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What is it?Feel happy, when I see him. Feel happier, when he talks to me. The happiest ever, when I know he is happy and healthy. The distance suddenly disapp...

kk201052722Apr 1251 mins ago
Why Is Not Looking Considered Hopeless

Why Is 'Not Looking' Considered Hopeless?Why is it, that when you state you are not looking for someone else in your life, that people (in my case, men) either don't read it, don't think you'...

LadyImp51051Apr 205 hrs ago
Profile deleted

Profile deletedHow many people here who get views from others and find their profiles are deleted or hidden before you get a chance to learn who was checking you ou...

Akeldama4033626Apr 236 hrs ago

Friendships With A DeadlineDoomed to fail! “All good things come to an end” – do they really have to? A few people on this site have inspired me to write this blog and I ca...

daniela77721621Apr 2416 hrs ago
A true friend

A true friendA true friend will let you stubbornly walk your way and wait patiently until you come to your senses. A true friend will love you unconditionally i...

Akeldama40936Apr 2321 hrs ago

too hardwhy is it so hard to get a woman in here maybe something wrong with me!!??...

babaluli2218Apr 23Apr 23

Basic CourtesyPicture this: U're sitting in a coffee shop one day and a stranger approaches u and asks if they can join u. They sit down and introduce themselves an...

Poitin32025Apr 22Apr 23
Date Stalker

Date StalkerI was on a date last night. This guy had been asking me for a date for weeks and I just wanted to find out if there's something there, so I went with...

BlueScrubs57547Apr 21Apr 23
This Tinder date asked for his money

This Tinder date asked for his money................. This Tinder date asked for his money back after the girl he saw lost interest The money amounted £8.30, for one drink the...

jarred149-Apr 23
How important is sex

How important is sexThree stages of sex in a man’s life: Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly. Anonymous I'm sure woman see intimacy and sex in a different light...

Onthcrestofawave63848Apr 14Apr 23
Crazyheart3835431Apr 3Apr 22
Pick your arguments wisely Before you argue

Pick your arguments wisely.Before you argue.Some people I've seen argue for the sake of arguing instead of really discussing what is really bothering them.Also some people are "Right Fighters" a...

Bearwoman14010Apr 21Apr 22
Dear Self Esteem

Dear : Self Esteem..He Needs you.. He needs you for your opinions he needs you to be on his side as his partner he needs you to remind him of the small things that he ca...

Kasih20714Apr 18Apr 21
When Your Online Date Doesnt Look Like Their Picture

When Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their PictureWhen Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their Picture...................

jarred143-Apr 21
Got a stinking rejection recently

Got a stinking rejection recently?Perhaps not but it can be that you never stuck your hand out, so what do you expect ? To be a men is to hunt, and to be a women ? Do these soft bea...

Kiterunner11003Apr 19Apr 20
Making Assumptions

Making AssumptionsDon't you love people that make erroneous assumptions about something they know nothing about? NOT! There are some people that would honestly piss...

LadyImp17718Apr 19Apr 19
The art of flirting

The art of flirtingFor everything else, there's MasterCard. Note: Don´t be a fool....prayers are just a placebo effect IMUO...

Crunia165-Apr 17Apr 19

Why?Why Men Love Bitches? Doormat to Dream girl.....

aamir_hamza72250Apr 14Apr 19

Ambiguous PostcodesI'm writing this as an Irish female member so I'm not aware if this is an exclusively Irish and male profile issue but its been my experience and I ca...

Poitin964Apr 18Apr 18
Why tell me this

Why tell me, this ???I was sitting at my local cafe the other day , when I hear my name called out, but like a question. It was her after all these years , yes not much...

Kiterunner11516Apr 18Apr 18


jarred136-Apr 18
Is it a fallacious request or a way to help a friend

Is it a fallacious request or a way to help a friend ?I had a friend who was married to this lady who was a few years younger then he was. He told me that his wife might look like a angle but once you ge...

