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dil ki vyatha CS par

dil ki vyatha CS paryaar CS par itne saal fou doon ki tarah beet gaye ,kuch mili bhi tu scammer,saala hum log ki kismat ki vaat lageli han ,apne yaha ki ladkiya bhi bloc...

shubhrank303-Aug 2016
explanation please

explanation pleasei feel like i have stepped out of the 2 century and in this and i am lost or am i from mars? can someone please explain what fisting is ? i am n...

georgie391,00357Aug 2016Aug 2016
im alone

i'm aloneI'm 28 searching for marriage only age doesn't matter....

niceman8846911Aug 2016Aug 2016
unlucky man with all charms ended before time

unlucky man with all charms ended before timeEmotions there is story of a Man who was before a fun loving and a good player.before and after marriage he had a different style of attracting wo...

shubhrank313-Jul 2016

WTF !!Why I have in almost every e mail marriage proposition ?? Are You f*ck kidding me ? Whats wrong whit You ?? If I see this in my e mail I want run far...

Anna_8350619Jul 2016Aug 2016
wasting time and data

wasting time and data?Is it just me or is online dating a hopeless endeavour? I can't help feeling that either 1) the majority of people are finding success at it; or 2) th...

Mzark3338Jul 2016Aug 2016
Why I Am Single

Why I Am SingleI learnt a lot today thanks to the incident with a friend. 1. It is much much more diffi...

LastStrike91112Jul 2016Jul 2016
Just my two cents for the day

Just my two cents for the day........Maybe there are just some of us who are meant to be single. You can spend years thinking there's someone for everyone but really, I don't think this i...

lllllEnigmalllll57230Jul 2016Jul 2016

HeydaysCS was once a vibrant site offering the possibilities of finding romance among the copious volume of regularly active members. These days, the number...

Solamente78040Jul 2016Jul 2016
Great Expectations

Great ExpectationsAfter many emails back and forth, finally they meet. Strangely one of the CS members is less than happy. One must wonder what picture was in their m...

Ken_1948611Jul 2016Jul 2016
In The Name Of Love

In The Name Of Love...What Have You Done In The Name Of Love? We all know love can make us do many things…good things, funny, silly things, stupid things, insane things,...

Crazyheart3898648Jul 2016Jul 2016
what is really expected

what is really expected.Thousands of people join these dating sites. You fill out you information in hopes of finding someone to connect with. After countless attempts on m...

kelsokitty43219Jul 2016Jul 2016
so want you now as friend contact companion

so want you now - as friend - contact - companionSo one can be TOO HONEST and TRUSTING ! The Internet dating / flirting / posing naked for webcam scene is far too dodgy maybe and websites are of cou...

MalcolmX0143525Jul 2016Jul 2016
A complete waste of time

A complete waste of time?No matter what i write on this site, everything comes to nothing. I have attracted scammers, whores and nut cases. Are there any normal women who ar...

ihatearrogancean67244Jul 2016Jul 2016

AmbivalenceI struggle with the notion of being in a "serious" relationship. I am a person who needs alone time and a fair amount of it. Albert Einstein recogni...

Gypsytramp1,00057Jul 2016Jul 2016
Id say Id like to meet someone transcendent

" I'd say I'd like to meet someone transcendent!""Caught in between being an incorrigible dreamer and a hardened skeptic.; vegan and minimalist..."; or something like that. For a beautiful woman...

Huitzilopochtli4247Jul 2016Jul 2016
Some keys to a good relationship

Some keys to a good relationshipCertainly good communication with a thorough understanding is crucial; Having attentiveness and a willingness to compromise is important; [i...

JimNastics1,2423Jul 2016Jul 2016
What the heck

What the heck!!!!!I thought this was suppose to be a dating site. Why in the heck to people keep coming here, and say there in a specific place, and then their way in U...

MYst2552414Jul 2016Jul 2016

BASTILLE DAY: WE WOULD CELEBRATE OUR FREEDOMIt is so sad and disturbing that some group of people or individuals hides under religion and barbaric ideologies to destroy lives. We are all created...

Unknown2575Jul 2016Jul 2016

Scammers...What is it with CS just lately?- i have been bombarded this week by messages from scammers...they are so obviously fake it's ridiculous- well, if they...

