys and brand new ling...

Meinyourgarden2855Feb 18Feb 28
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How long will I love you?How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you And longer if I can How long will I need you? As long as the seasons need to Follow thei...

teenameena2517Feb 27Feb 28
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Warning Be careful my American Ladies

Warning: Be careful my American LadiesMy dear ladies, I like to warn all my American ladies to beware of the disgusting International scammers who prey on our feelings and intentions to...

Majan975615Nov 3Feb 24
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A lesson not just for a cat

A lesson not just for a cat.There was a cat with fancy taste, Who only mingled with rich feline race, Purring with joy in their luxurious space, And snubbing the others with haug...

Meinyourgarden1843Feb 18Feb 19
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My Valentine

My ValentineRoses red and violets blue, Today my heart beats just for you. A day of love, a day of grace, A time to cherish your sweet embrace. A day of rom...

Hufieborg31916Feb 14Feb 14
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Bread Cheese

Bread & CheeseLife is generally about relationships and how we navigate in and around them. There’s no avoiding everyday social interactions, so it’s really nice w...

Didi71471Feb 11Feb 11
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For men...I have seen this in real life. In addition, I have seen this online countless times, and I have heard stories from my friends. Women will come wi...

Johnny_Sparton2693Feb 11Feb 11
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TeaseKim who enjoyed teasing her classmate, Jim. Kim thought it was funny to make fun of Jim's appearance, his interests, and his hobbies. She would often...

Hufieborg990Feb 9Go to Last Post
SHAWNTHOR30027Feb 8Feb 9
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