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ProfilesWhy is it that people do not seem to read profiles here, I am continually contacted by people who it is obvious have not read my profile, if they had...

playnicelywithme1519Sep 1820 hrs ago

true love........ true love...

jarred145-Sep 18

Back Burners“Back burners are people we are interested in (romantically/sexually), who we are not currently involved with, and with whom we keep in contact in the...

daniela77769924Sep 18Sep 19

The crazy world of Arthur Sixpence...Oh look, it's my first blog... There comes a point in a chaps life when he accepts the inevitable... Two weeks back and the realization that I've g...

Arthur_Sixpence24821Sep 18Sep 19

Relocatinghow many people will relocate for a man or woman we have become a mobile race ready to leave our areas for love or sex....... what do you...

giliberti120610Sep 1716 hrs ago
Do Love have boundaries

Do Love have boundaries?If I fall in Love with someone here I am ready to travel to see her.... Hope I can find one Soon..... Thanks....

IndianUSHunter23022Sep 1620 hrs ago

Attention People In Dating Sites! " Please " Stop Putting Some One Else s Picture In Your Profile"It Does Not Work ! And It Will Never Will Even If Is a Younger Picture of Yours! But Make Sure In your First Date < That You Look Similar To That...

falicia27113Sep 16Sep 17

European womanAre there any Europeans on here that would love to go to the US for a relationship....

captainfrankie26510Sep 15Sep 18

Girls and boys......rejection...Seeing blogs about the self serving stories we tell each other on breaking up with (dumping) others, got me wondering. Probably blogger/formumed here...

Vierkaesehoch1295Sep 14Sep 15
The Games People Play

The Games People PlayMy business requires me to cross the border twice a week to mail orders out in the U.S. I do this as the product doesn't get hung up in customs and it...

LadyImp15915Sep 13Sep 13

Whenever You Come AroundWhenever You Come Around

jarred162-Sep 12

Ghosting your date, can be illegal !I recall a couple of former blogs on here recounting "ghosting" as a method to deal with a date, that wasn't quite up to expectations. One seemed to...

JimNastics979Sep 12Sep 12

The "I don´t deserve you" SyndromHave you ever had someone telling you “I don´t deserve you”, “I´m not good enough for you”, “You´re too good for me? If they do, they usually mean it...

daniela77745467Sep 12Sep 14

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia863Sep 11Sep 12

Things What will keep Two People Together In a Relationship1(By falicias Own Experiences)Love! Sex! Looks ! Loyalty Affection ! Priority ! Caring ! Confidence ! Self Esteem Compromise ! Things In Common ! Trust ! Admiration ! Time !...

falicia1062Sep 11Sep 11
Drama Ploys

Drama PloysMost of the time, when reading posts, I can gauge whether or not a person is just venting and wants some attention, or wants a solution to their probl...

LadyImp26324Sep 9Sep 12

Three some lifestlyleHow many people want to live a life of threesome,foursome or in a big group For enjoying life without any jealousy...

Hidayat78678618611Sep 9Sep 10

What makes a RELATIONship last long?Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last is hard work. Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you...

ysabeljhen27030Sep 6Sep 10
with love

with loveHI. I am searching a true friend for everything here in Portugal., would you like to be my Dearest One? Please send me msg if you want to be a...

dibash2019803Sep 3Sep 3

I Think I'm In LoveI Think I'm In Love.......

jarred169-Sep 3

Sustainable relationships.Throughout human history, enough stories are written of real and fairy tale like love. Religions, philosophers, psychologists, artists and almost...

usha12340433Sep 2Sep 3

Guys !!! 2Ok my last blog obviously was too topical let's try again... I know 99% of you watch car racing have visited car yards and probably had wet dreams...

Onthcrestofawave28019Aug 31Sep 1

Guys !!!I know 99% of you watch porn,have visited strip clubs and probably had a massage with the happy ending option But would you feel comfortable h...

Onthcrestofawave1684Aug 31Aug 31

Matchmaker...Typically, a matchmaker is a person who arranges introductions for people for the purpose of marriage. It's a profession in some countries. I'm not su...

chatillion1399Aug 30Sep 1

Giving up the ghost...I worked with a guy a few years ago who shaved his head every other day. He was in his mid 60's started shaving a few years earlier when he no longer...

chatillion1114Aug 29Aug 30
Male Drama Makers

Male Drama MakersAlthough women are traditionally blamed for drama, Monday night proved that men can be just as big, or bigger drama queens. Monday was the BBQ for...

LadyImp22415Aug 29Aug 30

The saddest thing is..ending up without goodbyesThings started with a like, then here comes the Hi and Hello..and there you go, knowing each other. Communication sounds like...we both knew each othe...

ayoneq22313Aug 29Aug 29

Dating web sites....Changes are done!!!Chances are!!! you've probably heard about Tinder, Ok Cupid, Happn, etc etc. Those mobile dating app that become so huge it has changed the way tradit...

single_again4u30634Aug 28Aug 28
Dont trust Turkish women

Dont trust Turkish womenDont trust turkish women 3th world scum even the ones with a nother nationality that lives in turkey . P.S i’m not from the east part of turkey ( 4 th...

Charmes121-Aug 26


Boyfriend4u1557Aug 22Aug 22

RelationshipsA man who choose to use his relationship as his weapon,(says it's over 2x in a 2 month period) because of assumptions or judgements, very defensive,...

dinidee1182Aug 20Aug 20

Women and men....Females in traditional male roles....My eye doc is a (tall and very hot) 40 something lady. And I see a female Nurse Practitioner for the yearly physical and everyday care. But truthfully...

Vierkaesehoch1153Aug 19Aug 20

Men and with exes....Seems there is a big difference between the sexes on tolerance for this. In fact, even if one is in non-item, healthful, sensible coparenting contact...

Vierkaesehoch880Aug 11

Women and men..... How we think of "hot'...When I try to recall my hormone drenched, skirt chasing youth, it seems this had only one main dimension. Does age change this for us? Do we now look...

Vierkaesehoch1444Aug 10Aug 11

Reflections of somebody else...Ever fall for someone that reminded you of someone else? or perhaps I should rephrase that to someone you once loved, and possibly still do. If y...

itchywitch51941Aug 10Aug 13
Theory Women should be clear men should not

Theory: Women should be clear, men should notScenario - They are watching TV at his house. Woman rubs her shoulders, mmm, I’m cold. Man nods, yup, it is quite cold, and carries on watching TV. Ev...

Elegsabiff60973Aug 10Aug 11
was not and still not after viewing

was not and still not after viewingI did withdraw my ulterior blog no I was not looking for scoring on viewing I do feel better now as I made a bit fuss about it no need to thi...

nozeal1104-Aug 10

Look, look, look, look what you do,............... Look, look, look, look what you do, ..............

jarred160-Aug 9

Women and men.....illnesses.....Great variation between the sexes, as we all know. Fellas, no matter how disturbed may be your abnormal s*xual choices, don't try to get pregnant. But...

Vierkaesehoch810Aug 8

When is someone nice and when is someone ugly?When is someone nice and when is someone ugly? I understand that this is different for everyone, The film Shalow Hal gives a good example here. "...

jarred161-Aug 8
Proving our reality

Proving our realityOften we are told we create our own reality. We have our own perceptions of reality We judge by our own perceptions. Yet, how we discern reality is m...

Windrifter23426Aug 7Aug 8

The Book of DestinyI saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me. "What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of...

mollybaby1,09094Aug 7Aug 11
fanielungile: "am lonley"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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