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f you want true loyalty and companionship

f you want true loyalty and companionship,If you want true loyalty and companionship, then go to your local animal shelter and get a dog.?...

jarred112-14 hrs ago

Civilized People-He: 12:42 am Whatsapp message: "Hey Tata, we just have had an earthquake, it was quite strong" *Me: Ok you, define: strong? did it spill your coff...

Crunia1306Feb 17Feb 17

The DILEMMA of a SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIPA lasting relationship can be like marriage or cohabitation and seems like something complex and difficult to achieve in our lives. It is often depict...

muzzena490Feb 16
Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?Relationships are a spiritual commitment between 2 souls. Relationships are necessary for our spiritual development. Cheating or unfaithfulness is...

muzzena490Feb 16
Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryWhat a disaster my Valentine date turned out to be. I met him last Saturday at the Laundromat. I have seen him many times before but this was the firs...

BeaPatient17521Feb 16Feb 16
To good to be true

To good to be true.Hi, I want people to know that I was in contact with a man that claimed his name to be "Wayne Jones" and was supposed to be living in Quebec Canada wh...

MSAPRIL12330720Feb 15Feb 17

GamechangersWe all, whether on our profile, or just in our heads, have a list of the characteristics and qualities we would like in a potential partner. The list...

mollybaby858124Feb 15Feb 15
This Is What She Wanted

This Is What She WantedWell, as they say, all good things come to an end. And this was a good one. I felt kind of sad when I took her home earlier. She’s leaving today and w...

Catfoot77494Feb 14Feb 17
Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines DayThere are so many here I wish to dedicate this song too I can't list them all but I can sing out a few, Kalpataru, Usha, LouLou, Seagrit, Lacrimosa, I...

Ken_1914910Feb 14Feb 16

Not an optionBelieve it or not. Angels & Creeps are in the eye of the beholder. Be smart, play your cards wisely.... There is some one to each of us, and ye...

Crunia17711Feb 14Feb 15
My Valentine

My ValentineI never make a fuss about big days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and the likes. To me it is just a commercialized moneymaking racket and the...

Catfoot48870Feb 14Feb 14

A rose & a book Happy Valentine´sIn Spain we love a celebration and we also love our (their?) saints. And although St. Valentine’s Day in Spain isn’t an official holiday, be sure tomo...

Crunia30129Feb 13Feb 15
A Valentines Day Blog

A Valentine's Day BlogFor The Ladies of CS. If I could spend a day with you, we would never get enough of us. We would hold hands as we walked along a beach, and we...

robrt78723910Feb 13Feb 16

SancoAmong the 'intellectuals' visiting here has anyone heard of 'Sanco Panza'......??...

Sanco551949Feb 10Feb 11
So this happened

So.. this happened..End of Jan i got a msg here on cs from a local guy who is living in ausi who had come for his vacation.. for a month.. it was his last week.. so i ask...

AmyC201631537Feb 8Feb 8
A Gift or Not A Gift

A Gift or Not A Gift?She is here on holiday from one of the Northern provinces and will be leaving for home on the fifteenth. I met her at a dance on the third day of her...

Catfoot877114Feb 8Feb 11
Men marry women for their looks

Men marry women for their looksMen marry women for their looks. women marry men for their money. As men get older we get more successful, as women get older their beauty fades. He's...

jarred165-Feb 6
Scammers versus trolls

Scammers versus trollsIMHO I'd say it's much easier to be a troll than a scammer. ... A troll has no other perpose than to feed off emotion A scammer goes further by...

plavitrol24425Feb 6Feb 7
An Amusing Conversation

An Amusing ConversationI received a PM from a 26 year old, obese Asian girl with a very cute face. She claimed to be a professor living in Cape Town. She has two photos in h...

Catfoot75796Feb 6Feb 6
Sex is just sex

Sex is just sexSex is just sex a relief but making love is so different in many ways size and how long it lasts doesn't come in to it , Its the quality that counts...

jarred176-Feb 5
Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman

Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?Well, I have. I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divor...

