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I Love YouIts I love you day today Happy day to all of you...

ali1102404Jan 2017Jan 2017
Who is Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ ??!Who is Jesus Christ?! "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.'" Mark 1:1 "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this me...

Mikee_Lee0782795Jan 2017Jan 2017
single hard working mom looking for acceptance what life i have Respect

single hard working mom looking for acceptance what life i have..Respect!what do you think? Would I find a man? Who will love me for real who can be the father of my children? like his own children and give Respect....

azshanti3987Jan 2017Jan 2017

The Four Personality Types and How to Deal with ThemThe Four Personality Types and How to Deal with Them...

jarred1185-Jan 2017

Hi HansomeSo that is the new opening line in all my recent personal messages. Small case i's, capital letters mid sentence and the urge to relocate in the name...

UsernameTaken12370070Jan 2017Jan 2017

Full Moon?Is there a full moon? Seems like people are more on edge than normal. A little advice for everyone, its not worth it. Your just making yourselves...

Track162176Jan 2017Jan 2017
Love A woman lies to you

Love : A woman lies to youLove is a verb, not a noun. It is active. Love is not just feelings of passion and romance. It is behavior. If a woman lies to you, she is beh...

skaligsm2597Jan 2017Jan 2017
Excluding relationship potential as a form of prejudice

Excluding relationship potential as a form of prejudice.CS is terrific. Great way to explore oodles of possibilities. My pickinesss has rewarded me by allowing me to meet many folks with just about every st...

Aaltarboy36812Jan 2017Jan 2017
Are You a Non Muslim Woman Do You Want to Marry a MUSLIM Man

Are You a Non-Muslim Woman? Do You Want to Marry a MUSLIM Man?A non-Muslim woman will generally only marry a Non-Muslim man. But love is very strong, stronger than we can imagine. Also, the most difficult par...

skaligsm38916Jan 2017Jan 2017

What Is Your Perception Of Masculinity?I always admire a masculine man, his tough image and ability to own whatever situation he's in. Physically, he's tall enough for me, fit , not bad loo...

Crazyheart381,877234Jan 2017Jan 2017

Basic Human NeedsIf a woman is married to an uncommunicative man, she has the choice of talking to herself, not very satisfactory, or else sharing with friends, or eve...

mollybaby1,943154Jan 2017Jan 2017
I was made to love

I was made to loveWe love you Lord JESUS CHRIST. You are the reason why we are alive and awake You're the reason of our existence You're the reason why we are moving fo...

Mikee_Lee0782537Jan 2017Jan 2017

Manipulators love to manipulate you!!!Manipulators love to manipulate you!!!...

jarred1208-Jan 2017

Jamaican Dating ServiceJamaican Dating Service...

jarred1229-Jan 2017

NikkiRecently I met via Facebook someone single and local-closer to my home; works security at a convention center here in Pittsburgh; right now I'm just p...

Atheist582142Jan 2017Jan 2017
meeting people the first time

meeting people the first timeso people tell me is there some big secret to getting another person on here to actually agree to meet and see where things go is there something im m...

sroyw35320Jan 2017Jan 2017
What do you ladies think

What do you ladies think ?A scenario you are presented with.. You meet a guy on a dating site, you meet him but in that meeting he tells you that his long term partner died...

Unknown42421Jan 2017Jan 2017
Unfailing love mercy of God

Unfailing love & mercy of GodHave mercy on me, O God, because of your unfailing love. Because of your great compassion, blot out the stain of my sins. Wash me clean from my guil...

Mikee_Lee07827816Jan 2017Jan 2017

" ouch"So how are you on your feet when you feel them in the air Do you run Hide throw the armour on Or just follow the arrows instead...

itchywitch1,04527Jan 2017Jan 2017
You are very special

You are very specialAll You Need Is JESUS CHRIST - Now is the perfect time for you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord God & personal Saviour He died for you on cross of...

Mikee_Lee07829114Jan 2017Jan 2017

It's in his (her) XWhat is it about this letter X? It's not attractive as a way of expressing affection! C would be more affectionate. A nice rounded letter with an...

GregorysPeck3529Jan 2017Jan 2017
Am i forbidden here

Am i forbidden here?I received an email from a lad and saying i shouldn't show off my body to everybody specially on not suit for filthy old man to flaunt myself...