Ronnie77957528Jul 2016Dec 2016

???????????????Is this a dating site or computer PHOTO'S DISPLAY ?????????...

Maybethistime1748718Jul 2016Jul 2016
am amaze


georgie3970437Jul 2016Jul 2016
Profile photos

Profile photosConsidering the number of members that choose not to post a photo on their profile page, I am wondering whether the inclusion of photos plays a role i...

Solamente1,35484Jul 2016Jul 2016
stop waste my time

stop waste my timeI just want to know when some men r going to stop play games n play with people heart an feel?if u r not damn serious about a relationship please don'...

shandeen295857Jul 2016Jul 2016
Just to meet a kind girl for life

Just to meet a kind girl for lifeIf you want to contact...don't hesitate madam...I am wainting for your answers......

youandmebehappy3844Jul 2016Jul 2016
There goes the neighborhood

There goes the neighborhoodThe peace was short lived. Why does fungus always grow back?...

CapNemo60215Jul 2016Jul 2016

FakeI believe the right way to have live chat to know each other in good way Honestly I find this kind of site never help at all even I am new on such s...

TravellerJor42822Jul 2016Jul 2016
Copy Paste Emails

Copy Paste Emails?Hey guys, thanks for making me happy by seeing my mail box in red color but please do not disappoint me with repeated contents, no more no less, up to...

LastStrike56316Jul 2016Jul 2016
Just a quick and minor rant

Just a quick, and minor rant...more of a perplexed, wondering aloud. I am 38. My profile says something along the lines of searching for 36-49 (I've dated MAYBE two guys younger...

Tyryn11359126Jul 2016Jul 2016
Answer me this

Answer me this!Why is it that members (along with several bloggers) deem to regularly hide their profile? I know there are times I have upset people with comments...

Solamente1,11945Jul 2016Jul 2016
girl for me Man for you

girl for me.Man for youIt's a shame to live not finding each other here I am 228 326 1912 Shawn...

malemanmagic364-Jul 2016
Love Sxual Englightenment

Love & Séxual Englightenment....For the young and vigorous. Just as I thought that blog land was getting a bit boring lately - apart from the vlogs, of course! - and many fun pe...

daniela77784336Jul 2016Sep 2016
My experiences with dating sites Part 1

My experiences with dating sites. Part 1Ok, so you I find myself alone and thinking: why not working on this. Off course there was one before. You dont think i have been waiting for 55...

Diederik175723Jun 2016Jul 2016

Do humans and higher primates share any intellectuand if so does this gif prove or disprove the theroy.. Feel free to post any comment, Images or video clips to support your rebuttal.

nonsmoker62424Jun 2016Jul 2016
Was clear as day

Was clear as dayHiya all.. As last mentioned, I'd like to contunie from last blog, why do we rush sometimes after meeting someone and in the longer run it all ended...

Deenaz12416Jun 2016Jul 2016

How good has CS been to you?We've all had our little grumbles in the past, scammers, miserable buggers raining on blog parades, but how good has CS really been for you? We've...

Elegsabiff1,02268Jun 2016Jun 2016
contact info

contact infohow soon after messaging someone online is appropriate to exchange phone numbers or any other contact information? i know its up to the individu...

georgie3990472Jun 2016Jun 2016
Hes cute but he works for retail

He's cute but he works for retail...Being young and twenty something more often than not you see someone and you asess their attractiveness. Whether it may be their physical attributes,...

JaydeneV60129Jun 2016Jun 2016

wolfiei would like to thank connecting singles for me meeting the girl of my dreams hense i am no longer available the love of my life iswolfie...

Martinfrancis62730Jun 2016Jun 2016

wolfiei would like to thank connecting singles for me meeting the girl of my dreams hense i am no longer available the of my life is wolfie...

Martinfrancis1313Jun 2016Jun 2016
Date sites

Date sitesjust a simple question for you guys how many of you think Date sites really work how many of you have found true love found your soul mate, I have use...

doreen166726Jun 2016Aug 4
Used for sex

Used for sexOn dating sites like CS, many women have voiced an opinion that they think men only join in the hope of finding a casual s*xual relationship. This...

Solamente1,30784Jun 2016Jun 2016

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