Catfoot78496Feb 5Feb 6
The Is have it

The I's have it...Our primary sense is sight Our first impression of someone is usualy a visual image No matter how you interact with a person sooner or later you are...

plavitrol1435Feb 4Feb 6
Panicky Moment Oh What A Night

Panicky Moment...Oh What A Night!Some secrets you can't just take to graves and they reveal themselves in most awkward moment when you least expect it. So I had fun day out with...

Crazyheart3840157Feb 3Feb 4
Its still fairer than the western way though

It's still fairer than the western way though.?n Thailand, it is well known that young women with old men often say to their friends "Don't worry he'll be dead soon". They will have the house and...

jarred165-Feb 3
Bad Experiences With Men

Bad Experiences With MenMy jaw wants to unhook when I listen to what some women have to say about their close encounters of the third kind with men. It crossed my mind that s...

Catfoot842101Feb 2Feb 3
Who gives more in a love relationship

Who gives more in a love relationship?Love is such a precious feeling, so unique, that throughout history it is enough to count the innumerable feats that have been made in the name of thi...

Amed32752Feb 1Feb 1

Divorced?This act of treason had always been the biggest imaginable taboo in my family and I have the dubious honor to be the first in the family to have attai...

Catfoot924117Feb 1Feb 4
Just Before I Go To La La land

Just Before I Go To La La land...Me exes blog below reminds me of my silly old blogs when many lovely older ladies here would post wonderful advises...and wondering where they are no...

Crazyheart381412Jan 29Jan 30
Is this a new scam or what

Is this a new scam or what???Got a very interesting and unusual mail in my inbox today.... it came from a young man writing to me on behalf of his father who apparently has falle...

itchywitch48242Jan 29Jan 31
The first and last date

The first and last dateJust wanted to tell of a recent date I had. It was under unusual circumstances. To quote a friend “why are you talking to an Italian? You should be l...

Palmfrond1240Jan 29
Ask For Angela

"Ask For Angela"This is an initiative in the UK for women who feel unsafe on a date in a public place like a pub or nightclub - they can go to anyone working there an...

Elegsabiff23824Jan 29Jan 29
I love a womens face

I love a women's faceI love a women's face especially when i'm shooting my load over it?...

jarred185-Jan 29
online are you kidding

online?? are you kiddingonline?? are you kidding just in my normal daily life girls hit on me all the time?...

jarred168-Jan 29
Settling For Second Bests

Settling For Second Bests?Are you struggling to find the right partner? I hear many people here saying that one should lower their expectations so we won´t get disappointed...

daniela77770976Jan 28Jan 31
The Female Whos Never Been Married Stage of Life List

The Female Who's Never Been Married Stage of Life List:The Female Who's Never Been Married Stage of Life List: 18 - 23 "Woot! Lets party!!!" 23 - 28 "I'm looking to settle down" 28 - 35 "I'm searching...

jarred175-Jan 26
Are you selling yourselves

Are you selling yourselves?Few days ago I wrote a blog on CS profiles ..whether to believe it or no .... One particular comment was very interesting would like to share it w...

Lamhe47747Jan 26Jan 27
Emotionally Unavailable People

Emotionally Unavailable PeopleFrom my observations in the last 4 years I´ve been on this site – and also in real life – I´ve met so many people who are “single” (either divorced, w...

daniela7771,198128Jan 26Feb 4
Looking for friends

Looking for friendsIt is like no one would like to be friends and get to know someone then see where it goes Ted...

Rci29501543Jan 26Jan 26
Define normal

Define normalI was divorced and back in the dating pool before I met my first nutter. They're not all on the dating websites, you know, they move among us in real...

Elegsabiff84883Jan 25Jan 28
Do the stars foretell

Do the stars foretell?Reading horoscope predictions daily is out of habit and I never take it seriously ,few days back in my horoscope I read that I should be carefu...

Lamhe18826Jan 23Jan 23
Cs profiles

Cs profilesShould you believe everything that's written in the profiles ...or take it with a pinch of salt?...

Lamhe83168Jan 21Jan 25
anybody interested to be my friend

anybody interested to be my friend.l am a scientist and inventer and a millionaire would anybody interested to be my friend....

jarred1117-Jan 21

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