Olangoisland54835Jan 2017Jan 2017

Define "Dating/Hooking up/Hanging out?...According to statistics and dictionary definition: "Over 50% described a hookup as involving sex, 9% described it as not including sex, and about o...

daniela77756452Jan 2017Apr 2017

Why do you want a partner?Most of us, if not all, are on a dating site because we are looking for a partner. That is the purpose of dating sites after all. We could blog on an...

mollybaby1,542106Jan 2017Apr 2017
Sex on the first date All comments welcome

Sex on the first date...All comments welcome !~ ~ ~ ~ poof ~ ~ ~ ~ Members have a RIGHT to choose whether they want to allow comments on their blog… or NOT!! The member whose blog yo...

sparkherup97214Jan 2017Jan 2017
S E X on the First Date

S E X on the First DateThere are as many answers for this as there are factors determining the result. I am a man. A man that has had no s*xual or intimate contact in yea...

tMickeyMann309-Jan 2017
Thoughts about Marriage

Thoughts about MarriageMarriage, in most cases, is a cultural and social situation two or more people adopt to support a family structure or gain social acceptance. There...

tMickeyMann185-Jan 2017
What Do you Look at First when Considering a Match

What Do you Look at First when Considering a Match?Here is a convertaion I had recently on a similar question. One of the respondents said: "~is a complex process you're not really aware of. Bod...

tMickeyMann217-Jan 2017

Effeminate Men...."Effeminacy is the manifestation of traits in a boy or man that are more often associated with feminine nature behaviour, mannerism, style or gender r...

daniela7771,12299Jan 2017Jan 2017

Deja vu - oh, you're going to be important in my lifeI know this has been blogged about before but - that odd moment when you look at a profile pic and there's a *ping* in your head. Half the time of...

Elegsabiff99677Jan 2017Jan 2017
On The 8th Day

On The 8th DayI've been on CS for 8 days today. For the past 7 days I have been reading a lot of content from other CS members. I had many blog ideas for my first b...

tMickeyMann48726Jan 2017Jan 2017

mature female bloggers only, sorry.Skip into the video if you think I lost my marbles Barn-sweeping guy turns into dancing guy - So tell me, you guys who looked despite the head...

Elegsabiff90963Jan 2017Jan 2017
She Needs Her Man

She Needs Her ManToss and turn the nights she's had creepy the bone so bad the feeling tiring so the inside combat gotta be strong or confess the thought Some to...

LastStrike2553Jan 2017Jan 2017

HungerWild flowers wither in the heat Cruel draughts keep hit seeding lands Absent clouds hide the sense of hope Sudden rain makes slopes slippery? ......

LastStrike2874Jan 2017Jan 2017
hi girls

hi girlsjust want to know is there any genuine girls here that want to chat and get know people and see where it might and maybe just be happy if so text me a...

kevin20202503Jan 2017Jan 2017

This *like* option, is it a terminator?Weirdest thing but anytime I log in and see that little red heart lit up, and go click on it eagerly - profile not available. Every single time...

Elegsabiff1,31654Dec 2016Jan 2017
Thank you Connectingsingles

Thank you ConnectingsinglesThank you Connectingsingles we are married!...

XuanMai52223Dec 2016Dec 2016
The science of chick hunting

The science of chick-hunting.So, in science, when you have no idea of how something works and hence you cannot model it using deterministic math, your only recourse is magic (aka....

Unknown29515Dec 2016Dec 2016

That X Factor In A Man/WomanWhat is that X Factor that you saw or looking for in a man/woman that makes you ignore the bad qualities of that person? It's something which cann...

Crazyheart3886861Dec 2016Dec 2016

ContrastingContrasting are colors So are we with fractures of light Love - hate are just 2 sides Of knife that cuts my mind sharply...

LastStrike2470Dec 2016

Connecting Singles adminI didn't know they had a profile and you can message them.. I love what they are searching for... Also says they haven't been on since the 22nd of D...

lshtar66913Dec 2016Dec 2016
Sex without love is empty

Sex without love is emptyI have been without sex for 3 years, because I can't find love yet. sex without love is empty.. I would rather wait ......

Unknown60942Dec 2016Dec 2016

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