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Single and Not Ready to Mingle

Single and Not Ready to MingleSo I’m taking a hiatus from dating. The majority of dating sites are about men and women getting laid now. There’s no substance. You would think peopl...

Mermaidhair3227May 196 hrs ago
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Sex AuraSex Aura: One of the traps into which modern men unfortunately fall is the trap of s*xual arousal as hardly any street is devoid of semi nude wome...

12qw34er56ty67124 hrs ago23 hrs ago
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I am a treasure girl...I'm seeing some 'lights are on, but no one is home' dating site Dé·jà vu. I believe this place is running on autopilot right now. It looks familiar to...

chatillion4225Apr 22May 20
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Did You KnowMarried couples are more likely to get a divorce than single people. The more you know...

Track161966May 17May 20
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Probably a stupid question but -what do non-smokers do after making love?...

suziecute62824Apr 19May 8
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so many of us get stuck here for decade ? whyi came here after few years i have seen lots profiles i knew from years back then ,which were looking for dating i had marriage for over 7 years...

classicboy3094May 7May 7
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Enjoy life

Enjoy life!ENJOY LIFE! Not because your loved one is away, it doesn't mean that your "life" is taken away with him as he sets on for greener pastures. You...

Unknown80715Mar 12May 7
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Connection in the Modern World

Connection in the Modern World.In this world of technology I often wonder why we feel people are exactly what they say they are, maybe because we crave the illusion of them. Not...

ladyjewel2294May 5May 6
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HopelessI'm always finding myself stuck in these situations where You know with every being of yourself that the One you're with is bringing you down! I care...

FireFly19781,34634Oct 2016May 1
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About the Meet Me part of Connecting Singles

About the "Meet Me" part of Connecting SinglesSo, I come to this site and I check the Invoice. Sometimes there is a message, sometimes there isn't. I also check the blogs, seeing if any catch my...

Thevron2161Apr 27Apr 30
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Desperate Move

Desperate MoveWhoever can give me P500,000, I will marry him right away.?...

ehmzroldan65512Apr 11Apr 22
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What is a Player? - Part 25. Have Fun With It If you think you are in a relationship with a player, sometimes the best thing you can do is just have fun with it. Think of it...

Roombaya2826Apr 20Apr 21
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Men from Ireland looking for sex holiday in Spain?Why are most men that decide to mail me here are from Ireland? I don't expect them to be from Spain as most live far away, so why Ireland, and not En...

devilandsaint3438Apr 20Apr 21
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Is there no decency out there anymoreHello there...... Is there no decency out there or self respect. Am I just being old fashioned or not living with the new age. I'm.on this site a y...

MissIreland2,04425Jun 2020Apr 20
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What is a Player - part 1A player in dating is usually a person who uses their charm to emotionally manipulate others into falling in love with them. When their victim happens...

Roombaya1820Apr 20Go to Last Post

A divorced women deserves a good man?Can a women find out a true love.. If she was divorced and she has a kid..? Is it still possible for her to find a good man?...

RoseMaiNguyen3,50257Jun 2018Apr 20
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Speed datingSo I found out about a speed-dating thing about a half hour drive away and for all nationalities, not just Spanish (the organiser is Dutch) and the fi...

suziecute1,34062Mar 25Apr 19
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HOW TO INCREASE PASSIONCertain foods are said to increase the arousal of passion in relationships. Nuts, particularly walnuts, seeds like sunflower and pumpkin, are full of...

Licensedtothrill399-Mar 4Apr 19
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looking for real love sounds weird but yeah I know its still out there

looking for real love (sounds weird but yeah I know it's still out there)Am a 29-year-old single mom from Jamaica with a 3-year-old daughter, looking for someone who would like to be in a serious relationship and get marrie...

Syndilee441313Apr 14Apr 17
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Men start their own movement

Men start their own movement...They call it the soft guy era...Drizzle Drizzle movement. Basically, men are now starting to have their own high standards. These standards are v...

