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No red flags...I'm up early this morning... the pizza last night knocked us both out. She suggested pizza and I drove the car! Logging on I noticed the red 'new' me...

chatillion18319Jul 183 mins ago

Until the 'newness' wears off...I logged on this morning to see a new feature on CS. All the new profiles are marked with a red 'New' banner on the top left corner! Wondering how l...

chatillion22219Jul 1458 mins ago

I findCS so 1 dimensional If your not in the square Your not I feel envious of the lucky love finders umunst us I'd love to find that too Isn't...

daears1536Jul 1823 hrs ago

For MY Greek Godyou take my breath away Why do the best ones have to be so far way

itchywitch355-Jul 5Jul 9
Catfish catfish candle light doing the town and doing it right they be scamming

Catfish, catfish, candle light, doing the town and doing it right: they be scammingOmg they are everywhere... my numerical stats are a ratio of maybe 1 or 2 nice people out of 15 that say they like you and start to chat... it becomes...

Jegas25926Jul 8Jul 9

THE DATING SCENE ONLINE & HIGH<LOWS>ALL PLACES IN BETWEEN!I have been on and off of CS for 2 years now. Hopefully I won't get shutdown for sharing my absolutely true experiences! With a few modifications inte...

athought4u45222Jul 2Jul 8

My wifeWho will she be?...

chancer_returns25213Jun 8Jul 7

SAPIOSEXUALITY - What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex?After reading a friend´s poetry, I was extremely enlightened and have now found a name for my rather specific prerequisites about what attracts me to...

daniela7773,180170Feb 2018Jul 6
Shes Getting Suspicious

She's Getting Suspicious"Last week she asked why my sleep number was set to 'Just Right'"...

BadlyDrawn1106Jul 3Jul 3
Dating at 50

Dating at 50Oh the hassle of finding the right friend you want to spend the last golden years with. Health issues start popping up. How to control the money. Both...

Determined16111242Jun 29Jun 29
Turn ons pet peeves and what not

Turn on's, pet peeves, and what notHuman beings are puzzling creatures. The more I interact with them, be it in matters of business, family, love, etc. . .it's like people make me feel...

SEEKINGinger90-Jun 27
If you need to see more photos

If you need to see more photosdon't contact me as we won't be a match because so much emphasis is on looks. It makes me wonder, if you are hoping that I am better looking than th...

evagoblog119-Jun 24
Why are there More Men than Women

Why are there More Men than Women?!!!Are There More Men Or Women In The World? There are slightly more men than women in the world. The World Population Day is often observed on July...

needyoubyfastway1556May 25Jun 13

Color me.....suspicious lolThere's a 'member' on here that caused me to raise an eyebrow. You know, the too-good-to-be-true eyebrow. Truly a pretty well written profile, mu...

JimNastics45027Jun 5Jun 8

Pssst.... they're fake !!Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles. Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, be...

chatillion85946Jan 20Jun 7

Intimate friendshipIt seems to me those two words partially define most 2 lovers involved with each other. While there can be periods where one is without an intimate f...

JimNastics892Jun 6Jun 6

Thanks ...I saw this today and blinked and read it again and hello? Although this isn't a blog likely to generate the kind of chat I like, I thought maybe you t...

Elegsabiff31716May 3Jun 6
Intimate friendship

Intimate friendshipWhere are is enough people left in World who still have friends that that are intimate friendship I've never found it anywhere in the world...

Kenneth68443212Jun 1Jun 5

nasty???I got a message from a user on here they seemed to act nice at first, then went all nasty when I said I would not meet someone who was in a relation...

IVORYCOAST23913Jun 1Jun 2
Why oh why

Why oh why?Why do men keep asking questions like these: am i single, do i have kids, what kind of relationship i'm seeking for, where do i come from etc. All the...

mariann0185124Jan 2015Jun 1
The fastest way to forget a guy

The fastest way to forget a guyWhat is the fastest way to get over a guy and a relationship.....