Kiterunner122410Mar 26Apr 18

Troll BluesLast year I suspended my account because I was experiencing so many nasty messages from utter strangers, commonly known as "trolls". I had wrongly ass...

Poitin80561Mar 25Apr 18
Cry To Me

Cry To MeWhen your baby, leaves you all alone, And nobody, calls you on the phone, Don't you feel like crying, don't you feel like crying, Well here I am m...

jarred132-Apr 17
Only because we have a down syndrome

Only because we have a down syndrome................... We have been married for 20 years, and we are very happy. I know that no one will give us the congratulations. Only beca...

jarred153-Apr 17

Heart beating fast....My Arty would be walking right through the arrival gate in less than 4 hours’ time! Had my face and whole body scrubbed, even the nooks and crann...

MiMiArt261-Apr 11Apr 16
Mastering the Perfect Partnership

Mastering the Perfect PartnershipWhat holds a relationship together? We all know that communication is the key to keeping the relationship alive - but what kind of communication? That...

LadyImp23318Apr 15Apr 16
Psychological warfare

Psychological warfare!Now, being on here for around a week, I had lots of traffic in my inbox. It is very long time ago that I participated on a dating site. First: compare...

Protegaia91334Mar 23Apr 16

Honesty n OpennessI think sometimes these two words are merged into the same meaning but I think they've 2 distinct meanings. My take is honesty is truthfulness n openn...

Poitin54-Apr 15

One-Sided Friendships, or Buddies?Have you ever been anybody´s friend, someone´s buddy – same gender or opposite - where you felt the friendship was only a one-sided one? Have you b...

daniela77742051Apr 13Apr 15


jarred157-Apr 14

datingany women around my area want to meet up for a good time...

hommyj17719Apr 13Apr 14
End of Seasons

End of SeasonsStill feel a bit green to blogging but I need to write rather than pay a therapist also spelled "TheRapist". If I need advise, a blog is a great plac...

UnFayzed15913Apr 10Apr 13

Men Vs Women - Vive la Différence!This is in no way intended to criticise men but, on the contrary, to enlighten them a bit... After a recent blog about “demi-séxual” and various co...

daniela77723435Apr 13Apr 13
Me Loving You Loving Me

Me Loving You Loving MeMe Loving You Loving Me...........

jarred139-Apr 13
Tribute To Connecting Singles

Tribute To Connecting SinglesAmid the corridors of the internet There's a website called Connecting Singles It's portrayed as a dating site, and yet Some folks are there merely...

socrates4433840Apr 10Apr 12
Sleep Disorder

Sleep DisorderThis is often why I blog - my sleep pattern has gone whacko. On a 40 hr work week schedule I have to try to force sleep when I can, after retirement...

UnFayzed18617Apr 10Apr 12
The Losing Game My Turn To Dance

The Losing Game (My Turn To Dance)The Losing Game (My Turn To Dance)................

jarred131-Apr 12
Advice to make Girls into Women Part 3

Advice to make Girls into Women Part 3item 3. Sorry for my fatigue and the disorder. Bette Midler's song "The Wind Beneath my Wings" is wonderful and how a couple should give each other...

LincolnsCousin944Apr 11Apr 12
Are you a Yes person

Are you a "Yes" personDo you find it hard to say "No" to someone you consider attractive? And if so, how has that worked out for you?...

robrt787636104Apr 8Apr 12
Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking

Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking ?................................................................................................................................................. ......

nonsmoker1,43976Mar 11Apr 11
Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings MEN Use my wording in profile 1st msg

Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings. MEN: Use my wording in profile 1st msgI am 70 years old. I quit looking in the 1980s & last (and best ever) sex was in 1984. I was surprised that she picked me up. So it took her 20 mi...

LincolnsCousin12312Apr 11Apr 11
pedro27: "X factor CS style"(meet us in the forums)

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