Johnny_Sparton38117Apr 16Apr 17
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Conjoined...23 year old conjoined sisters Carmen & Lupita have been in the news recently. Always asked lots of (stupid) questions, they did some social media vide...

chatillion1340Apr 10Go to Last Post
Buy love Jamaica

Buy love JamaicaMy friend have a woman from this site who come from England . She visited him in ja often,she gave him money .and that's what he need. Just tell...

shane45682060Apr 10Go to Last Post
Is the real truth being hidden

Is the real truth being hidden?I have been watching these dating blogs where they have many women on them that are interviewed about their dating preferences...for years now. Meani...

Johnny_Sparton78141Mar 26Apr 7
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Family and child care

Family and child careWelcome to my Blog Child care 2. Children's health care 3. Child development 4. Child nutrition 5. Sleep and rest for children 6. Child deve...

nourr12341581Mar 23Mar 23
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problem as a single attractive man a single attractive manIt is interesting, I will say. I have heard some stories lately and it has made me think. The title of the blog is " a single attrac...

Johnny_Sparton81020Feb 11Mar 18
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Man 64 yr-old man seeking woman, 18-35I wrote to him: Hi, wanting to meet your daughter or granddaughter??? Don't you think that is ridiculous. But if you wish so, each to their own. My...

devilandsaint1,41238Jun 2023Mar 17
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Random Rambling and jumbled thoughts

Random Rambling and jumbled thoughts.It's funny how I always come to this place to ramble through my thoughts and feelings. I think maybe because in my life I have connected with some...

ladyjewel136-Mar 16Go to Last Post
We are our souls

We are our souls.When you connect with someone who you feel deeply about, it opens up your soul. The problem is, that you keep yourself in your soul, you have your...

ladyjewel1941Mar 16Mar 16
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By all meansThis site have a right to be free . Imagine wasting money and years upon years no results . I am expecting to be bitten by some , but that is alright...

Annleerose1,43741Nov 19Mar 13
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The online dating scene is rough.Picture this - you match with someone on a dating app and get talking. It goes quite well, and you joke around while still maintaining a somewhat seri...

Philipsen3235Mar 7Mar 9
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Ready to Mingle! Join Now to browse Singles!I cannot recall having the desire to mingle. Probably 25 years ago, I was on POF and the woman I was dating suggested we go to their dating site adve...

chatillion1780Mar 8Go to Last Post

Upgrade to Premium...When I logged in this morning, I was greeted with an advertisement to Upgrade to Premium. It offers an add-free experience, ability to upload more pho...

chatillion1,10328Jan 30Feb 24
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cS culTure eXPlaiNEDScientists are concerned about the spread of disease within deer populations in North America, write Samuel White and Philippe Wilson. In the tra...

Bluekiwi2351Feb 21Feb 21
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Track164114Feb 14Feb 18
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You Know You Are SingleWhen your remotes have their own side of the bed...

Track162301Feb 14Feb 14
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On "Meet me" and "Likes"The top menu line of CS contains a few menu items. Drop down menus are the looking glass for searches, the people button and of course the Profile and...

Jefke594208Feb 7Feb 9
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FAKE PROFILERSHow many of you on here have experienced fake profiles in any form ? Or been led on by a fake ? Or met a scammer ? I need to know. Please...

Unika_4154015Jan 30Feb 1
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Flirting Attempt #1024So, ladies. What do you think is a better date, sitting on the guard rail watching cars or grocery shopping? I will get this flirting thing yet...

Track162240Jan 31Go to Last Post
who gets their way men or women

who gets their way? men ... or ....women?Does a woman with a promiscuous nature get her way? or Does a man who does not want his woman to be promiscuous get his way? Right now...

Johnny_Sparton91143Jan 21Jan 23
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women make this mistake almost always

women make this mistake almost alwaysWhen it comes to beauty. Many women respond to beauty on an emotional somebody's looks make them feel. That is why women fight among...

Johnny_Sparton1,05958Jan 18Jan 23
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Old account

Old accountHey! If you come across a blog or blogs from an unknown account, that was my old one. I found it and just reading my old blogs and forums. Sorry! Back...

Unknown283-Jan 22Go to Last Post
Ireland people

Ireland peopleMost Ireland guys need nudes pic.. I only noticed this with these kind of people. I need to know why?...

shane45681,23815Dec 15Jan 21
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