Kasih40422May 26May 28

Should i be settling down?Am i a catch? Am i too relaxed? I'm 39 and fussy Should i be considering younger female specimens since they have more years to bare children a...

chancer_returns28825May 25May 27
Life without Love

Life without LoveLife without love......Is it possible?...Well I never thought so....What do you think?.. I am an open-minded and old fashion man in this matter. I wil...

Buddy4you3913Oct 2016May 25
Hello again

Hello againIts been a while a while and i can still see some familiar faces in this blog. Just wanted to say hello, wish you all people a good week end...

Kasih28215May 24May 25
WHAT if it wasnt your child that you thought it was

WHAT if it wasn't your child that you thought it was...?@ some point in our lives somehow.... A bad marriage maybe deserve to be ended, if no one wants to repair it. But NO ONE deserves to be cheated...

ysabeljhen15811May 24May 25

"A Dating site that Truly works !"That's what the advertisement for another dating site advertised at the bottom of this site stated. So, that one "truly works" ??? Maybe it...

JimNastics37325Apr 28May 24

Are There Any REAL Females On This Site Not Scamming For Money???I seek long term relationship, lifetime commitment, to have possible marriage and children with my future lady. BUT, So far after over one year on thi...

SeekLady4LTR1706May 23May 24
Asking to be spanked

Asking to be spanked?Depending on your outlook on life, being spanked regularly can be very rewarding. Seeking a dominant woman on a dating site is exciting...especiall...

Jason165032319May 20May 21
Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its whats on the inside

Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its what's on the insideTrying to find someone down to earth honest fun about no games its on the inside what counts...

Trucker163144May 2018May 16
Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness...I realize that I don’t talk enough with the men on here. I realize that I’m too rigid in my requirements in finding someone too. So, I’m more friendly...

Deeluv4coffee18712May 10May 11

RHi txUtrcccihmkiukkkkkkjhyfvgrrdfggrdfggffffdcvghhhjjjjjjjngfghhhj...

HarissaCumin303-May 10May 11

Your MAGICAL photo... putting your best foot forwardI've been on various dating sites for more than 15 years and I've seen some really beautiful women and their many photos. Usually, the best ones are s...

chatillion1744May 4May 5
The last time Art and I were together was a year ago sob sob

The last time Art and I were together was a year ago....*sob sob*I love holidaying in Thailand very much. Love their food especially. I personally think their women and girls are very pretty and I'm straight...

MiMiArt262-Apr 26May 1

They call these dating sites.......but aren't they more like search/introduction/vetting platforms? On CS, it's easy to cast an enormous worldwide (with wise exceptions) net, and to...

Vierkaesehoch3052May 1May 1
Used for sex

Used for sexOn dating sites like CS, many women have voiced an opinion that they think men only join in the hope of finding a casual s*xual relationship. This...

Solamente1,92687Jun 2016Apr 30

Women and men.....A lady with a past, rarely has a future...But what about men? I suspect there may be less of a difference here....

Vierkaesehoch42118Jul 2018Apr 26

Snoring, farting, belching, and so on.........hardly glamorous words or topics, but all more common as we age, for many. These tendencies can detract, and occasionally destroy, otherwise lovin...

Vierkaesehoch3037Apr 10Apr 13

Quality Over QuantityAs far as Relationships are concerned, what do you prefer: To have many meaningless friends/acquaintances, or.... only a few good friends who are t...

daniela7771,090119Nov 2018Apr 12

Online dating sites dying?What do you think? Are online dating sites becoming a thing of old? I know with this site, I hear about how boring the blogs are becoming and there...

Johnny_Sparton1,479110Mar 21Apr 11
If looks dont matter

If looks don't matterName me 5 ugly film stars Weather or news readers...

OIdblue49342Apr 6Apr 8

You're on your first date............................ Your challenge is:...

Willy341119311Apr 7Apr 8

Social smoker?.......A fairly large percentage of women's profiles here on CS and elsewhere have this entry, or something similar. Perhaps men as well. But just what do...

Vierkaesehoch39725Apr 3Apr 6
Willy3411: "Beware"(meet us in the blogs)

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