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Driving and Dreaming

Driving and DreamingI was setting in my van soaking up the sun like I do most days! Drinking a little wine and listening to singer, John Denver, my favorite! Decided to...

Gentlejim2229Mar 2017Mar 2017

Found Love in my FridgeWhile cleaning out my fridge looking for missing plates I found a large cabbage hidden behind ½ empty jars of green moldy stuff, at first I just place...

Mapmaker977105Mar 2017Mar 2017

Breaking the barrierBreaking the barrier...

jarred1148-Mar 2017

Someday...I will be lost in France in love maybe with you. Such has always been a dream of mine.... of all the beautiful cities/places in the world...

itchywitch81357Mar 2017Mar 2017

Everyone is terribleEveryone is terrible...

jarred1202-Mar 2017

False Pride, Ignorance & ArroganceFalse Pride, Ignorance & Arrogance...

jarred1157-Mar 2017
Hello everyone

Hello everyoneHello everyone... surprising that you are all still stay in SC as militant now... How are you all? Hope you are all in a good health and good shape....

Twinkle423148Mar 2017Mar 2017
jarred1160-Mar 2017
jarred1185-Mar 2017
Question of my mind

Question of my mindIf I walked barefoot over red hot stones to save you. Would you pour water on my feet or press your loving lips on mine in acknowledgement of my heroi...

1r1shmale2794Mar 2017Mar 2017
Didnt know it till today

Didn't know it till todayLife its and will always be very rough that I know what I didn't know its how we have a lot of involvement in our lives wether we are happy or not dep...

neda20122797Mar 2017Mar 2017

HE'S BEHIND YOU!? gonna get raped by the Mysterious Forest Raper. Look out, reader! HE'S BEHIND YOU!?...

jarred1172-Mar 2017

My stomach still hurts from the spicy food.Dated an indian girl ten years ago. My stomach still hurts from the spicy food....

jarred1170-Mar 2017

the less the prize is worth,?My rule of thumb: The more you have to play a game, the less the prize is worth,?...

jarred1132-Mar 2017

You Know You are Dating a DUTCH Man When...You Know You are Dating a DUTCH Man When.....

jarred1183-Mar 2017
Dr Clara Johnson

Dr.Clara JohnsonI done sent a e-mail to this attractive female MD from London UK; she's single and I have a interest in her....

Greg5854412Mar 2017Mar 2017

I'm the ghost becausehahah I just realized I'm the ghost because I've probably been on so many dates and never responded after?...

jarred1173-Mar 2017
Why no photo

Why no photo? I get this email...."Hi there why no photo in your profile you sound like a real cool person with your writing,I am a very very Loyal Man i...

lllllEnigmalllll35933Mar 2017Mar 2017

She later had me committed.?The last female that genuinely showed interest in me and asked me questions to get to know me was my psychiatrist. I do not think she had plans for...

jarred1208-Mar 2017

Birthday Snogs for Pat!Ladies - snog the face off of him: Men - A chaste nonsexual kiss please: Happy Birthday Pat8lanips

mollybaby55630Mar 2017Mar 2017

6 years later, still waiting for her replyI hit on women using google maps comment section. 6 years later, still waiting for her reply...

jarred1178-Mar 2017

I Don't Have Much MoneyBut I'll treat you like a queen...

Track162434Mar 2017Mar 2017

Honesty – Really?Practically without exception people rate honesty highest on the list of attributes they require of a partner. That seems perfectly reasonable and no...

mollybaby1,07885Mar 2017Apr 2017

Whats the storyIve been on here for a while with C.S. and know my own misfortune. There are gorgeous women on this site and some for years. If they are not having an...

Oceanview9936723Mar 2017Mar 2017

This is so true, Texting is Art.This is so true, Texting is Art. You have to know exactly when and how to text. One text can end your relationship....

jarred1154-Mar 2017

not a postcard?2peoples wait for a text messages, not a postcard?...

jarred1147-Mar 2017
Boring day

Boring dayAaj ka din Acha nhi tha na ghar par aur na bahar. Office mein jhdap Ho gyj ghar par bhi bakwas tha. Ek ghante Phele hi aaya hoon yahi bagal mei...

shubhrank175-Mar 2017
Ever wondered why

Ever wondered why?Our first moment of love is between our mother and our pre nurtured self. If we are fortunate this is a time of total trust and love. The infant...

elypss22812Feb 2017Feb 2017
who will be my date

who will be my dateAm single , but still have no family in canada. Am looking for a date for my birthday this Friday 3rd of march for nice food , chatting and warm in...

mutesi2278Feb 2017Feb 2017

Dating a man over 50Men over 50 should be stable and employed and own their own home, be careful as some still live with their mommy’s make sure you find this out early t...

Mapmaker1,204113Feb 2017Feb 2017

Dating a woman over 50The first thing to remember is that she will be looking for some level of perfection, your profile may give her love butterflies, but when she meets y...

Mapmaker76171Feb 2017Feb 2017
Never allow somebody to be your priority While just being their option

Never allow somebody to be your priority While just being their option.Up early this morning , Another storm warning, taking my antibiotics. I was very taken with a blog I read, about being 'played' [it was Nams and that...

goldengloss24012Feb 2017Feb 2017
Married Singles on Dating Website

Married Singles on Dating WebsiteWhat can I say but if those (not so single!) members are here seeking little adventures to preoccupy themselves from their boring marriage, what are t...

Seri201660848Feb 2017Feb 2017
Goody Two Shoes

Goody Two ShoesWhy is this site full of non smoking, non drinking females ?? Surely there must be NORMAL people around ?? If you are one of them, please get in touc...

Barranco7735414Feb 2017Feb 2017
mollybaby1,56576Feb 2017Mar 2017
which will you prefer

which will you preferwhich partner will you prefer a naging partner or a lady partner...

Unknown44635Feb 2017Feb 2017
there is no 100 perfect life partner

there is no 100% perfect life partnerEvery one want a perfect life partner in their a great guy,caring,lovely,adorable,does not nag,help in domesty work,great in communication,h...

Unknown7310Feb 2017

PoetsAre they romantic to date? them that write with romantic ink are they as deep and loving within Never dated one myself so I'm just asking out...

itchywitch62656Feb 2017Feb 2017

WHAT PISS U OFF IN YOUR PAST RELATIONSHIPthis is a serious issue that couple should really preview,couples find it difficult to speak it my case i hate nagging,it makes me sick,am feel...

Unknown32112Feb 2017Feb 2017
why white cant date black

why white cant date blackwhy does white ladies feel that they cant date a black guy are more passionate,caring,love their woman than a white is absurb....

Unknown49438Feb 2017Feb 2017
Is it just me

Is it just meWhy do people set up a profile with out a picture. Then you get this big message from them about how they would like to friends. I am not shallow I kn...

1r1shmale32013Feb 2017Feb 2017

You don’t attract what you want. You attract who you are.You don’t attract what you want. You attract who you are The moment you’re happy on your own is when the right relationship enters your life (Myke...

mollybaby1,784140Feb 2017Feb 2017
4MaryB: "With out you "(meet us in the ecards)

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